Yearly Taurus Horoscope

Year 2017


For Taurus, horoscope of 2017 predicts that the strategy of the planets clearly shows that you will receive the support of higher authorities and women during this year. Money will keep flowing like usual; and you will spend more on entertainment and the comforts of life. However, situations will be formed suddenly to get you monetary benefits. But, your expenditure will also increase. Things that were not happening your way will get settled by the mid of the year. Along with all this, your valor will also increase. As per the predictions of Taurus in 2017, you will get new sources of income. Invested money will give benefits as well. Stock market or property investments may also benefit you. Controlling on unimportant expenditure can help you increase your savings as well as profits. In addition to all this, you will get honor and support from father and mentors.

All of your family members will support you. Children will get you bliss in life. Try to be in sync with your life partner. Additionally, take special care of the health of your soulmate. However, this tough duration will be quite small and the one will get fit soon. If you are single, you may find a new love. In case you are already in a relationship, it will get stronger. By the end of the year, financial situation may get better. New sources of income can be found. Invested money will benefit you. Avoiding unimportant expenditures can help you improve savings and profits. Along with this, you will also receive monetary benefits from father and mentors. The 2017 horoscope foretells that you don’t need to get worried too much about health. However, issues related to wrong lifestyle may bother you like gas, indigestion, etc. If you took them too lightly, it might cause you serious illness later. Try to keep a control over your eating habits this year. Issues related to change in season may trouble you. However, you need not get too concerned about them.


According to the horoscope of 2017 for Taurus, time is positive for the students. Those who are pursuing higher education will get the expected results. Your concentration will improve. Hard work and focus are secret of success. You will study more, which will fetch you better results during this course of education. If you want to pursue the higher education abroad, new opportunities are expected. The movement of planets in sky suggest that time is positive for those who want to participate in the competitive exams. Overall, you may get success in all education related works in this duration.


Predictions of 2017 for Taurus say that the year will begin with the increase in expenditures. In this duration, you will have to put extra efforts to make money. In the business, the movement of finances will stay constant. You will invest more on the luxuries–and those who deeply understand Taurus understands that. Keep a control over it otherwise you may have to suffer from the financial crunch. Following Vastu tips for office will help you take care of your wealth. By the second half of the year, all your disturbed tasks will come back into place. Many good opportunities for making money may possibly reach you. Financial situation will get strengthened and you will earn money through various mediums. You want to possess whatever you want–this is a unique characteristic of Taurus–but keep a check on this tendency. You will be able to make more money due to your own hard work. Benefits are possible through share market, commission based dealings, etc.


Predictions of Taurus for 2017 foretell that health will stay fine, but don’t ignore any stomach related issue. Issues related to gas, indigestion may trouble you, so stay strict with your diet and if you understand what is Ayurveda, follow the principles of RituCharya, i.e. change your food and other habits according to weather. Also, allergies may trouble you. Regular exercise, proper Yoga breathing or Pranayama and sound sleep will also save you from many diseases. You must take at least 6 hours of sleep everyday; it will keep you fit. Morning walk will also benefit you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

As per Taurus horoscope for 2017, this time will be positive for the lovers. Taurus men and Taurus women have unique expectation when it comes to relationships. In this duration, you may look really attractive. You may get more tilted toward someone of the opposite sex, which may lead you into extra marital affair or you may get into more than one relationships. Avoid getting into such things, as it might harm your reputation. When it comes on your spouse, you should be more sensitive toward his/her feelings. Some new people will stay excited to be friends with you. Time will be quite good for your new relationships, but do not ignore the importance of compatibility in love. There are chances that someone may propose you. As compared to the physical pleasure, you will be more concerned about the mental one. As per Taurus facts, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces are compatible zodiac signs for you–just keep it in mind.

Family & Friends

This year, you will focus more on bringing the luxury items at home. Someone in your family might also develop psychic powers. Family forecast of Taurus in 2017 foretells that you need to try improving the sweetness in married life and avoid arguments. Try to understand each other properly. It will be great if you spend some time with your life partner away from the daily routine jobs. Children may give you happiness. Your spouse must take good care of his/her health. By the second half of the year due to feeling of improvement in compatibility, you will be able to spend beautiful moments with your life partner. This time will be full of bliss. Love and emotions will increase in your behavior. Your life partner will be more devoted toward you and may increase the prestige of your family. Being impressed by your disciplined behavior, family will be happy with you. You might go for some parties a bit more, for a fun-filled and happy life.

Trade & Finance

Taurus people, as per your horoscope for 2017, this time will require a lot of hard work from you because due to the transit of Saturn in your seventh house, many of your works will proceed in quite a slow speed. Stay mentally strong. Due to work or business, you may have to go away from your home. Think about something new for the expansion of your business. In case you are planning for something big, think before making any investment. From April, you will get new sources of income. Continuous hard work and determination will get you success. Before expanding your business, always keep the risk factor in mind. Those who understand the language of stars would suggest you to stay patient and let everything happen as it is. By the mid of this year, things that were disturbed will get back in form. You will be able to compete with your rivals. Those who are planning to go abroad due to work might get successful. If you are working into property related works, you may get benefitted. Share market may also benefit you.


1. Wear a Sphatik Mala around your neck.
2. Offer food to saints, ascetics, and needy children.
3. Distribute white sweet among young girls on Friday.
4. Use more of white clothes, perfume, white sandalwood, and fragranced items.
5. To get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, recite Lakshmi Chalisa and Aarti regularly.

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