Yearly Cancer Horoscope

Year 2017


As per the 2017 horoscope predictions for Cancer, some problems till April, 2017 are predicted. Working natives must balance their relationship positively with their juniors. Family members will give you a lot of happiness and your loved ones will get you enough support. You will be able to spend some wonderful moments with your family members. If you invest intelligently, there are some good chances of making money. The year is good for businessmen as well. Cancer horoscope for 2017 suggests you to avoid investing money in risky affairs. It will be better for you to stay cautious in the exchange of money with anyone. Any decision taken in excitement may cost you. Apart from all this, you will get an opportunity to invest in the auspicious events at home and familial issues will also be resolved.

You will make plans for some new works, which may get quite successful. Stay away from these not-so-good activities like gambling, lottery, etc.; otherwise you may have to face some problems. Luck will follow you in everything after September. If you are in politics, your glory will spread everywhere. A new friendship will give you happiness. Do everything cautiously from October to November, or else you may lose some good opportunities. Many new relations will be formed and a good news will relieve your stress. As per the Vedic Astrology 2017 horoscopes, new sources of income will also come to you. Also, your interest will increase in new things. Avoid going on long journeys. If we talk about your love life, relationship will get stronger and love partner will support you a lot. Your work has a possibility of growth. Receiving your blocked money will also relieve your tension. Peace and harmony will prevail in the family. Youths looking for job will get success. Additionally, those who are looking for a change in job will get new opportunities.


Students will find their education easy during this time, foretells the horoscope of 2017 for Cancer. Also, exams won’t make them afraid. In this duration, the students who are preparing for competition will have good concentration. Having a good memory will help you in understanding many subjects. Your interest in studies will increase and you will get more time to study. Students of higher studies or research will get better results as compared to their efforts. Time will be quite positive for the natives studying literature or technology. Students who are into higher education, engineering, or medicine will have to stay prepared. Governments exams will be successful. If you get the result of competitive exams in this duration, the result will be better than the expectations. The students who could not clear in the last exams should increase their self-confidence. Showing your problems will not help you. Mental strength and far-sightedness will remove the obstacles in your career and increase the possibilities of success.


During this time, your regular income will stay consistent, foretells the predictions of Cancer in 2017. But, you may expect some sudden benefits or extra income. You will be quite courageous. In this time, you will try to create new sources of income. However, you will have to keep a control over your expenditure. In the second half of the year, working people may get the result of their efforts in the form of incentive or increment. You may get good news at the financial end. The money that you have invested in government departments or something like that, will come back. If you invest your money cautiously, there are chances of good earnings. But, avoid investing in the risky affairs. Also, avoid lending money to anyone, otherwise losses are possible. Time looks favorable for long-term investment. The end of the year will prove to be profitable for you. If you will have money in hand, the dreams of investment and savings will be fulfilled. Avoid investing in lottery or gambling.


According to the horoscope< of 2017 for Cancer, you will experience a fit body in this duration. Your awareness toward fitness will increase. Those who are suffering through a long-term ailment will feel better. For mental peace, visit a natural place. You will feel a new energy in you. There are chances that you may take interest in spiritual things for the mental peace. Avoid rushing into work, it will be good for your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your interest may increase in love matters during this time, predicts the horoscope of Cancer in 2017. Also, the love relationship will get strengthened. Leaving all the tensions, you will cherish these beautiful moments. Due to the excess of work, you may get less time for love. If your partner also wants to contribute in your success, welcome him/her. You may exchange gifts to keep each other happy. Also, you may plan a trip with your sweetheart. There are chances that you may get attracted toward someone special. You will make new contacts with the people of opposite sex and your friendship with them will increase.

Family & Friends

Cancerians will get enough support from relatives, knowns, and friends. As per the family forecast of Cancerians in 2017, you may also invest in buying something important for you home. Also, you may expect a financial support from your children. New job or home to children may also give financial support to home. Additionally, there are strong chances of getting new vehicle for home. Your works will be accomplished with the support of your friends. Relatives may visit, which might increase your expenditure. Some auspicious ceremony may be planned at your home. In order to see the religious places, you may plan a trip with your family or friends. Love or married life will get even sweeter. Your relations with friends and siblings will improve. In this duration, you will enjoy the harmony with family and friends. You also have full support of your mother. Also, it is a good time to rejuvenate old relationships and meeting new friends. Even after being so busy, you will get full support of your spouse. In this time, you will invest more on your life partner. Your expenditure may also include the requirements of your younger siblings.

Trade & Finance

Cancerians, as per your horoscope for 2017, you will move slowly at the beginning of the year. Along with that, you may get a feeling that you are not getting enough result of your efforts. By the end of April, you may face struggle at work, but actually it is the time to test your patience. Take the environment of home seriously. Maintain a balance with your seniors. Avoid any argument and keep patience. Ignore the thought of changing job as of now. If you get a transfer against your wish, you may have to go. By the mid of the year, those who are looking for job will get lucky. Additionally, those who want to change job will get new opportunities. Time is favorable for businessmen. Work will expand and you will get strong financially. Luck will support you in new ventures. Long pending works will get accomplished and you will take a sigh of relief. Others may get jealous of you seeing your success. The number of your opponents will also increase. But, you will win over your enemies. During this time, don’t trust close friends and business partners with a blindfold. If you invest cautiously this year, there are good chances of making money. Avoid investing into risky affairs otherwise financial losses are possible. It is important for you to stay cautious in giving or taking money.


1. Serve a black cow or offer fodder at a cow ranch yourself.
2. Worship Lord Shiva or Hanuman regularly.
3. On Saturdays, donate fried food items to the needy ones.
4. On Wednesday, offer Prasad (holy food) at a Durga temple.
5. On Friday, distribute Kheer (sweet rice porridge) or white sweets among little girls.

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