Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

January, 2017


Planet Saturn would transit from your 1st house which might create some health problems for you. Your strength and courage would elevate and you’ll be seen bouncing off the walls. Kith and kin will be supportive and loving. Although, your efforts at work will be over the top, you might not get the expected success. Do not get disheartened due to this. Jupiter will transit in your 11th house which would balance you mentally. Your decision making prowess would see a new light and you’ll draw out better conclusions and results. Children would have an auspicious time. They might garner a huge achievement which would make you boast around their praises. Married natives will enjoy this time; beloved would get glory at their work and in society. During this time, Rahu would transit in your 10th house, which will be the harbinger of new changes in your life. At vocation, you’ll get name and fame and your efforts will be appreciated by all. Business related trips are also on the card for you. You might get a transfer in this duration. Mars and Ketu would be transiting in your 4th house, which would affect your mother’s health. She’ll have to keep a check on her dietary habits. With the movement of Venus in your 4th house, you’ll start shelling out more on luxuries and comforts of life.


Jupiter, your 2nd house lord will transit in your 11th house, which presages good things for you. Financially, you’ll get great gains; monetary benefits will ring in from all sides. You’ll garner plenty new opportunities to cash in money. With not much efforts, you’ll be able to squeeze in a lot. Due to a promotion your income could also increase in this month. Share market and lottery could prove to be lucrative for you. Natives involved in businesses related to clothing, restaurants, machinery, property, beauty, automobile, and art will get financial gains. The period after 20th January will help you to achieve all your business goals. With the month end you’ll able to get huge financial benefits.


The position of Saturn in your 1st house and of the sign lord, Mars residing in with Ketu sends an off signal about your health. You’ll have to be cautious about your health. Too much workload could hamper your inner peace and mental stability. Take things slow and find ways to blow off steam. Plan out ways to balance your work and health. Have an adequate sleep of 6hrs. Abstain from getting hot under the collar, if you’re suffering from high blood pressure. To stay in the bloom of your health, eat clean and balanced diet. The period after 20th of January will bear good health for you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Married life will be blissful. Your partner will have to keep checks on their health. You’ll understand your spouse better and will respect each others feelings and emotions better. Partner would spend quality time with you, and make sure you cherish every moment spent with them. You’ll be extra supportive and help them out in each step they take. This month your partner could accomplish something big that would get them both name and fame. Single natives will get love in their life this month. Lovers will experience their love going strong with each passing day. The time is auspicious for all those who’ve been thinking about confessing their love to someone.

Family & Friends

The time is auspicious for familial relations, although the presence of Rahu and Mars will hamper your mental peace. It’s advised that you deal with all the issues and conflicts with patience and rationalism. In this duration, someone in your family might fall ill. But with the transit of Venus in your 4th house you’ll experience the warmth and love increasing in your household. You’ll be interested in investing your money in comforts and luxuries for your kith. This month, you could also consider buying a vehicle. Children will fly with gleaming colors in this period. They’ll be concentrated and focused on achieving high and accomplishing all their goals. Your mother needs to take care of her health, as the time presages hard times for her. If she’s been suffering from blood pressure related problems, she must take care of her well being. Relations with father, friends, and siblings might sour this month. A friend’s support will get you through thick and thin.


Abstain from consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Do not demean or insult anyone, unknowingly or knowingly. The world is already hard, don’t make it a miserable place with mean words.

Lucky Days

The dates 5, 9, 15, 18 and 27 are auspicious for you. Important events must be held on these days.

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