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Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017

Get 2017 rahu peyarchi palan

Regarded as the most benevolent and auspicious graham, Guru, signifies wealth, child, marriage and all auspicious acts. The intellectual graham imbues us with higher thinking ability and makes us work for a morally and ethically better us. During 2017, Guru will be changing his sign and visiting different zodiacs, affecting them in some way or the other. Although the graham is benefic, and increases auspiciousness in one’s Rasi palan, but in some specific cases, the graham creates hassles and troubles depending upon its placement and lordship.

The excursion of Guru will start from its retrograde motion from Monday, 6th February till his progression on Friday, 9th june. The graham will remain in Kanni for most of the time. It will then enter Thulaam on Tuesday, 12th September and after sometime will become combust on Thursday, 12th October till Thursday, 9th November. This sojourn will affect all the zodiacs in the Rasi Palan. Read along to find out how the Guru Peyarchi Palan will affect your rasi and of the ones close to you.

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The harbinger of luck and good fortune, Guru rules your 9th and 12th bhavam, where 9th bhavam symbolises fame and fortune while the 12th bhavam stands for expenses, losses, and bed comforts, respectively. As per our predictions, you might have to face some legal disputes, due to Guru being posited in the 6th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Things at work require your attention as some challenges will be cropping up for you. An overseas trip is on the cards for you. According to Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017, you’ll be able to increase your earnings through your continuous efforts at work. Your competition would increase. You’ll be in the best of health this year. The period after September, Guru will move into 7th bhavam from your chandra rasi. This would enable the unmarried masses to get good marriage proposals. Your earnings will increase and you’ll have plenty of resources to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Younger siblings would prosper and will surely make you feel proud. Keep a check on your temper and don’t beat around the bush while talking to someone important.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.


Guru governs the 8th and 11th bhavam in your Rasi Palan, which signifies major transformation, longevity, & income and gains, particularly. Guru will transit in the 5th bhavam from your chandra rasi, due to which you’ll earn tremendously well this year; students will have a gala time. Education will go on smoothly, with numerous laurels coming in your kitty. Due to your religious nature, you’ll be inclined to follow new cults and sects. A religious gathering could also happen at your place. After the mid of September, Guru will move in the 6th bhavam from your chandra rasi, due to which you might face some health issues and backlashes. Gaining weight is highly probable for you. Keep tabs on your eating habits and if possible, do yoga and/or exercising. Loss of wealth is likely in this duration, so it’s advised that you keep a ledger with you. Hard work is the sole key to success. Make this saying your life mantra and abide by it to remain in the good books of your seniors. Make sure that your work gets noticed, else you might get defamed. Your foes will have a hard time dealing with your glory, if you keep on striving forward.

Remedy: Donate silver and clothes to pandits.


The kind graham, Guru lords over your 7th and 10th bhavam, which symbolises spouse and partnerships, & profession and karma, respectively. Due to the graham moving in your 4th bhavam from the chandra rasi, your personal life will be peaceful and harmonious. Your wisdom will help you take wise decisions, which will be beneficial for everyone. The judgement power that you possess will make everyone envious of you and get you glory at work. This year, as per the Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017 you’ll be spending luxuriously on sacred activities. Albeit of this your finances will remain stable due to a possible hike in income. The period after September (when Guru will move in the 5th bhavam from your chandra rasi) presages a chance of getting married for the unmarried natives. Overall, you’ll have a great year. Your income would multiply. You might get married to your beloved. You’ll be glorified at work. But don’t listen to others’ advices, as chances are that you’ll certainly fall down the primrose path then. Health will be brilliant; follow a proper health regime to stay in the pink of your health. In this period, you’ll be inclined to do some charity work.

Remedy: Helping the pandits and sadhus will yield you great results in life.


Guru rules over your 6th and 9th bhavam, which signifies struggle, enemies, diseases, & fame and fortune, respectively. Guru will move in the 3rd bhavam from your chandra rasi, which predicts that your marital life would be brilliant; your spouse will be caring and nurturing towards you. Despite of your busy working pattern, you’ll be able to spend time with your kith and kins. A trip or a short visit to a new place is highly possible. Going on a pilgrimage is also a possibility. Your hard work will yield you monetary gains. Keep your eye at the horizon and steer clear of people who try to bring you down. Enemies will be trying in this duration to tarnish your image, so stay calm and make sure you don't pay any heed to any cruel word. The months after September will bring the lost charm back in your life, due to Guru moving in your 4th bhavam from your chandra rasi. You'll be benevolent and charming to everyone you see. This nature of yours will familiarize you with many new people and you'll befriend some new faces who’ll be your life long companions. Domestic life will be harmonious. A hike in income and growth in career is probable. Don’t let your success get to your head.

Remedy: Donate pulses.


Guru governs your 5th and 8th bhavam, which signifies education, children, & major transformation, and longevity, respectively. The Guru Peyarchi Palan predicts a family gathering happening at your home this year. Guru will move in your 2nd bhavam from your chandra rasi, which would straighten out a sacred ceremony, that would bring in your whole family together and strengthen the bonds that everyone shares. Marriage or birth of a child would call in for a celebration at your bhavam. Spiritualism would inspire you and you’ll start practicing meditation. Your endeavours would beget good results in your career. Unexpected monetary gains are also possible for you. You’ll soar high in your vocation this year. In the period after September, Guru’s change into the 3rd bhavam will bring in good news from all spheres of your life. Your married life will be great as your partner will develop more respect and understanding for you. The unmarried masses will get lucky this year, as someone worthy of their love will catch their eye. Chances are that this year you’ll get ample of opportunities to amplify your growth, so grasp them by their neck and make the most out of them.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga, and feed sweets and fruits to needy girls.


The wise graham Guru rules over your 4th and 7th bhavam, which signifies mother, vehicle, happiness, & spouse and partnerships, individually. According to the predictions of Guru Peyarchi Palan you’ll be able to take great decisions in this duration, as guru will be in your chandra rasi. Your wisdom and intellect will outshine all the others. Success looks imminent for you this year. The conclusions that you draw will show your poise and prudence to people on a higher level than yours. Children will flourish in this period and achieve their goals. Education would be peachy and you’ll be highly satisfied. Your relationship with spouse will improve and harmony would prevail between you two. You’ll get glorified in your society due to your philanthropic views. Due to Guru moving in your 2nd bhavam, the period after September presages that you’ll be highly inclined towards spirituality and would be involved in many religious activities. This period is also the harbinger of many changes in your life. Your marital life could suffer in this duration. A change of job is highly probable. You might consider changing your vocation and exploring different realms.

Remedy: Donate yellow clothes to pandits.


Guru is your 3rd and 6th bhavam lord, which signifies siblings, efforts, communication, & struggle, respectively. The Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017 predicts that there will be an upsurge in your expenses, as the graham will move in the 12th bhavam from your chandra rasi. You’ll spend on luxury items for your place or go for a fancy dinner with your beloved. Health will be problematic; any long term disease that you’ve been suffering from will be troublesome. In order to achieve big things in life, you need to adopt a new and fresh outlook towards the world. In the period after September, Guru will move in your chandra rasi. Apart from this, it’s advisable that you take things seriously in life and don’t panic when things don’t go your way. Practice meditation and keep your calm. Go for brisk walking daily and inculcate a habit of practicing Yoga daily to achieve your body and mind goals. The time presages that you’ll be inclined to stay in bed and get lethargic, which would adversely affect your health.

Remedy: Offer help and services to poor people.


Guru, the benevolent graham rules over your 2nd and 5th bhavam , which signifies wealth, family, speech, & education and children, particularly. Your education will be tremendously good which will enable you to earn through it. Albeit you’ll be able to earn well, your finances will be a pain in the neck. Your knowledgeable self will triumph in every sphere of life, due to Guru being posited in the 11th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Long journeys and trips are on the card for you. Income will manifold in this duration as a result of your hardship. Single natives might fall in love with someone who’ll pique their interest. The period after September will usher hard times for you, as Guru will change its position and move in the 12th house from your chandra rasi. Troubles at work are possible. Health might be stressful, as chances are that you’ll contract chronic diseases in this duration. Children’s health will be a topic of concern for you. Dress according to the weather and keep yourself hydrated. Keep your temper in check and focus on becoming a better person than you were yesterday. Due to an increase in your efforts and hard work, you’ll achieve big this year. This will definitely lure too many eyes on you, which will create an influx of enemies. Stay low and concentrate only on your work.

Remedy: To make your lucky stars shine brighter, nurse elderly people.


Guru lords over your Ascendant & 4th bhavam in your Rasi Palan, which symbolises character, personality, longevity, & mother, vehicle, and happiness respectively. A promotion at work is highly possible due to your high intellect and the good decisions that you’ve been making at office. Salary might also increase, as Guru is already positioned in the 10th bhavam from your chandra rasi, which indicates a steep rise in your career and profession. All the past efforts and hard work that you’ve put in will get rewarded. Senior officials and colleagues will respect your inputs and value your notions more. People will come to you for all the advices they require due to your caring nature. An unexpected rise in income will equip you with money that will benefit your financial situation. Chances are that you’ll use this money to relocate or purchase your own house. You might also buy new upholstery items or furnishing goods to beautify your house. Your personal life will be blissful. Married couples will be happily in love. Some tiffs or arguments might erupt between you two, but remember that love conquers all. After the month of September, seniors will keep a keen eye on your work and working habits, due to Guru moving in the 11th bhavam from your chandra rasi.

Remedy: Water a peepal tree regularly.


Guru, the kind graham governs your 3rd and 12th bhavam , which signifies siblings, efforts, communication & expenses, losses, and hospitals respectively. According to the Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017, you’ll go on long journeys and religious trips this year, as Guru is posited in the 9th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Due to your hectic schedule you won’t be able to spare much time for your family, which might be the sole reason for their erratic behaviour with you. Going on a vacation will help you to build up your relationship with them and explain them what’s been bothering you. A rise in your income through foreign sources is possible. This period presages that you might go for higher education this year. Your siblings will achieve something big which will surely make you boast about them to everyone. Health will remain satisfactory; you’ll feel spruced up due to all the vivid colors in your life, which will reflect on your face. After September, you might face some trials and tribulations at work and possibly at home. Guru will move in the 10th house from your chandra rasi, which will be the harbinger of many changes in your life. Your vocation would require you to work harder and not leave anything for tomorrow. Practice meditation to keep your mind calm and serene. Manage your work and home simultaneously in such a manner that not a single conflict breathes in.

Remedy: Hand out almonds at a temple.


Guru is the 2nd and 11th bhavam lord in your rasi palan, which symbolises wealth, immediate family, speech, & income, gains, and achievement, particularly. The Guru Peyarchi palan predicts wealth loss for you, due to Guru being positioned in the 8th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Chances that there’ll be sudden decline in your resources are peaking. Religious activities might lure you and you’re likely to overspend on them. Till september, your finances might be problematic; you’ll face a crunch period. Use your financial management skills efficiently in this period to balance your expenses. September will bring in a new ray of hope in your life, as Guru will move in the 9th bhavam from your chandra rasi. This period will mark happiness and contentment in your life. Your health will improve for the better and you’ll feel more rejuvenated than ever before. Your decision making power will manifold and you’ll be able to take a firm stance more swiftly. Due to your inclination towards spirituality, you might consider going on a pilgrimage. Spending time with family is also on the cards. Despite of your busy schedule you’ll make time for your loved ones and make them feel loved by your little gestures. Be pure and honest in all your relations. Your philanthropic nature will come out this year, as you’ll be investing both your time and money in charitable deeds.

Remedy: Avoid the consumption of non vegetarian items.


Guru governs the Ascendant and 10th bhavam in your Rasi Palan, which signifies character, personality, longevity, & profession and karma, respectively. Couples already in love and deciding when to get married, might get lucky in this duration. Married natives will experience contentment and bliss in their relationship, as guru is residing in your 7th bhavam from chandra rasi. The bond between your partner and you will strengthen over time and you’ll realize that this is what being in love actually feels like. Harmonious environment at home will breathe in good and positive vibes. A promotion at work is probable due to all the previous hard work you’ve put in. Health will remain in the best of shape. Your well being depends completely on willpower to stay peachy throughout the year. The month of September, as presaged by Guru Peyarchi Palan 2017 will forebear the troubles in your life, as Guru will move in the 8th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Your career and/or vocation will face trials and tribulations. The chances of falling sick will be at its peak in this period. It’s advised that you dress according to the weather and do not take any minor ailment lightly. You might even have to undergo a small business journey, which as your rasi palan predicts won’t be lucrative for you. Due to so much happening around you, you’ll drain out most of your energy thinking and over-stressing over things. To curb this habit, practice meditation and take help of spiritual healing process to restore the balance of positivity in your life.

Remedy: Donate potatoes, camphor and ghee at a temple.

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