Eclipse 2024

We are providing all the crucial information to the AstroSage readers about eclipses occurring in the year 2024 along with New Year wishes. The Eclipse 2024 article provides complete information related to solar eclipse or lunar eclipse. This is the article where you can get all the details related to different lunar eclipses and the number of solar eclipses in the year 2024. Confirm the specific date & time related to the start and end of eclipse in 2024 and check the details of major areas across the globe where the eclipse will be visible. Also, it provides information on whether the 2024 eclipse will be visible in India or not.

Read About Solar Eclipse 2024 And Lunar Eclipse 2024

This detailed article has been prepared by the reputed astrologer Dr. Mrigank Sharma of AstroSage, keeping in mind the Eclipse of 2024. We hope that this article proves to be important for you about Eclipse 2024 and thus strengthens the overall knowledge about the coming eclipses in the year 2024. This will assist you in improving your overall outcomes in life.

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Before getting the details on many eclipses occurring in the year 2024, let us check what exactly eclipses refer to and what's the reasons behind the curiosity of people. In simple terms, it can be referred to as the astronomical phenomenon that keeps occurring at regular time intervals due to the movement of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth. We all are familiar with the concept that the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon revolves around the Earth, Earth gets light from the Sun, and thus the Moon gets illuminated by it. Because of the movements of the Moon and the Earth, there are situations arising when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and sometimes the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. In such conditions, wherever the sunlight doesn’t fall on it, it becomes a darker area for some time and so becomes inferior to the sunlight. This astronomical condition is referred to as an eclipse.

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Let us check the details of the eclipse, and let us move to try to learn details about the eclipses in the year 2024 through this article, its relevant dates, and time. Here check the situation of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. In which areas the eclipse will be visible, i.e. in which spots the eclipse can be viewed, and will it be visible in India or not. Along with it, get details of the astrological religious significance of the Eclipse 2024. When will the Sutaks of the eclipse occur and where will the effects be observed? What should be done at the time of eclipses and which things should be avoided? Read all the relevant information on Eclipse through this special article. The readers need to go through it from the start to the end and with the details can prepare fully to avoid the eclipses in the year 2024. You need to keep in mind the things that should be avoided in the eclipse and this will help you achieve happiness, prosperity, success, and peace in your life.

Which Eclipses Will Occur In The Year 2024?

Talking about Eclipse 2024, there will be three types of eclipses, out of which there will be two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse. Other than that, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is also going to happen. Keep in mind that a Penumbral lunar eclipse is not considered an eclipse as the moon’s radiance remains dull and doesn’t get affected. Hence, this is not considered a complete eclipse and this is the reason behind no mention of the Sutak period or things relating to it. The other thing to keep in mind is whether it is a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, the area in which the eclipse is visible, the relevant Sutak period and rules are applied, and not the other areas. The natives will be able to complete all the work without trouble. It should be kept in mind that in India, both the solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse won’t be visible, hence their Sutak period and other rules are not applied in the region.

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Even if we know that Eclipse 2024 is not visible In India, it will definitely be seen somewhere and thus will impact the lives of people in that region. Hence, you might be interested in knowing why both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are separately written and what they really mean. Although you might know about it, we want to tell you again about solar and lunar eclipse. Let us now understand the detailed information related to solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Now let us know about the time of the first solar eclipse and lunar eclipse of the year:

Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan)

As we have told you in the above section, an eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. In a familiar way, a solar eclipse is an astronomical situation in which the Earth, at the time of revolving around the Sun on its orbital path, comes to a position in which the Moon comes in between the Sun & Earth and all the three come in a specific line. In this special situation, the Sun’s rays don’t reach the Earth’s surface for a limited period because the Sun’s light reaches the Moon before reaching the Earth and the Moon’s shadow covers the Earth. Thus, the Sun’s light does not reach the Earth for some period. In such conditions, the Sun looks to be affected when seen from the Earth. This means that for some time a complete black shadow and then a partial black shadow are visible from the earth. Such a situation is referred to as Solar Eclipse. When the entire Sun gets affected by the Moon then it is known as a solar eclipse and when it happens partially, then the situation is known as a partial solar eclipse. At times, when the distance between the both appears to be greater, then the Moon’s shadow looks to be in the middle of the Sun and it appears to be shining like a bracelet when the sunlight is seen around it. The situation is also referred to as Kankanakriti or Valyaakar solar eclipse.

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Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan)

Let us now discuss the Lunar Eclipse after the Solar Eclipse. As discussed earlier, the eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon, and similarly, a lunar eclipse is also a type of astronomical phenomenon. The situation is formed when the Earth revolving around the Sun and the Moon revolving around the Earth comes to a specific position. It will result in Earth coming between the Moon and the Sun and will be in a straight line. In such a situation, there won't be any type of sunlight falling on the moon for some time period and thus, the moon’s state will appear to be dim. This type of condition is referred to as Lunar Eclipse. Such a situation results in sunlight not reaching the Moon directly. The Earth’s shadow will be covering most parts of the moon and this will be known as Lunar Eclipse. As the shadow of Earth covers the Moon completely, the situation is referred to as Total Lunar Eclipse. And, when this happens partially, then it is known as Partial Lunar Eclipse. Other than that, the situation occurs when the Moon passes through Earth’s Penumbra while revolving around the earth. In such a situation, it won't feel affected i.e. it won’t feel black and the brightness will remain for a minimal period. As it appears dark, then it will be known as Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Moon doesn’t get affected due to it, and so has not been called an eclipse, yet for the right details to the readers, we will provide the correct information.

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Sutak Period Of Eclipse: Sutak Period Of Solar Eclipse Or Lunar Eclipse

There is curiosity about Eclipse 2024 among people, and similarly one should have understanding of the rules to be followed as there is spiritual significance of the eclipse. Regarding the rules followed in Eclipse, one should be aware of the Sutak period of the eclipse. Sutak is the vital situation for both solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse. What do you mean by Sutak period? It is referred to as the timeline where the start or completion of any kind of auspicious tasks are prohibited and the period is considered very inauspicious. Talking about the Sutak’s solar eclipse period, it starts about four hours prior to the solar eclipse, i.e. before twelve hours and the Sutak period ends at the end of Solar Eclipse period. In the similar lines, the Sutak period starts three hours prior to the Lunar Eclipse, i.e. nine hours prior and the Sutak period ends with Lunar Eclipse’s end.

Any kind of auspicious task or period should be avoided during the Sutak period. During the timeline, if any kind of auspicious work is done without mistake, then there will be doubts in getting the auspicious outcomes. There will be real chances of getting auspicious results. As per the astrological details, Sun is the factor of soul & world and Moon is referred as the factor of mind & mother. As both of them are about to be eclipsed, the time will be considered as the crisis period and thus defined as the inauspicious Sutak period. The chances of success is almost negligible if auspicious work is done during the Sutak period. You need to know that, whether it is a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, natives need to start before the start of the eclipse period. It is advisable to perform havan at the eclipse period and once it ends, natives need to bathe again and complete the auspicious tasks like charity & others. In scriptures, we can also get the importance of the eclipses. Keep in mind, as soon as the eclipse ends, one should take a bath on an immediate basis and thus become physically & mentally pure. Only after that, the Sutak period will be considered over.

After so much discussion, let us now discuss the eclipses going to happen in the year 2024 and the specific timeline. Let us now get details of Solar and Lunar Eclipse 2024 that is going to happen in the year 2024.

Solar Eclipse 2024

At the initial stage, let us discuss the solar eclipse occurring during the year 2024. In this period, two solar eclipses are taking shape this year, the first solar eclipse is known as Khagras Solar Eclipse and will occur on the New Moon Day of Krishna Paksha of the Chaitra month, i.e. on the specific date of 08 April 2024, Monday. On the new moon day of Ashwin month Krishna Paksha, i.e. on 02 October 2024, Wednesday, the second solar eclipse that is known as Kankana Kriti Solar Eclipse will occur. The special thing related to solar eclipses is that these solar eclipses won’t be visible in India. It means that the solar eclipse won’t be visible in the country and this is the prime reason behind invalidity of the Sutak period. Let us collect the detailed information about two solar eclipses and irrespective of your presence in the specific corner of the world, know about this type of solar eclipse:

First Solar Eclipse 2024 – Khagras Solar Eclipse

Tithi Day And Date Solar Eclipse Start Time (Indian Standard Time) Solar Eclipse End Time Viewed Areas

Chaitra Month Krishna Paksha

Amavasya Tithi


08 April 2024

From Night 21:12 Till Night 26:22 (Till 09 April 2024 Morning 02:22)

Western Europe, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Mexico, North America (Except Alaska), Canada, Central America, Northern Parts Of South America, Northwest England, Ireland

(Not Visible In India)

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Note: Talking about Eclipse 2024, the specific time period of eclipses are given above in the table as per Indian Standard Time. This is referred to as the first solar eclipse of the year 2024, that will be Khagras i.e. total solar eclipse. Because of its invisibility in India, there won't be any kind of religious impact in the country or the Sutak period is considered very ineffective. In such a manner, every person will be able to continue with different activities in a smooth manner.

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In 2024, the first solar eclipse will start on 08 April 2024, from 21.12 pm (Monday) and will last till 09 April 2024, 02.22 am (Tuesday). This will be referred as the Total Solar Eclipse i.e. Khagras Solar Eclipse. It will take the shape under the Pisces sign and Revati Nakshatra. The zodiac sign of Devguru Jupiter is Pisces and it is the friendly sign of the Sun. On this special day, Venus and Rahu will be positioned along with the Sun. From the Moon, Saturn and Mars will be situated in the twelfth house and Mercury and Jupiter will be placed in the second house. The solar eclipse 2024 will be most effective for persons born in the Revati Nakshatra and also the nations related to it.

Second Solar Eclipse 2024 – Kankana Kriti Solar Eclipse

Tithi Day And Date Solar Eclipse Start Time (Indian Standard Time) Solar Eclipse End Time Viewed Areas

Ashwin Month

Krishna Paksha



02 October 2024


Till 21:13

After Midnight Till 27:17 (Till 03:17 am On 03 October)

Northern Parts Of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Artic, Chile, Peru, Honolulu, Antarctica, Argentina, Uruguay, Buenos, Aires, Bekaa Island, French Polynesia Ocean, South Part Of North America Fiji, New Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru

(Not Visible In India)

Note: Talking about Eclipse 2024, the time mentioned in the above table is as per Indian Standard Time. Such solar eclipse won't be visible in India and thus it is the reason no religious effects of this solar eclipse or Sutak period will be considered effective in India and all the individuals can complete the work duly.

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This will be the Second Solar Eclipse of the year 2024 and it will be a Kankana Kriti Solar Eclipse. It starts on 02 October 2024, Wednesday at 21:13 pm and ends on 03 October 2024, Thursday at 03:17 am. This Solar Eclipse will occur in the Virgo and Hasta constellation. On this day, the Moon, Mercury, and Ketu will be present with the Sun. They also have a full vision on the Devguru Jupiter and Maharaj Mars. The planet Venus will be positioned in the second house from the Sun and retrograde Saturn will be positioned in the sixth house. Such kind of solar eclipse will be effective for natives and countries born in Virgo zodiac and Hasta Nakshatra.

Lunar Eclipse 2024

In the above section, we have discussed Solar Eclipse that comes around Eclipse 2024. Talking about the Lunar Eclipse for the year 2024, there will be only one lunar eclipse occurring in this year and the date will be 18 September 2024, Wednesday. It is a partial lunar eclipse and it won’t be visible in India. Other than that, another Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will take place on 25 March 2024, Monday, and it won’t be visible in India either. It is not recognized as an eclipse and thus there won’t be any kind of valid Sutak period, and its importance will be negligible.

Lunar Eclipse 2024 – Khandagras Lunar Eclipse

Tithi Day And Date Lunar Eclipse Start Time (Indian Standard Time) Lunar Eclipse End Time Viewed Areas

Bhadrapada Month

Shulka Paksha


Wednesday, 18 September 2024 Till Morning 08:46 Till Morning 08:46

South America, Western Africa, and Western Europe

(As the time of Khandagras Lunar Eclipse Starts In India, The State Of Moonset Will Have Occurred In The Entire Country, thus the eclipse won’t be visible In India. Only At The Start Of Penumbra, There Will Be Moonset In North West India and North Southern Cities. Due To This, There May Be Blurring Of Moonlight For Some Time and Thus, In India It Won’t Fall the Category Of Eclipse as It Is Visible Partially In The Form Of Penumbra.)

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Note: If we discuss the Lunar Eclipse that comes under Eclipse 2024, the time mentioned in the table for Lunar Eclipse will be as per Indian Standard Time. This lunar eclipse is going to be partial i.e. segmental lunar eclipse. It won't be visible in India, because by the time Khandagras Lunar Eclipse starts in India, Chandrastra situation will have occurred throughout the country. Only at the start of Penumbra, there will be moonset in North-West India and North-South cities. It will result in a blurring of moonlight for some period. Thus, it will be visible in the Penumbra’s form, thus it won’t be taken in the eclipse category in India and when it isn’t an eclipse, then validity of its effects will be none.

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The Lunar Eclipse starts on 18 September 2024, Wednesday, from 07:43 am on the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of the Bhadrapada month i.e. as per the English calendar and it lasts till 08:46 am. This type of lunar eclipse falls under Pisces and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra. During the eclipse time, Rahu will be positioned with the Moon and Sun, and from the seventh house Venus and Ketu will be present.

From the Moon, Devguru Jupiter will be present in the third house, Mars in the fourth house, Mercury in the sixth house, and Retrograde Saturn in the twelfth house. This kind of Lunar Eclipse will prove to be vital for natives and countries born under Pisces zodiac and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2024

Tithi Day And Date Lunar Eclipse Start Time (Indian Standard Time) Lunar Eclipse End Time Viewed Areas

Phalgun Month

Shukla Paksha


Monday, 25 March 2024 Till Morning 10:23 Till 15:02 Afternoon

Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Southern Norway, Switzerland, North and South America, Japan, Eastern Part of Russia, The Rest Of Australia and New Zealand Except Western Australia, and Most of Africa

(Not Visible in India)

Note: As per Eclipse 2024, we have followed the Indian Standard Time for the time table given above. The Penumbral Eclipse isn’t termed as an eclipse and thus there won’t be any validity of Sutak period nor religious effects. You will be able to complete tasks in a smooth way, but this Penumbral Eclipse won't be visible in India. Hence, you will be able to complete the auspicious activities duly.

The start time of this Penumbral Eclipse is 10:23 am on the Full Moon Date of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun Month i.e. 25 March 2024, and continues till 15:02 pm.

In the year 2024, there will be a total of three main eclipses, out of which there will be two solar and one lunar eclipse. Other than that, a Penumbral Eclipse also takes shape.

What Should Be Done & What Shouldn’t Be Done During Eclipse Time?

The readers must have got an idea by now about the eclipse actually. What will be the status of Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse? How many types of solar eclipses are there and what is the specific time of eclipse in 2024 and what will be the Lunar Eclipse’s condition. Now we will provide details related to tasks that should be done during the eclipse period and which tasks should be avoided so that natives can take full advantage of it. During the eclipse period, the individual strives towards total improvement of one’s life with integrity & purity. Let us know about it:

  • For Eclipse 2024, it is crucial to get details of the Sutak period so that one can complete all their activities in a timely way and in the Sutak period, avoid doing the auspicious activities.
  • The Sutak period of Solar Eclipse starts 12 hours prior to it and the Sutak of Lunar Eclipse starts before 9 hours. As the time starts, avoid doing any kind of work, and carry out the auspicious tasks, when it is absolutely necessary. As soon as the period starts, avoid doing any kind of work. Take a bath definitely, as soon as the eclipse starts.
  • Also, take a bath after the end of eclipse so that you can remain pure.
  • One of the important things is to pay attention towards practical things like avoiding looking directly at the Sun with naked eyes during the Solar Eclipse. The direct vision of the eclipse can lead to eyesight troubles or other kinds of discrepancies.
  • During the eclipse period, avoid touching idols in your home and also stop entering any temple. Also, the temple doors will be closed during this time and open only after the end of eclipse.
  • If you aren’t very ill or very elderly or a child, then during the eclipse period avoid eating or cooking food.
  • During the eclipse, avoid doing any kind of sexual intercourse.
  • Also, during the eclipse time, avoid oil massage, haircut, beard or nails cutting.
  • During this period, don’t pick any kind of travel unless there is extreme compulsion for it.
  • Before the start of eclipse, the individual should put Kusha or Tulsi Dal in different food items like milk, curd, ghee, pickle, chutney, and murabba.
  • In case of illness, take medicines during this period.
  • In the case of pregnant women, they should avoid any kind of cutting, sewing, & weaving during the eclipse period and also don’t sleep during the period.
  • A thin paste of cow dung should be applied by the pregnant women on their abdomen; they should cover their head with a Pallu and apply a little Ocher.
  • The eclipse time is very crucial and during this period one should chant mantras as much as possible and also take a pledge of donating the right kind of items.
  • Chanting of Mantras during the eclipse period will result in auspicious outcomes.
  • The individuals should fill drinking water only after the eclipse.
  • Chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra during the eclipse period, if someone is falling very ill in the family and also get the beneficial outcomes.
  • During the eclipse period, perform Shraddha of the ancestors to get extremely fruitful results.
  • From the Sutak period till the eclipse, one should perform virtuous deeds by taking a suitable resolution for the charity. During this period, one should take bath in the holy river for getting beneficial results.

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Relevant Measures To Avoid The Ill Effects Of Eclipse

By now, you have got all the accurate details on tasks that should be done or avoided during the Eclipse 2024 period and Sutak period. Let us now understand the special measures to avoid the ill effects of the eclipse, so that you don’t suffer any kind of side effects due to it.

  • For both solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, one needs to read the religious texts or worship God during this specific timeline. Also, the chanting of mantras will provide auspicious outcomes.
  • If you have the resolve to donate things during the eclipse period, then as soon as the eclipse ends, individuals need to donate the right items to a Brahmin.
  • If the eclipse occurs in the zodiac or nakshatra or provides inauspicious outcomes, then during the eclipse period, one should chant the mantra of the ruling planet of the birth sign or the nakshatra correctly.
  • During the eclipse, one needs to chant the mantra related to Rahu and Ketu. Other than that, chant the mantras for the Sun and for the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse timeline.
  • If you desire, then donate as per your requirements. It will prove to be very auspicious for getting critical outcomes.
  • As soon as the eclipse achieves Moksha i.e. after the end of eclipse, the individuals need to take bath on an immediate basis, whether it is day or night time.
  • Other than that, as part of a special solution, if you wish, take a bronze bowl and fill it with a little desi ghee, then put a copper coin in it, and then look at the face. After that, donate it to needy persons and it will ensure relief from different troubles in your life.
  • To avoid planetary interference, one needs to bathe with the medicines for the planet immediately after the end of eclipse. This will ensure overcoming different troubles from your lives.

We Hope That Whatever Information Has Been Provided Here About Eclipse 2024 Will Prove Be Very Helpful For you. This Will Result To A Happy And Prosperous Life.

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