Gaj Kesari Rajyoga

Numerous types of yoga, including Panch Mahapurush Yoga, Parashari Rajyoga, Neechbhang Rajyoga, and Dhana Yoga, are said to be represented in the horoscope by astrology. One of these is Gaj Kesari Rajyoga. Numerous auspicious yogas are produced in the Kundli, according to astrology. Some of which are viewed as being highly lucky. One of the lucky yogas in the horoscope is the Gajkesari Yog. It is said that this yoga's effects have a significant chance of fostering economic growth.

Gaj Kesari Rajyog Ensures Success & Power To Madhuri Dixit

Additionally, there is a probability of getting promoted at work as a result of the effects of this yoga. In addition it is said that the person leads a very happy, and peaceful personal life too. At Astrosage, we try to give our readers some new information related to astrology and all aspects of it so that along with being an interesting piece of blog it enhances our readers knowledge too.

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What is Gaj Kesari Rajyoga?

If Jupiter and the Moon are placed in the birth chart's center of the subject's horoscope, a yoga known as Gajakesari is created. Gaj Kesari Rajyoga is created in the horoscope if these two planets are not connected to any malefic planet. This means that the auspiciousness of Gajakesari Yoga multiplies if neither of these two planets has a malefic or malefic effect. This yoga appears in a natal chart when Jupiter is in Kendra, which corresponds to the ascendant or the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses from the position of the planet Moon. It denotes a high level of knowledge and intelligence.

How is Gaj Kesari Yoga formed?

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter and the Moon should create a quadrant to establish Gajakesari Yoga. Because Jupiter bestows prosperity without conditions, it is known as the "King of Planets" and is viewed as a good planet. A Cancer native who has Jupiter, Moon, and Mars in Cancer will become affluent as a consequence of their diligent labor and blessings of God.

Jupiter and Moon in a favorable position causes people to shine for the rest of their life. These people's lives will always be filled with happiness, wisdom, prosperity, and helping nature.

Understanding Gaj Kesari Yoga Through Celebrity Horoscopes

Gaj Kesari Yoga & A Strong Saturn Blessed Madhuri Dixit With Powerful Career

Gaj Kesari Rajyog Ensures Success & Power To Madhuri Dixit

Let us take the example of the Dhak-Dhak girl of the nineties, the reigning queen of Bollywood of the yesteryears, Madhuri Dixit. As it is clearly visible that Madhuri belongs to the Libra (Tula) Lagna/Ascendant. Her rashi is Cancer which falls in her 10th house of career and profession. Moon, the lord of Cancer is posited in its own sign and Jupiter, the Dev Guru is also posited in the same house.

As we know that the Moon and Jupiter together form the famed Gaj Kesari Yoga so we see this yoga very clearly forming in the 10th house for Madhuri Dixit. Moreso, the nakshatra this yoga is forming in is the Pushya Nakshatra and Jupiter is said to be at its best when placed in Pushya Nakshatra.

Saturn, the lord of Pushya is placed in the 6th house (competition, debt, enemies). The reason she was always ahead of her competitor actresses of the 90’s is the placement of Saturn in Pisces. The formation of Gaj Kesari yoga is the reason she attained great fame during the whole span of her career and she enjoyed a rock solid career.

Other celebs who are blessed with the Gaj Kesari Yoga in their horoscopes are: Elizabeth (II)- Queen of England, Bill Clinton- The former President of the USA, David Cameron (former UK PM) and Akshay Kumar- Indian actor.

Beneficial Effects of Gaj Kesari Rajyoga

The people who lead worry-free, successful lives are those who have this yoga in their Kundli. While some more time may be required, the likelihood of living a lavish life is very high.

  • You will be strong and brave if Gajakesari Yoga is present in your particular Kundli.
  • You can develop your leadership skills through Gajakesari Yoga. If you practice this yoga, you'll be a terrific leader who inspires everyone with wise counsel and inspiring talks.
  • Fame and wealth usually follow you.
  • You will also profit from having these items, such as a nice car and an opulent home.
  • stable financial situation
  • Reputation in Society
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Visionary, strong, courageous, high wisdom

How Will Gaj Kesari Rajyoga Be Formed For Each Ascendant?


The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter is very advantageous if the Ascendant of the birth chart is Aries. They will undoubtedly produce positive and significant effects if they create a conjunction in the second house, fourth house, or fifth house.


For Taurus natives if Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed in the ascendant where Moon will be in an exalted state will be positive. Though we cannot consider the Gaj Kesari yoga a benefic one for this ascendant as Moon rules the 3rd house and Jupiter rules the 8th and the 11th house. Both these planets are not benefic planets for this ascendant hence, Taurus natives will not be very positively impacted by this Yoga being formed in their natal charts.


If this yoga for Gemini natives forms in the 2nd house, 7th house, 10th house or the 11th house it is going to yield beneficial results in all aspects of life along with blessing the native with excessive wealth and material luxuries.


The Gaj Kesari Yoga for Cancer natives will be beneficial if it is formed in the ascendant, 2nd house, 5th house, 6th house, 9th house, 10th house. The native will have all his desires fulfilled.


The Gaj Kesari Yoga for Leo ascendant will give excellent results if formed in the 1st house, 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, 12th house.


For Virgo ascendants this Yoga would not be able to reap great results but still would give good results in the 4th house, 7th house or the 11th house. It would help virgo natives immensely if they are involved in the business of pearls, milk, education sector, etc.


For Libra natives this yoga may not reap good results but still would give good results if it is formed in the 10th house.


For Scorpio natives this yoga would turn out to be very beneficial as both Moon as well as Jupiter are friends with Mars and functional benefits for people belonging to this ascendant. This yoga would give particularly good results if it is formed in the 2nd house, 5th house, and the 9th house.


The Gaj Kesari Yoga would give excellent results if formed in the Lagna (1st house), 4th house and the 8th house.


The Gaj Kesari Yoga yields beneficial results for the Capricorn ascendant if it is forming in the 7th house only. In other houses it will not be as effective.


The Gaj Kesari Yoga sadly will not be beneficial in any house for Aquarius Ascendant.


This yoga can give excellent results in the ascendant (1st house), 5th house, 10th house and the 11th house. It can bestow excellent results from the career perspective and love related matters too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Do planets other than Moon and Jupiter also play a part in forming the Gaj Kesari Yoga?

Ans. No, just Moon and Jupiter conjunct together in the same house or aspecting each other form this yoga.

Ques2. What cancels the Gaj Kesari Yoga present in a horoscope?

Ans. Any malefic aspect of another planet and the presence of Jupiter or Moon in their debilitated or enemy sign cancels the yoga.

Ques3. What is the significance of the Gaj Kesari Yog?

Ans. The Gaj Kesari Yoga blesses an individual with extreme fame, power, position and a lustrous career.

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