Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope

Year 2016


2016 will begin with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. After residing in their current signs till January 31, Rahu will move into Leo and Ketu will shift into Aquarius. Let’s now know with these Sagittarius horoscopes 2016 predictions that how these planetary positions will affect your life throughout this year.


Sagittarians who are into service will have a very rewarding year. Though profits will usher in your life from the beginning of 2016, but their intensity will increase after August. According to the Sagittarius 2016 forecast, this year will bring progress at workfront, which will ultimately lead to an increase in your income. Auspiciousness of this time period will increase further, as seniors will help you at every support. Your performance will please one and all, bringing immense benefits for your career. However, this all will happen after August. Prior to this month, you have to make sure that your work speaks for you and satisfies your seniors and colleagues. Handle this phase carefully, as it is the key toward eternal success.


Saturn, the lord of your second house, is transiting into your twelfth house. You need to be careful and act really smart, if Dasha of Saturn is prevailing over you. Expenses are nothing more than another name of your problems; hence, keep them under control and try to save as much as possible. A close gaze into your birth chart highlights someone betraying you. To prevent this person from getting success in his/her motives, act very careful in financial matters. Be it lending funds or borrowing them, you have to be extremely alert. Same piece of advice is for natives who are under the Mahadasha of Jupiter, suggest Sagittarius predictions 2016. Don’t commit the mistake of signing any paper or document, as someone might try to take your signature on a blank paper or anything.


As per Sagittarius astrology 2016, diseases seem hitting you via blood or contaminated food. Now as you are aware about it, why not look for ways to save yourself from this? Other than this issue, your liver might also face some malfunctioning. No no, no need to feel low, as you can maintain distance from it by being serious toward it. How about staying away from oily and heavy food? Eye problems are possible for some and you might start wearing specs. On the other hand, if you are already someone who wear specs, number of your eyesight might increase. Courage might also decline and you might feel a bit weak.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Quite an average year for thinking about or getting into love and romance, predicts Sagittarius 2016 astrology. Though there won’t come any time when you will have to face hard times or major issues. Things will go normal and you will accept them the way they are. If you are in a relationship, no matter what the situation is, don’t let doubts hamper the love you share with your sweetheart. Your cards foresee unfavorable phase till August; hence, tackle this phase carefully. After this month, love will fill your life with colors of affection and warmth.

Family & Friends

Major arguments are possible for you Sagittarians. But, there is nothing to take stress for, as long as you keep your temper in control. Relation with mother will be very blissful and same is predicted for your conjugal life. What to expect more when your mother and spouse are there as your protective shields? However, bond with brother is expected to get bitter. Handle the situation on time or things might turn extremely ugly. Whether it will happen to you or not depends totally on the condition of your birth chart. Sagittarius horoscopes 2016 predicts that losses will increase for those who under Mahadasha of Ketu. You also need to be cautious and alert, if going through Mahadasha of Saturn too. Things will not remain sweet and cordial with father and some sort of stress will always remain between you two. This stress in your bond will improve and you will restore back your love after August.

Trade & Finance

Sagittarians who own business will not get to enjoy that good results. Financial decisions need to be taken very carefully, else huge losses will come your way. Don’t act in hurry and take enough time to know what is right and what is not. A clear picture of outcome of your actions is a must, predicts Sagittarius 2016 horoscope. Another suggestion for you is to maintain distance from illegal ways to make profits, as it will give you more losses than positive results. Well, we don’t want you to stress yourself, but trying your hands in inappropriate things might take you behind the bars. It’s your hard earned money Sagittarians, don’t let it waste. For every financial matter, transparency is must.


Keep your thoughts pious and clear. Chant Ramcharit Manas as much as you can. Doing this will do wonders for your fate and will unlock doors of success. Keeping Ram Raksha Stotra with yourself will also fetch good luck. Every time you are in trouble or any difficulty, just chant it and experience relief.

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