Monthly Taurus Horoscope

June, 2017


You are expected to change your job as Saturn will transit through your eighth house. Some of you may stay away from your home because of your work. Be cautious if you are doing a work related to machinery. Children may face hurdles in education due to Jupiter’s transition through the fifth house. They are likely to face health related issues also. It will be good for you if you stay away from lottery and gambling. In your working area you are expected to get more profit than the invested hard work. Dragon’s Head transit in the fourth house might keep you stressed. It may ruin your mental peace as well. Your mother needs to be careful with her health. You may change your residence. House and land related disputes may take the form of turbulence. Due to transit of Dragon’s Head in the tenth house, try to maintain good balance with your seniors and colleagues otherwise you may lose your job or might get transferred. Position of Mars in second house is indicating financial benefit through your business. You can earn money through foreign sources. You are likely to get financial support from your spouse. Aggression and turbulence will increase in your behaviour because of the transition of Sun through the first house. Luxuries in life will increase, due to the positioning of Venus of in the XII house. On the other hand your expenditure will also increase. Children may go to abroad for higher studies. People working in a foreign country are expected to touch the peak of success.


If we talk about your finance, your expenditure will increase so you need to keep control over your extra expenses. Stay cautious in exchange of money. You may get financial benefits with the advice of an experienced person. People looking for new job, might get success. With hard work and efforts in your working area, you are likely to get a promotion. Investments for small period will prove to be beneficial further. If you are planning to start a new business then time is favorable for you. People associated with stock market may get good profits. It will be better for you to not trust anyone blindly in money related matters.


You need to be alert when it comes to health, because of the transiting position of Saturn in the eighth house. So, stay cautious because chances are high of getting injured during this period. The positioning of Sun in the first house will increase your aggression. There will be mental unrest because of your overtly emotional behaviour. Take special care of your eating habits, otherwise health related issues may occur. Excessive workload will hamper your well being. It will be good for you to plan an outing with your family and friends. This will refresh your mind and provide a change of scenery. People suffering from blood pressure, diabetes and heart related problems, need to be more cautious about their health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your married life will stay good this month. You will have a very good tuning with your spouse and you both will understand responsibilities of each other and work towards increasing the cordiality in your relationship. Love and mutual understanding will also increase. During this period, your spouse may invest in buying gifts for you. If you are planning to tie the knot then chances are that you may face some hurdles in your way. Time is unfavorable for love matters. During this period, you will feel too emotional in love and you will be anxious to express it. If possible, behave gently with your love partner.

Family & Friends

If we talk about your familial life, this period is full of entanglements. Your mental stress will increase due to Dragon’s Head transit through the fourth house. This month you are expected to get support from your close friend at the required time. Your mother needs to be careful about her health. You are likely to change your residence. You may stay away from your home because of your work. Health related problems may occur to your father also. Children may face hurdles in education. On the other hand, they may travel abroad for educational purpose. You are expected to get financial support from your spouse. In order to spend quality time with your partner, you may go on a holiday. If you are planning to buy a vehicle, then it will be better for you to drop the idea now because pompousness has never benefited anyone.


Helping a poor lady will be beneficial for you.

Lucky Days

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