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» Monthly Taurus Horoscope

January, 2015
The month will start in a good mood. You luck will be in your favor. You will get support from siblings and friends. Your earnings will be good, but there may be some problems due to children. If you are giving an exam or preparing for a competition, there are having bright chances of getting success. You may get involved in new contracts in business or get promotion in job. Despite of all these things, some problems are possible in domestic life. Disaffection with life partner is also possible.
Sudden financial gains are possible, if you are into business new and very profitable contracts are coming in your way. Time is favorable for making new investments, starting a new business and going for an interview for a new job. The decisions you make with your intelligence will give positive results. But, also take care that your decisions will not get influenced from other’s opinion. Change in the position of Saturn and Jupiter will increase your power and clout in business, work front and among the seniors. Time is also favorable for export-import, business and work related to foreign land and foreign travel.

This month is good for your health, but it will not be that favorable for your life-partner or children. Behaviour of your life partner will hold a little turbulence in his/her behaviour and he/she may also complain for pain in bones. Health problem of children may also disturb. Pregnant ladies need to stay extra careful, at this time.
Family & Friends
Married people will get both benefits and protest from their life-partner. Female natives will give their support. Domestic happiness will remain a bit low but your patience and tendency to smile in any situation, will not let you distract. Staying restrained is your natural ability which always helps you in moving ahead. You will get the result of tasks for which you were trying hard from a long time. Your fortune will favor you. You will get success in almost all the works you begin. You will successfully defeat your enemies with your strength of wisdom and strategic thinking in such a way that they will not raise their heads again for a long time. Male natives will get immense support from the females and vice versa. Possibilities of travelling are also arising for works related to government or other states. Married people should try to maintain a cordial relationship with their partner, don’t let lack of communication come in between, otherwise differences in opinion may arise.
Worship Lord Ganesha for gaining an increase in luck, offer him milk and grass, also offer green fodder and wheat bread to cow on Wednesday. Pregnant ladies are advised to take special care of themselves. Perform donations for the sake of Rahu, like black sesame seeds, Urad Daal (lentils), black clothes etc. Offer blanket to poor or lazars. Yoga and meditation is going to be extremely favorable this month. Take a light meal at night and try to sleep properly. Spend time with your life partner and flow a coconut wrapped in red cloth in flowing water.
Lucky Days
Auspicious Dates: 1, 2, 5, 15, 18
Inauspicious Dates: 8, 9, 10, 26, 27

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Lucky Numbers: 1 and 9
Lucky Colors: Lotus Pink
Lucky Day: Friday
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