Mars Transit 2024

Here in the Mars transit 2024 article, we are providing details of different results in your life due to the transit. As per Vedic astrology, Mars is considered the commander of all the planets. The planet has a fiery nature i.e. it is considered a hot planet and thus considered the factor of Pitta nature. It is also a factor of energy in the lives of natives. Whatever we do in life, all things are done due to the presence of energy, andMars is considered to provide the energy inside us to do different work. The good presence of Mars in the horoscope will fill natives with confidence and doesn't allow them to feel low in any field. This will take you to new heights in your career and across different fields. The right effects of Mars ensure that people are able to join uniformed services like the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Police by showcasing their courage and also doing something good. If Mars is in a good position then a person can become a good sportsperson and thus Mars plays a vital role for all. The planet has dominance over blood in your body, and thus Mars with inauspicious or problematic Mars in the horoscope will result in irregular blood pressure and blood impurities. These people might face accidents and create the situation of injuries & bleeding.

Mars Transit 2024

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Other than Vedic Astrology, if we talk about Roman Folklore, the Mars planet is regarded as a fierce and hot-headed planet and is also considered the planet of war. It is the red-colored planet that brings passion, dynamism, and aggression into the lives of people and it is also capable of destruction.

Before discussing Mars transit 2024, let us check what Mars can do in your life. People dominated by the Mars planet like to do every work themselves and also set an example for others. They also possess efficient leadership capabilities and are also fearless in nature. They are dominant and vocal about their views. Mars planet has the status of a military leader in Vedic Astrology. The planet brings confidence and supports the achievement of ambitions in your life. If you want to achieve certain goals in life then it is vital to have Mars in a favorable position in your horoscope.

Before providing the correct information about this transit to the readers, let us inform all that Mars is the ruling planet ofAries, i.e. the first zodiac sign in the Kaalchakra, and other than that, Mars is also the lord of the Scorpio zodiac that remains hidden in the eighth house. Mars will come in the exalted position of Saturn’s zodiac sign Capricorn. Whereas, theMoon, the zodiac sign of the water element will be in a debilitated position in Cancer. In the horoscope of Kaal Purush, the Aries zodiac will be in the first house, which represents the movement in life, and the Scorpio zodiac sign will be in the eighth house, which also symbolizes serious secrets and esoteric sciences. The persons with domination of Mars in the horoscope will feel younger and their overall physical appearance will appear stronger. They will do useful tasks as per their age and will be filled with confidence. The persons become weak if Mars is in a weak position in the horoscope and won’t be able to present the views correctly. They will also lack self-confidence in their lives. If we talk about the factors of Mars then it is considered the factor of siblings and especially of the brothers. Other than that, factors coming under Mars include different types of surgeons, engineers, military personnel, war, violence, blood, and immovable property. Mars is also known as Bhumiputra, thus the condition of land in your property, whether you’re investing in a plot or a house or not, and everything else will also depend on the positioning of Mars planet in the horoscope. Excellent Mars will provide success to individuals in real estate. If we talk about the position of Mars in the horoscope, it is considered to be most auspicious in the third, sixth, and eleventh house. Its position in the tenth house is considered very good. But, the presence of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope will create Manglik Dosh and lead to different troubles in married life. However, there are different circumstances in which Manglik Dosha gets eliminated. Mars-dominated people are stubborn in nature and thus are capable of achieving different things in life. Let us now discuss Mars transit 2024, its tithi, and the zodiac signs in which the transit will happen:

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Mars Transit 2024: Date And Time

From Zodiac To Zodiac Date Day Time
Sagittarius Capricorn 5 February Monday 21:07
Capricorn Aquarius 15 March Friday 17:42
Aquarius Pisces 23 April Tuesday 08:19
Pisces Aries 1 June Saturday 15:27
Aries Taurus 12 July Friday 19:03
Taurus Gemini 26 August Monday 15:40
Gemini Cancer 20 October Sunday 15:04

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Let us know about the effects of Mars transit 2024 on different zodiac signs:


Mars transit in its own sign,Aries, is very vital as it ensures the rise of impulsiveness and dignity in the lives of people. There will be an increase of energy levels in your life and will become active. You will like to take initiative for the completion of different tasks. There will be brightness in your nature due to the Mars transit effects. You will gain proficiency in various activities and thus your self-confidence will increase. You will try to do all your work by yourself and this will provide a sense of satisfaction to individuals. As per Mars transit 2024, it will be a crucial time for your professional life as you can likely adopt new paths in the professional areas. There will be dynamism in the thoughts of Mars natives. This is what you present before everyone and there will be good team collaboration with the work colleagues. But, you will not even realize that you might become isolated from the team and start doing every work yourself. It will be the time of career progression in your career as you will start making progress in different ways. The skills to do business and good decision making will rise and this will result in positive business changes. You will remain optimistic in your professional future and will like to do some new activities that will benefit the natives in the future. In the life of Aries natives, playfulness will increase and during this period, they will adopt the hobby of playing a new sport. The player inside you will get awakened. In this period, you will have mischief just like small children, but this will make it easier for natives to look at life in a positive way. There will be clarity in your words and you will try hard not to harm people around you. But, because of haste, some people can face trouble due to their actions. Try to keep your energy and anger under control during this period as it can affect your relationships. Your health and behavior can also deteriorate in the timeline. The Mars transit 2024 in Aries will prove beneficial for Gemini, Cancer, and Leo natives.

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Remedy: On Tuesday, visit the Hanuman’s temple and offer four bananas to him.


The Mars transit 2024 inTaurus, which is ruled by Venus planet, is a vital event as it is a stable zodiac sign and in it, the Mars transit plays a major role in changing the lives of individuals. During the period of this transit, the Taurus natives will strive to achieve different goals with full determination and will be able to achieve many types of goals. Acquire real estate property in this period as the presence of Mars in the earth sign Taurus will enhance the overall materialism among people. The natives will take the right steps to achieve the desires of materialistic pleasures and will work hard to complete their desired efforts. Because of Mars transit effects, people will keep trying to fulfill their dreams and also their dreams will be fulfilled. In this timeline, the Taurus natives will get all the success in achieving different goals in life. There can be a lack of patience in this period and it will cause different types of troubles. Their energy levels will be at their peak and will be able to complete all the small & big tasks. The Taurus natives won’t feel tired or afraid of troubles in their personal and professional life. Your attraction towards the opposite sex will increase naturally. If you’re still single then there are chances of entry of a special person in your life and it will increase the overall romanticism. If you’re involved in a relationship, then it will get much stronger due to the transit. There are chances of going on a short trip or dinner with your love partner. Spending romantic time with your spouse will make married people feel lighter in life and share strong feelings with their partner. It will strengthen the overall relationship. During this period, the natives may have the desire to eat more spicy or hot food which can result in stomach-related health troubles in your life. This transit in Taurus will prove very special for the natives of Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius zodiacs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, distribute jaggery and gram prasad to the children.


The lord ofGemini sign is Mercury. As Mars transit in Gemini, the natives will get the opportunity to make vital decisions. As per the Mars Transit 2024, the natives will have versatility in them. You will be able to do different tasks simultaneously but can fulfill the saying in English - ‘Master of None, Jack of All’, which means that natives won’t be able to achieve mastery in any task. But there won’t be any work that the natives will not be able to do because they will be taking up different tasks at once. Thus, it will be troublesome for you to complete tasks in a good manner and at the right time. Your ability to make decisions will improve but you may be lagging behind due to hurriedness. During this period, new business deals will result in your overall betterment. The decision-making ability of the natives will be good and it will keep you ahead of others in your surroundings. The period will be very good for you if you are involved in any professions like TV, media, journalism, etc., and get respect & promotions across your field. It will be vital for the natives to be careful regarding relationships and it will be harmful to have a critical attitude in your relationship. Instead of focusing on yourself, you will find faults in others and it won't do any good in the relationships. Your love relationship will remain normal and you might spend a lot of time with friends. These friends will be helpful for friends and get good progress in your business. You will get happiness from short trips. There will be full of energy inside you and will have all the courage. You will be better poised to take new business risks. The overall health of natives will improve and also get relief from old health troubles. The Mars transit 2024 in Gemini will bring favorable results for the natives of Aries, Virgo, and Capricorn zodiacs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, you need to recite Hanuman Chalisa.

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The lord of theCancer zodiac is the Moon and it is referred to as a water element. When Mars's transit happens in Cancer sign, there will be a union of fire and water, as Mars is the planet of fire element, and the presence of Mars in Cancer is also considered in its debilitated sign. Although, Moon and Mars are mutual friends, but still, Mars transit 2024 can bring mixed results for the natives. If you are born in Cancer Lagna, the Mars transit effect will be very good for you as Mars becomes a Yoga karaka planet for you Lagna and has the capability to provide suitable results like Rajyoga. If the debilitating Mars isn’t breaking, then in many cases it can cause behavioral troubles and health concerns in the lives of people. The unfavorable transit of Mars will cause blood impurity or irregular blood pressure and may provide extra anger in your nature and this may create troubles in the personal relationships. During this period, you need to pay attention to your behavior and also treat everyone in a loving way. The good thing is that you will feel connected with the Earth during this period if Mars transit is favorable. You may enjoy wealth, especially across immovable properties like land, buildings, housing, & more. You will be emotional in nature but no challenge will be able to provide any trouble. You will support the family members and will go to any extent for them. There will be a determination to achieve your goals. Face challenges with strength and overcome them with your emotional and physical power. There can be problems in your love relationship due to your emotions, but romanticism will also rise in the relationship with your partner. You will be able to play a vital role in the family life and protect it correctly. The Mars transit 2024 will provide moderate results to the natives. This transit will also prove auspicious for natives of Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius zodiacs.

Remedy: You need to recite Shri Bajrang Baan daily.


Mars and the Sun are friendly planets and both of them are fire-dominant planets. Mars transits in the Sun's zodiac signLeo, and this zodiac sign is considered the factor of the fire element. This transit brings favorable results in the life of Leo natives and they will experience progress in life. If we talk about Leo Lagna, Mars is considered a Yogakarak planet and it is considered the zodiac lord’s best friend. The Mars transit in Leo brings a lot of good news for the natives. During this period, the abilities in your life increase and there will be a rise in overall dynamism. It is time to change the job if you are stuck in a certain kind of job and the chances of getting a new job with a higher salary & better position is very prominent. The skills of the students will rise and instead of involving someone to solve the problems, you will fix the troubles with your own skills. The business persons will progress due to strong willpower and enthusiasm. By taking risks, the natives can achieve success in the business. There will be chances of long journeys that will give you great benefits. You will be known as the leader under whom people will like performing the best way. You will be ready to learn something new in life. The natural inclination towards arts will rise. Avoid your arrogant nature as it can create different problems. Achieve success in every area of your life by keeping patience in life. The Mars transit 2024 will be favorable for zodiac signs like Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Remedy: Starting from Tuesday, chant the Beej mantra of Shri Mangal Maharaj on a daily basis.


Mars is the favorite zodiac sign of the Mercury planet. The Mars transit 2024 inVirgo is very crucial and it develops versatile talent within people. You can complete different tasks simultaneously easily. However, you might feel troubled due to mental conflicts and if someone harasses or teases you in some way, it can anger you and behave in a problematic way. There will be a lack of tolerance among natives and it impacts their lives negatively. One needs to maintain humility in their behavior during this period. You may also be successful in turning your hobbies or interests into a business. If you are a doctor, surgeon, or arms seller, then this transit will prove auspicious for you. There will be a rise in the work efficiency of natives. You will be able to complete different tasks in a better way than before, due to which it will provide suitable results across different tasks. Being organized in your work will provide success and suitable outcomes. The daily lifestyle will be affected due to it. The natives will also adapt to a new health routine and give importance to exercises in the daily routine. You will be passionate about a specific kind of work but despite your proficiency, you might feel nervous in front of specific officials. Try to avoid this habit and you will be able to achieve a lot of success in life. The Mars transit 2024 brings auspicious results to natives of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius zodiacs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, offer Chola to Hanuman Ji.

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The lord ofLibra is Venus and it has an equal relationship with Mars. Thus, Mars transit 2024 in Libra will provide moderately fruitful results in the lives of natives. Mars is a male-dominated planet, whereas Venus is considered a female-dominated planet. Thus, when Mars transit occurs in the Libra sign that is dominated by Venus, then it will be easy for natives to maintain the right level of mental balance. If you are troubled too much, then the natives can get agitated and angry, whereas under normal circumstances, you will be able to remain calmer in life and it will be also visible. There may also be fluctuations in your behavior. Your social activities will increase during this period and you will feel happy due to it. There will be a rise of generosity in your nature and will take part in good deeds like charity. The natives will feel good due to social activities. You will possess financial management capabilities in different work fields to provide you immense success. Your expenses will rise if you don’t act frugally at the right time. There will be a reduction of family disputes and the overall mutual tolerance will increase. You will be able to understand the views of others and your spouse will be devoted towards you. There are also chances of financial benefits for the natives. The Mars transit 2024 will prove beneficial for Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius zodiac signs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, offer raw milk in the roots of the banyan tree and use the wet soil to apply Tilak on your forehead.


In the Kalchakra,Scorpio is the zodiac sign of the eighth house and its lord is Mars planet. This is a sign representing the water element. In such conditions, the Mars transit in its own sign Scorpio becomes very vital. The charismatic charm of the natives will rise in the personality of individuals. You may become very popular among the people of the opposite sex and the inclination will naturally increase towards you. The power of perception will increase within you. The natives will get an intuition about the happenings of different events. During this period, you need to try and get out of your desires and try to gather knowledge as deeply as possible. This may lead to mental stress and health-related troubles among individuals. You would love to discover the origin of life. There will be a lot of life energy within you and there will be enthusiasm within you. In different cases, you will be more vocal than before, but you need to pay more attention to the thoughts & experiences of others. The natives will spend more time on your welfare and the family’s welfare. Your mental peace will be active during this timeline. The opponents will remain weak and won’t be able to do any harm to you if they desire to. For the happiness of your loved ones, you will be ready to go to any extent. In your love relationship, there will be more intensity and sweetness in the mutual relations. The natives might feel a deep attraction towards one of their close friends. From the business point of view, this transit is going to be moderate for the natives. The Mars transit 2024 will prove favorable for the natives of Taurus, Cancer, and Leo signs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, you need to chant the Beej Mantra of Mangal.


TheSagittarius sign is considered the factor of knowledge and it is the zodiac sign of the fire element whose lord is Jupiter and it is also the friend of Mars. The entry of planet Mars in the Sagittarius sign dominated by Jupiter will be considered progressive and favorable. There will be a rise of enthusiasm in your life and you will be able to work in a better way than before, which will raise the dynamism and progress in the lives of natives. You will be especially interested in courageous and advantageous tasks and take part in different activities in an enthusiastic way. In this period, you will move towards independent thinking and will acquire happiness by traveling to new places. There will be new energy in your life. In the year 2024, the Mars transit will help natives make new friends. There will be renewed interest in connecting with people from different cultures and places. The adventure travels will assist in making new friends. In this period, there will be aggression in the nature of people that may hurt the sentiments of your loved ones. In such conditions, you need to think with a cooler mind whether your behavior is causing harm to anyone or not. You will be able to make decisions quickly as there will be confidence in your actions. The behavior will be good and achieve recognition in society. During this period, your work will become the source of inspiration for natives. You will give attention to your beloved in your love relationship and will expect high expectations from them, that will hardly be fulfilled. This will make you feel uncomfortable and disappointed across events. Your cheerful nature will help you win everyone’s heart. The love and support of your family members will help you get out of trouble. The Mars transit 2024 will get good results for natives of Aries, Cancer, and Leo zodiac signs.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, you should recite Shri Sunderkand Ji.

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The lord of theCapricorn zodiac is Saturn, but in Capricorn Mars is considered to be in the highest state and in such condition, the Mar’s influence increases because it is the zodiac of the tenth house of Kalchakra. The presence of Mars makes the natives brave and courageous. Within you, your leadership skills will increase. This will make you disciplined and hardworking and also succeed in creating a self-identity at your workplace. During this period, there will be special energy within you that will be easy to control. Your nature will be humble and will take special care of your loved ones. During this period, you will be able to control your anger and your strength will be visible all over the place. You may achieve your professional goals that will ease the preparation of new plans and achieve top-level success in your career. During this period, there are chances of success in your business career if you are already doing a business. The circumstances will work in your favor and it will provide you success across legal matters. During this period, the natives will get benefits from land, buildings, houses, or immovable property. In different matters, you may showcase conservative ideology or traditional thinking, that won’t be very troubling for you but can irritate people a bit. In your personal life, you will try to improve and achieve success in your professional life. The Mars transit will provide wonderful results to the natives. You will show special loyalty to your partner and remain committed in terms of your love relationship. This will increase the trust among each other and deepen the relationship. You can surprise people around you with your special efficiency. Among people of the opposite sex, you will remain the center of attraction. This event will provide auspicious results to the natives of Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio signs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, donate red lentils to the Hanuman Ji’s temple.


Shani Maharaj is the lord of theAquarius zodiac and it is the factor of air element. The Mars planet is full of speed and it is dominated by fire elements. The Mars transit 2024 in Aquarius will raise dynamism in your life. It also generates innovation, confidence, energy, and passion in the lives of people. There will be enthusiasm within you and thus will assist in the completion of different tasks quickly. You can learn from the shortcomings and will increase the pace of your efforts. The natives may develop a sense of independence and will feel proud of themselves. You might start watching progress at your work and can become progressive. There will be the desire to make every work different from others in your mind and can sometimes surprise people. You will try to stay separate from persons who try to control you and in such a situation you might adopt a rebellious nature. You will prefer doing work with an open heart and independent thinking. You will develop an extrovert talent, will like to share creative ideas with people around you and will give importance to the thoughts of others. There will be positive energy within you and the positive work will be beneficial for you. People around you will be attracted towards you and they will like to talk & spend time with you. Achieve success in completing tasks timely. If we talk about your love relationship, you will give a lot of importance to your beloved, and along with yourself, you will be able to assist your beloved in achieving life goals. There will be a sense of wisdom within the natives. With the right efforts, you will be able to create the right situation to make the impossible tasks possible. There are chances of achieving great success across various fields in this period and will be able to complete work in a better way. This event will be favorable for natives of Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio signs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, plant a pomegranate plant in a garden and take care of it.


Pisces is the dual-natured zodiac sign and is considered the factor of water element. The lord of the zodiac is the friend of Mars planet, Devguru Jupiter. The passion for the fire element Mars will be prominent is such a sign and in the case of Mars transit in the water sign will appear in a different way. There may be a flood of emotions within you. At the start you need to understand, otherwise you may get trapped in the quagmire of emotions and might make some wrong decisions. The emotions like anger and resentment may become vocal but as you start coming out of the emotions, the natives can get rid of the troubles gradually. Your attitude towards the family members will be loving and affectionate. There will be a rise in love for the family members. They will become your ally and you will also support them with their tasks. You will carry out some creative experiments and there will be a rise of interest in creative work. The energy of your life will be water and fire, due to which you might feel disgusted at times and may get distracted. You will also feel uncomfortable in taking decisions correctly. Try not to be confused and keep your excess anger under control. As you show more patience, you may achieve more success in your career. There will be an inclination towards artistic matters like art and music. Your writing tendency will increase and will have the confidence to express yourself. During this period, life energies are going to be full of ups and downs. The natives will be honest in life and might showcase their impartial side to other people. You will follow the path of morality, and you may still be extremely sensitive. However, it will bring good times in your love life as you will love your beloved from the depth of your heart. You will keep a positive attitude towards your beloved. Other than that, you will prefer having dinner with them, going for a walk, watching a movie, etc., or giving them a gift. You will have a positive attitude and will be able to improve your professional life. During this period, you may become self-centered and the focus will be on your personal life rather than your professional life. As per Mars transit 2024, your relationship will be important for you during this period. You will put all the effort into taking full care of your family members. If someone in the family is ill, you will take care of their health too. During this period, there will be financial gains for the natives and the harmony in married life will increase. During this transit, luck will favor the natives and the doors of success will open in your life. The transit will prove auspicious for the natives of Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Remedy: On Tuesday, offer Paan to Hanuman Ji.

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