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Home » 2017 » Tarot Horoscope 2017 Modified: December 15, 2016

Tarot Reading 2017 Horoscope

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे - टैरो कार्ड राशिफल 2017

Tarot reading 2017 predictions are made through the Rider Waite Tarot Deck by Tarot Reader Surbhi Bhadauria. So, let’s know in detail about your predictions.

Rider Waite Tarot Deck is considered as the best among all tarot card decks. In this free tarot reading, all the aspects of your life are covered. The celtic cross spread has been used to make the predictions for each zodiac sign. If you wish to know in detail about this spread, please scroll down to the end of the horoscope. I am beginning with the predictions now for each zodiac sign.

Aries Tarot Reading 2017

Arians, the cards that you have got for your Taro prediction of the year 2017 are given below:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Ace of swords Card 1 - Three of swords
Card 2 - Seven of swords Card 2 - Queen of swords
Card 3 - Knight of swords Card 3 - The World
Card 4 - King of swords Card 4 - Three of cups
Card 5 - Ten of swords
Card 6 - Page of swords
Aries Tarot reading 2017

As per your tarot card readings free Arians, you like everything in extreme and so it comes. And this year, you need to stay at bay from unknown females because you may get obstructed by one of them. With the strength of a soldier, you may win over the world. This is the time when you can actually make impossible things out of nothings, predicts Tarot horoscope 2017. The fears from past are stopping you, just get yourself out of them. All these fears are nothing but the negativity that has no place in your life. The efforts you will make now will place you at a higher position in the future. Problem that I see in your life as of now is reluctance for many things. You are just discarding the things in your life that can prove to be good prospects for you. Don’t think too much on the available opportunities; the delay will give you loss. Things look sad in personal life, as per your love tarot horoscope. Try to keep the environment at home cheerful. People outside might misuse this sadness for their own purpose. You have a lot of expectations from the coming days, but you fear the loss of what you own. After having all sorts of feelings and emotions, the year will conclude on a delightful note. You will cherish the lived moments at the end and will move on with the learnings.

Taurus Tarot Reading 2017

Taureans, the 10 Tarot cards that will predict your year 2017 are mentioned below:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Eight of wands Card 1 - Ace of swords
Card 2 - Six of swords Card 2 - Page of swords
Card 3 - Page of cups Card 3 - Queen of swords
Card 4 - Judgement Card 4 - Three of swords
Card 5 - Two of swords
Card 6 - Knight of swords
Taurus Tarot reading 2017

As per your tarot online free predictions Taureans, you seem to enjoy an active lifestyle this year and will prefer to finish everything swiftly. You may have to go on work related journeys and this might adversely affect your personal plans. The gift of good looks and personality favors you, predicts your Tarot reading 2017. If you are still thinking about your career, the better options would be something related to media and communication. You will get new resources to make changes in life. However, you may have to discard the older options this year. With the beautiful moments from past with your loved ones, you will move forward courageously this year. The efforts you will give in this time will make you stronger and more efficient in future. But, you may put just too much into everything for the victory. Try to keep things easy; after all you have to go a long way. Your leadership quality is your asset, which might be taken as authoritative nature by others. In this duration, you will feel afraid about being alone and the irony is, you believe that it is your destiny, which is not true. These feelings may get exalted by the year end, as heartbreak is possible. As per your free love tarot reading, if you are in love with someone, distance might come in between you two. But, don’t let the other good things go away from your life. There are many people who love and live with your smile, think about them.

Gemini Tarot Reading 2017

Geminis, the Tarot Cards that know what year 2017 holds for you are given below:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Seven of pentacles Card 1 - Ace of Wands
Card 2 - Two of pentacles Card 2 - The Tower
Card 3 - The World Card 3 - The Devil
Card 4 - The High Priestess Card 4 - Temperance
Card 5 - The Magician
Card 6 - The Fool
Gemini Tarot reading 2017

As per your free tarot card reading online Geminis, you will have good prospects in life this year, but by using your wit. You will do a lot for people and society, predicts your Tarot horoscope 2017. While doing all this, if you ever felt any problem, it will be an imaginary one most of the times. Success is assured for you. All thanks to your flexible and hard working nature. Your future carries a lot of goodness for you. But, you have to find all those prospects, as they are hidden. A scientific approach will lead you toward the right path. You had been through a lot in the past and carrying the pain with you till now. Try to keep it hidden with a diplomatic approach. You are quite prone to making mistakes; for which you may have to repent in the upcoming days. If everything went well in this time, you may get too comfortable in future. So, in any case, just don’t go on the wrong path and keep your focus clear. As a person, you are quite family oriented. However, you will put a lot of hard work in career. You may prefer doing business over job. If you are going through a remorseful situation, forgetting the assets of your life, your reputation may get ruined. Even though you know that everything is predestined, yet you may push yourself a lot without caring about the repercussions. At the end, you won’t mind these ups and downs because there are some really good things about this year, which include good financial situation and better management of life.

Cancer Tarot Reading 2017

Cancerians, the below given cards have come out of the deck to predict your year 2017:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Death Card 1 - Eight of Pentacles
Card 2 - The Hanged Man Card 2 - Queen of Pentacles
Card 3 - Justice Card 3 - Four of Swords
Card 4 - Wheel of Fortune Card 4 - The High Priestess
Card 5 - The Lovers
Card 6 - The Hierophant
Cancer Tarot reading 2017

As per your free online tarot prediction Cancerians, you will give more importance to the perishable things this year. Your intelligence makes you a responsible person. At times, you may feel overburdened with the responsibilities and your intuitiveness may make you afraid of taking many opportunities. Truthfulness and hard work is your strength. If you take up a task, you just finish it. The things that give you happiness can actually prove to be quite resourceful. It’s not difficult for you to achieve success and bliss in life. Throughout the year, you will live into the beautiful memories of past. According to your love tarot reading free, if you plan to marry someone, it may feel like a cage to you. But, it is just a negative thought. You must accept the fact that marriage needs some compromises, which makes one feel like caged. The most important thing in your life is career; and you actually enjoy working. You have decent assets in life and people around you also know that. The additional goodness that you have is generosity, predicts your Tarot reading 2017. You have many fears in your head, which makes you expect nothing good; eventually making you a bit depressed. If I go in bit detail about your future, majority of the things are a mystery. Everything has to be done by you, nothing is predecided. So, you must work for carving out a wonderful future for yourself.

Leo Tarot Reading 2017

Lions, these are the 10 cards through which we will know your future:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Six of Swords Card 1 - Seven of Pentacles
Card 2 - Two of Swords Card 2 - Two of Pentacles
Card 3 - Seven of Swords Card 3 - Five of Pentacles
Card 4 - King of Wands Card 4 - Three of Pentacles
Card 5 - Page of Wands
Card 6 - Two of Wands
Leo Tarot reading 2017

As per your online tarot reading Lions, it looks like that you will develop a special love for traveling; especially via water. Relationships and love mean a lot for you, which makes you burdened with many responsibilities. Your designing abilities are amazing, which keeps you confident. People around you are your best resource. Work with them honestly and you will achieve great heights. The memories of an old lover still haunt you. You need to be extra cautious as the one may turn out to be really creepy this year. This is not the year to get married or come in a relationship, but it is the time to make money. However, you need to stay alert toward your health, it might get affected. You are quite energetic about life and future. Not afraid of anything, you just succeed in everything with your intelligence. According to the Tarot horoscope 2017, you have got some really good financial assets this year. However, your life will still looks sad to others. You may fear about losing money and try to keep love in life to balance the loss, which is illusionary. Future may bring you a lot of fame. If you are a businessman or planning to be one, success is assured for you.

Virgo Tarot Reading 2017

Virgonians, the 10 cards that drew my attention for your predictions are given below:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Knight of Pentacles Card 1 - Four of Swords
Card 2 - Eight of Pentacles Card 2 - Seven of Pentacles
Card 3 - Wheel of Fortune Card 3 - Two of Pentacles
Card 4 - Knight of Cups Card 4 - Two of Wands
Card 5 - Seven of Wands
Card 6 - The High Priestess
Virgo Tarot reading 2017

As per your Tarot 2017 reading Virgonians, you are a person who loves to serve others. This year, you will stay involved into many work related responsibilities, which may obstruct some personal plans. Happiness is your strength. Utilize it to the best and you will be successful. New resources will come; it may mean that you will get money from somewhere. You have gone through a lot and have fought with the world for what you felt is right. This is the time when you will be able to taste actual success in your efforts. Keep your plans secret with you; they might turn out big in future. This year, you will easily accept failure, which is wrong. Try to keep putting efforts; you never know what may happen. The funniest part about this year is that people will have an exactly opposite perception about you, predicts Tarot reading 2017. You desire for changing the world, but get easily stressed thinking about the difficulties in the process. If you are expecting to get married this year, possibilities are quite low. But, good financial situation can be expected. Health needs special attention. Don’t get yourself too stressed for not becoming the richest. Avoid getting affected by the harsh words of your loved ones; they never mean anything bad to you.

Libra Tarot Reading 2017

Librans, check below the names of those 10 Tarot cards that helped me to predict your year 2017:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - King of Swords Card 1 - Nine of Swords
Card 2 - Eight of Swords Card 2 - King of Wands
Card 3 - The Empress Card 3 - Two of Swords
Card 4 - Temperance Card 4 - Queen of Cups
Card 5 - The Devil
Card 6 - Nine of Cups
Libra Tarot reading 2017

As per your horoscopes from tarot cards online Librans, it looks like that you make decisions quite fast, which sometimes may prove wrong for you. You just don’t like to take the responsibilities and if you are forced into them, conflicts arise, predicts Tarot horoscope 2017. However, if you just have to take your own responsibility, the result is fabulous. Though, at times, your efforts might get ignored, yet it doesn’t change the fact that you have done something really difficult. You have limited resources, so better management is required this year. You have gone through a lot in past. But, don’t linger into the bad memories. Try to make it your strength and use those experiences into something productive. Your present efforts will lead you toward a beautiful tomorrow. However, your attitude toward life will be quite gloomy. There are chances that you may go deep into spirituality. Happy family and honesty are your assets this year; and it will be quite apparent to everyone. You fear about losing your loved ones. So, you put efforts to keep the harmony intact. Your future looks really wonderful. Love partner will be quite supportive to you in making your future beautiful.

Scorpio Tarot Reading 2017

Scorpions, the 10 Tarot Cards that are going to predict your year 2017 are given below:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Five of Wands Card 1 - King of Pentacles
Card 2 - Queen of Swords Card 2 - Judgement
Card 3 - Three of Swords Card 3 - Eight of Cups
Card 4 - Knight of Swords Card 4 - The Sun
Card 5 - The Tower
Card 6 - Five of Cups
Scorpio Tarot reading 2017

As per your tarot card reading for free Scorpions, you will mostly keep yourself in the struggle of becoming financially successful beating all your competitors. Personal relationships may get weak and a distance is possible with the loved ones. When it comes on management of life or work, you do everything like an expert. You don’t believe in keeping the useless old stock and take enough time to execute things appropriately, predicts Tarot horoscope 2017. None of your existing resources will support you this year and only your own efforts will get you everything. Your life had been quite strugglesome in the past days, which has earned you a lot of strength for future. Use it for your best. Seems like you might spend too much this year, making you feel bankrupt in the future. So, keep an eye over your bank statements. You have a philosophical outlook for everything and a very good self-image. In life, you prefer to keep making change. But, others keep on analyzing your profits and losses. However, you are all about experience. You keep hunting happiness and look contented at the surface, but are afraid to lose the present luxuries, predicts Tarot reading 2017. Overall, your future has decent luxury of life.

Sagittarius Tarot Reading 2017

Sagittarians, the below given 10 Tarot cards are taken out of the well shuffled deck to predict how your year 2017 will be:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Seven of Swords Card 1 - Five of Pentacles
Card 2 - Knight of Cups Card 2 - Three of Pentacles
Card 3 - Eight of Pentacles Card 3 - The Chariot
Card 4 - Knight of Pentacles Card 4 - Strength
Card 5 - Seven of Wands
Card 6 - Four of Swords
Sagittarius Tarot reading 2017

As per your 2017 horoscope through tarot Sagittarians, you seem to be a lover of the basics of life. With high hopes and dreams, you enjoy the times spent with the family along with the little tiffs. The funny part about this year is that you may meet someone who might bring you financial benefits or something like that, which will actually make you panicked because you don’t know what to do with that. You have good skills at work, which will be visible to everyone this year, predicts Tarot horoscope 2017. During the course of this time, all your learnings and skilled people around you will come in handy. As the things are happening for quite some time like many people try to harm you to beat their competition, but you will be victorious just like always. You might invest so much of your resources into this that a failure is possible in future; so beware. Even if you don’t go into loss, you may always feel like short on money. Avoid getting stressed because of this. Your skills are your asset, which may make others feel underconfident around you. Eventually, they start feeling that you have a dominating nature. You wish to take revenge of everything wrong that has been done to you, but you fear the possible losses in it. Whatever is going to happen this year will give you courage, strength, and experience for future.

Capricorn Tarot Reading 2017

Capricorns, your Tarot 2017 predictions are made by using the below given Tarot Cards:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - The Magician Card 1 - Ten of Cups
Card 2 - Four of Pentacles Card 2 - Six of Cups
Card 3 - Two of Swords Card 3 - King of Pentacles
Card 4 - The Empress Card 4 - Judgement
Card 5 - The Devil
Card 6 - King of Swords
Capricorn  Tarot reading 2017

As per your Tarot reading 2017 Capricorns, looks like you will focus on your career this year by developing new skills and learning the diplomatic style for the better dealing with people. You are good with taking responsibilities, but this habit may become a bit obstructive this year. Your friendships and other relationships are your strength. This is your loving nature which helps you succeed everywhere. You have got enough resources to accomplish everything; all you need is to start. If I talk about your past, you have given a lot of efforts into it. But, these efforts are making your life better ahead. This year, you will make swift and smart decisions, which will fetch you an authoritative position soon.The best thing about this year is that you will usually stay contented. You will cherish your old happy memories as your assets and people will try to be your friends due to these blissful vibes. All of a sudden you may start feeling enlightened this year realising your own hidden intelligence. You will be able to see many big prospects in life, but this will also give you the wider view of the associated risks. With the given circumstances, you seem to be having a wonderful future prospects.

Aquarius Tarot Reading 2017

Aquarians, the below given 10 Tarot Cards have been taken out of the RW Tarot Deck to make the predictions for your year 2017:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Queen of Cups Card 1 - Strength
Card 2 - The Emperor Card 2 - Seven of Pentacles
Card 3 - Ace of Swords Card 3 - The Sun
Card 4 - Page of Swords Card 4 - Justice
Card 5 - The Star
Card 6 - The Chariot
Aquarius Tarot reading 2017

As per your Tarot reading 2017 Aquarians, you seem to be quite honest and devoted to the people you love. You have the authority to manage many big things around you. Being a responsible one, sometimes this affects your personal plans. If I talk about your strengths, those are beyond anything because there is nothing that you cannot achieve. The plus side is that you have a good position along with the access to see the bigger side of things, so that you can have an impeccable plan for your future. You have lost a lot in the past, but the future is all bright because you never left hope. In this year, you will try to achieve a lot, but the too much of something may bring you troubles. Your attitude toward life will stay fabulous all this year, as you will feel full of energy and enthusiasm. Throughout the year you will have enough wealth and other resources, but people will always think that you are in trouble due to some unknown reason. You expect to have a blissful love life; for that you may plan to marry someone. Also, you fear about staying alone all your life. Overall, your future seems to be quite settling with a decent growth.

Pisces Tarot Reading 2017

Pisceans, the below given 10 Tarot Cards from Rider Waite Tarot Deck will predict your year 2017:

Section 1 Section 2
Card 1 - Five of Swords Card 1 - Ten of Swords
Card 2 - The Hermit Card 2 - Seven of Cups
Card 3 - Ten of Wands Card 3 - King of Cups
Card 4 - Six of Wands Card 4 - Six of Swords
Card 5 - Eight of Wands
Card 6 - Two of Cups
Pisces Tarot reading 2017

As per your Tarot horoscope 2017 Pisceans, you are going toward the downfall in life intentionally this year. You know what all wrong things you are doing, but you are just least bothered about it. Please think about it because you are going deep into the loss. You have a lot of caliber, which is being wasted. Don’t plan to run away from anything. These things are important in life. Of course you won’t be able to fly like a free bird, but what is the point living a life with no meaning. You may have to face some difficult situations, but the end result will be good if you put efforts. You have a never failing warrior in you; use this energy in something productive this year. If there is something that you are already doing, it will continue to this year as well. Relationships made this time and the love gained will give you fruits in the future. As I told you initially that you are missing on many things, this will eventually keep you sad all this while. Your assets are basically imaginary. You may achieve something to some extent with the little available resources, but unfortunately this won’t last long. The interesting thing is that you really want to do all those important things in life. But, some unknown fears are stopping you to achieve what you deserve. Looks like many journeys are coming to your way, so stay prepared.

So, this was all I had for you in this Tarot horoscope 2017. The details of the Celtic Cross Spread, which I have used to make your predictions, are given below:

About Celtic Cross Spread

There are some other tarot decks, but R. W. Tarot Deck is the most prominent one. Users of this deck usually prefer the Celtic Cross Spread. So, let’s know a bit about this spread below:

10 cards are taken for the prediction of each sign. It is called Celtic Cross Spread(Celtic Cross Spread is divided into 2 sections. The first section is consisted of 6 cards and the second section is consisted of the 4 cards.). However, I have added a bit of personal customization. With this spread, I will predict the below given things in your life:

Section 1

  • First Card (Significator): General traits
  • Second Card (Card placed horizontally over significator): Responsibilities and hindrances in life
  • Third Card (Placed on the top of significator): Strengths and capabilities
  • Fourth Card (Below the significator): Available resources
  • Fifth Card (On the left of the significator): Past and the things that are moving on in life
  • Sixth Card (On the right of the significator): Impacts of present over future

Section 1 makes a cross.

Section 2

  • First Card: Attitude toward life
  • Second Card: Your assets and the perceptions of others
  • Third Card: Expectations and fears
  • Fourth Card: Future

Section 2 makes a staff at the right side of the cross and these cards are placed in succession to each other.

You may learn more about tarot from here: Learn Tarot

With this Tarot reading 2017, I hope that you will be able to make more out of this year. Keep reading AstroSage and spread the word among your loved ones.

By Tarot Reader Surbhi Bhadauria

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