Yearly Taurus Horoscope

Year 2016


Before discussing your fate Taureans, let us take a look at the planetary positions for you in 2016. Saturn will reside in Scorpio and Jupiter will move into Leo. After being in their present signs till January 31, Rahu will transit into Leo; whereas, Ketu will move into Aquarius. Let’s now know with these Taurus horoscopes 2016 predictions that how these planetary positions will affect your life throughout this year.


Not a great year for you, if you are into service. Strategies will be planned against you by your opponents. According to the Taurus 2016 forecast, allegations will be put on you without any reason. Useless blames might take you in problems and negative situations. Keep your ears and eyes open, else things could go adverse and beyond your hands. Taureans, don’t spoil your relation with seniors till you get any other job, as troubles between you two might provoke you to leave your job. For natives associated with government job, percentage of harm is more; hence, be as much cautious as you can.


Time for party Taureans, as finances look blooming this year. This stability will increase further, after August. As per Taurus predictions 2016, money will reach you from more than one source. Shares will increase your finances more, but only after August. Before that, don’t expect anything from this area. Expenses need to be kept in control and emotions need to be taken care of. Don’t let emotional feelings overpower you. No matter how much you expect, you are going to fetch money more than your expectations. Nothing to worry about, live life king size.


Usually, Taureans are blessed with a disease free body. This very trait will continue this year as well and you will have a healthy physique and stress free mind. Some of you might notice an increase in their weight, which you need to keep a check on. Spicy and oily delicacies will fill your dining table more than usual, after August. Staying away from such ravishing dishes is definitely not possible; still, you can have a control on their quantity. Be active, be energetic and keep yourself away from fatigue. Talking about health issues which might bother you this year, you are likely to suffer from problem in stomach, intestines, and joints. Besides this, headache and pain in eyes are also seen on your future cards. Taurus astrology 2016 predicts that instead of getting panic over these, try to practice Yoga regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

2016 is outstanding for love and romance. Special moments will be spent with your sweetheart and you will spend quality time together. Things might not go that god initially, but everything will get better with time. However, real charm and essence of love will fill your life after August. Don’t doubt your lover/spouse when Mercury is combust or transits in Leo or Aquarius. As per Taurus 2016 astrology, this is also that time when you should avoid getting angry from him/her. Control your behavior and actions on time, else you will spoil a beautiful relation.

Family & Friends

Cordiality and affection will strengthen your bond with family members. Listen to what they suggest and you will enjoy life at its best. Going against them might invite some troubles for you. However, there is nothing major to worry about. Saturn is posited in your seventh house, which is Yoga Karaka for you. As per beliefs, this sort of Saturn is hurdle, but fortunately nothing extreme will happen. Your destiny cards foresee unfavorable bonding with mother. Make sure you behave well with her and take care of her health, as she might get affected by some health issue. While bonding with your mother needs to be taken care of, you will share great chemistry with your father. This year is going to be a bliss for him. Just like you, your spouse will also share great bonding with your father, but not with your mother. Taurus horoscopes 2016 suggest you to coordinate well with your mother and suggest the same to your spouse as well. Why keep grudges when it’s all about family.

Trade & Finance

Natives who are into business will reap beneficial results this year. If you are busines partner with your spouse, extreme profits are assured coming your way. However, you might become the victim of frauds and betrayals; hence, keep your eyes and ears open when it comes to financial matters. Taureans who lend money on interest need to be very cautious, as things are not in your favor till August. Once this month goes away, you can surely expect prosperity and luck knocking your door, predicts Taurus 2016 horoscope. Whether or not you face hurdles, your pocket won’t ever go empty this year.


Self control has always been the best remedy, but it is not possible to be followed by everyone. Therefore, if you are going through Saturn’s Mahadasha or Antardasha, recite Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra and Hanuman Chalisa. On the other hand, if going through Jupiter’s Mahadasha or Antardasha, recite Beej Mantras for Jupiter. Wear pearl and keep fast on Thursday. For natives suffering from Rahu or Ketu’s Dasha or Antardasha, recite Devi Kavach and Maa Durga Saptshati thrice a day will help.

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