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Mars Transit in Aries (16 August 2020)

Mars, the Commander-in-Chief amongst the navagraha (nine planets) is considered to be the significator of business, land, brother, might, and courage. This Mars transit in Aries will influence each sign of the zodiac cycle diversely.

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On 16 August 2020, at 20:37 hours, the planet will change places and move out of Pisces to enter Aries. It will then turn retrograde on 10 September, and on 4 October will return to the zodiac sign Pisces at 09:55 Hours. It will then turn direct once again, on 14 November, while posited in the last sign of the zodiac cycle, and on 24 December will again enter Aries.

The retrograde motion of any planet is a situation where a slower planet seems to be moving backwards when viewed from a comparatively faster planet. Astrology considered this a very significant movement of the planets; therefore, this Mars Retrograde will also bring many substantial changes in the lives of natives. However, the predictions below only discuss Mars Transit in Aries. Let us take a look at how this planetary movement will influence each zodiac sign.

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Mars Transit in Aries


Mars is the Lord of the zodiac sign Aries. During this transitory motion, the planet will be posited in your first or ascendant house, which will bring positivity in your life. You will be filled with energy throughout the duration and will be able to accomplish all your pending tasks. Natives who are planning on starting up something new will attain success in their endeavours.

Arians will be determined to fulfil their promises which will further refine your personality. Business personnel of this sign will also be sitting in the lap of luxury at this time. If you wish to expand your trade, then you should consult with some experienced people and then take the next step forward. As for the working professionals born under the sign of Aries, you will earn respect at your workplace. Your diligence will prove to be very useful for you.

Student natives associated with research work can find a new direction to work upon at this time. The family life of Aries native is expected to remain average. However, you need to keep a lid on your temper and avoid making any hasty decisions. You can take help of exercises to keep yourself fit and should work on sweating as much as you can.

Natives in love will be ready to do anything and cross all limits for their beloved. On the whole, this will be your favourable transit for Aries native as long as you can keep your anger under control.

Remedy: Wearing red coloured clothes will be beneficial for you.

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The transit of Mars will take place in the twelfth house of Taurus natives. As per the Kalpurush Kundali, this house is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, whose Lord is the planet Jupiter. It signifies losses, expenditure, and benefits from foreign lands.

During this transit period, Taurus natives can look forward to profits from overseas. This is a favourable duration for student natives who wish to go abroad for further studies, as their wish may get fulfilled now. Although, this planetary movement will be slightly challenging for the rest of the natives, however, as time passes by, positive changes will continue to prevail.

In this duration, you need to bring specific changes in your behaviour. At times, although you are in the wrong, however, you do not accept your mistakes, which ends up ruining your equation with others. You need to understand that as a human, mistakes are inevitable, but accepting them is the quality of a good person.

The working professionals and business personnel, born under the sign of Taurus, will need to tread very carefully at this time because your opponents can scheme and plot against you. If you wish to bring a balance to your life, then you need to keep your anger under control and avoid immediately reacting to a situation. Take help of yoga and meditation for peace of mind.

Remedy: Keeping a piece or coin of copper will bring auspiciousness in your life.


This Mars transit will take place in the eleventh house of Gemini natives. Since this is your house of profits, you will receive promising results during this planetary movement.

Working professionals of the sign will enjoy a favourable environment at their workplace, and there are high chances of an increase in their salary as well. As for business personnel, this transit will assist you in making individual decisions which will be beneficial for your future. Natives who have recently started up their business will see a ray of hope right now.

However, Gemini natives should avoid taking any loan at this time. Despite that, this will be a favourable duration in terms of repaying your old debts. Many of you will be filled with ambitions and desires during the Mars transit, and if they are not fulfilled, you may become frustrated. In such a situation, you are advised that you only focus on working hard and forget about the outcomes for the time being. As long as you work diligently, nobody and nothing can stop you from moving forward.

Since Mars is an aggressive planet, therefore, this transit duration is likely to bring a certain bitterness to your speech, which will trouble your near and dear ones. On a positive note, natives who wish to join the army can make efforts in this direction, and they will surely attain success in the same.

Remedy: Eat a little honey before leaving home for some promising work.


This Mars transit will lead to the planet getting posited in the tenth house of Cancer natives. Since this is your House of Karma, therefore, this planetary movement will bring a rapidity to your working speed. You will step out from the world of imagination now, and move into reality.

In addition to this, Cancerians will do their best to implement any idea that enters their mind. However, there will be an increased load on your shoulders at the workplace, and you will be bound to fulfil your responsibilities. On a positive note, your productivity will impress your seniors, and your image will improve in their eyes.

Since the red planet is posited in your tenth house and Mars attains directional strength here; therefore, most of your desires will be fulfilled now. Cancer natives posted in the army, police, etc. are likely to get promoted during this transit period. Simultaneously, those associated with the field of sports can also look forward to positive results.

Coming to your love life, you will witness unique energy within you, and you will wish to fulfil all the desires of your beloved. As for the married natives, you can receive some happy tidings from your children's side. This will be a favourable time in terms of your health as well; however, you need to avoid overindulging in food or sleep.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Ashtak to receive blessings from Mars.


This Mars transit will result in the planet getting posited in your ninth house. Since this is your House of Fortune, it signifies religion, character, long-distance trips, higher education, and so on.

This planetary motion will prove to be favourable for Leos, and you will receive the favour of fate throughout this time. A balance will prevail in your family life, and many of you can even gain profits through your father. Those who live far from home can also receive an essential piece of advice from him, which will prove to be beneficial for you. Any short trips that you undertake at this time will bring significant benefits for Leo natives.

Some property-related matters are also likely to bring you beneficial results. Although, this is a favourable duration for working professionals and business people, however, you need to avoid taking on more than one tasks at a time. Complete the assignment in your hand and only then move on to the next one.

The ninth house also signifies spiritual inclination; therefore, Leo native can become associated with such activities right now. In addition to this, you can also take help of yoga to bring positive changes in your personality. You will also become interested in reading spiritual books.

Remedy: Worship Lord Kartikeya.

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Virgo natives will host the transit of Mars through their eighth house, also known as your Ayur Bhava. This house of longevity signifies your age, obstacles in life, accidents, research work, and so on.

This planetary movement will prove to be beneficial for Virgo natives who are associated with research work or are learning occult. Many of you can even turn your knowledge of mystical subjects into a mode of income. If you try to connect with yourself during this Mars transit, then it will be beneficial for you. You can also take help of meditation to attain mental peace, as well as, bring positive changes in your personality.

Many Virgo natives can feel that their efforts are not moving in the right direction. In such a scenario, you are advised that instead of overthinking, you focus only on your tasks and continue moving forward. As long as you work hard, you will one day surely see the face of success.

During this transitory motion of the red planet, your siblings can face some problems; thus, you need to step forward in their support. Many of you will also become further inclined towards sports and games at this time.

Remedy: Visit a Hanuman temple on Tuesday and make donations.


As Mars moves through the zodiac cycle, it will get posited in the seventh house of Libra natives. As per Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to Libra itself and signifies your spouse and partnerships in life.

As a result of this Mars transit, Libra natives are likely to receive favourable results in their family life. Any disputes and arguments that may have been ongoing in your family will now come to an end. You will also see some beneficial outcomes in your marital life. If you wish to start up a new business with your spouse, then this is a favourable time to do so. However, you also need to keep an eye on your partner's health at the time.

This planetary movement can bring an increase in your anger as well. However, since this is not your innate nature, therefore, losing your temper repeatedly is likely to trouble you as well.

Instead of controlling a circumstance, you need to adapt to it. If you try to forcibly overcome a situation, it will only create further problems. Student natives of this sign can look forward to favourable results in their field of education. If you actively participate in sports, then this transit is likely to bring a significant accomplishment for you.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Ashtak every Tuesday.


Mars is the Lord planet of Scorpio and is going to make its transit to enter your sixth house. This is also known as your house of health and signifies diseases, debts, opponents, and so on.

As a result of this Mars transit, your mental and physical abilities will improve. You have the aptitude for brave acts, and this planetary motion will further enhance that capability. Any project that you take in your hands at your workplace, you will accomplish creatively. Businesspeople will also not step back from taking risks at this time and will make efforts towards expanding their trade. However, you need to avoid getting into any disputes right now. Talking about unnecessary topics will only be a waste of your time and nothing else.

Any pending legal case that has been ongoing in the court can be decided in your favour. You will easily prevail over enemies while the red planet is posited in your sixth house. Student natives preparing for competitive exams also have yogas of success. Those who drive need to follow the traffic rules carefully and remain cautious while they are behind the wheel.

Coming to your health, your immunity system will be quite strong at this time. As a result, you will remain safe from minor disease. If some old illness has been troubling you, then this duration is likely to bring a breath of relief for you

Remedy: Donate Copper on Tuesday to receive the blessings of Mars.


Sagittarius natives will host the transit of Mars in their fifth house. As per Kalpurush Kundali, this house belongs to the zodiac sign Leo and signifies your love affairs, children, and education.

Natives in a relationship are likely to grow closer to their beloved, and you will get several opportunities to go on a vacation with them. Single natives are also expected to meet up with someone special at this time. However, before you move forward, on to the next step in your relationship, ensure that you are ideologically compatible.

This transit of Mars will bring an increase in your anger, as well as a harshness to your nature. Our advice is that you try to maintain flexibility in your behaviour at this time. Coming to your children, they can get into an argument with you over something. Working professionals are likely to attain benefits during the transit, especially those working in a multinational company. Business people as well can look forward to profits through their foreign contacts

Remedy: Drink water from a copper utensil.

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Mars, the Lord of fourth and eleventh houses of Capricorn natives, will be making its transit to enter their fourth house. Also known as your house of happiness, it signifies your relations with mother, relatives, vehicle, land, clothes, and so on.

Profits through a property is also on the cards for Capricorn natives. If you wish to sell a land, then it is likely to go at an excellent rate, and if you plan on buying one, then that wish of yours can also be fulfilled now. However, you need to remain careful concerning your mother's health and consult a doctor from time to time. Things will continue to be favourable in your family life, as a result of which you will remain at peace.

Capricorn native can also look forward to favourable results at their workplace as well. You will receive the complete support of your colleagues, and your seniors will remain impressed with your pace of work. Businesspeople need to exercise caution in terms of financial matters. An increase in the current salary of working professionals is also on the cards.

Married natives can face some problems in this duration as you get into fights with your spouse over insignificant matters. However, once you realize your mistake, you will apologize as well. You can join a gym or yoga classes to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Fast on Tuesdays.


The Commander-in-Chief of the navagraha, Mars, will be making its transit through the third house of Aquarius natives. This house signifies your might and courage, as well as your relations with your younger siblings.

This planetary movement is likely to bring an increase in your bravery and strength, and you will prevail over your opponents. However, you need to avoid the vices of ego and pride at this time. In addition to this, keep an eye on the health of your siblings.

This transit will be especially favourable for Aquarius natives associated with marketing and management. Those posted in the government sector are also likely to incur benefits. The concentration power of the students of this sign will be astounding at this time, and you will attain success in competitive exams. On another note, students who are acquiring primary education can read some interesting books on the army or revolutionaries.

Natives associated with sports can also look forward to favourable results during this transit period. The influence of Mars on your sign is also likely to bring an increase in your leadership skills. Since the third house signifies writing as well, therefore some of you can create (write) something new at this time.

Remedy: Donate red colour things to the needy on Tuesday.


The last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces will host the transit of Mars in their second house. This house signifies your speech, family, kin, and objectives in life.

As a result of this planetary movement, there are possibilities of an increase in your current salary. Income through several other sources is also on the cards for Pisceans. You will receive the complete favour of fate at this time, and any task that you take in your hands will be successful.

Due to the presence of the red planet in your second house, there is a possibility of a certain bitterness entering your speech which will trouble your family members. Stubbornness can cause people to pull away from you, therefore, ensure that you do not remain obstinate about anything. Some of you can get into an argument with their children.

Healthwise, you need to remain cautious and avoid anything too spicy, junk, and fried food because they can lead to stomach related diseases. In order to keep yourself fit, you should drink sufficient amounts of water and exercise regularly. As long as you remain healthy only then will you be able to take care of the well being of the rest of your family members. This Mars transit is also likely to bring problems related to eyes and teeth.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

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