Venus Transit In Pisces (31 March 2024)

Venus Transit In Pisces (Sunday 31 March 2024)Venus will transit Pisces on Sunday, March 31, 2024, at 16:31 p.m. Venus is regarded a very important planet in Vedic astrology because it offers all of life's comforts and luxuries. Venus will stay in Aquarius until March 31 at 16:31 pm, then it will transit into Pisces. Pisces is considered Venus' exalted sign. It will remain here until 23:44 p.m. on April 24, 2024, then it will enter Aries. While Virgo is considered Venus's debilitated sign, Venus is at its most powerful in Pisces. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, luxury, happiness, success, and abundance in life. It offers sexual pleasure in life, love, and various forms of richness to the person, so the transit of Venus is highly important in Vedic astrology, and when the transit of Venus is in Pisces, its value grows even more. Now, Venus will transit on March 31, 2024.

 Venus Transit In Pisces On 31 March, 2024

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Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It is regarded to be in its debilitated and exalted position in Virgo and Pisces, respectively. Venus becomes more successful in offering all types of comforts while it is in its exalted position, hence the transit of Venus in Pisces is quite important in Vedic astrology. It is worth noting that in the Pisces sign of Jupiter, the guru of the gods, Venus, the guru of the demons, gets exalted, bestowing full knowledge and all kinds of luxuries and facilities on the individual.

Venus, after Mercury, is considered the fastest moving planet in Vedic astrology, hence its transit occurs only during the Kama period; it changes zodiac sign in around 23 days. Venus is a brilliant planet. They are also known as morning stars. Now that Venus is about to transit its exalted sign Pisces, it will undoubtedly affect all of the zodiac signs and the individuals born under them, so let us know when Venus will transit Pisces and what effect it will have on your zodiac sign. What effect does it have?

Venus is said to be the planet of love. Aside from that, these planets bring vehicles, property, happiness, wealth, prosperity, opulence, and so on. If it is in a nice and favorable position in your horoscope, know that your life will be filled of love and comfort. You will have an incredible charm that will draw people to you. You won't have to long for any luxury. You will become affluent, but if Venus is weak and in an unfavorable position in the horoscope, it might lead to conflict in interpersonal relationships. You may have to confront disappointment in love in your life. Sexual weakness can sometimes cause you pain, and your need for pleasure may intensify. Love and happiness can only be attained in life via the grace of Venus, so you should work to enhance Venus in your horoscope to create compatibility.

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Venus rules the second and seventh houses in Aries, and when Venus will transit Pisces, it will enter the twelfth house.

The transit of Venus in the twelfth house may result in a significant increase in your expenses, but you should not be concerned because Venus will provide you with the same amount of money to pay these bills. During this time, you will spend to your heart's delight on your happiness and resources, and you will receive an adequate amount of money. You should be cautious and try to control your spending habits. There is an opportunity of going abroad. You can also go on a vacation, but regardless of how much money you have and spend, you should aim to expand your wealth to some amount so that you do not have financial difficulties later. During this time, your comfort and amenities will improve. You will receive love from your community. Your opponents will appear to have overshadowed you. This Venus transit will help you advance professionally. You must be mindful of your eating and living habits; otherwise, health issues may arise, necessitating a visit to the doctor.

Remedy:On Friday, offer hibiscus flowers to the Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Aries Horoscope 2024


Venus transit in Pisces is always significant for Taurus people since it is not only the lord of your zodiac sign, but also the lord of your sixth house, and Venus will enter your eleventh house during this transit.

The transit of Venus in the eleventh house will result in a significant boost in your income. Your income will grow steadily, allowing you to achieve your goals. Your long-held dreams will come true. Your pending work will begin to be finished. Your projects that were stalled owing to a lack of cash or for other reasons will resume gradually, with the possibility of financial reward. During this time, you can also express your interest in purchasing a new vehicle. This will be an excellent moment for love relationships. Sweetness will increase in your relationship with your loved one. There will be chances for love and passion among them. Your partnership will be more mature than before. Will spare one another's life. If you adore your lover, you can propose marriage to him/her. On the other hand, married people may get positive news from their children. Students will get positive academic outcomes. You'll also feel like reading. Even if you wish to study, your mind will be preoccupied with other activities, but you will be able to study with ease, resulting in good success. Salaries for employed persons appear to be rising. If you run a firm, this transit will benefit you and lead to progress.

Remedy:During Shukla Paksha on Friday, place a diamond or opal gemstone in a silver ring and wear it on your ring finger.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


Venus is a beneficial planet for Geminis because it is amicable to your zodiac lord Mercury. It's the lord of your twelfth and fifth houses, respectively, according to your zodiac sign. The transit of Venus in Pisces will now take place in your zodiac sign's eleventh house.

Venus entering your tenth house indicates slight troubles at work. You will need to work carefully in your workplace; it is best if you avoid irrelevant gossip and gossip and focus only on your work. Avoid the urge to show off your work and instead focus on working hard. You might at times behave impulsively, making the other person feel awful and giving the impression that you want to humiliate them. As a result, you may encounter challenges at work. However, your own happiness will grow. There will be harmony within the family. There will be mutual love. You will focus on the house's decoration. You can incur new expenses for the improvement of your home. There may be ups and downs in romantic relationships during this time. Yes! You may fall in love with someone at work and open your heart to a coworker.

Remedy:You should seek the blessings of little girls while touching their feet.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses in the Cancer zodiac sign, and it will transit in Pisces in the ninth house.

This Venus transit will occur in your lucky house, from which you will focus on long trips. You'd want to explore new places. You'll enjoy seeing beautiful sites and doing long-distance travels with your loved ones. These travels can help you build your business and make new acquaintances. This will also open up opportunities for growth in business. During Venus transit In Pisces, your problems will be reduced, and you will have more luck. You will have many opportunities for financial benefit. If any work has been lingering for a long time, it will soon be completed. Works that have stopped will resume. During this time, you may notice changes in your job and be presented with a significant opportunity to accept a new job. You will also be interested in religious activities, and you may be involved with a religious organization. During this time, your respect in society will grow. The social circle will grow. This will be a good time for your siblings, as well as for you and your friends. This time will make you happy.

Remedy:RecitingShri Siddha Kunjika Stotram will be favorable for you.

Cancer Horoscope 2024


The Venus Transit in Pisces will occur in the eighth house of the Leo zodiac. Venus rules the third and tenth houses for you.

You may be able to earn money as a result of Venus' transit in the eighth house. A quick and unexpected money gain may occur, improving your financial status. If you have previously invested in the stock market or elsewhere, now is the moment to reap big returns and make good money. You will make progress in religious issues during this period, but you will also spend secretly. If you are in a love relationship, you will do your best to hide it, but make sure you do not engage in any kind of task that may result in defamation later. If you are married, you will receive affection and support from your partner. Your interactions with your in-laws will improve. There may be a wedding at someone's in-laws' house, or you will be able to attend a birth ceremony. This will be an opportunity to make growth in business. However, you will need to pay special attention to your health because you may be under pressure at work, and your eating habits will be unbalanced, causing your health to suffer. You may have some ups and downs at work, but you can tackle the problem using your secret methods.

Remedy:During Venus transit in Pisces, you should recite Venus planet Beej Mantra.

Leo Horoscope 2024


Venus is the lord of the second and ninth houses in the Virgo zodiac, and this transit will occur in the seventh house.

The Venus transit in Pisces will be beneficial to you. In your marriage, you will experience more love. There will be opportunities for mutual harmony. Your relationship with your partner will become more romantic. You will devote sufficient time to each other. The distance between them will be reduced, and the differences will be settled. The atmosphere in the house will likewise become one of love. You'll be happy together, and you'll pay attention to everything going on at home.This transit will benefit business. There may be some new deals in your business, and effective collaboration with your business partner might be a success factor for the development of your business. You can also travel a long distance to spend time with your spouse. If you work, this is an opportunity to advance your career. There will be opportunities for improved health as a result of fewer health issues. Your personality will improve, and you will become more attractive to others. This season will bring you happiness and progress, as well as the love of your loved ones.

Remedy:You should chant Sri Sukta every day.

Virgo Horoscope 2024


Venus transit in Pisces can be highly important for Libras because it is not only the lord of your zodiac sign, but also the lord of your eighth house, and Venus will enter your sixth house during this transit.

The Venus transit will have a significant impact on your opponents. You will triumph over your rivals. Apart from this, if any case awaits in the court or the legal system, it may come in your favor. However, you will notice a significant increase in your expenses as well. You may attain good achievement after some hardship and effort, but you have to work first. You will be working in pleasant surroundings. Your working conditions will be nice, therefore you will enjoy working. If you are doing business, you may have some concerns and may be confused, but you do not need to worry; if you work calmly, everything will be OK in the future. There will be the possibility of traveling abroad, so if you wish to go, you can plan accordingly. During this period, there will be opportunities to invest funds in business. This is a great period for the children, and they will succeed in their fields. You need to be mindful of your health because you may experience health issues during this time. If you have diabetes, you must exercise extra caution because the disease has a risk of worsening during this period. It is advisable to avoid buying any property during this time.

Remedy:You should recite Shri Mahalakshmi Mantra with crystal rosary.

Libra Horoscope 2024


Venus is the lord of Scorpio's seventh and twelfth houses, and it will transit into Pisces in your fifth house.

This Venus transit in your fifth house will increase love relationships. There will be plenty of romance between you and your partner. You won't be able to live without each other and want to spend more and more time together. We will attempt to keep each other pleased. You will go to any length to make each other happy, even if it means spending time together and giving each other things. This is the time to let your love flourish. If you are still single and have not met anyone, now is the moment for a special person to enter your life and show you love. During this time, there may be opportunities for career changes, and you may find a new position with a decent wage. Talks about your marriage may continue, and you will have time to be delighted about it, as your marriage may be verified and some people may marry. Your income will rise over this period. You will experience the joys of having a child. You can also study overseas. This transit will make it much easier for students to access school. You will be able to reap the benefits of your previous hard work. Married people will have the opportunity to grow closer to their partner. Venus transit In Pisces may be a time of happiness for the family.

Remedy:On Friday, you should prepare rice Kheer and offer it to the Mother Goddess, then accept that offering as Prasad and feed it to everyone in the family.

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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Venus is the lord of Sagittarius' sixth and eleventh houses. The transit of Venus in Pisces will now take place in the fourth house of your zodiac sign.

You will experience happiness as a result of Venus transit in Pisces. The atmosphere in your home will be filled with love. Mutual harmony among family members will improve. Your comfort will enhance. You can buy a new movable or immovable property, or a vehicle. Some new family gatherings may be planned in which relatives and friends will attend, creating an environment of activity and excitement in the house. During this period, you must monitor your mother's health as it may decline and lead her to get ill. During this time, you will also focus on the decoration and cleanliness of the house. You will bring luxuries into the house, making life easier for family members and creating a happy environment. It is not that you will prioritize your personal life over your professional life; rather, you will be able to reinforce your position based on solid job performance. This transit has the possibility of bringing great success to businessmen.

Remedy:On Friday, offer Shivalinga raw rice and anoint Shri Shivaji with milk and curd.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


Venus is a key planet for Capricorns since it rules your triangle house, fifth house, and center house, tenth house, and the transit of Venus in Pisces will occur in the third house of your zodiac.

During Venus transit in Pisces, there is a chance you may take short journeys. You and your companions will wander around a lot. You will spend your time having fun and enjoying wonderful moments. During this time, your expenses will rise, but you will be happier. You are welcome to visit your relatives. There will be visits from relatives to your home as well. If you are married, you can embark on a small, meaningful, and thrilling journey with your spouse. You will have positive relationships with your coworkers and strive to improve them, which will benefit you as well. Your ties with your siblings will improve. You would like to do something for them. You can bring new gifts for them. This moment will be advantageous for business. You will get to meet new individuals, which will be advantageous to your business. During this time, you will need to put in more effort to make development in all areas.

Remedy:On Friday, you should wear a crystal rosary.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


Venus is the Yoga Karaka planet for Aquarians since it rules the fourth and ninth Trikona houses. Venus transit in Pisces will occur in the second house of your zodiac sign.

This Venus transit will bring about affection in the family. Some new family functions, such as wedding ceremonies or childbirth programs, may be scheduled, resulting in the mobility of guests throughout the house. You'll have the opportunity to try different cuisine. Your speech will be sweet. Whatever you say, people will understand it with love and be drawn to you. Your comfort will enhance. There will be opportunities for financial benefit. Your bank balance will improve, which will make you happy. However, you must remember that when talking to someone, do not use arrogant speech; otherwise, others may consider your remarks seriously. Try not to show off. Avoid eating unbalanced meals; else, your health will suffer. If you ignore this, you risk developing toothaches, oral ulcers, and a sore throat. This will be a good time for you professionally. You may benefit from buying and selling property. Long journeys will produce financial gains. There will be an increase in your bank balance, but you can also invest it somewhere worthwhile.

Remedy:Wear a high-quality diamond or opal gemstone on your ring finger on Friday.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


The transit of Venus in Pisces will also be significant for Pisceans because it will occur in their own zodiac sign. Venus rules your natal chart's third and eighth houses. In such a case, the emergence of the lord of these houses in an exalted position will be remarkable to you.

The effect of this Venus transit will cause your nature and personality to change. However, love and affection will appear in your words, attracting people to you. Your demeanor will also improve. Your remarks will be well-received. There will be opportunities for improved health. There will be fewer sicknesses. You will win over your opponents. The more effort you put in, the greater the benefit. Some surprising money gains will benefit your financial situation. Your intimate relationships will grow and deepen. During this time, your sudden marriage may also occur. If you start a business, there is a good chance it will develop and collect momentum. You will have the support of your siblings and sisters and gain from it. You may also receive positive support from your in-laws.

Remedy:On Friday, you should take a bath with water and curd.

Pisces Horoscope 2024

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