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Finance Horoscope 2018

Finance Horoscope 2018 gives the predictions about your money and financial matters for the year 2018. As money is an important asset which helps a person to gain the worldly possessions and maintain a standard living. No matter how much we all try to deny it, but deep inside we do have a yearning for money. It is something which keeps the mundane life going. A financial crisis is something much feared about, as it does not only affect the concerned person, but also his family, business partners, etc. If people could know in advance what would benefit them and what would harm them, they would do what it takes to make out the best for themselves. Also, the profits, if known beforehand can aid in amplifying them, and plan accordingly. Realising the importance of forecasting financial facets of the year 2018, the Financial Horoscope 2018 enumerates a number of events which might directly or indirectly affect your monetary conditions, thereby helping you in the long run.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Aries zodiac sign


The beginning of the year 2018 would be excellent in terms of wealth generation and investments, whereas the second half would prove to be more beneficial for conservation and consolidation of monetary resources. While the financial institutions dealing with loans would thrive during this period, investors in real estate might suffer a loss. Business partnerships thrive with prudent financial decisions. Some Arians would be able to fetch an increment in their existing jobs; job opportunity would knock the door for others with a big financial jump in a new job. This year would be the time when the investments of your past would bear the fruit of your labour. Your spouse might spend extravagantly during this period, but their help and support would help you in gaining money too. Export of readymade garments, fashionable products, and traditional ayurvedic preparation would be beneficial as it would result in good financial returns.

Remedy: Avoid risky investments. Wedded duo need to rethink about family budgeting and investment strategies.

Finance Horoscope 2018, Taurus zodiac sign


In the year 2018, business with foreign collaborators would prove to be a money spinner. Monetary windfall is on the cards for the people who are involved with the service sector jobs. Health problems might drain ample amounts of money from your piggy bank, so your should pay attention to your health to stay fit, healthy and financially stable. The efforts and energy that you invest in earning wealth would yield positive results in the latter half of the year. It is presaged that business enterprises based on partnerships might collapse from mid-year onwards due to a heavy financial loss. However, they would be revived towards the end of the year and trigger spectacular financial success. You need to keep your head above water under difficult situations and stay away from applying for huge personal loans. Also, you are advised to avoid lending large amount of money to your friends or colleagues in the form of a loan, as it could cause misunderstanding due to lapse in repayment. The year seems to be favourable for personal savings and joint monetary savings with family members. During the mid-year, you would be able to obtain sudden financial benefits in terms of inheritance or shared family resources. In order to maintain a decent financial status, you must consider staying away from reckless expenditure on luxurious products and comforts.

Remedy: Regular worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi with milk sweets would help you in gaining wealth and prosperity. Lord Kuber can also be worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Gemini zodiac sign


A good financial planning and management are indicated in the year 2018. Geminis need to be cautious while making decisions about money as there are chances of sudden losses in business or losses due to faulty investments later in the year. The first half of the year seems to be favourable for buying and selling of shares, while the mid-year would prove to be fruitful for professionals in the Insurance Sector. The mid-year would witness high gains, but scams related to financial institutions need to be aware of. The end of the year would be promising for art investors, as the artworks purchased from artists and collectors would fetch huge profits. Business ventures with the partnership of your spouse will flourish, but the coalition with other family members might backfire. Your spouse would offer valuable guidance on wealth generation and management, which would eventually contribute to the joint income of the family.

Remedy: Donating green coloured dress materials to needy children would ease your difficulties.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Cancer zodiac sign


The year 2018 would be erratic when it comes to money matters. You would have a sudden urge to save money, but at the same time, you would develop unpredictable extravagant tendencies. Your increased efforts at your workplace would yield favourable results and would lead to a surplus inflow of money. Business ventures associated with computer software, medicinal products and surgical equipments would be able to thrive amidst tough competition. A sensible and creative approach towards your work would lead to multiple benefits in the form promotion and increment. The mid-year would bring fresh challenges in business partnerships, which ought to be sorted out immediately before they assume enormous proportions, failing which partnerships can break which would,in turn, lead to huge loss of money. You might consider exploring business opportunities abroad as this would enhance revenue prospects. Bold and courageous decisions taken towards business expansion would yield profitable results when consensus between partners is achieved. Any initiative taken for changing one’s career line would also bring in unexpected positive changes and enhanced pay packet.

Remedy: Helping colleagues in difficulty will help you sail through your own problems. Place a Vyapar-Vruddhi Yantra at your business headquarters and worship it regularly for continuous growth in your work.

Finance Horoscope 2018, Leo zodiac sign


In the year 2018, foreign land would serve as a major source of monetary gains. The year would prove to be an excellent time for the people who are engaged in buying and selling shares. You would wield an extremely competitive spirit when it comes to earning wealth, and this spirit of yours would make you sail through problems that would lie in your way to success. People involved in a real estate and a related industry would succeed in stacking up money during the latter part of the year as they would be able to hoard huge gains accompanied with an increase in their market presence. You would witness a good fortune in investments, and your wise decisions would lead to big profits, further adding pennies to your pocket. Businesses dealing with sport goods and fitness equipments would prove to be a good source of stable profit. Monetary benefits are indicated for your spouse, which would lead to an increase in family income. You would be able to establish connections with organisations having foreign roots.

Remedy: Donating rice, pulses, clarified butter, jaggery,and sugar at places of worship will enhance beneficial planetary vibrations.

Finance Horoscope 2018, Virgo zodiac sign


The year 2018 will be a good period for making investments in the real estate industry, as high gains from buying and selling activities are indicated. Family businesses would thrives well, but any business that is done in collaboration with your friends as partners might run into trouble during the mid-year. Resources and joint properties which are shared with family members would get a boost in this duration. You would witness the development of new contacts and congenial business partnerships. Hard work at your job front would pay rich dividends in terms of enhanced emoluments. There would be an increase in the demand of financial advisors and planners, due to which number crunchers would be able to earn well during this period. You are advised to learn the tricks of the trade and do not invest in share market during this year. Business ventures related to educational publications, tools and kits would register tremendous growth in the latter parts of the year.

Remedy: Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam regularly will help you in tiding over occasional financial problems in business.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Libra zodiac sign


During the year 2018, you would indulge in an aggressive pursuit and conservation of monetary resources. Business partnerships in coalition with your younger siblings and friends would flourish well during this year. Business houses involved in real estate need to work with utmost care and precautions as they might get into trouble with authorities over financial mismanagement. The year does not look suitable for the purchase of lands or any other residential or commercial property. Business in the food sector, such as restaurants and catering units might not yield the desired profits, hence no new investments should be done so as to avoid future losses. Pathological laboratories and chemical manufacturing units would prosper and you would be able to get cash registers ringing continuously. The year 2018 would prove to be favourable for banks and other lending institutions for pushing their financial agenda, and earning a big profit by fulfilling huge demands of loans from individuals and corporate business houses. Those who have their investments in share market might experience fluctuations in profits. Individuals can choose traditional methods of investment or go in for systematic investments plans, as both the methods are bound to give fruitful results.

Remedy: Chant Narayan Kavach for increasing auspiciousness in your life.

Finance Horoscope 2018, Scorpio zodiac sign


As per the Finance Horoscope 2018, Scorpios are advised to avoid making any kind of investment in the share market, as they might not only turn up to be unprofitable, but are also prone to various other risks to a high extent. You need to tighten your belt as excessive expenditure of money would lead to the erosion of personal and family material resources. You should stay away from starting any business partnership with your younger siblings or your father as it might not work as per your expectations, and thus you may end up bittering your relationship with your near and dear ones. Also, there are chances that an existing family business might split, and lead to a steep decline in shared resources, further putting a strain on your financial status. Academic or educational institutions which have foreign roots or foreign collaborations would certainly perform well in terms of popularity and financial growth. Business enterprises that deal with personal fitness, sports equipments and goods would be able to mint money due to a remarkable rise in public demand. Those who are associated with a business that deals with pharmaceuticals would taste the sweet pleasure of success in the latter half of the year, and any new investment in this sector ought to be done only towards the fag end of the year as you would be able to make a sound financial judgement towards the end of the year. However, you must desist from making any risky investments throughout the year to avoid a financial crisis.

Remedy: Navgraha Shanti Puja will reduce malefic results. Regular chanting of Shri Vigneshwar Kavach will remove obstacles and enhance auspiciousness.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Sagittarius zodiac sign


The year 2018 would be a good time for working professionals as they would be able to reach their career milestones and gain much in terms of finances too. The year would be a progressive period for the people who are involved in the service sector, as great financial prospects are associated with this sector. You are advised to avoid investing a huge amount of money in business, as fluctuations are anticipated. Also, the mid-year is unfavourable for borrowing or lending any kind of loan, while the end year would be a good time to do so. You would be able to establish partnerships, which would help you in the long run. These partnerships would mutually benefit both the parties and result in profitable ventures. You need to consider tightening your belt in order to avoid a negative flow of income. Your family members might be a reason to put strain on your finances. Your children might face a financial crisis during the mid-year, which would need immediate attention and urgent action, failing which they might pile up and result in a big problem. Share market would prove to the golden goose for you all round the year, except for the last few month of the year.

Remedy: Daily worship of Lord Hanuman at home, and lighting oil lamps in Lord Hanuman’s temple on Tuesday and Saturday evenings would bring prosperity in your life.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Capricorn zodiac sign


The Finance Horoscope 2018 predicts chances of deception by partners, thus you must refrain from forming any new partnership during this year. Elders in your family or your elder siblings might take major decisions in the family business, which might cause a rupture in the family relationships, and could eventually result in the division of joint monetary resources. Business partnerships with foreign collaborations will be profitable for you. You would observe drastic changes in your work settings, and foreign assignments would ensure a hefty paycheck. Resist the temptation to buy or sell any kind of property as it could result in a big financial loss, and you need to be aware of your surroundings so as to avoid any case of treachery. Younger siblings might opt to settle abroad, which would contribute to your combined family income. The latter part of the year seems to be good for the inflow of financial resources. Switching your job or creative handling of business affairs may result in enhancement of monetary resources, so you are suggested to do your best.

Remedy: Distribute food among poor sections of the society, and feed the birds and stray animals. This would in turn push you closer to your goals.

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Finance Horoscope 2018, Aquarius zodiac sign


Aquarians, a good fortune awaits for you during the year 2018. Matters related to finance would be no big deal for you according to the Finance Horoscope 2018. Your younger siblings or co-borns who have been earning well abroad might run into some sort of financial trouble, which would take some time to get resolved. However, as the end of the year approaches, things will get in their favour. Joint family investments in shares and property would yield excellent returns. Your father’s social standing and affluence will increase, and you might obtain benefits from his financial status and business contacts with the upper strata of the society. Your career would progress by leaps and bounds. You would see an increase in your financial package, perks, and power. There is an indication that pelf would also the rise. Financial advisors and market analysts would gain during this period. Aggressive and pushy endeavors by sales and marketing personnel in software field would meet profit for the company as well as for themselves. Start ups would be able to gather momentum and make deep inroads, and the people associated with them would become popular and go laughing all the way to the banks.

Remedy: Charitable disposition and sharing food and other basic necessities of life such as utensils, footwear, clothes, fruits, and dry ingredients for cooking such as rice, flour, pulses, etc. would help you cross your hurdles with ease.

Finance Horoscope 2018, Pisces zodiac sign


According to the Finance Horoscope 2018, you would seek for a change in your job, and can also consider switching your job for your betterment. Either way, you would be able to fetch satisfactory results. The income of your spouse would increase, which would help in saving more in your piggy banks. However, a better standard of living would lead to higher expenses. Though you witness plenty of changes in your job, a sense of stability would still be maintained in your life, and along with it a stability attributed to financial condition would also prevail. Business partnership will survive the stress and strain of interpersonal problems and fluctuations in the market, and result in sudden gains. Family business can run into trouble due to independent attitude of children and egoistic response of elders, however the situation will improve towards the end of the year. Elder siblings will get a chance to explore professional or business opportunities abroad, and will gain tremendous monetary resources due to the same. Service sector professionals would come into prominence and earn well during this period. Business would prove to be good for enterprises having hi-tech electrical and electronic gadgets.

Remedy: Distribute yellow coloured or saffron based sweets on Thursdays amongst devotees and poor people in and around places of worship.

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