Monthly Taurus Horoscope

March, 2017


Saturn will transit through the eighth house from your moon sign this month. There are chances to get a promotion in existing job or may be you might consider changing your job. It is advisable for you to be in good terms with your seniors and colleagues. Transit of Dragon’s Head in the fourth house, indicates a change of residence. Mother’s health needs to be monitored. You could be prone to losing temper, try to remain calm and poised. Take care of your mother’s health. Without much efforts, you could be able to achieve more due to the transit of Jupiter in the fifth house. This period is best for spiritual activities and self-realization. Children will make you proud with their academic performance. Be careful regarding your health. Transit of Dragon’s Tail in the tenth house, indicates a change of job and this will result in getting a promotion and or a higher post. If you would make efforts, you surely will be benefited in money matters. Your children might support you financially. Also, transit of Mars in the eleventh house will bring success in business deals and you may expect some extra perks. Life partner will also support you financially. You will receive money from overseas trades.


This is the right time to step up your game and work extra hard. You will experience a sense of security and self dependency in financial matters. A promotion is due as per your cards. You will reap good profits through your hard work and this will make your position strong. Natives engaged in business can expect huge financial gains. Those who are in a business of restaurant, fire department, property dealing, transportation, antique and luxury items will surely going to get good results. After 11th of March, your financial position will be improved. People who are dealing in share market, lottery and gambling, garment manufacturing business, export-import business and in property dealing will gain profit and success.


Excellent time for health related matters. You will be in pink of your health with energy, vigour and there will be confidence in your approach. Your energy level will be high and that will help you to complete your tasks in time. You will feel a certain kind of mental peace and happiness. Spiritual activities will fill your inner sense with joy and satisfaction. A travel for religious purpose is indicated. Regular Exercise and jogging will boost your health up.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This is a good time for your love and romance. Your spouse will be affectionate and supportive. Your relationship with your partner will be full of love and compatibility. If your life partner supports you in business matter, then it will be an auspicious time for your business. Romantic matters will keep you busy for most of the time. This is the time when you will focus more on your love life. You will spend quality time with spouse and both of you will show maturity in your relationship. After the 11th of this month, expect a fairytale like love life.

Family & Friends

This month you will have to struggle hard to make peace at home. Positing of Dragon’s Head in the fourth house is not a good sign for familial matters. Mother’s health needs your attention. A change of residence is possible during this period. You might have to play the peacemaker at home. You will have to iron out tension between family members. Your children will gain success in academic field. Young family member’s health could be affected. Due to your cordial relations with your siblings, you’ll receive their support and affection. Meeting with friends will uplift your spirit. Think before you speak your mind out. Losing your temper easily might put you in an unpleasant situation.


Give respect to women as it will be auspicious for you.

Lucky Days

6, 15, 24

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