Monthly Cancer Horoscope

February, 2017


This month saturn will transit through your sixth house. Consequently, your opponents will fail to affect you negatively and you are going to dominate them. Your efficiency will be good enough and at the same time you will complete your incomplete tasks. Siblings need to be careful with their health. Stay alert in terms of finance, because you may have sudden financial losses, due to the transition of dragon’s head in the second house from your moon sign. Misunderstandings in family is expected. If we talk about your job, you have to maintain balance with your colleagues and also avoid getting into any controversy with your senior officials. Jupiter’s transit in the third house will strengthen your work and luck; whereas its third aspect on seventh house will improve your relation with your life partner. Your spiritual activity will increase due to dragon’s tail transition in the eighth house. On the other hand, your married life might get disturbed because of the transition of Sun in the seventh house. In terms of business, you might face some financial problems. Transition of Venus and Mars through the ninth house indicates happiness in the family. Your mother’s health will be good. You may go on a long trip related to your work. You may get success in your working area.


You need to be really alert in terms of finance. You might have a sudden increase in your expenditure due to transition of Dragon’s head through the second house. So you need to keep a control over your extra expenses. But don’t get upset because your financial situation may get better soon. You might get a huge monetary profit in your business due to transition of Sun through the seventh house. Along with this, Jupiter’s aspect on the XI house from your moon sign will make you earn more than the invested hard work. You may receive monetary benefits from stock market, lottery and gambling. But think properly before investing, it will be better for you. If your work is related to education, religious institute, orphanages, water, restaurant, fire, electronics, electricals, army, police department, garments manufacturing, import-export then there are chances of profit.


Your health will stay normal. Spirituality will increase in your behaviour. As we know that for mental peace we take help of spirituality which is not less than a treasure. Cold and Cough and eye related problem may trouble you. Drinking plenty of water will be beneficial for you especially when you are travelling. Milk and related products will be good for health. Morning walk and swimming are the best options for you to stay fit.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This time is very challenging for your marital life. Your partner might get aggressive. So, it will be good for you to keep control on your speech and try to keep yourself cool and calm. Your spouse needs to be careful in the matter of health. Albeit, Jupiter will aspect your seventh house, which would help you strengthen your relationship with your lover. For love matters, time is very good. You may see a glance of maturity in your lover’s behaviour. Your relation is expected to get better by each passing day. You may enjoy a delicious food with your partner in a restaurant.

Family & Friends

Due to transition of Venus in the ninth house from your moon sign, you will be mentally strong. Happiness will prevail in family. In order to spend some good time with your family, you may go on a long trip. Children will progress in education and concentrate more on their studies. Your parents will stay healthy and you will get their support. But, your siblings must take proper care of their health. Whereas Dragon’s head transit in the second house from your moon sign may create some problems in your familial life. On the other hand, Saturn’s transit through the sixth house, will increase your survival skill. You will have to work very hard for the amenities of life. This time will be good for your spiritual achievements because of Dragon’s tail transit in the eighth house. You may go to a pilgrimage. Along with this you might get support of a spiritual guru in this duration.


Arranging water for birds will be good for you.

Lucky Days

16, 20, 25

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