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Sun Transit in Taurus - 15 May 2019

The Sun is a Hindu God that is physically present for the devotees to look upon and worship. He is considered as the father of the world as we know it since the existence of life on Earth would be impossible without him. As per Vedic astrology, the Sun is believed to be the king of all nine planets. It is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign Leo, and signifies one’s respect, success, progress, relationship with father, and higher ranking, etc. in a native’s kundli. Even though, scientifically, the Sun is considered to be a star, Vedic Astrology files it under the category of planets. It is larger than all the planets in our Solar System, and situated in the middle, while the rest of the bodies revolve around it.

Sun Transit in Taurus

As per astrology, the benefic influence of the Sun in a native’s birth chart provides the person with luxuries and comforts in life. Such a person also has a higher chance of getting a government job. Whereas, on the other hand, if the Sun is negatively placed in a native’s birth chart, then such a person usually has to face adverse conditions. Such people should perform remedies to pacify the Sun, in such circumstances.

Remedies for Pacifying The Sun

In case, the Sun is not placed beneficially in your birth chart, then you should perform remedies to pacify the planet and donate things associated with it on Sunday, during the Sun’s hora and nakshatras (Kritika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarshada). Take care that you do this donation before 10:00 AM. Jaggery, red flowers, copper, Ruby, khas (vetiver), and wheat, etc. are donated for this purpose. Additionally, chanting the Surya Beej Mantra (ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः/oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ) also provides beneficial results to the natives. The Sun is said to be the significator of royalty, high rank, government jobs, and nobility, which indicates that a benefic Sun in one’s birth chart will bring happiness and joy in one’s life, an increase in respect, and a stronger economic front.

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Transit Period

The Sun will make its transit on Wednesday, 15th May 2019 at 10:56 AM in the morning in the zodiac sign Taurus and remain posited in the same till Saturday, 15th June 2019. This transit will have an immense impact on all the twelve zodiac signs but its effects on Taurus natives is likely to be stronger, since it will be transiting in that very sign. So, let us discuss, how this Sun transit in Taurus is going to affect your life, according to your zodiac sign.

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The Sun makes its transit in your second house, also known as the Wealth house. As per Kalpurush Kundli, it is considered to be the significator of one’s speech, wealth, family, and primary education. This transit may bring a harshness in your speech, due to which your words can hurt someone, while your conversation may even turn into a fight. Think twice before speaking as the tongue is mightier than the sword and words once spoken cannot be taken back. This transit will be favourable for student natives as they’ll excel in their studies and get desired results. While your married life will be good during this period, you need to take proper care of your spouse’s health as it may decline. You can take an economic decision to strengthen your financial position during this time. With the blessings of the Sun, you will prosper in many aspects of life and the circumstances will remain in your favour.

Remedy: Wear a copper bangle in your right hand.


The transit of Sun is taking place in your ascendant house. According to Kalpurush Kundli, the first house belongs to the zodiac sign Aries and enlightens the natives about their nature, health, appearance, and the good and bad in life. Since, the transit is primarily taking place in this zodiac sign, its effects will be more on Taurus natives comparatively. Aggressiveness may become a part of your nature during this time and there may also be an increase in your pride. You may witness some difficulties in your married life and the transit may bring about aggression in your spouse. Maintain a cordial bond with your life partner in order to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings. On the flip side, this transit may bring forward professional success in your partner’s life along with the possibility of a hike. You too, will be able to perform your tasks effortlessly which will offer favorable results in return.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Laxmi and offer red flowers to her on Friday.


As Sun transits in your twelfth house, some Gemini natives can look forward to a foreign trip, since this house is considered to be the significator of overseas travels. In addition to this, this house also provides information about one’s expenses, monetary loss, and salvation. You need to look after your health during this transit. Heavy expenditures may weaken your financial condition. This transit will prove to be fruitful for your siblings as they will experience a boost in their career. The time will bring success for you in the terms of court cases and legal matters. A trip to a hill station is also on the cards for some natives. Married natives need to take care of their mental as well as physical health while student natives preparing for competitive exams too need to take out some time in between their studies and pay attention to their body. Exercising and doing yoga is suggested for such natives.

Remedy: Distribute medicines amongst the needy patients on Saturday.


The Sun’s transit in your eleventh house gives you numerous opportunities to progress and move ahead in life. This house, belonging to the sign Aquarius as per Kalpurush Kundli, is considered to be the significator of one’s profits, relations with siblings, and progress. Any financial troubles will fade away and your economic front will become stronger with this transit. As for your love life, you need to put your pride and ego on the backburner in this duration and try to remain polite and courteous with your beloved, otherwise you will be putting your relationship on the line. Some Cancer natives can think of starting their own business during this time. The time is favorable for working professionals – you will receive help from your senior officers and the experience you gain will be really good for you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion.


Leo natives can take some bold decisions at work as the Sun transits in their Work House. As per Kalpurush Kundli, the tenth house is your house of work, which signifies one’s social status, accomplishments in life, and so on. You will work with full dedication in this duration and time will bring forward opportunities to progress in your life. This transit will be advantageous for businessmen born under this sign, whereas any government work will return satisfactory results. Your family and married life will be good, but you need to take care of your parents’ health, as they can possibly fall ill. Student natives born under the sign of the lion need to study with their full potential during this time.

Remedy: Plant a shwetark tree on Sunday and worship daily.


Virgo natives need to remain careful socially as the Sun transits in your ninth house, and especially talk respectfully with women. The ninth house, also called the Luck House, denotes our religion, long-distance travels, and teachers or mentors. In this duration, your father’s health can decline and you may get into a fight with him and your siblings. Therefore, it is important that you maintain the decorum while conversing with your father and remain in your limits. The time will be favorable for business natives born under this sign and they can look forward to benefits from overseas. A long-distance trip will freshen you up, and some of you may even go on a foreign trip. Working professionals will have a good time at work.

Remedy: Serve a cow.

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As the Sun transits in your eighth house, Libra natives need to be extra careful in money matters as some of you may experience a decrease in your income. There is also a yoga for financial loss for Librans in this time period. As per Kalpurush Kundli, this house of zodiac sign Scorpio signifies the ups and downs in one’s life, financial losses and gains, and so on. You relations with your seniors at work can deteriorate, yet there are chances of monetary gains through some field or the other. The time is normal for love matters and you can even go on an unplanned outing. If you have to borrow some money in the meantime due to an economic crunch, go to a trustworthy person only. Married natives need to be careful as there are possibilities of getting into an argument with your spouse. Overall, this transit will not be much favorable for the natives born under the sign of the balance.

Remedy: Donate wheat in a Sun or Vishnu temple on Sunday.


The Sun’s transit in your seventh house will prove to be favorable for your professional life. This house signifies all our partnerships in life and represents our spouse, marriage, travel, business, and more. You can receive a promotion or a good news at work in this duration. This transit will also be beneficial for your social life as people will like your behavior and your social standing and stature will increase. However, the Sun’s influence can bring an aggressiveness in your nature and a sense of ego can also enter your spouse, as a result of which, they can get into an argument with you over something. To eliminate the differences in your love or married life, you need to sit down with your beloved and try to find a solution through talking about your issues together. Wasting your time on unnecessary altercations is going to get you nowhere.

Remedy: Distribute toffees, etc., amongst little girls on Friday.


As Sun transits in your sixth house, you will prevail over your enemies. According to Astrology, this house pertains to the zodiac sign Virgo and is said to be the significator of sickness, enemies, job, hard work, and obstacles in life. As a result, your might will get enhanced during this time and your working speed will increase as well. There will be a better chance of getting positive results in court cases and legal matters for Sagittarius natives during this transit. Your financial status can be a bit weak due to unexpected expenses. Often, there comes a time in life when it feels like the circumstances are not in your favor. In such a scenario, you should work even harder to make the conditions favorable. Take care of your spouse’s health during this time as they can face some medical issues and do pranayam yourself to maintain your own fitness.

Remedy: Worship the Lord Sun and offer water to him with a small round copper vessel.

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Sun will transit in your fifth house. As per Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign Leo and also known as the Progeny House. This house pertains to the children, education, wisdom, etc. in a native’s birth chart. The effects of this transit can bring forth some difficulties for the student natives born under the sign of the horned goat. Your concentration can break and your focus can shift from your studies. Do yoga to retain your focus. Some Capricorn natives can face problems in their love life bringing with it the feeling that your partner does not understand you, and such a situation can give rise to disputes. It is advised that you try to understand the other side of the story as well. If you are working towards attaining certain spiritual powers (sidhi) then this time will bring positive results for you. Your kids may throw a tantrum and ask you to buy something.

Remedy: Chant the Surya Mantra early morning, before sunrise.


Sun, the significator of one’s father, will be transiting in your fourth house, which is said to denote our happiness, house, mother, and vehicle. The transit will be favorable for the spouses of married natives as they will make progress at work, however, your relations can turn sour during this time. Your family life will continue to be normal, but you need to pay attention to your mother’s health as it may decline. Aquarius natives doing business in partnership will get good profits and those wanting to take their trade forward should attempt to do so now. Student natives should look for privacy and seclusion for studies. Taking your friends’ assistance can resolve many of your problems.

Remedy: Donate jaggery or wheat on Sunday.


Lord Sun will be transiting in your house of valor and courage, i.e., your third house. This house is the significator of one’s courage, might, relations with younger siblings, and short trips. This transit will make you more active and you will perform better at work. Happiness and serenity will be a part of your family life and your personal relationships will improve. However, friction can exist between you and your elder siblings over an issue. Your interest in religious works will increase and you will take part in charity. You can even read books pertaining to religion and spirituality to enhance your knowledge of the divine. A short trip may be on the cards for you in this duration. The transit will be especially beneficial for your father and he can gain profits during this time.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman.

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