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Nakshatra Astrology Prediction 2017

Nakshatra Horoscope Prediction 2017

With major transits of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter on the anvil, 2017 is scheduled to be a change-oriented and action-packed time period, according to Nakshatra Astrology Prediction. Transits or Gochara are the movements of planets in any of the twelve signs of the Zodiac or Rashi. When the planets, in continuous motion, begin to influence the natal position of the Moon in our chart, our Karmas unfold and fructify. This action and influence of the planets on the Moon in particular Nakshatras, and our reaction and response along with the existing pattern of our basic chart and the currently operating planetary periods, in a while, point and indicate the nature of transformation and transmutation about to unfold in our lives, as per Nakshatra Jyotish or Nakshatra Astrology. The Nakshatra Horoscope 2017 indicates how four major transiting planets namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, along with other regular transits of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus influence our natal Moon or, and more specifically, the Nakshatra where the moon is placed and also the division where it is located.


The first Nakshatra of the first sign of the Zodiac, Ashwini is placed in Aries/Mesh Rashi. Ashwini’s sign ruler is Mars and nakshatra ruler is Ketu. According to Ashwini Nakshatra 2017 Predictions, transits this year will give mixed results. Jupiter’s placement in the 6th house in the first half of the year will involve Ashwini borns in litigation and unnecessary disputes. They will be troubled by health issues, excessive expenditure on medicines and depressive state of mind. As the year progresses, clarity of thought and better sense will prevail and Ashwini borns will find enjoyment in the company of good friends, have a calm home front, and strike a good work-life balance. Saturn’s movement into 9th house Sagittarius will bring changes in their outlook towards spirituality and inward development. This will no doubt be preceded by extremely trying situations at both personal and professional levels. But Saturn will ensure that the lessons are learnt properly. Rahu’s transit does not auger well in the 5th house Leo in the first half, and in the 4th house Cancer in the second half. This will create mental tension, strained relations with both elders and youngsters, turbulence at home, relocation, and disturbed feelings. Ketu’s transit in the 11th Aquarius and 10th house Capricorn, later in the year, will be beneficial in terms of good financial condition, enhanced status in the society, bold and courageous state of mind, upward mobility in the professional life.

Worshipping Lord Ganesh and feeding the birds will be beneficial.


Ruled by sign lord Mars and influenced by nakshatra lord Venus, Bharani born people will be disturbed and dissatisfied by disturbed family life, strained interpersonal relations, unnecessary and wasteful expenditure when the Jupiter is in 6th house of Virgo, and will re-bound with renewed vigour and try to put things straight when Jupiter from 7th house Libra aspects their sign. This auspicious transit of Jupiter will give them enough maturity to deal with trying and difficult situation and help harmonise strained relations, thereby resulting in contentment and happiness. Saturn’s sojourn in Sagittarius will be a testing time for them initially with displeasure from elders, lack of faith in self, inadequate time for enjoyment creating pressure in the mind. But, once they accept the situation and approach life with altered spiritual perspective, they will find peace, predicts Bharani Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu’s movement in Leo and Cancer will disrupt their creativity, increase tension about home in general and children in particular, and make them feel unsettled and dissatisfied with self. Ketu, moving in the 11th and 10 houses, will bring in positive changes at work place, growth of savings and accumulation of assets. On the whole, Bharani borns will experience highs and lows, stagnancy and growth, discontentment and fulfillment in the year 2017.

Worship of Maha Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi and helping elderly, learned people will bring great improvements in life.


The nakshatra lord for Krittika is Sun. The nakshatra’s first part/division falls in Aries, ruled by Mars. Aries-Krittika borns will feel the onslaught of disrupted home-front, quarrelsome relations, increased expenditure on medicine. Their authority being questioned, they will feel a sense of helplessness and alienation. Health will also be a main concern for them during this period. Acceptance of situations and people will enlighten them and will act as a remedial measure.

Kritikka’s second, third and fourth divisions are placed in Vrishabh/Taurus, ruled by Venus. This category of Krittika borns will find mixed results, predicts Krittika Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Jupiter’s good placement in the 5th, in the beginning of the year, will greatly reduce the trials and tribulations of 8th house placement of Saturn. Later in the year, when Jupiter moves into the 6th house Libra, they will feel the pressure of Saturn more in their personal and professional life. Rahu’s placement in the 4th house of Leo will create instability and insecurity, while Ketu’s placement in the 10th house of Aquarius will signify the areas of growth, development, and positive changes in the workplace, with financial security thrown in for good measure. In the second half, Rahu’s transit in the 3rd house will give enough courage and energy to deal with the advancing Saturn deep into the 8th house. Ketu’s 9th house transit in Capricorn will open new horizons in their spiritual quest, marking endings of current patterns and fresh beginnings.

Offering salutation to the rising Sun, meditation and chanting, distributing food among the hungry and poor will reduce the malefic effects of this year’s transit.


The four divisions/parts of Rohini are influenced by nakshatra lord Moon and sign lord Venus. In the first part of the year, Jupiter’s auspicious 5th house placement will ensure happiness for self and family, peace at home, creativity at its best, smooth flow of money. It is during the latter part of the year when Jupiter’s transit into the 6th house Libra disrupts relationships, leading to frustration, and creates imbalance in personal and professional life. This is a nakshatra where the Moon gets exalted, i.e., where the Moon reaches its heights or fullest capacity. And this is where Saturn’s stern hand will be felt, as the mind, happy and thriving, finds itself floundering under the pressure of Saturn’s harsh lessons on reality in the 8th house Sagittarius. Everything that provides a blanket of security to the mind will be tested by Saturn - attachments, stable family life, comforts and money, safety of relationships, according to Rohini Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. These are the areas that the Rohini borns will need to take care, as the lunar eclipse later in the year occurring in Sravana, nakshatra of Moon, will accentuate this effect. Rahu’s placement in the 4th house in the first half of the year would have created ripples, but the 5th house Jupiterian influence had ensured clarity and stability of the mind. Rahu’s movement into the 3rd house, though a good transit, happens in Cancer, Moon’s house. The mind will find intermittent periods of courage and fight back. Ketu’s initial transit in the 10th house Aquarius and in 9th house of Capricorn, later in the year, will create more restlessness in the already questioning mind.

Satyanarayan pooja, chanting Rudram/Chamakam for Shiva will bring peace and stability.


The first and second divisions of Mrigashirsha, ruled by Mars, are located in Vrishabh, ruled by Venus. Jupiter’s transit in the 5th house Virgo, in the first half, with its auspicious placement, creates a feeling of being in control, and in power. When Jupiter moves into the 6th house of Libra, this sense of stability will be disrupted, giving rise to power struggle, souring of relationships, and turning even well-wishers into enemies. Simultaneously, the 8th house effect of Saturn in Sagittarius will create a sense of loss of power and control, over situations and people, and result in anger, frustration and vacuum, as per the Mrigasira Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. Rahu’s 4th house placement in Leo in the first half will mean challenging situations at home front, and later in the year Rahu’s movement into Cancer in the 3rd house will give the necessary impetus for re-organisation. Ketu’s transit in the 10th Aquarius and later in the 9th house Capricorn will be beneficial. Worshipping Shakti in any form will be good.

The third and fourth divisions of Mrigashirsha, located in Gemini, will be influenced by its ruler Mercury. Jupiter in the 4th house of Virgo, in the first half, will shift the focus on renovation/changes in home or residence, opportunities in the work life, and Jupiter’s 5th house transit will be good for finances especially investments, creativity and children, fresh relations and bonds, and academic and intellectual pursuits. Saturn’s transit in the 7th in Sagittarius will create tension in spousal relations or with business partners. Rahu’s first half 3rd house transit in Leo is favourable, but later in the 2nd house Cancer will create emotional turmoil and disruption in personal and familial relationships. Ketu is good in the 9th in the first half, and in the 2nd half in Capricorn in the 8th house will contribute to dissatisfaction, upheavals and unexpectedness in relationships.

Worshipping Narayan and chanting Narayan Kavach (armour) will prove beneficial.


Ruled by Rahu, the nakshatra lord, and Mercury, the sign lord, all of Ardra is placed in Gemini. Jupiter in the 4th in Virgo in the first half will result in changes in residence and profession. The movement of Jupiter into 5th house in Libra later will be more welcome with increased creativity, positive and balanced thinking, gain from speculation and profitable investments. Some Ardra borns will also plan to for higher studies/specialized courses. Saturn’s transit in the 7th house throughout the year will bring the hidden conflicts and tensions in personal and marital relationship to the fore, with a brief respite for some months when Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio. Rahu’s position in the 3rd house of Leo in the first half enabled Ardra borns to take courageous decisions, and also vested them with plenty of initiative, energy and independence. In the latter part of the year, Rahu’s movement into the 2nd house of Cancer will further disrupt the already troubled interpersonal and familial relationships, and also make the personality hyper-sensitive and extremely moody. Ketu’s 9th house sojourn in Aquarius will kindle a quest for a different approach and perspective in one’s spiritual life, and the subsequent 8th house transit in Capricorn will only pull Ardra borns into seclusion deep within, create an internal upheaval, and contribute more to the existing detached relationships. These planetary transits, although disruptive for relationships, will be spiritually very beneficial for the Ardra borns as Jupiter in 5th and Ketu in 9th and 8th encourages this aspect of one’s life, according to Ardra Nakshatra 2017 Predictions.

Worship of Maha Vishnu, introspection and meditation will bring peace and quiet to the mind.


The first three quarters/divisions of Punarvasu, ruled by nakshatra lord Jupiter, are located in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Jupiter’s fourth house placement in Virgo will bring changes both in the home front and also in professional life, as per Punarvasu Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. But since Jupiter, being the 10th lord and directly aspecting the 10th house, it is more likely that favourable and auspicious indications will abound in the professional sector. Some Ardra borns might also plan buying new house/property. Jupiter’s foray into Libra in the 5th house will be very beneficial for interpersonal relationships, help in the growth of finances, increase creativity, for some Ardra borns can signify childbirth, bring in clarity of thinking and infuse people with positivity. Saturn’s 7th house placement will question the existing traditions and structures that Jupiter tries to protect and guard, specifically the marital bonds and relationships, and will create pressure for one’s partner in life. Rahu’s 3rd house placement in Leo will increase self-efforts and tremendous capacity for withstanding pressure, while its movement into the 2nd house Cancer will creates ripples in family circles and create distrust, tension, and cause periods of separation. Ketu’s transit in 9th house of Aquarius will encourage a spirit of enquiry in matters of religion and spirituality.

The last quarter of Punarvasu is placed in Cancer, ruled by Moon. This category of Punarvasu borns will experience courage and increased intellectual capacity for planning and also spiritual yearning during Jupiter’s 3rd house transit in Virgo, will experience balance and harmony during Jupiter’s sojourn in 4th house Libra, will need to face some pertinent question about family relations and self during Rahu’s 2nd house Leo, 1st house Cancer and Ketu’s 8th house and 7th house transits. Any inauspiciousness caused by other planetary movements will be nullified by Saturn’s strong six house placement in Sagittarius in 2017, capable of surmounting any difficulty.

Propitiating Rahu and Ketu, feeding birds and dogs, and donations to temples will help.


Under the rulership of nakshatra lord Saturn, Pushya is located within Cancer, ruled by Moon. Jupiter’s 3rd house Virgo transit will make them work hard and put extra efforts, and 4th house transit in Libra will encourage them to give more attention to home and trying to balance and harmonise the relationships that were neglected before. Jupiter’s influence on the fourth house will also indicate change of residence and or renovation, predicts Pushya Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu’s 2nd house Leo transit in the first half of 2017 will disrupt the stable financial base, create unnecessary misunderstanding, and Rahu transiting over Cancer in the 1st house creates conflict and confusion about self. Ketu’s transit in the 8th in Aquarius will create detachment and wanting to withdraw from social and personal life, which will be accentuated when Ketu moves into 7th house Capricorn creating vacuum in personal relations. Saturn’s transit in 6th house Sagittarius will, in more than one way, neutralise most of the malefic effects of these transits happening in 2017 for Pushya borns. Except for brief backward motion into Scorpio, Saturn is mostly in Sagittarius and comfortably placed here. Jupiter’s houses make Saturn less stern, more positive, trying best to integrate Jupiterian idealism with Saturnine pragmatism, and trying to balance Jupiterian generosity of spirit with Saturnine practical solutions at preserving the interests of the self.

Worship of Mahadev and chanting Maha Mrityunjaya mantra will yield beneficial results.


All the four quarters of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury, are located within Moon-ruled Cancer. Jupiter’s 3rd house Virgo transit will resulted in enhanced mental activity and communication at all levels, and concerning various spheres including spiritual and mundane, and connecting to intellectual as well as lay perspectives. When Jupiter moves forward into 4th house Libra, the Aslesha borns will channelise their skills in harmonising and balancing misunderstanding and miscommunication, by-products of Rahu’s transit in 2nd house Leo. Rahu’s entry into Cancer, the 1st house of self will heighten the temperamental nature of these people, increasing their externalising tendencies while Ketu’s 8th house Aquarius transit and 7th house Capricorn transit will try to pull them in. This, coupled with tensions in personal relationships and unkind responses from family and friends, will create mental turbulence in these mercurial people, according to Aslesha Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. The beneficial transit of Saturn in 6th house Sagittarius will, to a great extent, reduce the ill-effects of adverse transit conditions, giving them enough patience, will power, and opportunities to tide over the difficult times. Saturn’s brief retrograde motion into Scorpio for a few months will slightly increase the mental tension, as this the 5th house of thinking and creativity. But Jupiter’s congenial transit in 4th house will greatly reduce this impact also.

WWorshipping Shiva-Parvati, propitiating Rahu-Ketu, and helping needy students will prove beneficial.


Ruled by sign lord Sun and influenced by nakshatra lord Ketu, the four quarters of Magha are contained in Leo. Magha borns exhibit both the solar tendencies of warmth and domination and Ketu’s traits of introversion and contemplation. Jupiter’s transit in the 2nd house of Virgo for 1st half of 2017 will increase earnings, savings and investments, maintain peace and calm in the family, and enhanced communication skills. Jupiter’s movement into 3rd house Libra will create misunderstanding in the workplace, but the mental energy will be productively spent. Saturn’s transit in 5th house Sagittarius will slowly build the pressure on the mind, and many Magha borns will spend their time worrying and planning for their children’s future. But since Saturn’s placement here is not very adverse, academic-oriented Magha borns can also think of pursuing studies/courses in Saturn-related fields such as history, archeology, labour welfare. Rahu’s transit in 1st house Leo in the 1st half will make Magha borns contrary and contradictory, and later in the second half of the year in 12th house Cancer will induce emotional confusion. Ketu’s transit in 7th house Aquarius and 6th house Capricorn will be beneficial as they will learn new ways of handling difficult situation and people. Healthwise, they need to be on guard, as an adverse Solar Eclipse involves their sign, predicts Magha Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope.

Daily worship of rising Sun, Yoga involving Sun Salutation exercises, chanting Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, and constructively utilising one’s time and energy will be beneficial.

Poorva Phalguni

All the divisions of this nakshatra ruled by Venus and sign lord Sun are in Leo. Jupiter’s transit in 2nd house Virgo will ensure sound financial future and enable them to maintain a good standard of living. Some of them may have more than two sources of income also. This transit is also good for healthy family life, joint family savings and investments, opportunities and chances in increasing one’s communication skills and benefitting from this skill. Jupiter in 3rd in Libra will bring changes in professional life for some, enhanced opportunities in work life for others, and also work-related travel for a few. It can also mean starting independent ventures for some, and for others enhanced creative expression and recognition. Saturn’s movement in 5th Sagittarius will increase their worrying tendency and they will be tensed about strained interpersonal relations. Rahu’s transit in 1st house in Leo will make them restless and wanting changes in personal life. They may also approach their existing relationships with a new approach and perspective. Ketu’s transit in 7th house Aquarius and 6th house Capricorn will not leave any doubt about the way and direction the relationships of some Purva Phalguni borns might be heading: it will be a clean break and starting afresh with pain and struggle. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 involving their sign Leo will create health problems and issues for them, as per Purva Phalguni Nakshatra 2017 Predictions.

Daily worship of Lord Lakshmi Narayan, charitable disposition, regular donations to religious institutions and children’s welfare organisations would be very beneficial.

Uttara Phalguni

The first quarter of Uttara Phalguni experiences double rulership of Sun both as nakshatra lord and sign lord. People born in this nakshatra show enhanced solar traits of leadership, warmth, independence, and also control, domination, and self-centredness. Jupiter’s transit in 2nd house of Virgo will mean more opportunities to showcase one’s talents and skills. These people will be appreciated as advisors and counsellors. Jupiter in 3rd house of Libra will not be very encouraging, and Saturn’s 5th house Sagittarius impact will also add to this creating feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt. Rahu’s movement in 1st house Leo and later 12th house Cancer will, over a period of time, create disturbances in the personality. Ketu’s transit in 7th Aquarius and later in 6th in Capricorn will help in minimising the damage and increase courage. The twin eclipses in February and August 2017 also contribute to the existing adverse impact of transits, predicts Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope.

The next three quarters of Uttara Phalguni are located in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. In Virgo, the solar energy of Uttara Phalguni finds expression in intellectual brilliance and enhanced communication skills. Jupiter’s transit on the 1st house Virgo in the first half, along with Saturn’s transit in the 4th in Sagittarius will turn their attention inward and homeward, with a sense of urgency, and create restlessness. Jupiter’s movement in 2nd Libra will settle the restless mind somewhat and they will find creative ways of managing tense home-front and relations. Rahu’s 12th transit in Leo would curtail independent expression, but this will be rectified once Rahu moves into 11th house Cancer. Ketu’s 6th Aquarius and later 5th Capricorn transits will be good for academically and intellectually oriented people.

Worship of Narayan, charitable disposition towards the underprivileged and disadvantaged section of society will reduce the malefic effect of Saturn and prove beneficial.


Moon-ruled nakshatra Hasta and all its four divisions are located within Mercury-ruled Virgo. The influence of Moon and Mercury, connected to mind and intellect, in an intellectual Virgo will make the Hasta borns humorous and gregarious, on a subtle soft level. Jupiter’s transit on the 1st in Virgo in the 1st half of 2017, along with Saturn’s transit in 4th house Sagittarius, will create changes in the home environment and structure, resulting in altered emotional state and relationship pattern. Jupiter’s sojourn in 2nd Libra later in the year will instill positive and fresh approach in dealing with issues concerned with self, family, home and relations, according to Hasta Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. It may also create opportunities in forming new bonds and relationships for some Hasta borns. Rahu’s 12th house Leo transit and Ketu’s 6th house Aquarius transit were not very problematic and somewhat helpful. But, in the second half, Rahu’s entry in Cancer, though 11th house, and Ketu’s movement into 5th Capricorn, along with the lunar eclipse involving another fellow Moon-ruled nakshatra Sravana, create turbulence in emotions, and disrupted thinking. Some Hasta students might experience unpredictable adverse changes in their academic potential and performance. Many will experience sudden, unexpected changes in their personal life and relationships.

Propitiation for Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu will help. Regular charity and donation to religious institutions and welfare organisations will also prove beneficial.


The first two quarters of Chitra, ruled by Mars, are in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Chitra borns, exhibiting the Martian energy and Mercurial intellect, are good back-end operators, organizers, strategists. Jupiter’s transit in 1st house Virgo will create some sort of pressure on the self, though it is also helping Chitra borns in their action and decision. Jupiter’s transit in 2nd in Libra will bring in unexpected money inflow, increase in investments, and also improvement in communication and relation. Saturn transit in 4th house Sagittarius will bring adverse and unwelcome changes to home and in family relations, making Chitra borns irritable and worrisome, predicts Chitra Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu’s transit in the 12th Leo in the first half and in the 11th Cancer in the latter half, and Ketu’s transit in the 6th Aquarius in the 1st half and 5th Capricorn in the latter half, will not alter the existing conditions and situations.

The third and fourth quarters of Chitra fall in Libra, ruled by Venus. Chitra borns in this sign are passionate about their work, project or cause and find creative means of expressing it. Jupiter’s transit in 12th house in Virgo will somewhat hinder their creative expression. Jupiter’s 1st house Libra transit, in the second half, will make them chase their goals in an aggressive manner. Saturn’s 3rd house Sagittarius transit will also contribute towards this. Rahu’s transit in 11th house Leo in the 1st half, and in 10th house Cancer in the second half will bring positive changes in the status and work-life of this category of Chitra borns. Ketu’s transit in 5th Aquarius, and in Capricorn in 4th house, later in the year, will be mainly concerned with adjusting and attuning to the various changes happening in personal, professional and social life, with altered perspective and attitude.

Propitiation for Jupiter and increasing one’s charitable disposition will prove beneficial.


Ruled by the nakshatra lord Rahu and the sign lord Venus, Swati’s four quarters are placed inside Libra. Venusian creative approach and Rahu’s unique and out-of-the box approach make the Swati borns take uncharted territory in the field of their choice. During Jupiter’s 12th house Virgo transit, Swati borns will find their communication and expression somewhat muted. Jupiter’s movement in Libra will enable them to assume strong leadership and initiative and complete unfinished tasks. This is a creatively uplifting period for them, aided by Saturn’s 3rd house transit in Sagittarius, as per the Swati Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. Saturn’s transit, except for a few months when Saturn become retrograde and gets back into Scorpio, will increase competitive skills, give rich dividends for the efforts invested, encourage bold and courageous steps and decisions, and contribute to positive and helpful thinking and behaviour. Rahu’s 11th house Leo transit and later 10th house Cancer transit will be help the Swati borns gain popularity and status. Ketu’s 5th house Aquarius transit, aided by Saturn’s third house transit in Jupiter’s house, will kindle a spirit of enquiry and subsequent transit in 4th house Capricorn will lead the Swati borns in this quest. The most important thing for these people to remember is that the enormous energy flowing due to various transit patterns in 2017 are channelised properly in multiple creative ways.

Regular worship of Maha Lakshmi, propitiation for Jupiter and Ketu, taking time out for self-enquiry and meditation will help.


The first three quarters of Vishakha, ruled by Jupiter, are in Venus-ruled Libra. Varied and different energies of Jupiter and Venus create conflicts in Vishaka people, though it does make them a powerful personality. Jupiter’s 12th house transit in Virgo creates adverse effects with unclear and illogical thinking and uncoordinated actions, as per Vishakha Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. When Jupiter moves into Libra, it will enable focussed thinking accompanied by concentrated efforts. This transit does give impetus to set in motion those ideas and projects that were stagnant for quite some time. Saturn’s 3rd house transit in Sagittarius will instill in Vishaka borns plenty of courage, confidence, initiative, and energy, and remove obstacles and hindrances too. Rahu’s 11th house transit in Leo will result in plenty of gain and the 10th house transit in Cancer will result in changes in professional life. Ketu’s transit in 5th house Aquarius and 4th house Capricorn will initially disrupt thinking and feeling pattern and later on result in acceptance and detachment. Vishaka borns still need be on high alert and not allow their concentration to waver, as chances of injury and accidents are also high. They must also remember that conflicting Venus and Jupiter energies will not allow for a balanced personality, which is so essential for this sign.

Vishaka’s last quarter comes in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. The confluence of Martian and Jupiterian energies in intense Scorpio will enable direct communication and unhindered expression. Jupiter’s transit in 11th in Virgo is auspicious, whereas in 12th later is problematic. Saturn’s transit in 2nd house Sagittarius will create misunderstanding and strained relations in the family, and also tight financial situation, especially when Jupiter transits 12th Libra.

Ganesh Lakshmi puja, propitiation for Ketu, regular chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam will help.


Saturn is the nakshatra lord of Anuradha, which is contained with all its quarters in Mars-ruled Scorpio. The 11th house Virgo transit of Jupiter is extremely beneficial in the 1st half of the year. There is plenty of money in hand and in circulation, savings also accrue, enhanced and free flow of creativity, happy and contented family and children, fulfillment and satisfaction in personal life. But in the 2nd half of the year, when Jupiter comes into 12th house of Libra, acute financial problems and discontentment will be felt. This will be accentuated by Saturn’s transit in the 2nd house Sagittarius. Saturn here will put pressure on finance, family relations, communication and expression, predicts Anuradha Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. The retrograde movement of Saturn back into Scorpio will heighten feelings of insecurity and questions of self-worth. Rahu’s 10th house Leo transit will bring in its wake structural changes and adjustments. Rahu’s 9th house Cancer transit will entail journeys and result in re-orientation and re-alignment of religious and spiritual beliefs. Ketu’s transit in the 4th house Aquarius is adding to the existing adverse transit of Saturn and creating feeling of void at home and related matters. In the second half of 2017, Ketu in 3rd will infuse the Anuradha borns with courage to accept the necessary changes that destiny, through this transit pattern, has planned for them.

Propitiation for Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu will yield benefits. Sharing food with disadvantaged section of the society, feedings birds and dogs, and donations to temples and religious institutions will auspicious and beneficial remedies.


Ruled by nakshatra lord Mercury, Jyeshta‘s four quarters are placed in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Here the thought pattern is aggressive, in a secretive manner. Jupiter’s 11th house transit in Virgo will be beneficial in the 1st half of the year. Later on, Jupiter in 12th Libra will result in blocked creative and mental energies, discontentment and dissatisfaction. This state of affairs will be compounded by Saturn’s 2nd house transit in Sagittarius. Saturn’s transit will create strained family relations, increased expenditure, and curtailed verbal expression, according to Jyeshta Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. The retrograde transit of Saturn back into Scorpio for a few months will lead the mind to fear and insecurity resulting in restricted thinking and a feeling of being trapped. Rahu’s transit in 10th house Leo and Ketu’s in 4th Aquarius will result in structural changes at workplace and professional life and in the home front. Rahu’ transit in 9th house Cancer, and Ketu’s transit in 3rd house capricorn, will influence them to go on pilgrimage, find and accept new constructs, and stay focused in attending to matters at hand.

Worship of Goddess Durga, propitiation of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, will be auspicious. Acts of charity and regular donations will also neutralise adverse transit effects.


With Ketu as the nakshatra lord, Moola with its four quarters is placed in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiterian wisdom and spirituality along with Ketu’s enlightenment and thirst for emancipation makes this a fertile nakshatra for spiritual growth and development. Jupiter in 10th house Virgo in the first half, will confer good status in social and professional circles. It may also mean relocation or residential changes, overall positive and satisfactory. Jupiter’s 11th house Libra transit will indicate harmony in personal relations, creative communication, childbirth, gain and accumulation, and achievements. These transit pattern of Jupiter will to a great extent decrease the adverse impact of saturn in the 1st house Sagittarius, as per Moola Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. Rahu in the 9th in Leo will bring conflicts with tradition, authority, and elders to the fore and result in estranged and uneasy relations. Later in the year, Rahu in 8th in Cancer will lead to emotional vulnerabilities and unpredictable personality. Ketu’s transit in 3rd Aquarius will give courage and conviction in dealing with life and its varied aspects, and in the latter half of the year, Ketu in 2nd in capricorn will encourage taking a detached view of life.

Propitiation of Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu on a regular basis will bring in beneficial results. Satyanarayan puja and reading of Durga Sapta-shati will lead to peace and bliss.


Ruled by nakshatra lord Venus, Purvashadha’s four quarters fall within Sagittarius. Venus’s aspiration for finer things in life is influenced by Jupiterian expansion, wisdom and justice. Jupiter’s transit in the 10th house Virgo will give high social status, satisfactory professional life, consistent maintenance of work-life balance, positive changes at home, renovation, or moving to a bigger house. Jupiter’s 11th house Libra transit will result in gains in wealth and relations, accumulations and achievements, enhanced sense of self, and auspicious events such as marriage, childbirth and new bonds and relationships. These auspicious Jupiterian transits will greatly help during Saturn’s 1st house transit in Sagittarius, Rahu’s 8th house transit in Cancer, and Ketu’s 2nd house transit in Capricorn. Saturn in Sagittarius will apply pressure on the self and comforts in life, predicts Purvashadha Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu’s 9th house Leo transit will result in conflict with authorities leading to sense of deprivation of comfortable existence and security, which will be accentuated by Rahu’s entry into 8th house Cancer. Ketu’s 3rd Aquarius transit will infuse the native to strive for and maintain the status quo, but the Capricorn 2nd house transit will lead to detachment from the comforts of secure relationships.

Reading of Durga kavach, worship of Lakshmi Narayan, and propitiation of Saturn, rahu and Ketu will help. Engaging self and family in acts of charity will go a long way in maintaining harmony in relation and also give a purpose to one’s existence.


Sun is the nakshatra lord of the first quarter of Uttarashadha located within Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. Jupiter’s transit in 10th house Virgo will give high position, recognition, public acclaim, and enhanced status in profession. Jupiter’s movement into 11th house Libra will give increased social status, accumulation of wealth and assets, and positive self image. This will to a great extent mitigate the adverse transit of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius will create issues related to self-worth and confidence, according to Uttarashadha Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. Rahu’s transit in 9th Leo will create tremendous conflict with authority, elders, father-figures and create tremors in traditional structures built over years. Rahu’s entry into 8th Cancer will create emotional trauma and turmoil. Ketu’s 3rd house Aquarius transit will help in finding courage and new meaning to the joint onslaught of Saturn and Rahu’s transits, and will result taking a detached attitude towards life, people, and situations when Ketu finally moves into 2nd house Capricorn in the second half of the year.

The next three quarters of Uttarashadha, ruled by Sun, are located in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Jupiter in 9th house Virgo will ignite thirst for spirituality and is generally considered very auspicious. Jupiter in 10th Libra in the second half will provide harmonious professional life, and good social status. Saturn in 12th in Sagittarius signifies beginning of Sade Sathi, a period of trials and learning. Rahu’s 8th house transit in Leo will result in unpredictable problems and tensions, while Rahu’s transit in 7th in Cancer will create tensions in marital life. Ketu’s transits in the 2nd Aquarius and 1st Capricorn will create ripples in family and create doubt in self respectively.

Worship of Satya Narayan and offering water to the rising Sun everyday, and showing respect and regard to authority that is protective and benevolent in nature will prove beneficial.


Moon-ruled Sravana is contained in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Jupiter’s transit in 9th Virgo is considered very auspicious and will offer guidance and clarity to the mind, predicts Sravana Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Saturn’s transit in 12th Sagittarius signifies the beginning of Sade-sathi, a seven-and-a-half years period of trials, tribulations and ultimately learning. Rahu’s transit in 8th Leo will bring unhappiness to the mind due to unpredictable happenings in life that bring misery and misfortune in their wake. Rahu’s entry into Moon-ruled Cancer in 7th house will create emotional turbulence and turmoil. Ketu’s 2nd house Aquarius transit and in the second half in Capricorn will create conflict in the mind that is engulfed by strained relations in the family, sudden misfortune, low self-confidence, and insecurity. Sravana borns also need to be aware and take proper remedial measures to counter the effect of 2017 lunar eclipse that will occur in their nakshatra. Jupiter’s sojourn in the 9th house Virgo will protect the mind, instill faith in it, turn it towards matters concerning spirituality and religion and help in tiding over the crises. Jupiter’s transit in Libra is also good in the sense that Jupiter is in kendra/angle from moon and is considered auspicious.

Daily reading of Durga Sapta-Shati, worship of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati, and regular acts of charity will greatly help alleviate the problems faced during these transits.


Ruled by Mars, two quarters of nakshatra Dhanishta are located in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Jupiter’s transit in 9th Virgo is considered auspicious as it gives proper platform for the ambitions and aspirations of Dhanishta born to materialise. These aspirations may pertain to academics or professional life, predicts Dhanishta Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Saturn in the 12th in Sagittarius will mark the beginning of seven-and-a-half years of Saturn. This transit signifies increased efforts that may not yield results, energy spent on issues without any impact, building of frustration and anger, resulting in impulsive steps that may prove counter-productive. But since Capricorn is the exaltation sign of Mars, Dhanishta borns will, after persistent efforts and with Jupiterian 9th house vibration contain the damage. Rahu in 8th Leo and in 7th Cancer will bring ill health, tension, unexpected troubles, and marital disruption. Ketu in 2nd Aquarius and 1st Capricorn will trigger tensions in family, and problems in personal life. Jupiter’s transits in 9th and 10th house will be most suitable as it will appropriate channel through which the Martian energy of Dhanishta will chart its course.

The third and the fourth quarters of Dhanishta are placed in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. Jupiter’s 8th house transit is not very auspicious as it signifies unexpected loss of money and strained relations, but later its sojourn in 9th Libra will prove auspicious. Rahu in 7th Leo and Ketu in 1st Aquarius will create problems in interpersonal relations, while the transit of Rahu in 6th Cancer and Ketu in 12 Capricorn in the latter half help rectify problematic situations. Saturn in the 11th Sagittarius will strengthen resolve, create opportunities and help tide over any crisis.

Daily worship of Lord hanuman, chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak will be beneficial. Focusing energy and talents at work, without getting frustrated, will also bring relief.


Ruled by Rahu, all the quarters of Satabhisha nakshatra, are placed in Saturn-ruled Aquarius. Jupiter’s transit in the 8th Virgo will give rise to tension, scatter mental energy, and is unfavourable, while the 9th house Libra transit will be very auspicious as this will bring revolutionary energy of Rahu, discipline of Saturn and high ideals of Jupiter to create personal and social transformation. This 9th house transit of Jupiter will also connect Satabhisha borns with overseas opportunities, according to Satabisha Nakshatra 2017 Predictions. Rahu’s transit in 7th Leo and Ketu’s in 1st Aquarius will be problematic as it creates misunderstanding about one’s intentions in other people’s minds, whereas Rahu’s 6th Cancer and Ketu’s 12th Capricorn transits will be favourable. Saturn’s 11th house Sagittarius transit will help surmount any malefic transit throughout the year, except for a brief span when it retrogrades back into Scorpio, but then Jupiter from 9th Libra will offer guidance and light. Saturn in 11th will give robust health, abundant financial resources, popularity, good personal equations with family, friends and colleagues, kindle spiritual interest and ensure maintain a balanced personality that is on a focused search deep within while concerned simultaneously with material world and its various mundane activities.

Propitiation of Jupiter, worship of Goddess Durga, empathising with the labour, working class, will reduce the malefic impact of 2017 transits.

Poorva Bhadrapada

The first three quarters of Jupiter ruled Purva Bhadrapada come within Saturn influenced Aquarius. Jupiter’s transit in the 8th house in Virgo,though unfavourable in terms of material benefits, will be good for those wanting to advance further in their spiritual development. Jupiter in 9th in Libra, in the latter half of the year, will take them spiritual heights and enlightenment. This transit is, in fact, auspicious for all round growth and development, predicts Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu’s transit in 7th Leo and Ketu’s transit in 1st Aquarius, in the first half of the year, will create restlessness of spirit. Later in 2017, Rahu in 6th Cancer and Ketu in 12th Capricorn will resonate with the Jupiterian vibration in 9th Libra and ensure harmony within and without. Saturn’s transit in the 11th Sagittarius will strengthen resolve to handle any kind of transit-related problems, and at the same time, give material comforts and benefits.

The last quarter of Purva Bhadrapada is under the double influence of Jupiter, as the nakshatra Lord and sign lord of Pisces. Jupiter’s 7th house Virgo placement, in the 1st half, is the most beneficial and auspicious transit as Jupiter fully aspects its own sign. This ensures smooth flow of creativity, clarity of mind, harmonious inter-personal relations, popularity, enhanced social status, great strides in spiritual advancement, recognition and acknowledgement as advisor and counsellor, material benefits, positive changes and enhancement in professional life. Jupiter’s 8th house Libra transit, in the 2nd half, is not very favourable as it can create imbalance in interpersonal relations. Rahu’s 6th house Leo and Ketu’s 12th house Aquarius transits are favourable. Later in the year, Rahu in 5th Cancer will trouble emotions, while Ketu in 11th Capricorn is very favourable for maintaining focus, concentration, and balanced perspective. Saturn in the 10th will contribute to increased efforts in the work sphere, positive change and enhancement in profession resulting in job satisfaction.

Worship of Lord Lakshmi Narayan, and propitiation for Rahu will prove very beneficial.

Uttara Bhadrapada

Ruled by nakshatra lord Saturn and sign lord Jupiter, Uttara Bhadrapada and its four quarters are located within Pisces. Jupiter’s transit in the 7th Virgo is very beneficial for increase in financial prospects, growing savings, accumulation and achievements. Jupiter’s transit in 8th Libra in the 2nd half will, for some Uttara Bhadrapada borns, result in financial loss, predicts Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. They need to be careful with their investments. Rahu in the 6th Leo and Ketu in the 12th Aquarius will prove beneficial. In the 2nd half of 2017, Rahu in 5th Cancer will give emotional insecurity, but Ketu in 11th Capricorn is strongly auspicious. Saturn in the 10th Sagittarius will increase opportunities in professional life and enable Uttara Bhadrapada borns to invest plenty of energy, time, efforts, skill, expertise and experience. This is a very beneficial Saturn transit and even when Saturn retrogrades back in Scorpio in the 9th for a short time, it will be an educative and learning experience only and not cause any major problem.

For most part of the year, nakshatra lord Saturn in 10th Sagittarius will shift the focus and attention of these people on matters related to work. In a way, this is the best remedial measure for Uttara Bhadrapada borns as Saturn gains in strength when the physical and mental faculties are channelised towards work. Such a Saturn, offering occupational therapy, is capable of handling any adverse transit.


Mercury, as the nakshatra lord, influences Revati - the last nakshatra of the last sign in the Zodiac. All the four quarters of Revati come with in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. The 7th house Virgo transit of Jupiter will enable clear thinking, enhanced intellectual capacities, advanced style of expression and communication, multi-tasking, and opportunities to interact with and gain from academicians and intellectuals. Jupiter in 8th Libra will result in miscommunication and muddled thinking and lead to troubled interpersonal relationships, foretells Revati Nakshatra 2017 Horoscope. Rahu in 6th Leo and Ketu in 12th Aquarius are favourable and keep troubles and troublemakers in check. In the second half of 2017, Rahu in 5th Cancer will create emotional turmoil and disrupt clarity of thought, while favourable Ketu in 11th Capricorn will try to contain the damage. Saturn’s 10th house Sagittarius sojourn will keep the Revati borns intellectually busy, and also enable their communication and expression styles and patterns to reach their maximum potential. The retrograde movement of Saturn in Scorpio for a few months will enable Revati borns to learn, re-learn, and de-learn aspects connected to their communication in inner and outer worlds.

Regular worship of Maha Vishnu and Mahadev will yield benefits. Conscious communication and expression of ideas that is for the general good will help Revati borns.

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