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Mercury Transit in Aries - May 9, 2018

Mercury is the planet of wisdom, speech and communication as per Vedic Astrology. It endows people with intelligence, logicality and rationality. People who are favoured by this planet are generally considered experts of Mathematics as well as better conversationalist. Mercury rules two Zodiacs, Gemini and Virgo and is generally a benefic planet, but when comes in proximity of malefic planets, it reflects negative impacts.

Mercury Transit In Aries

Mercury will transit in Aries on May 9, 2018 at 05:42 PM and will remain there till 08:31 in the morning of May 27, 2018. As this transit will influence all the Zodiacs, so read this article to know how it will influence yours.

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The period of Mercury transit would induce harshness in your tone. You might act icky towards people that you’re in close contact with. Some arguments may transpire, which if not tackled properly might escalate into huge breakouts. Health issues might hamper your professional and personal life. Lower abdomen related issues might trigger this. Skin infections and rashes might also be an issue for you during this period. Intellectually, this period would see you grow and prosper into a witty and practical person. You’ll enjoy the company of new people, who are of the same wavelength as you. Due to your bragging nature, you would take pride in exaggerating stuff. This duration would lure you to take a loan against your assets. But, you would be able to repay them in due time. A new hobby would find its course diverted towards you.

REMEDY: Seek blessings of transgenders


This period would be responsible for the steep rise in your expenditure. You’ll be shelling out much more than what you had expected or planned. The planet Mercury influences your behaviour to improve your communication skills. You’ll ace at social gatherings by being the belle of the ball. Students can expect the time to bear fruits of their hard labour in the form of excellent results. You’ll be focussed on achieving your dreams and attaining all your goals. But, the most important concern for you will be your well being. Due to too much work you’re more likely to exhaust yourself; refrain from doing that. With the onset of April, your health issues will subside and you’ll be able to rise up from the chaos. Love life would be a little troublesome in this duration because of your callous nature. You might plan to relocate from your current residence in this period. Take things at a slow pace as Mercury may impact your thinking system. Do not act out of spite or in a haste. A long distance trip is on the cards for some. Repaying a loan would seem like a piece of cake for you in this period. Opponents might try to pester you, but don’t sweat it, as you’ll surely have an upper hand over them.

REMEDY: Feed bread (Roti) to a black dog.


The Transit of the planet Mercury indicates a steady increment in your income. You’ll likely get hike in your salary, which will bring the party to your house. Family would be supportive; maintain a strict relationship wherein you share only the things they ‘need to know’. Your mind would surface with new ideas that would lead to a rise in your career. Prosperity would come to you. The Mercury Transit predictions foretell an improvement in your personal affairs. You’ll have to avoid arguments of all sorts to refrain from getting yourself involved into worthless matters. You’ll be extremely social in this period; parties and get-together will be your ‘go-to’ thing. Relationship at personal and professional front would improve tremendously. Seniors will be supportive and generous towards you. Do not take anything for granted, as things might come to bite you in the back later. Children would have a gala time in this duration. Excellence at studies and great results would harbinger joy in their lives. Professional journeys taken in this period will prove to be fruitful.

REMEDY: Try to incorporate more of green color in your apparels.

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The Transit period would give you a hobby to dwell on. You’ll consider taking that hobby as your profession. Siblings would be highly supportive; do not take anyone or anything for granted. At the work front, you’ll be a diligent worker and will accumulate praises as you move forward. The time advises you to keep your hard work going strong, to keep all the benefits coming your way. Your toils would reap you perks, that’ll help you in establishing long-lasting relationships with foreign sources and companies. Those working in MNC, IT, media, communication and publication related companies would gain the most. You’ll be lauded for your work and efficiency, marking an increase in your reputation. Some heated arguments at work may likely to happen, so take proper precautions to avoid any situation of that sort. The Transit Of Mercury would lure you to purchase household items for the beautification of your house. You might consider investing your money in a business in this period.

REMEDY: Feed fodder to cows.


The Mercury Transit predicts high gains in income. You’ll be pleased to see yourself excel at work. Elder siblings will be glad to help you financially in this duration. At the work front, your seniors would have a cordial relationship with you. You’ll get favours from your colleagues and seniors who would help you to crack crucial tasks. Keep in mind to thank the ones who have helped you in your times of dire need. You would gain fame and reputation. Your philanthropic nature would outshine in this period. You’ll be charitable towards the less privileged. You’ll be inclined towards spiritual and virtuous deeds. You might have to help your younger siblings in this period; do not shy away from being an anchor for them. Father might try to pry information out of you; abstain from having any bickering or tiff with him. The relationship with your father will see a brighter light, as things will straighten out for the both of you. Your behaviour will undergo numerous changes in this period; it’s advised that you keep a tab on your conduct.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Bhairava diligently.


The Transit period doesn’t look much bright for your well being. You might have to suffer through a rough patch in this period. Skin diseases such as rashes and allergies are highly probable. Your career would go through numerous fluctuations in this time period. Those having associations with the Occult sciences would be able to make the most of this period. Your interest would peak in hidden and mysterious things. You’ll be lured to find out the functioning of these. In this time, you might pay a visit to your in-laws. Try to mend your relationships with everyone, with whom you’ve had a tiff in the past. Abstain from any arguments. Take things slow and at a light pace. Some unintentional expenditure might be troublesome for you. You’ll have to undergo some changes in your behaviour in order to maintain cordial relations with all your acquaintances. Your spouse would earn tremendously in this duration; be their pillar of strength and support to help them in every way possible. At work, you need to be cautious, as chances are that your colleagues might be plotting against you. You might inherit an ancestral property in this transit period.

REMEDY: Chant Vishnu Sahasranama regularly.

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The transit of Mercury promises you a trip or a journey. Try to keep your pessimism under check, as the world needs brighter colors not cloud of greys. Make sure that you sprinkle bright colors everywhere you go. In this period you might face some oppression from your spouse. They may try to dominate you and your decisions. With extra patience every matter will get resolved in its own sweet time. Your father would do great in his profession. Any overseas business of foreign trade that you indulge in would be fruitful. Love relationship would get better. Things will improve as is foreseen by the Mercury Transit. Lover’s health might dwindle; though with a proper balanced diet things would change. Students pursuing higher education would get benefitted. Excellent results would grace you. This period might make you go hot under the collar, but it’s advised that you keep that in check. Due to this transit things at your marital front will be under control. Stay away from unnecessary tiffs and arguments.

REMEDY: Give presents to the females of the family.


The Mercury Transit in Aries will surely bring success for students in competitions. You’ll be pleased to greet achievements at every step that you take. The period might give you some wealth losses. You’ll be in a pleasant mood and will be ready to shell out much larger amounts of money than you planned on. No control over your pocket might lead you to face a financial crunch later in life. You will be prone to long term illnesses in this period. Maintain a balanced diet to curb any issues that you might face. You’ll have to face disrupted relationship with your elder siblings. This period might lure you to plan a reunion with your family from the maternal side. You are advised to maintain cordial relations with females around you. Be respectful and treat them as your equals. You might consider taking a loan in this period. It’s advised that you stay cautious in your marital life during this period. Abstain from taking any big decision in this period. Hasty decisions might lead to failure.

REMEDY: Donate whole (Sabut) moong dal in a cow shelter on Wednesdays.


The Mercury Transit predicts an increment in the gains of your spouse. You both will be committed and loyal towards each other. The amount of time you invest in your relationship, would directly influence the bond that you both have. Partnerships will definitely benefit you in this duration. The transit period might lure you to look for a job change. Switching your job and exploring your avenues would look like a tempting idea to you. Some minor tiffs are possible initially in love relationships. You’ll be faced with a dilemma of choosing between your love and professional life. Children would flourish in this period. Students will get amazing results in their education. Learning new things and gaining experience would be your top most priority. You might indulge in a new hobby or might go for some adventure sports. Students would be inclined towards gaining more spiritual and mental knowledge. Those associated with Statistics and Mathematics would do pretty well in this period. Some natives might plan on going away from home for studies. Parents are also probable to get benefits in this duration.

REMEDY: Donate desi ghee in a Vishnu temple.

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The Mercury Transit would be a positive and progressive period for you. You'll experience spiritual and philosophical empowerment. Your domestic life would be cordial, as you'll have an awesome relationship with your family members. Health of your mother might dwindle, but with extra care and precautions she’ll be soon back on track. At the work front, you'll be able to string along your whole team together and improve the efficiency. This effort will take the outcome to a whole new level. You might get stuck in some property related dispute; hence, it's advised that you remain cautious. Your professional status would elevate. During this period, you might consider making some changes to your home; it is suggested that investing in home décor would be a great option for you. You must avoid arguments at home. You would be quick on your feet. Getting tasks done at hand would be a piece of cake for you.

REMEDY: Feed wheat grains to a black cow regularly.


Father’s health may likely to decline in this period. Mother's health might also suffer from some minor health issues. Your communicative skills are also probable to get better in this time frame. You'll get more expressive and would be full of zeal. Your energy would be touching the ceiling, as you'll try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your routine. Your speech would be a little too harsh for the ears of the people around you, so try to mellow it down a bit. The period of Mercury transit would be a blissful period for matters related to love life. A beginning of a new relationship for the single masses is on the cards; although, it's is advised that you stay cautious while meeting and interacting with new people. Avoid exaggeration; refrain from talking falsely about anything that doesn't concern you. Take things lightly. Siblings might suffer in this period. Students would give their best at studies and will achieve all that they've aspired for.

REMEDY: Feed bread (Roti) to a dog regularly.


The period of Mercury Transit would be great for you to earn benefits. Those who are into business partnerships will have a fabulous time; returns would be great. Your marital life will treat you nicely. You’ll be satisfied with your partner and will be loyal towards them. Your spouse will be supportive and committed towards you. Although their health might get under the radar. Make sure you take a balanced diet full of nutrients and proteins. In this duration, you would be able to lease your property and gain from it. Chances of your earning through it are shining brighter. You might act all aggressive and irritated towards issues. Speech might become harsh too. Refrain from using any mean words for anyone. Things will take a turn for the better and you’ll start experiencing changes in your behaviour and that of the people around you. In the period of the transit, it is predicted that your mother might be able to gain. An auspicious event at home would bring zeal and joy to the family. Your career would take a life for the skies.

REMEDY: Chant Vishnu Sahasranama regularly.

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