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» Yearly Scorpio Horoscope

Year 2014
There may be average results for your educational pursuits. According to predictions 2014, the strength of Saturn is not enough to reach a dignified position. There may be delay and obstructions in the path of your success. Tension and anxiety may spoil your performance in examination. You should be calm in your mind and loud in thinking to succeed in such situations. People engaged in higher education may get favorable results in the second half of the year. Students trying for admission abroad may face troubles. Students belonging to chemistry, nuclear physics, robotics and radiology may do well in this year.

Saturn and Rahu in 12th house may give opportunity to visit countries towards west direction. You may be interested to find employment abroad. As per astrology 2014,journeys to saiva kshetras is likely during this year. You may also travel through sea route in the second half of 2014. Your adventurous journeys may sometimes turn into adversities. Try to take proper precautions while making long journeys.
The movement of Jupiter in 8th house can only save you from physical troubles. forther, astrology 2014 foretells that, there may be financial uncertainty throughout his stay in Gemini till July 2014. People engaged in finance or mortgage business alone can prosper during this period. There may be heavy workloads or additional assignments along your daily routine in job. Superiors may be reluctant with your problems. You need to fight for even minor benefits in career. Generally Jupiter in 8th house may not impress superiors about your efficiency. There may be normal rating in your performance appraisal. The transit of Jupiter in Cancer sign is somewhat better for you. There may be some relief in the form of salary hike or change in the nature of work. You will begin to treat problems in your own way from July 2014. People engaged in business may redraft partnership deed in the month of August 2014. There may be satisfactory returns for your investments in fixed assets. People engaged in insurance, non profitable organizations, FMCG and multimedia will prosper well during this year. Jupiter is indicating extreme pressure till July 2014 and signs of relief later as per your 2014 predictions.

The transit of Saturn in 12th house is not conducive for a pleasant financial affluence. You may be stormed with expenditure from different sources. Generally Saturn in 12th house may strengthen secret enemies which may in turn humiliate the native. People working abroad may be troubled by the government policies. You should carefully plan or apportion your revenue over different needs. Any negligence on your part may result in serious losses. astrology 2014 predicts, occasional hospitalization of family members may result in financial drain.

Transit of Rahu and Ketu in 12 and 6 houses may cause adverse and better results respectively. Rahu in 12th house is highly inauspicious which may result in loss through invisible sources. There may be punishment from government or possibility for imprisonment also. Generally Rahu and Saturn in 12th house may cause problems through strangers. Properties may be grabbed by antisocial elements. Further, 2014 horoscope says that, Ketu in 6th house may give some control over enemies. You may also get some problems from servants. You may feel unsecured for various reasons.
Generally Saturn in 12th house may cause regular visits to hospitals. You may be health conscious from this year onwards. Astrology 2014 forsees, that there is possibility for contracting hereditary diseases towards the end of this year. There may be problem in the functionality of liver and intestines. You should consume hot water and try to avoid food that may cause phlegm. Practice of pranayam and aerobics may yield better results. Worship to Durga Maa may mitigate some of the negative influences of planets.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
This is a sensitive area which needs your careful consideration. The movement of planets in 8 and 12 houses may exert pressure in domestic life. Spouse may be aggressive or reluctant towards your problems. There may be regular arguments at home, as per your horoscope predictions. Those planning for marriage, it is better to postpone it at least till July 2014. People engaged in love matters may face trouble till July 2014. Problems may arise because of a third person. The placement of malefic planets in 12th house may result in ill reputation or rumors against your conduct. You should try to lead transparent life to avoid these catastrophes. Otherwise the general well being of social status and family matters may be well off. There is a great need for patience and endurance to carry on with life.

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