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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

May, 2019


You are a person who thinks less but does more. Since you believe more in actions, you may succeed in your job. Satisfaction at work may, however, be less. It is, therefore, crucial for you to think before taking an action. Think before you act in order to attain maximum satisfaction. Circumstances may favor you in the first half of May 2019. In the latter half of this month, however, there may be a lot of helter-skelter and stress. You may come across better opportunities to attain monetary gains. You may acquire profits in your business through hard work. Your career may go through a normal phase at this time and you may gain success according to your hard work and efforts. Your luck may, however, favor you. Your actions may bring more luck on your side.
You may succeed well through your efforts and enthusiasm. If you have invested somewhere, then chances of you gaining sudden profits are higher. If you have any plan to visit abroad regarding business, you may succeed in going this month. There are higher chances of you travelling abroad in May 2019. Your married life may be stressful at this time. There may be a lack of support from your spouse. Beware of your enemies in the latter half of this month. Do not try to unnecessarily mess up with anybody, otherwise you may have to suffer loss. In case you have to accomplish a task, you may do so in the first half of May 2019. You may remain worried about your health in the latter half of this month. Your child may face stress in the first half of the month. There is a strong possibility of you buying a new house or vehicle in the latter half of May. If you are making efforts to buy a house or vehicle, you may succeed in it. If you are a politician and aiming for political success, you may attain success in the latter half of this month. Your grip on politics may get stronger. There is a possibility of you developing more contacts and becoming more people-friendly. If you are a student, you may avail better academic opportunities. If you are working, you may earn a higher rank in the company according to the time served. You may succeed in your efforts to earn a higher designation. In case you are into business, there are better chances of growth from business point of view. Circumstances related to wealth and immovable property may remain stressful. Your relations with your closed ones may unnecessarily become worse. It may, therefore, be better for you to remain cautious when trying to attain wealth and with regard to relationship with your near and dear ones. 4, 5, 13, 14, and 22 dates of May 2019 are unfavorable for you. You may participate in any auspicious activity on these dates.


Your financial condition may get better this month. You may witness some highs and lows at this time. You may, however, do well in your business. Since Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, time may be beneficial for your financial situation. Venus is also transiting in Pisces at this time which will bring you wealth and worldly pleasures. In case you are planning to expand your business or start something new for financial gain, you may do so in the latter half of this month. Try to maintain a normal relation with your relatives with regard to monetary gains. You may even stay away from them when it comes to business. Their interference may not be fruitful for your business growth and profits. Maintaining a distance from your relatives may ensure normality of your financial situation. There is a probability of you attaining business profits. Your financial situation may, however, stay better if you work in an organized manner. Operating business in a disorganized manner may trigger financial losses. You may have to face loss with lack of growth in your business. Likewise, your financial situation may worsen. It may be beneficial for you to first strategize and then act. Refrain from investing more, if not required for growth and expansion of your business. Remain very careful while supervising monetary transactions. This is the time when you need to work with eyes and ears wide open.


You may have to unnecessarily face some health issues. There are chances of you suffering from fever, cough, and cold due to some infection. Viral fever may grip you during this time. Try to stay away from infection. Take very good care of your diet. You must even avoid eating outside.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is a probability of your compatibility with your lover getting worse in the first half of May 2019. Thus, lovers may try to maintain lovelier relations in the first half of the month in order to see a brighter aspect in the other half. There may be unnecessary arguments between the two of you otherwise. There is a possibility of stress arising in your relationship. You may have to live separately from your lover. If you are in love with someone or wish to express your love towards him or her, you may do so in the latter half of the month. In case you want to discuss business with him or her or finish any task together, you may succeed in it. You may need to act according to the time and situation, so that the luck is in your favor. Conditions may not be so favorable for your marital life. Since Mars along with Dragon’s Head is transiting in Gemini at this time, your relation with your life partner may sour. Both of you may also have to live separately due to the arising tension between you two. Due to this, obstacles may arise during your trips to foreign countries regarding business. You may, therefore, try to be more compatible with your spouse. Better compatibility may be the sole solution to such problems. If you act with patience and prudence, your luck may favor you.

Family & Friends

Your relations with your parents may go south this month. There is a possibility of you incurring expenses due to your father’s and mother’s ill health. They may develop an unnecessary disease due to which your expenses may increase. Therefore, try to maintain a balanced approach towards them. time won’t be favourable for you during the first half of the month as relations between you and your parents can turn sour. but things can become normal in the latter half of the month. Your child may also become of stress for you at this time. You may be satisfied with your child’s education and their engagement in extracurricular activities. Your near and dear ones may oppose you. You may have to work harder in order to maintain lovelier relations with everybody close to you. Your luck may favor you because of your hard work and efforts. Conditions may become favorable. Try to be more compatible with your closed ones. It may be important for you to extend support to your family and act according to the situation prevailing at home. Likewise, your family life may not get affected. Remember the fact that better compatibility between your family members can lead to growth in family. Your near and dear ones may extend you more support at this time. You may, therefore, need to realize your responsibilities and try to maintain a balance in the family with full responsibility. Make an attempt to get rid of unnecessary problems. once you get rid of them, you may focus more on your life and hence, do well.


Donate white-colored objects every Friday. Fasting and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi may also act as remedies. You can extend support at an old-age home and serve elderly people there. You may even donate sugar or rice in one-third quantity by wrapping it in a white cloth.

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