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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

November, 2018


You are stubborn and have an inflexible bent of mind. You are also impatient and try to finish things before time. Hectic work life might cause mental stress and disturbance. If you try to manage things with inflexibility and high-headedness, then you are unlikely to succeed in life. Your high-temper and unpredictable nature will take you nowhere, and always result into messing up things. Your interest in religious or spiritual matters will increase. Introduction with a socially influential person will lead to a professional or business gain. The month will be hectic in terms of work or professional life, involving a lot of travel and extra work hours. This might take a toll on your mental or physical health. Extensive business related travel is on the cards that might cause some physical strain or leave you physically exhausted. You will get several opportunities for financial or business growth. You might expect a promotion at work or a handsome pay rise. Any work related projects will be completed successfully. If you are planning to buy a house or vehicle, then this is the right time. You will receive family support. If you are a student preparing for a competitive exam, then you will be successful. Your concentration power will improve which will help you in studies. No major health problems will arise this month. A foreign travel might happen. If you are a politician contesting for elections, then you will get tremendous success. Your popularity amongst people will skyrocket. Marriage as well as love life will be good. You will get support from partner or spouse. Financial or economic condition will get better. However, few issues might arise in the family. Hence, you need to be careful. The situation will be slightly difficult in the first half, but will improve in the second half of the month. Shani Sade Sati will negatively impact both your personal as well as professional life, and cause immense mental pain or stress. Hence, it is crucial to be extremely careful and cautious while planning or doing any work. 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 24th, 25th of the month are not favorable. Don’t start any new work or plan any important meeting on these days. Also, don’t make any important decision on these days, as it will lead to failure.


Your financial condition will be overall good this month. However, you might have to work really hard in order to get financial success that you aim for. Sometimes, you might have to travel for work or business which might cause physical or mental exhaustion. However, your hard work and sincerity will pay off and give your excellent financial gains. Business or professional life will also be smooth. You will make significant progress in your profession or work. You will also get ample opportunities to grow as well as progress both financially and professionally. However, you might have to face few challenges along the way. If you wish to make any financial investment, then this is the good time. Any investment made with proper planning and research will yield excellent results. Also, if you wish to invest into any land or property, then you may go ahead, especially in the second half of the month. You will most probably earn excellent returns.


No major health problems are likely to arise this month. Overall, things will be smooth on the health front. However, few minor issues might crop up every now and then.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month will be great in terms of love and marriage life. Your efforts to improve relationship with the partner will be successful. You can resolve any challenge relationship problem or misunderstanding through mutual discussion or dialogue. If you wish to make a love or marriage proposal, the time is right, especially the second half of the month. Your overall relationship with the partner will improve, and your love and respect for each other will increase tremendously. If with to start any business together, then you may go ahead and it is likely to be successful. You might also plan a vacation to spend some close and intimate moments together. Marriage life will be slightly disturbed due to your hectic work life and inability to spend time with the spouse. Disputes or arguments might happen occasionally. The situation might worsen so much that you might have to live separately for some time. Problems in marriage will seriously disturb your personal as well as professional life. Hence, you should understand that peace in marriage is crucial for overall peace in life.

Family & Friends

Family life will be good this month. Due to good relations between the family members, there will be peace and harmony in the family. If your family life is good, you will be satisfied within and have the zeal to progress. On the contrary, if there is a tension in the family, it will affect all aspects of your life negatively. If the family works together as a unit, a number of unfinished projects can be completed successfully. You might decide to buy or sell some family property this month. Family will progress as a whole, and several new projects will be started. There will be an atmosphere of celebration and a sense of togetherness in the family. You will receive full support from parents as well. You must understand that without parents’ blessings, you can’t succeed in life. But, parents might experience some health issues this month. Hence, it is crucial for you to look after your parents well. You will be mostly satisfied with children’s growth and development. Children will progress in career as well as education.


Pray to Lord Hanuman daily. Apply crimson mixed with jasmine oil on the Lord Hanuman statue, and offer prayers in a temple. Read Hanumana chalisa and Sundara Kand. Distribute Boondi Prasadam to the people.

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