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Home » 2013 » Festivals » Sharad Navratri 2013 Published: January 16, 2013

Sharad Navratri 2013 - Time to Garba & Celebrate Durga Puja

Girls performing Garba during Sharad Navratri

Sharad Navratri in 2013 is going to be celebrated from 5th of October to 13th of October. Amongst 5 Navratri of a year, Sharad Navaratri is of the highest importance. Mostly people know Navratri by Sharad Navratri only and they celebrate Navratri once in a year. Hence, amongst 5 Navratris, Sharad Navratri is known by all and is celebrated with great fervor across the globe.

Dates of Sharad Navratri in 2013

Sharad Navratri 2013 Days Gregorian Days Dedicated Goddess
Sharad Navratri Day 1, Pratham 5-October-2013; Saturday Shailputri
Sharad Navratri Day 2, Dwitiya 6-October-2013; Sunday Brahmcharini
Sharad Navratri Day 3, Tritiya 7-October-2013; Monday Chandraghanta
Sharad Navratri Day 4, Chaturthi 8-October-2013; Tuesday Kushmanda
Sharad Navratri Day 5, Panchami 9-October-2013; Wednesday Skanda
Sharad Navratri Day 6, Shashthi 10-October-2013; Thursday Katyayani
Sharad Navratri Day 7, Saptami 11-October-2013; Friday Kalratri
Sharad Navratri Day 8, Ashtami 12-October-2013; Saturday Mahaguri
Sharad Navratri Day 9, Navami 13-October-2013; Sunday Siddhidatri

The tenth day of Sharad Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijayadashami.

About Navratri

Navratri is a nine day Hindu festival, which comes five times in a year. The festival of Navratri is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga and her nine main incarnations. Throughout the nine days each incarnation of Maa Durga is worshipped. Navaratri is a Sanskrit word, which has been made combining two words - Nava & Ratri. Nava means nine and Ratri means night. Sharad Navratri is the most important one amongst all 5 Navratri. Let's know more on Sharad Navratri.

About Sharad Navratri in 2013

Sharad Navratri in 2013, like every year, is beginning from the bright fortnight of the Hindu month Ashwin and goes upto the tenth day according to Hindu calendar. As Hindu calendar is a lunar calendar, sometimes this nine day festival expands or contracts in terms of days as compared to Gregorian calendar. India is not less than a continent itself, therefore each festival is celebrated in different form in each part of India, and same is the case with Navratri. Let's now know more on the celebration of Navratri.

Sharad Navratri Celebration

Let's start the celebration of Sharad Navratri in 2013 from North India. As Sharad Navratri wraps up with Dussehra, Kullu of Himachal Pradesh is famous for this last day celebration.

In Gujarat, Navratri is one of their main festivals and they welcome it with Garba as well as Durga Pooja. At different areas of the state, people set up Pandals with Garba groups and live orchestra. Along with Garba, there is a dance form 'Dandiya-Raas' which is quite famous in Mumbai and Gujarat. Since last few years, Gujarat Government has increased its tourist count by arranging "Navratri Festival Celebrations". People from many countries participate in this festival, including Canada, UK and USA.

On the other hand, Goa has its special way of celebrating Navratri. Zatra begins during Navratri there and entire (Ponda) Antruz is highly ornate. Saraswat Brahmin temples are incredibly decorated and the idols are brought out for worship. Idols are beautifully dressed as well as adorned with vermillion, sandalwood paste, turmeric as well as flowers. Devotees visit the idols in huge mass to get blessings and Kaul Prasad, which is considered to be given by Gods directly. At the time of Navratri the 10 sisters of Goa, Dasha Maitrikas are taken out to worship. These are named as - Shantadurga, Aryadurga, Mahalasa, Katyayani, Mahamaya, Kamakshi, Vijayadurga, Bhumika, Mahalakshmi and Navadurga.

People of Tamil Nadu make steps and place idols on the top. They name these idols - Golu.

Karnataka people worship the items of daily use, say computer, books, vehicles and kitchen tools on the day of Ayudh Puja, which is the last day known as Mysore Dasara. Basically, people worship the item related to their work. For example, farmers worship their plough.

Similarly, festival of Sharad Navratri is celebrated all over India in different forms, as it is to commemorate the arrival of Goddess Durga. Sharad Navratri is the biggest and longest festival of India. That is why it has a great significance amongst all the countries across seven seas. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Durga during this time brings immense prosperity and fortune in the lives of devotees.

With this article on Sharad Navratri 2013, we hope you get the immense love and blessings of Maa Durga and experience her glory. With best wishes, wish you a very happy festival of Sharad Navratri 2013!

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