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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

November, 2018


This month, some pending work will get completed. You will be overall happy with the children, but might have to face some mental stress and apprehension. Despite adverse situations, you will get several opportunities to make money. You might face few roadblocks in any project that you are currently working on. Things will be good on the professional or business level. However, any plans to expand business not work out well. You should instead focus on existing business and try to make maximum profit from it. If you are planning to buy a new house or vehicle, you might face few challenges. As the Sun is transiting in the Libra zodiac sign, then you might experience few challenges in the first half of the month. Any plans to buy a house or new vehicle might work out towards the second half of the month. If you are working in a job, then you might experience few ups and downs. However, hard work and sincerity will always turn the situation in your favor. This month, due to good relations with a senior executive at work, you are likely to receive a promotion or handsome pay hike. The month looks a little unfavorable in terms of money or property. Financial or property disputes are likely to arise. Also, disputes or tension within the family might also come up. Hence, you must be careful and try your best to maintain peace and harmony in the family. Try to resolve matters amicably. An opponent or rival might try to manipulate the situation against you. Hence you need to be very careful and not discuss personal matters with strangers. Any work-related travel to a foreign destination will be successful. You will get full support from your partner or spouse that will increase your confidence and self-esteem significantly. Relations with the spouse will get better and marriage life will be peaceful overall. Few health related problems or issues might emerge, that you must address accordingly. Overall, you need to be careful about your health to avoid falling sick. Eating healthy and exercising will help immensely. By and large, the luck will be on your favor this month and you will succeed in most of your personal or professional endeavors. The month does not look too good for business or career and you might face serious challenges. You need to be very careful and move in a planned manner. Avoid making hasty or reckless business decisions which might cause severe losses in the future. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th, 13th, 21st, 22nd of the month will be stressful and unfavorable. Avoid making new financial or business investments or starting any new business project during these days. Also, don’t plan any important business or personal meeting during this period. Don’t share any personal or professional details with unknown or untrustworthy people. Be careful in matters related to money and finance. Don’t lend money to unknown or unreliable people as you might not receive it back.


The financial situation looks quite favorable this month. You will get good opportunities for financial or business growth. You will get success in business or profession, and your foreign investments or transactions will yield excellent results. Your business partnership or association with foreign companies or clients will also make good progress. This month might involve a lot of business related travel to foreign destinations, which might lead to new business partnerships and new avenues for financial growth. If you are involved in any work project or assignment, then it is likely to be successful; you might have to work quite hard for it though. Overall, you will complete all your work assignments with success. You should be careful not to give up or avoid hard work, as you face ups and downs along the way. Only though hard work and determination you will be able to accomplish your goals; else you might face failure. It is suggested not to make any significant financial or business investments this month. Try to save money and focus on improving the efficiency of the existing business. Any new project or plan for business expansion might not work and can lead to huge financial losses. Hence, you must act according to the situation. Any plans to buy new property or house might experience some roadblocks. However, hard work will bring good results. You will receive support from family and friends. You, along with a friend, might accomplish any work task successfully.


You won’t face any major health challenge this month, although few minor issues might crop up occasionally. You might catch a viral infection. So take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month is good for your love or married life. You will be able to accomplish tasks with mutual support and understanding. You might plan a vacation with your partner in order to relax and spend some intimate moments with each other. Utilize the opportunity to resolve your issues or make your relationship stronger. You will mutually agree on most of the matters. You will go shopping and plan holidays together several times in the month. The time is favorable for making a love or marriage proposal. You must work together in order to build a happy and long-lasting relationship. Good relationship with the spouse will keep you happy and boost your confidence that will help you both personally and professionally. The month looks good for your marriage life as well. Relationship with the spouse will be smooth. Mutual understanding and respect will develop between you and your partner. Spouse will support you in all personal or professional matters. You must strive to maintain good relationship with your spouse and strengthen your marriage. Any problems or conflicts can be resolved if you both possess mutual understanding and respect for each other. If you are planning a business related travel to a foreign destination, your spouse will fully support you. You will receive support and encouragement from your in-laws also. It is advisable to act as per the situations and control your temperamental issues.

Family & Friends

Any unnecessary dispute or tension might arise within the family this month. However, matters can be sorted out through mutual understanding and discussion. If you work together and support each other, you can achieve great success in business or career. Try to avoid any unnecessary disputes or arguments. It is time to act like a mature person, and sort out matters amicably. Good relations and understanding will create harmony and an atmosphere of celebration within the family. You can live together in a peaceful manner. Any dispute can be resolved through mutual understanding and communication. If you work together as a unit, then you can accomplish all your tasks or goals. You have to be careful and constantly endeavor to improve the family relations. The Sun is transiting into Libra this month which is not considered to be favorable for family relations. Hence, adverse family situations might appear. In fact, your relations with the parents might also be affected. Few health problems for the parents might surface that might make you stressed and worried. Also, you might have to bear some significant financial costs for the same. The situation will be favorable on the children’s front. You will get support and respect from your children. You will be overall satisfied with the children’s progress in education or career. You will feel proud at children’s good performance and success in all spheres of life. You will receive support and respect from family and friends. But for this, you need to put in efforts to maintain good relationship with everyone.


On Fridays, donate white colored objects and provide support to any old age home. Serve the poor and needy. Pray as well as fast on Fridays. This will not only improve your health, but also help you in career or business.

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