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Home » 2017 » Chinese Horoscope 2017 Published: November 11, 2016

Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Year Of The Rooster

Chinese horoscope 2017, the year of the Rooster, has covered all the aspects of your life using the principles of ancient Chinese Astrology. Chinese New Year 2017, the year of the Rooster, is beginning from January 28, 2017. Read your predictions now!

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How Is Chinese New Year 2017?

Chinese Zodiac Sign Prediction
Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rooster Excellent
Tiger, Horse, Pig Very Good
Rat, Goat, Monkey Good
Rabbit, Dog Average
हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे - चाइनीज़ राशिफल 2017

Let?s now know your predictions in detail below:

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Rat?

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2017The year of the Rooster 2017 is an important year for the Chinese Rat. Though things may happen quite gradually making you impatient, yet your efforts will fetch you nice opportunities. At work, don?t miss any opportunity. All your hard work will be appreciated by the colleagues and seniors, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. As per the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the summer and autumn may prove to be positive for you. If you are looking for a job, some really good options may appear. With some significant improvements in career, you will make good money as well. Eventually, you will end up spending on some luxuries of life or may upgrade the basic amenities. However, you really need to keep focusing on better financial management, so that you can plan some trips or outings with your family. You love your closed ones and they mean a lot to you. In their tough times, you will always stand by them. But when you need them, don?t feel shy to express it. This will only make your bond stronger. Throughout the year, a hectic schedule may keep you stuck, but a good planning will always help you in finding some time out for your loved ones. Being a Chinese Rat, you are quite social in nature and this year, you will manage to find a good chunk of opportunities to wander at the social gatherings. While all this would be going on, you may meet someone really special. The best time of the year to hang around with people is in the summer. Among all this, you really need to find some personal space for yourself. Plan something that interests you; it may be a hobby class, adventure activity, etc. Health should also be focused on and eating habits need a check. A good lifestyle with some space for the workout can settle down many health issues. Overall, the year is really important for you. It is bringing you many work related opportunities, some happy moments with family, a beautiful romantic life, new friendships, and much more.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Ox/Cow?

Ox/Cow Chinese Horoscope 2017The Chinese New Year 2017 is bringing some really good changes to your life. As per the Chinese Rooster year predictions, a good management is all that you require. Throughout the year, you will feel that things are going in the way you want them to. You will accomplish everything like a boss. At work, all these past years you must have seen a lot; from a hike in salary with boring job responsibilities or a senior position with a lot of stress. But, this is the time when you will get exactly what you want. Though you will do great at the present workplace, yet you should not ignore other opportunities. As per the northern hemisphere, the first half of the summer is quite auspicious for you. Also, a little before winter, you may find good opportunities. The good opportunities should be grasped immediately, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. During this time, your skills will also improve immensely. In financial matters, you need to be really careful. Even though you will get good income, but any risk taking investments should be avoided. In case, any investment is necessary, proper research should be done beforehand to prepare for the possible consequences. Alertness is obviously required in all the financial investments. At home, love and support can be expected. You will be helped and will help your loved ones in making each other?s life better. This will also strengthen the bonds. You are like the responsible one at home, so everyone looks for you when advices are needed. Yes, some tiffs are possible, but these things should not be taken seriously in the family. Being responsible, you must initiate the discussion to resolve any issue. You will enjoy social gatherings and new friendships will force you to modify your schedule as well as lifestyle. Love and romance will grow stronger with the partner and single ones will meet someone special. The best time to socialize is the first half of summer, October, November, December, and the January of 2018. Overall, the year seems to be bringing a lot of positivity in your life. However, the financial department needs your attention.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Tiger?

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2017Chinese year 2017 is quite significant for the Tigers. You will get a lot of good opportunities to enhance your life from all the angles. However, you will have to keep a check on your mind. Don?t jump to conclusions, think about them thoroughly. When it comes to work, you need to focus on your strengths, as you have some wonderful skills. But, try to learn to adapt yourself according to the situations; it will help you immensely. You may expect some major changes in the first half of the summer and the beginning of winter, as per the northern hemisphere. If you get a good new opportunity, don?t let it go; and if you get a new position, try to learn new things keeping your emotions aside. A positive attitude will take you further in career. In terms of finances, the Chinese year of the Rooster looks promising. You may add some new sources of earnings. But, all this money should be utilized in a managed way. Over expenditure may land you in resentment. Try to save more. You may utilize this money by planning a dream trip as well. If family is taken into consideration, you may stay quite busy with them. You may also invest some time in your home interior. All types of moods of the family members will be faced by you, but everyone will be happy at the end. Try to be a better listener, it will resolve many things automatically. Some changes in life will lead you to meet new people and expanding your social circle. While dealing with some people, you will have to be intelligent to manage the difference in opinions without hurting anyone. Don?t compare anyone with yourself, we all are different; you just never know what topic is sensitive to others. So, be very careful while talking to anyone. Positive time for social activities is the starting of summer, mid of summer, ending of autumn, and mid of winter, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. Overall, the year has a lot for you. But, you need to learn the tact to fetch everything.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Rabbit?

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2017As per the 2017 Year of the Rooster, mixed results are expected for you, Rabbits. Challenges may come to your way, but things will come out really fruitful at the end. Just like the last year, this one will not be very smooth as well. But, your efforts can bring out some really great achievements for life. When it comes on work, you will learn new skills and gain some significant experience. Everything that is learned during this time will add charm to your resume. You may feel like working independently to avoid sharing the credit with others, but this will affect you adversely. Working in a team will get you respect and your skills will be highlighted even more. If you are planning for a change in job, first half of the summer as per northern hemisphere seems positive. October, November, December, and the January of 2018 will bring some really good opportunities. Financially, a lot of expenditure is on its way this year. You may spend too much on travel. Even though you are comparatively better in financial management, still this year needs more of your attention. In case you have to make any investment, research properly, take advices, and stay cautious with the paperwork. Among all this, you will enjoy the challenges and new learnings. Some of you may spend time in decorating your home amazingly, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. As your tastes are quite artistic and antique, you may make some big expenditure on them. In everything, you need the support of your family. If you are stressed, share with your loved ones. But, don?t release your anger out on anyone. It is important to plan some leisure time out with your family. You will have a nice social life, but be careful while dealing with people. Avoid arguments and try to settle down the matter later. Best times for socializing are the beginning of summer, beginning of monsoon, first half of the winter. Overall, the year has some fruitful challenges for you. If you deal with them like a boss, the results will be golden in the future.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Dragon?

Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2017This Chinese year of Rooster has some amazing opportunities for you, Dragons. Some really significant improvements are expected in career. It is the time when you will be able to hone your skills. Some new good opportunities will come your way, which will result in something positive. Your acquaintances will help you in career. Throughout the year, you may have to face some challenges as well at work, but everything will result in something auspicious for you. Some new challenging positions are also on their way for you. First half of the summer and the beginning of the winter is the time to expect good opportunities, as per the northern hemisphere. Try to make more contacts, it will help you. Financially, all the career related progress will support you. However, you need to manage this money in a better way. You may save money for some planned expensive things to do, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. Also, some funds may be kept aside if you love traveling. Even while traveling, you must try to keep things in budget. While all this is going on, you must spare some time out for your personal interests. You will get ample opportunities to socialize, utilize them to the best. In case you are single, this socializing may get you someone special. Starting of the summer and entire monsoon looks good for your social life. Family support will also help you in many things. The year looks quite happening, you will stay active. But, don?t take too many projects in hand without planning. Think practically about your limitations and then plan the things to be done. Overall, the year has a lot to offer you. Make the most of it.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Snake?

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2017This Rooster year 2017 is important for you, Snakes. As you are full of skills, this is the time when you will be able to utilize them satisfactorily. If your personal life is taken into consideration, it looks equally fabulous. At work, most of you will focus on enhancing the opportunities at your present job. Acquaintances will have a major role in helping you in progress. There might be some offers which will give you a boost in career. Some of you might consider new organizations for better prospects, if the present one doesn?t contribute much to your experience. Don?t miss any opportunity, just tak everything into consideration. Times that look promising for new opportunities are spring, beginning of summer, beginning of monsoon, and ending of autumn, as per the northern hemisphere. All your efforts in career will strengthen your credibility and reputation. Financially, you may earn more funds by freelancing or something like that. With the increased finances, you may also increase your expenditure. No matter what you do, just keep an eye on your budget, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. For big expenses, a better planning will be useful. Also, avoid investing into risky affairs. It will be fruitful to give your time to a hobby that enhances your skills and talents. As far as your domestic life is concerned, you will enjoy a good time with your family. An important function at home is also possible. Your loved ones may come out with some really good suggestions to your problems, always listen to them. For any misunderstanding, initiate the conversation at your end; otherwise you may miss out on major ideas that will come out of your discussion with the loved ones. Social life needs attention, as you prefer to stay in isolation. Socializing can actually open new things for you. You will get the opportunity to get mingled, but stay attentive toward what people feel and think. Overall, the year is great. Best time for socializing is summer and the mid of winter. Throughout the year, don?t miss out on any opportunity; utilize every bit of this time.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Horse?

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2017Chinese Horse has some really good opportunities in this year of the Rooster. However, you will have to put efforts to get the results. It is good to work independently, but teamwork will get you better results. When it comes on career, most of you will focus on the existing things in hand and enhancing your skills accordingly. If in case you find a really good opportunity somewhere else, think about it. Everything will give you experience and long term benefits. The best time for good opportunities is summer and the beginning of winter. If you find any opportunity to learn something new, even if you know a bit about it already, just go for it; you will get benefitted. As far as your finances are concerned, special care is required. You need a proper financial planning to keep the funds separate for expenditure and savings this year, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. Take enough time before investing money in anything. This year is exclusively positive to plan some trips. You enjoy adventure and these trips will give you a break. You never face the problem of boredom, as you know how to utilize your leisure time. This year, your leisure activities can prove to be quite rewarding. Same goes for your familial life. You will play a major role in your family?s happiness this year. Also, you will be quite supportive to everyone. This support will help them to a great extent that you won?t realize. Additionally, if you receive an advice, don?t ignore it; it might turn out as an important one. Socializing will positively affect your life. Even if you are preferring isolation due to some past bad experiences, try going out again. Pursue your interests with the company of some friends, things will change in your life. Spring and monsoon are the good times to socialize. Overall, the year has a lot to offer you. But, only hard work can fetch you the best.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Sheep/Goat/Ram?

Sheep/Goat/Ram Chinese Horoscope 2017This Rooster year is good for you, but may stay a bit hectic as well. If you want to make the best out of this time, just stay consistent with the hard work and don?t leave anything in between; just do it! In career, some of you will think about change or growth. If you get any good opportunity, don?t miss it. The best times for you are summers and mid of monsoon. In case you get an opportunity to learn something, just extract everything out of it that you can know. Enhancing your skills will benefit you in future, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. It will be great if you can keep your personal interests along, so that things don?t get serious or boring. If you get any opportunity to travel, just go for it. Among all these happening moments, you need to keep a track on your finances, as the year may prove to be expensive altogether. Don?t take anything lightly in money matters and do all the paperwork properly. Your social nature will make your relations even stronger, which will benefit you immensely in the longer run. At home, you will have a good and busy time. You will get many things in hand to do at home, but prioritize everything properly. In personal life, some tiffs may occur. But always remember that a discussion with patience can resolve everything. You will try to socialize more. End of spring, mid of summer, and monsoon, as per the northern hemisphere is the best time to hang out with people. Overall, with all that support, you can actually make the best out of this year.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Monkey?

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2017For the Chinese Monkey, this Rooster year has brought enough opportunities. However, the results should only be expected if you are willing to put efforts into it. Not just the hard work will do, but the smart work. If you will explore more in your domain, more opportunities will open up. At work, most of you will enjoy and prefer to enhance the prospects at the present organization. If you are planning for a change, the Rooster year may provide some amazing offers. Best time for work is the beginning & closing of summer, and the end of monsoon & autumn. Financially, you need to stay extra alert. As per the 2017 Chinese horoscope, you might go short on your resources for spending too much altogether. If you are into speculations, try to avoid risky investments. Also for other investments, you must keep your hawk eyes open. At home, things look pleasurable. However, usual difference of opinions among family members may cause tiffs, but taking a good initiative of discussion may resolve everything. The year is exclusively special for traveling with your loved ones, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. Don?t miss such opportunities, the moments will be cherished for life. If you like to keep yourself active, the year will also give you ample opportunities to socialize. The best times to meet people is the closing of spring, mid of summer, beginning of autumn, and the mid of winter. If you are in love, the year is quite amazing. Single ones will meet suitable matches. When it comes on health, you need to be really careful. Keep an eye on what you eat. Also, take some time out to workout. Overall, the year has got many prospects for you. All you need to do is utilize them.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Rooster?

Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2017 Roosters, obviously the year is significant for you. You will feel more control over the situations. Also, you will experience a major shift in life. In order to move ahead for a new revamped life, you need to leave old things from your past. Career-wise, you will grow nicely. From the end of spring to the mid of summer and the mid of monsoon, also the beginning of winter, you will experience the best times at work. Income-wise as well you will do great. You may also go for extra or freelance jobs to raise your funds. However, keep an eye on your expenditure. Though you will manage well enough, but a good control over the situation is always good. Don?t forget to take some time out for your hobbies. It will keep away the boredom and make you feel content. Your family life will be quite interesting. You will be the one in the family to bring everyone together for one thing, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. If you ever feel the need of any assistance, don?t be hesitant about asking your family members. The give and take of help and support strengthens the bond. Your social life is completely dependent on you. If you want to have a great social life, you may try at the beginning of summer and from the mid of the monsoon to the beginning of autumn, as per the northern hemisphere. New friendships are also possible with the chance of meeting that someone special. You may also meet the love of your life this year. Overall, new good prospects are foreseen for you. The year of the Rooster may prove to be one of the best for you.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Dog?

Dog Chinese Horoscope 2017For Chinese Dog, the year is like a roller coaster ride. As per the Chinese Astrology 2017, you will face many ups and downs. But, don?t let yourself get disappointed due to the tough times because the rainbow only comes after a heavy rain. You need to deal with people quite carefully. Don?t stretch yourself too much at work this year. Just enjoy the basic things and work sincerely. Trying your hands at some other related works may benefit you exclusively. The year is positive for the change in job or career, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. However, this change will bring its own challenges. But, everything that you will do in this time will benefit you in future. Ending of spring and the mid of summer, monsoon, & autumn will bring you some interesting moments. The year is also good to pursue something of your interest. Most of you have an exclusive interest in music, the year is fabulous to make any advancement in that. In financial matters, you need to be careful. A better management is required. At home, you will do great with your family members by being quite expressive. However, difference in opinions is quite possible. The family life will be usually busy, but full of contentment. Socially, you usually have a good time and you might be doing the same this year. But, keep a watch on your words, they might put you in trouble by mistake. The beginning of spring and monsoon seems to be the good time to socialize. Indeed, the year is tough, but you will get the best experiences of life in this time.

How is Chinese New Year 2017 for Pig/Boar?

Pig/Boar Chinese Horoscope 2017This year of Rooster 2017 is quite positive for you. Especially, the love and romance will bloom in life. Those who have been lonely, will get the opportunity to get mingled. True love can be found. Summer and monsoon are the best times for love life. Married ones will have a significant time understanding each other more and making new big plans with each other. Some big family functions are also possible. Also, you will be considered as the problem solver at home. Social life also looks quite happening and you will be in demand. New acquaintances will be made. At work as well you will do great. Promotion or new responsibilities are foreseen, predicts chinese horoscope 2017. Good contacts and reputation with be helpful in career. Finding new ways for self-development will also be helpful. If you are a fresher, these suggestions will help you in getting a good job. The year is quite significant and fruitful for work, utilize the best of it. This progress will also lead to a good financial situation. But, don?t let your expenditure increase. Money is never enough for this expensive world. Make impeccable plannings for your finances and utilize them accordingly. Overall, the year has got many favors for you. You must focus on honing your skills and utilizing your talents to the best. The support of your loved ones will contribute a lot in your life?s successes. The year has got many reasons to make you happy and consider it one of the best ones. Just don?t miss any nice opportunity.

If you are interested in going deeper into the Chinese Astrology, check this corner: Chinese Astrology

What Is The Rooster Year In Chinese Astrology?

Chinese Rooster year is the year dedicated to the Chinese Rooster zodiac sign. Rooster is the tenth sign of the chinese zodiac. Each year is dedicated to a sign. Some of the Rooster years are 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029. People born in these years have the zodiac sign Rooster.

So, this was all we had for you in this Chinese year of Rooster. We hope that these Chinese horoscope 2017 predictions will help you in making the best out of this time. May you have a wonderful year of the Rooster. Have a great year ahead!

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