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» Yearly Taurus Horoscope

Year 2014
Planets in 6th house will bring success in competitions or examinations. You may be successful in facing tough competition. Further as per horoscope 2014 predictions students relating to fine arts, chemistry and aeronautical sciences will have better prospects. There will be success in diploma or other short term certifications. It is very important to have knowledge in practical side of your education.

You may avail facility of better faculty during this year. According to astrology 2014, the exaltation of 9th lord Saturn will bring success in higher education. Students seeking education abroad may have favorable results as Saturn is aspecting 12th house. Only thing which needs your careful attention is to have better idea of what you are learning and what you want to be. 2014 horoscope predictions says that you may be able to clear all backlogs during this year. The aspect of Saturn over 3rd house will give grand success in occult subjects or mystic sciences.
Jupiter will move through second and third houses during this year. As such, horoscope 2014 foresees gains through speculation or unearned income and substantial earnings through commission based activities respectively. You may identify new sources of income during this year. Support from elders and friends will bring great confidence in you. You may be interested in setting up of new business activities.Further, 2014 horoscope predicts that people engaged in hotel, education and tourism industries will prosper well. It is more important to mobilize your income to more profitable investments. It is not advisable to lend money to others. Receipt of long pending debts or inheritance from elders is likely during this year. As per astrology 2014 your constructive thinking will be appreciated by one and all. You may take bold decisions with respect to your investments in fixed assets.

Exaltation of 10th lord Saturn in Libra is favorable for your success. Generally Saturn is said to be yoga karak for Taurus ascendant and offer most desirable results in his positive transit. Taurus people will be greatly benefited through the positive transit of Saturn and Rahu in 6th house. Horoscope 2014 predictions says that people engaged in logistics, international trade and pharmacy industries are likely to gain. However Saturn may postpone the favorable results to some extent which is intrinsic in nature. You may withdraw from some business activities for fear of loss. On the negative side astrology 2014 foretells that your hard work may not win the heart of your superior. You should be reasonable and logical in your conversations and communications. There may be some troubles from secret enemies between July and August 2014.

Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in 12th house are auspicious for your career. You may get timely emoluments and promising appraisal during this year. Securing new job or promotions in the existing new organizations is likely towards the end of this year. According to predictions for 2014 people seeking employment abroad may get positive outcomes.
Generally people born under Taurus are strong and healthy by nature. However, according to your 2014 astrology predictions there may be some complications relating to hernia, gastritis, stones in kidneys or bladder and pancreatitis during this year. The major suggestion is change in life style. You should not neglect health for career or business. Proper rest and consumption of natural food are more helpful. Never indulge yourself in the consumption of toxic food which will spoil your health. Recitation of Aditya Hridaya stotra is recommendable.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Horoscope 2014 foresees that there may not be desirable happenings in this sphere of life. Transit of planets in 6th house may negatively influence the possibility of marriage as well as life with spouse. There may be temporary separation because of career or employment. Spouse may be hospitalized for some time because of skin problems, restlessness and gastritis. There may be differences of opinions in financial matters. Love marriage may not materialize because of parents. You may enjoy distant travels to bring joy and refreshment for the family members predicts astrology 2014. Child birth is likely in the second half of the year. You should strictly avoid doubtful friendships which may affect your reputation in personal and professional life. You should lead a pious and simple life which is the only way to bring stability. Spouse may misinterpret your opinion on several occasions. Hence 2014 horoscope predictions suggests, try to be more expressive and be transparent in your life style.

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