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Mercury Transit in Capricorn - January 28, 2018

Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, endows humans with prosperity, success and happiness. A person having special favour from this planet, is a quick thinker, strongly determined and an opinionated being. Its transit in Capricorn makes the natives of this Zodiac powerful, practical and efficient. Being the natural benefactor of speech and intelligence, Mercury offers agile mind and memory to the natives of Capricorn. It also brings a methodical and rational spin to their thought processes as well as their interactions.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

The transit of Mercury in Capricorn will occur on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 01:13 AM. With its transit in this Zodiac, the things may go smooth for some and uneven for others. To know what will be the effects and consequences of this transit on your Zodiac, read this article.

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The planet Mercury will be moving in your Tenth House while making a transit in the sign Capricorn. This planetary movement would result in your appreciation and recognition at work. The efforts made by you in the past to come off professionally will bear fruit during this period. Your inclination towards your hobbies and personal development would manifold in this duration. You might consider making your hobby a source of income. You are predicted to have an edge over your foes and competitors. Your social involvement with people might get increase, boosting your PR. Those in the marketing sector will be able to make the most of this transit. Your communication and expression will improve tremendously during this transit period. Journeys and trips pertaining to wor are quite a possibility in this duration.

Remedy: Pay homage to Lord Hanuman.


Mercury will be transiting in your Ninth House while moving into the sign Capricorn. This might increase your income substantially. A long trip with family and friends is also on the cards for you. This transit period is predicted to be up to snuff for those aspiring to pursue higher education. Your familial bond, especially with the children, would improve during this period. You might get in touch with people of social recognition and value during this period. Try to make the most of the opportunities that might cross your way during this period. Students are predicted to excel in their academics during this transit period. This duration would prove to be quite lucky for your love relationships. Your influence over your partner might increase as your conduct with them would improve considerably.

Remedy: Serve a cow, religiously.


While making a move in the sign Capricorn, the planet Mercury would be moving in your Eighth House. This transit might be the reason for your health running low during this period. You might find a soft spot for occult studies and spirituality in this duration. You might like to work on new projects and assignments too. Try to remain tongue tied in situations of a verbal and perceptual clash. Avoid indulging in arguments. You might not find contentment, peace and happiness amongst your family members. Try to keep your mind calm and focused during this period as this might help you sort your mental turmoil. Unexpected financial gains are predicted for many in this duration. Try making planned investments in this period as surplus income is on the cards. A good news from the communication channel can also be expected.

Remedy: gift your sister something memorable.


The planet Mercury will be heading for your Seventh House as it will be making a transit to the sign Capricorn. A raven from the foreign lands might bring in good news for you in this period. Stay assured of the support from your siblings as they will be by your side throughout. This transit period would be a good time for getting into partnerships and giving your career a boost of support and help. Your spouse would progress during this period. Their work might receive appreciation at work and they would gain ground in their professional arena. Try to keep your ego and adamant attitude at bay to avoid complications in your marital bond in this duration. You can rest assured for the support that you might need from your colleagues and friends during this transit period. Students belonging to the sign Cancer are expected to gain substantially during this transit. Though, keep up the hard work and determination.

Remedy: Smear sandalwood on shivlinga.


Mercury will be making a transit in your Sixth House while moving into the sign Capricorn. This transit might not be very auspicious for your financial sturdiness as loss in monetary terms can be predicted. Consider a better financial management and abstain from overspending, especially during this period. If you have any investment plans, put them on hold as this might not be the best time to make investments. Be cautious while expressing your views and opinions as you might be seen under negative light. Vocalise your perception, keeping in mind your audience and the environment. Avoid indulging in disputes and quarrels in this duration. You might develop issues with your seniors at work. Try to sort diplomatic situations with much subtleness. Be diligent towards your work and stay determined. Your expenses are expected to rise in this period. Keep a tab on your expenditure.

Remedy: Offer an amalgamation of kumkum and water to the bright rising sun.


As the planet Mercury will be changing its position to the sign Capricorn, it will be advancing towards your Fifth House. Students would have the most advantageous time period during this transit. Your inclination towards learning new skills and gaining knowledge would increase. You might consider switching your job keeping in view better professional opportunities. You can also expect a hike in your income during this period. Your children would rejoice during his period as you would spend more time with them. Those aspiring to pursue higher studies in foreign land might find this transit to be pretty gainful for their career. Multiple opportunities indicating your professional growth might cross your way during this period. Keep an eye out for them and make the most of them. Religious and spiritual activities and associations might catch your interest in this duration too.

Remedy: Nurture a cow and serve it diligently.


The planet Mercury will be moving to your Fourth House will changing its sign to Capricorn. This planetary movement would bring in peace and balance in your domestic life. If you are planning to relocate or investing in your current house, go on with the plans as this might be a very auspicious time to do so. Those living away from their families might get to meet the clan during this period. Your authority will increase at work giving a boost to your commanding and decisive nature. Your knowledge and expertise will play a core role in helping you succeed in your professional and personal life. Though, try to be more manipulative and diplomatic in your speech as being straight forward might be considered as rude and dominating. Play with your words as per your listeners.

Remedy: Feed wheat to a cow, daily.


Mercury will be advancing in your Third House while making a transit in the Capricorn sign. You would feel more determined and focused towards achieving your goals and creating new milestones for yourself. The idea of gaining knowledge about new things and learning new skills might lure you during this period. Your younger siblings might not fare this transit period very well as they might suffer from health issues. Try to help them in any which way, especially financially. Folks belonging to the fields of communications, PR and marketing would get recognition and fame pertaining to their profession. Exceptional success for them can be expected during this period. Short journeys and impromptu travel plans are on the cards. Stay cautious regarding your health. Abstain from taking irrelevant stress and practice yoga to keep the anxiety low.

Remedy: Feed wheat flour to ants.


The planet Mercury would be moving to your Second House as it makes a move in the sign Capricorn. Your performance at work can be predicted to be noticed and appreciated during this period. This might lead to considerable financial gains too. Down dial the sternness and brutality of your speech as it might change the way people think of you. Your spouse might be a reason for big’n’small financial gains in this duration. Though, their health might need added attention and care during this period. Do not overlook even the slightest of symptoms and take utmost care. You might gain respect amongst your family members. They might look up to you in crucial times. Partnerships might turn out be specifically gainful and would lead to increased financial gains. Abstain making an issue of petty and avoidable situations. Overlook minor mistakes and try to focus on the bigger picture.

Remedy: Apply saffron mark (tilak) on your forehead.


The planet Mercury will be moving into your ascendant sign. This planetary position will endow you with prestige, respect and trust amongst the people. You can expect better social associations and sorted relationships during this period. Sudden recognition and accolade can be predicted for you in this duration. Those working in government associations might progress professionally during this transit period. Mental placidity and a focused mind will keep you content and happy during this period. Abstain from behaving egoistically and keep your stubborn attitude at bay. Also, refrain from unnecessary arguments which might aggravate to become bigger issues. Your teachers, mentors, advisors and parents will be supportive of you in all your endeavours. You might gain substantially from your maternal relatives during this transit period.

Remedy: Offer water to a Sacred Fig tree (peepal tree), everyday.


Mercury will move to your Twelfth House will making a transit in the sign Capricorn. Students aspiring to pursue studies abroad might get lucky during this period. Impromptu travel plans are on the cards for many. You might find interest in spirituality during this transit period. Though, your love life might get challenging in this duration. Abstain from indulging in irrelevant quarrels with your beloved and consider a more practical and understanding take in your relationship during this period. Those planning to get married can expect a hurdle-free affair in transit period. Your hard work in your professional arena might fetch you fame and recognition. You can expect a sweep clean in arguments and perceptual discussions against your competitors during this period.

Remedy: Feed chapatis to a black dog.


The planet Mercury will move to your Eleventh House while moving to the sign Capricorn. Your spouse and/ or professional partner might help you to bring in benefits and profits during this period. Your wit and intellect might play a major role in professional success and personal gains in this duration. Your marital relationship would be blissful and brimming with love, peace and understanding during this transit period. Those looking for love might get lucky during this transit period as initiation of new relationships is on the cards for many. Those looking forward to sell off or lease out their property can expect this period to be particularly rewarding. A long awaited desire might get fulfilled with the help of your spouse in this duration.

Remedy: Offer yellow sandalwood to Lord Vishnu.

We at AstroSage, earnestly wish that this transit brings new hope in your life and opens up numerous avenues for growth and success. We hope that you gain the best during this transit period!

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