Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

December, 2016


Conjunction of both these planets is not favorable for father and son relationship. Some unexpected events might also occur in your life. Hard work is necessary to gain success as relying entirely on luck may not pay you off good. Relation with your father during the later part of the month may start improving. Mars is transiting in your birth sign in fourth house. It may prove bothersome for getting pleasures in relationship with your mother and wife. Some technical topics might allure you this month. You might have strong will power during this phase of your life. You may lack in your memory power this month. Mathematics might also interest you during this period. You may plan to visit some other place for your further education. You will maintain your financial status as usual this month. You might get into some strifes and fights, which might increase your expenses. You may also gain some part of your paternal property this month. Some financial help from your in-laws is also predicted for you. Money might also come from some hidden sources to you. Time is favorable for making profits in industries, business, etc. Your attempts might help you in reaching success. Problems might not be able to leave you hopeless. You may also try hard to get promotions this month. You might also be the part of some important or secret work this month. Your luck might become more influential. Transfer at the place of your choice is also predicted for you. Chances of taking a bank loan are also foreseen. Progress is foreseen in your business and work that will provide with financial gains.


Your honor and reputation will mark an increase this month. Prosperity is also predicted for you. Try your luck hard as their are chances of getting benefitted through some property business. Financial gains are also expected for you this month. Expenditures might increase. Time is beneficial for buying and selling things. Avoid give and take of money with your friends & family this month. This might lead to loss of capital. Promotions are also expected for you. Your business might also expand. Do not get indulged into any partnerships. You may also plan some business tours during this period. Foreign visits are also possible. Transfers at your choice of place are also predicted. Success is also foreseen for those who are engaged into professions like doctor, banker, teacher, manager, etc. Financial profits might also increase this month. You might also plan to take bank loan or make investment in shares or other life insurance schemes. Profits for businessmen are predicted in fields related to metal, rice, barley, oil trading, turmeric and onion. You might also plan to invest in property this month. Profits from paternal property are possible. Enemies will not disturb. Your seniors might support you. Sources of income might also increase.


Your mental and physical power might increase this month. You might complain for mental stress and restlessness. Some diseases related to eyes and headache might also bother you this month. Do not eat spicy and oily food. It may prove harmful for your health. Some air disorders might also bother you this month.

Family & Friends

You might find your family life quite cheerful and joyous this month. Though everything will remain fine within your family, some differences may occur with your children. Ideological differences might also occur between you and your partner. Support from your siblings is also predicted for you during this period. You might also maintain cordial relations with your father. Relation with your family and friends will remain happy during this period. Someone new might become part of your family. Religious ceremonies might make you busy this month. Travel is also predicted in relation to some research work for you. Overall environment of your house will remain peaceful and cheerful. Some auspicious ceremony might also occur at your house. You might get blessings from your parents this month. Some good news from your children’s side is also foreseen. You might fulfill all responsibilities of your family with perfection. Take care of your siblings as some health issues might bother them during the later part of this month.


You are currently suffering from Shani Sade Sati. You must fast on every tuesday. Read ‘Bajrang Ban’ daily. Start wearing ring made from horse’s shoe. Donating Bundi Ladoo, gram, gold and money to your Kul Guru will prove beneficial for you.

Lucky Days

Auspicious dates: 4, 5, 11, 12, 21, 22, 23, 31
Inauspicious dates: 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25

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