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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

July, 2018


You are peaceful by nature. You are a person who does work according to his wish and also tries to keep secrets. You are secretive and take time to open up. You make constant efforts to accumulate wealth. You are hardworking and leave no stone unturned. You wish to exercise your full rights. You believe in justice and equality. You are well determined. Acting with patience and seriousness during Jupiter Transit 2018 paves way for growth and development. You may be blessed with life-partner and child. This means that you may get married soon or enjoy parenthood. You may spend more on auspicious deeds. Your work may witness progress only after sheer labor, which implies that success will not come to you easily. You may be capable of implementing auspicious deeds with family support. Your relations with friends and relatives may undergo stress this month. There are chances of you receiving benefits from acquiring immoveable property. If there is probability to acquire immoveable property this month, you may be successful in doing so. You may also buy a new car soon. You may enjoy luxuries and other worldly pleasures of life. If you are working, you will come in close touch with high-class officials during this month. You may become more successful at your work with their support. Try to improve your relations with your immediate officer, as this will prove beneficial for you in future. In case of Taurus natives stuck in court-related matters, decision may be in your favor this month. You may be going through a tough trial recently. You may also be successful in travelling abroad. From health point of view, you may be diagnosed forstomach-related diseases. You are, therefore, advised to take proper care of your health. Eat wisely and engage in some form of physical activity. Luck will favor you more during this time and there are chances of you emerging as a winner at your office. Since Saturn is transiting in Aquarius, you may become financially stronger. The luck bearer planet strengthens your financial position. If you own a business, there is possibility of growth and development. You may even plan to expand your business. You may undertake new tasks this month. Those who plan to commence business or start something new and are working hard for it will earn sure-shot success. Stressful situations may crop up on 10th, 11th, 21st, and 22nd of July 2018. You may have to postpone your trip to attend meeting during this time. Doing so may prove better for you. This month may bring mental stress and unrest in your life due to work commitments. You may have to postpone travelling due to work-related pressures. You may be compelled to deal with losses, if you show negligence in your business. If you are a student, there are fair chances of achieving success. Your efforts may not go for a toss as your career grows. You may witness some progressive situations in this month. Practicing patience may prove beneficial for you in days to come.


You may have to undergo stress due to your deteriorating financial condition this month. A dispute may crop up due to unnecessary monetary transactions. There are fair chances of your financial life going upside down during this period. As a result, you may face physical and mental discomforts. You may suffer a big loss, so you need to be very careful during this period. Do not engage in loss-making ventures. Do not make any investments that result in any kind of discord. Jupiter transiting in Libra may create financial conflicts, which is why; you should act with prudence. There are fair chances of you booking profits from your business. You may grow financially stronger this time. Your luck may not favor you much this month. You need to, therefore, spend according to your income and current financial condition. Your expenses need to match your income. If you overspend during this period, you may have to repent later. Save your hard-earned money for tough times in the future. Do not invest your time and energy in any new assignments during this month; otherwise, you may suffer financial loss. It is advisable to stay in the same business. It is not a favorable time to expand your business or start a new venture. You may, however, plan for business expansion or setting up a new enterprise later. Your business may see highs and lows due to Saturn transiting in Aquarius. Financial problems may crop up during this time. Think wisely before investing to avoid losses. You may also seek expert advice before making investments.


Take great care of your health during July 2018. There are fair chances of you meeting with accident this month. You may even be injured badly. Practice caution to avoid accidents or any mishaps. Take proper care of your health, as you may experience stomach infection. You may also face cough-related problems. Remember prevention is better than cure. If you are a patient suffering from stomach or lung-related diseases, do not forget to take medicines on time. Give more time to yourself and your health during July 2018, so that you can do your daily job without any hassles. Stay away from outside unhygienic food. Eat healthy and stay stress-free. You may even practice yoga and meditation to avoid mental stress this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Circumstances do not favor your luck as far as love matters are concerned. In other words, your love life may go through a bad phase during this month. There may crop up several problems due to disagreements with your lover. There may be more clashes between you two. Chances are that you stop any contact with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You may not be able to call or see each other for some time. You may even think of separation due to incompatibility between you two. There is a high probability of breakup. If you, however, plan to commence a business with your lover, while maintaining a healthy relationship with him or her, you may not only succeed in starting your venture but also, expand it. Your lover or partner may cooperate with you well during this period. Love and affection may transform your lifestyle. This month may be favorable for your marital life. Support from your life-partner will make you successful at work and luckier. Travelling abroad this month may prove fruitful for you. Circumstances in future may improve if you undertake tasks wisely. You need to act prudently, if you want luck on your side. It is always better to act according to the time and situation. You succeed when you act as per the time and situation. When your marital life is blissful, your problems are resolved and family’s atmosphere improves. Your spouse may emerge as your biggest source of inspiration;the most resourceful person in your life. Maintaining healthier relation with your spouse may benefit your health, career or business, and overall being.

Family & Friends

Your family situation may improve during this month. There are chances of a better compatibility amongst family members. You may witness more understanding among your near and dear ones. There may be joyousness around your home. There may be seen a festival mood in the family. There may occur auspicious events in the family during the latter half of this month. Some auspicious event may also happen during this time. You may participate in Yajnas and religious deeds to bring peace and prosperity in the family. Your family members may grow more compatible than before. Your business may also grow during this time. Both your personal and professional life may flourish during this period. You may develop sentiments that are more positive for your parents. You may face some troubles owing to your father’s health, due to which you may feel upset. You are an expert in household jobs. The way you take household responsibilities and shoulder them is amazing. You undertake tasks more responsibly than others, which is why; there are fair chances that your family supports you the maximum. Your relations with close friends and relatives may improve. They may act as your backbone during this period. It may so happen that some auspicious deeds are completed due to your family backing. This month you may get the best support from your family. Although situation seems to be favorable for you, as parents, your child may disappoint you by performing not so well in studies. You may have to deal with your son or daughter strictly, so that they perform well academically. You may be compelled to work harder with them. Only then can they secure highestmarks. If your child is not so good in academics, you may feel dissatisfied with their performance in exams. Student natives need to concentrate more on their classes, as underperformance in exams may bring unnecessary mental stress. Devote more time to your studies, as success will come to you only after hard work. Do not roam around aimlessly or hang out with friends. Studying in groups and taking help of your school or college mates may prove helpful for you.


Donating white objects on Friday or fasting and worshipping on the same day may prove beneficial for you. Besides, you should worship Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi and fast for her on Friday. Likewise, you may become wealthier. Peace and prosperity will knock at your door. You may also grow in your job or business and stay healthier. You should also chant Hanumana Chalisa everyday for better results.

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