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Mercury In Retrograde Motion In Gemini : 18th June 2020

Mercury which represents the communication, observation skills, finance and business skills will turn retrograde on 18th June 2020 @ 09:52 am in the sign of Gemini and will continue to remain in this movement till 12th July 2020 @13:29 pm, from where it will again move in its direct motion in the same sign. The Mercury retrograde definitely has a great impact on the personality and character of the person. The changes in the behaviour of the person can be noticed easily during this transit. This event affects the communication and decision making abilities of the person as it can sometimes make them take decisions which are conflicting in nature towards the situation that they are facing. They may realise the consequences of this later on.

So, now let us discuss in detail what are the effects that it might bring on the natives of different zodiac signs-

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Mercury In Retrograde Motion In Gemini


For the natives born under the sign of the Ram, Mercury will turn retrograde in their third house, which indicates that it is a great time to reconcile the relationships with siblings and spend some quality time with them. As the third house also stands for short trips and travelling, so, before undertaking any kind of travel, properly check your reservations or documents, otherwise, you may face some unwanted consequences later on or if not necessary postpone your trip until Mercury turns direct on 12th july.

Also, as the third house represents the electronic gadgets, this indicates that you might face some unnecessary expenditures on their maintenance and fitness during this time period. Also, be careful in your communication with your peers, as there are very high chances that your words can be misconstrued leading to conflicts and arguments in the process. Get a grip on the reality before making any kind of promise, otherwise, you might find yourself under unwanted stress and tension.

Remedy- Light camphor daily in your office or home daily during this period.


Mercury retrograde will take place in your second house which represents finance, accumulated wealth, speech and family. This is a good time for the Taurus natives to find new sources or innovative ideas to make more money. Some of the natives born under the sign of the bull may also get their previously loaned money or dues during this period. But, it is suggested to hold onto it and avoid making any kind of financial investments during this transit. Those employed or looking for a job change are suggested to wait for this phase to pass. In terms of relationships, good time to get insight into how your partner’s needs and desires, which will help make the relationship stronger. As it governs the fifth house of education for the Taurus natives, so, the students might find themselves confused regarding the choice of subjects especially when it comes to pursuing higher studies. So, it is suggested to take notice of your potential or take advice from your teacher or mentor before reaching a final decision or if you can then postpone it till the Mercury enters into its direct motion on July 12.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati daily in the Morning.


Mercury is turning retrograde in your ascendant house which represents personality, self, image and action. As it is taking place in the first house, this Mercury retrograde can make you confused, rattled, forget things, indulging in accidents etc, especially when you are trying to force things or acting in haste and you might feel that nothing is going right for you. As the first house is related to action, this period is here to make you slow down and contemplate before taking actions. This is not a good time to initiate new projects, so it would be wise to work on the unfinished or old business in the new and innovative way to regain your confidence. Some of the people might get to reconsider some of the opportunities which they might have missed earlier on in terms of profession or business. As Gemini is the natural significator of the communication and exchange of information, make sure to check everything before you send a message across to someone, be it in the form of e- mails or paper documents as there are very high chances of discrepancies happening during this transit. As the Gemini sign is the first significator of the family, a good period to convey your feelings or expressions which you might not have been able to express previously to your family members or beloved. This will help them to understand you better and build stronger relationships with them.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesha with “Sankat Naashan” Ganesh stotra.


Mercury retrograde is taking place in your twelfth house, which represents the foreign travels and expenditures, which indicates that this time is going to bring some positive news and developments for the natives looking to settle abroad or trying to gain benefits from the abroad. They might find some opportunities coming their way again, which might have slipped out of their hands earlier on. The things that you may have misplaced earlier on, you might see them resurface again during this period, which can be a source of happiness and joy for some. However, those in the professional fields may see their expenditures exceeding their income during this transit, which might be a source of worry and anxiety. So, make proper plans and structure your finances beforehand. Some recurrent health issues can crop up again, especially related to skin and eyes. So, take proper care of your health. Personally, some past issues which you may have long forgotten might come up again, which will give you a chance to heal them.

Remedy- Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha on wednesdays.


Leo natives will witness retrograde Mercury in their eleventh house of gains, success and profits, which indicates that they might find some opportunities to reconnect with their old group of friends or social circle which might make them both nostalgic and elated. Some of the Leo natives will also find substantial returns coming their way from the investments that they may have made previously. This period may also make some income related opportunities come your way again, which you might have skipped earlier on, so, be aware and alert during this period, especially for professionals looking for promotion and increment. As Mercury is associated with Rahu, which represents newest trends, this indicates that the businessmen belonging to this sign might have to reintroduce their products with new packaging and as per trends, if they want to register profits during this transit.

Remedy- Keep a handful of Cardamom seeds in your pocket before leaving for some important work.

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Virgo natives will see Mercury retrograde in their tenth house which indicates profession, career, father and status. This indicates that they may see their father face recurrent problems in terms of health during this transit. Professionally, this period might see you apply for a position that you might not have got before and for businessmen to get in touch with the clients that you may have lost contact earlier on. Also, some of you might get acknowledgements and promotions long due. Though, for this you might have to reconsider the neglected areas beforehand, to move forward with your career during this transit. However, for some of the natives who are under the Mercury Dasha in their Kundlis, this period might provide them with unnecessary delays and hiccups in their professional sector. Take extra precautions while making any important decisions, as they might be subjected to change or reevaluated later on. So, if you can postpone signing any important document till July 12. Also, while communicating with your boss or peers, be specific and direct and prefer to send messages across yourself rather than going through channels, otherwise, there are high chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Lord Vishnu or chant “Vishnu Sahastranaam” during this period.


The natives born under the sign of the scales will see Mercury moving in retrograde motion in their ninth house which represents beliefs, mentors, fortune and luck. This is also the house of skills, so, this is a great period to revise your skills sets, which will help you perform better in the long run. For students also, this period is a great period if they want to sit for re- examination or want to go through the subject that they might have faced difficulty earlier on, as they may be able to perform better during this time. This is also a great time to pay a visit to your teacher, mentor or your previous boss or make connections with them, as some advice from them could prove to be beneficial for your future. Be very careful while you are planning any long journeys to take during this duration, as you may expect some delays and mishaps. Professionally, not a great time to envision something for long term, otherwise, you might get confused, anxious and nervous in the process leading to an array of mistakes from your side. Rather, try and divide your ambitions and goals into smaller parts, which would make it easier for you to achieve, thus increasing your productivity and confidence.

Remedy- Chant the Mercury mantra during the Mercury Hora.

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Scorpio natives will witness the Mercury retrograde in their eighth house which represents transformation, changes and health. This indicates that you might face some recurrent problems related to health during this phase especially related to skin, allergies and hormone system. These are only there to make you take responsibility towards your health and will help you to heal them. Some of you may also get some sudden benefits related to ancestral property that might have been delayed for long. This period might also present you with the opportunity to settle your old debts and pay off your previous dues. It is also recommended not to do anything secret or hideous during this period, which might resurface later on, and you might have to face some repercussions because of it. As the eighth house is related to your partner’s accumulated wealth, they might face some recurring expenditure during this transit, which might affect their savings.

Remedy- Feed cows with the green fodder.


Sagittarius natives will see the Mercury retrograde in their seventh house, which indicates that this period is good for reconciling any kind of differences that may have crept earlier into the relationships between you and your beloved. However, if you are trying to set a date for marriage or planning to fix the marriage, then it is advised to postpone or delay the things till Mercury moves into the direct motion again, which is on 12th July. If you are a businessman, then it is a good time to renegotiate the deals and terms of partnerships that you might not have been able to do before. As Mercury also rules over the profession house for the sagittarius natives, this indicates that those of you looking for a job, might find it during this period. However, it might not be of the field or the designation that you might have wanted, but do not hesitate to take it, as it will serve you well in the long run.

Remedy- Chant “Vishnu Sahastranaam” on Wednesdays.


The natives born under the sign of the Sea Goat need to be particularly careful about borrowing or lending money to someone as the Mercury retrograde will take place in their sixth house. Businessmen will see their hard work bear fruits during this time period. Professionals need to double check everything, including finer details that they send during this transit, as there are high chances of you committing a mistake during this transit. You need to be aware and alert during this period, as some miscommunication at your workplace can lead to some arguments, clashes between you and your subordinates, senior management leading to some unfavorable consequences.

Apart from profession and service, the sixth house also stands for diseases, so during the Mercury retrograde in this house, some old health may come into reckoning again, which needs your attention. So, this is a proper time to reevaluate your eating habits, your exercise routine and dropping the old habits or addictions that are not serving you great results in terms of health. Also, a good time to reschedule your meeting with your doctor. Also, if you drive, then drive carefully during this transit, as you are prone to accidents and injuries.

However, your father might get the desired progress or the success in his respective endeavors during this transit of Mercury.

Remedy- Wear a good quality Emerald of around 5-6 cts crafted in Gold or Silver on Wednesday.

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Aquarians may feel lost in confidence, creativity and self expression during the Mercury retrograde starting from 18th June as they may face situations like complete blackout or shortage of ideas, because of which their projects or the things that they might have undertaken might come to standstill, which was running so smoothly till recently. Mercury retrograde happening in the fifth house for Aquarians is the right time to relax, take some break and indulge in some old hobby or habit that you loved doing and might not have been able to do for a long time. This will help you tap into your desired levels of creativity.

In terms of personal life, for single natives, not the best of times if you are trying to enter into new relationships, but definitely the return of some old flame or your ex is on the cards. If you are married, then some issues with children may come to your notice again, which needs due attention from your side. This is also a great period to spend some quality time and play games with them, as that may help you reconcile differences, if any with them. It would also help you connect with your inner child and help fuel your spontaneity and curiosity that have been missing in action for sometime.

Also, those of you planning to start a family may have to postpone it or delay it till the Mercury retrograde ends on July the 12th. As the fifth house is also related to mantra chanting, this period will be a good one to take initiation in this regard.

Remedy - Donate books to the people who can not afford it.


Pisces natives will see the Mercury retrograding in their fourth house which represents home, mother, land, property, inner self and happiness. This indicates that this is not the right time to undertake any sale, purchase, shifting of property, as any decision taken now will make you regret later on, so try to postpone these things till Mercury goes direct on 12th July. Though, this period may see you spend most of the time redoing things at home, that you may have put off earlier, like fixing the leakages, redoing furniture etc.. The fourth house also represents childhood and parents, especially mothers, so try to spend some quality time and reminiscence old childhood memories with her. This would help create a strong bond between you two and reconcile past differences.

If you are married, then you might see your partner or spouse getting their increment or promotion which has been delayed for a long time. It is also a good time to establish connection with your inner self and recognise the negative thought patterns that may have impacted your life and to release them. This will help you give your life new perspective and meaning which will lead to contentment and happiness.

Remedy- Chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily.

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