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Mercury Transit in Leo (26 August, 2019)

Mercury, the prince amongst the nine planets (navagraha), is considered to be the significator of our communication style and mind or intellect as per Vedic Astrology as well as business, communication, commerce, and logical debates. The positive effects of this planet on one’s kundli (birth chart) makes the native intelligent and gives them the ability to utilize their communication skills with accuracy. As per astrology, this planet is the lord of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo . Furthermore, it remains in its exalted state in the sign of Virgo, but is found in its debilitated state in the zodiac sign Pisces. Out of the nine planets, it remains friendly only with Venus and the king of the navagraha, Sun. On the flip side, it keeps enmity with the luminary planet Moon.

Mercury Transit in Leo

Effects Of Mercury

As per Vedic Astrology, the significator of one’s intellect and logical abilities and the lord of the signs Gemini and Virgo, Mercury has lordship over the nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revathi as well. The color green and the day Wednesday of the week, belong to this planet. If this planet is placed positively in a native’s kundli, the person succeeds in all fields due to its influence. Also, it is often seen that such a person has great command over languages, good communication skills, an intelligent mind, and is quick witted in nature.These natives are able to endear and fascinate everyone with their talks. While Mercury is generally considered to be a benefic planet, however, often, when it comes in contact with a malefic planet, it starts giving negative results to the native. Due to its malefic effects, natives can suffer from physical as well as mental problems. In such a situation, people are often unable to express themselves properly, become mentally weak, and often face loss in business as well as poverty. Astrology has several Mercury remedies to strengthen and pacify the planet for such natives.

Transit Period

Now Mercury will be making its transit in the zodiac sign of Leo on Monday, 26 August, 2019 in the afternoon at 13:56 pm, and will remain posited in the same till 11 September, 2019, 04:47 am, early morning. Vedic Astrology says that the transit period of Mercury is the smallest one, which is a minimum of 14 days. Now this transit will leave its impact on all 12 zodiac signs – whether negative or positive, depends on the sign itself. Let us take a look at the predictions of the effects of this Mercury transit in Leo on your moon sign.

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Mercury transit in Leo will majorly affect the natives of Aries sign. In this duration, you’ll gain intellectual profits, and there will be an increase in your knowledge and intelligence. During this time, you’ll become socially active and you’ll come in contact with new people. It is quite possible that you may mix up with the influential people of the society, which can turn out to be fruitful for you. If you’re single, then you can meet someone with whom you may start a new relationship successfully. Talking about family life, the kids in your family will get benefited with this transit of Mercury in Leo, as they may gain good marks in the school due to its influence. Along with that, they may take interest in sports and outdoor activities. Apart from this, if you’re thinking of investing in the share market to gain financial profits, then you may attain great returns. You may think of betting your money or investing in lottery during this while, but think well before taking any decision. Also, you may feel inclined towards reading religious scriptures, writing and giving speeches.

Remedy: In order to escape the malefic effects of Mercury, chant the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram.


During this transit, Mercury will get posited in your fourth house. The effects of this Mercury transit will turn out to be positive for your familial life. Peace will prevail in the family and a sense of calmness and positivity will surround the atmosphere. After a long time, you’ll be able to spend a happy, cheerful and quality time with your family members. Apart from this, you may have to give the majority of your time to your family. During this period, you may buy a new house or renovate your old house and change its interiors and visuals. It is important for you to spend your time with your close relatives and friends. Talking about your workplace, then you’ll have to work hard in order to reap the sweet fruits of success. Although, if you are in search for a new job, you may succeed in finding the one you desire. If you are married, then this period of transit will be very beneficial as well as important for you, as you’ll get to spend lovely moments with your spouse. On the other side, you may have to face some differences in your love life. However, the love between you two won’t decrease. Overall speaking, effects of this transit will be average for Taureans.

Remedy: For special results, chant the mantra, “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः!! / oṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya namaḥ!!”.


In this duration, Mercury will transit in the third house of your zodiac sign. As a result, you may gain benefits in your workspace. In this duration, your working capabilities will increase and as a result, you’ll be able to perform well within your professional sphere. Hence, there are chances of promotion in this duration. Also, your way of speech and communication will improve, and this will benefit you in multiple spheres of life. Now talking about familial life, then this transit of Mercury can bring negative results in your life. You will remain stressed due to a decline in the health of your mother, hence take good care of her. Although, this period of transit will prove to be beneficial for your siblings, and you can support and participate in their work. If married, then your spouse will improve socially and his/her respect and reputation in the society will increase. Also, this will benefit you as well. Talking about your love life, you may plan a trip with your beloved. As a result, this transit of Mercury will prove to be especially fruitful for Gemini natives.

Remedy: Escape the malefic effects of Mercury by reciting Shri Durga Saptashati Paath.


With the transit of Mercury in Leo, it will get posited in your second house. During this transit, you can get benefited through foreign sources in the business. If you are leading your business in partnership, then you must remain careful and alert, as their sneaky attitude and doubtful intentions can harm the business. From a financial side, you can attain gains through your siblings during this period of transit. On the other hand, you may earn from an unknown source. During this period, you will succeed in leaving an impression on the people with your speaking and interaction skills within the social circle. As far as your workplace is concerned, then there are chances of you succeeding professionally. However, you will prosper in whatever you do. As a result, your seniors will support you and co-workers will give attention to your words. If you are married, then you may have to suffer from several problems owing to this transit. You’ll remain concerned for your life partner’s health or there is a chance of getting into an argument with them. This transit duration will prove to be moderately fruitful for Cancer natives.

Remedy: Donate Sabut Moong pulse on a Wednesday in order to get rid of malefic effects of Mercury.


As Mercury is transiting in your sign itself, hence it will get posited in your first or Lagna house respectively. As this house represents oneself, hence in this duration, your social status and reputation will increase, and your overall personality will improve. There will be a creative touch in your style of communication, and you can become the centre of attraction between people. This transit duration will add stars to your personality and make it shine bright. Apart from this, you can participate in various social activities. On a familial level, you will attain the support of your family members in anything you do. If you are married, then within this time you can go out on a holiday to your favourite destination with your life partner. Also talking about your love life, then this seems to be the best time to introduce your beloved to your parents. Considering this, this transit of Mercury will prove to be highly beneficial.

Remedy: For special benefits, donate sugar to the Brahmins on Wednesday.


Mercury will transit in the twelfth sign of your kundli. During this period, you may go on an overseas trip. Although looking from an economic point of view, there can be an increase in your expenses. Hence, spend on things which are necessary. Try your best to save money and invest it in a proper direction. For Virgo natives, the harmful effects of this transit can be seen on their health. Hence during this time, take good care of your health and avoid eating junk or oily foods and food items from outside or roadside. Prepare a diet with equal intake of vegetables, fruits, and fibre. In case you are married, then you can remain concerned regarding your spouse’s health. You are advised to see that they eat healthy and exercise a lot. Any activity or mishap in your workplace can become a reason of your stress. However, you’ll be able to tackle all the upcoming challenges within your workspace with your intellect and sensibility. This transit of Mercury, hence, will prove to be minimally beneficial.

Remedy: For fruitful results, chant the Shri Ram Raksha Stotra.


Eleventh house will be occupied by Mercury during this course of transit. You’ll observe the effect of this transit in Leo on your financial life. During this time, your income can increase, and you can earn from a secret source. In your professional life, you will have to face several challenges at your workplace, but with your sheer dedication and hard work, you will be able to get out of it. If you are a businessman, then this period of transit will prove to be very fruitful. Especially, if you are associated with the field of Automobile or Clothing, then there are chances of you earning high profits. On a financial front, you can get benefited with the help of your understanding and intellectual skills. In this duration, you will remain socially active and be able to make new friends. You will succeed in impressing others with your speaking skills. Your closest people will ideally follow and walk on your path. This duration will prove to be favourable for natives who are associated with the fields of media or journalism. You will be able to fulfil your desires during this period. Overall, the effects of this transit will be moderate.

Remedy: Wear or install Budh Yantra on Wednesday.


During the course of this transit, Mercury will enter your kundli’s tenth house. In this period of transit, you can try to improve your work within your professional zone. It is possible that you may dedicate yourself in completing any task assigned to you previously, and as a result, may get praised or appreciated by your senior or boss. However, there are chances of disputes arising between you and your co-workers, but try not to become a part of this as it can hamper your image. Also due to this transit, getting into an argument in your personal life can prove to be harmful for you. Hence, you are advised to stay away from such disputes, remain calm, and not to get involved unnecessarily. Talking about your familial life, then this transit can bring positive outcome for you. During this period, the ambience within your house will remain calm, and you will be able to spend a good time with the members of your family. Apart from this, you will take special interests in religious activities. It is possible for you to go on a pilgrimage with your family members. On the other hand, you will remain concerned as well as stressed with a decline in your father’s health, but taking good care of him will improve things further. The position of Mercury will prove to be beneficial for Scorpio natives.

Remedy: Donate green Elaichi or Cardamom on Wednesday to attain the blessings of Mercury.


For Sagittarius natives, Mercury will enter the ninth house of their kundli. The placement of Mercury in your ninth house can prove to be especially fruitful. In case you have been planning to go on a trip for a long time, then it can come true in this duration. During this period of transit, you will remain socially active and can be labelled as the ‘social butterfly’. During this time, you may meet some powerful people of the society, whose alliance can prove to be beneficial for you in the near future. Your reputation and dignity in the society will see a significant increase, and you will succeed in making an identity for yourself in front of others. Saggitarians can show their interest in writing, media sector and attaining high education during this period of time. This transit brings good news for unemployed natives, as they may get hold of a reputable job at this point of time. On the other hand, if you are involved in business, then there are chances of achieving high returns and profits if you enter into a partnership. If you are married, then you are bound to get the support of your spouse in every step.

Remedy: Donate sugar on Wednesday.

For Excellent Memory And Concentration Power, Install: Budh Yantra


Mercury will get posited in your eighth house. As a result, you may have to face several obstacles and challenges in this period. You may suffer from mental stress due to your father’s declining health. Hence, you are required to take proper care of your father till he recuperates well and becomes fit and fine. Do not worry too much, and just take care of your mental well-being along with him. Talking about your financial life, then you may have to suffer from economic loss. However, especially during this transit period, you have to invest your money wisely, or you may face financial constraints. You may become interested in exploring the realms of Astrology and religious rituals. During this period of transit, married natives must refrain from entering an unnecessary argument or dispute with their spouse, as it can become a reason of mental stress. During this time, keep a tab of what you speak, and refrain from behaving aggressively. This transit will be average for the Capricorn natives.

Remedy: Offer durva or green grass to Lord Ganesha and worship him devotedly.


In this duration, Mercury will get posited in your seventh house. You are required to remain alert in this transitional period. In the meantime, an incident may occur with you, which can prove to be very harmful. Hence, you are advised to be careful and act accordingly. If you are married, then there are chances of you getting into a dispute regarding any topic with your life partner. Hence, try and maintain the harmony between you two by listing all your grudges and talking about them openly. It's better to have a transparent view than beating around the bushes. This transit of Mercury in Leo will prove to be beneficial for your love life. You will enjoy the time spent with your beloved, and can take a step further towards marriage in case you wish to bind each other in the sacred thread of matrimony. Natives who are into business can attain profits. Although, trusting your business partner can backfire on you. Hence, Aquarius natives can attain mixed results during this course.

Remedy: Before bathing, mix the root of Apamarg in the water and use it to bathe.


With Mercury transiting in Leo, it will enter your sixth house. You may enter a dispute or disagreement during this period. You are seriously advised not to be a part of such situations where there are chances of arguments. In case you are married, then you need to take care of your partner’s health in this duration. This placement of Mercury can pose a threat to your spouse's health, which is why you are needed to look after them and minimize the quantity of troubles. Talking about your professional life, then you will be able to perform well within your workspace and become successful in achieving your targets and objectives. During this time, you will be able to reap the fruits of your hard work, and there are chances of promotion. Your family life can become stressful as a result of this transit, because there are chances of disputes between family members regarding ancestral property or real estate. In order to tackle the situation, keep your tongue under control and remain calm and patient. During this period of transit, you are advised to follow the traffic rules religiously so as to avoid getting into a legal spat and wasting time. Pisces natives can spend more than what they should, which is why save it and avoid spending it on unnecessary items.

Remedy: For special benefits, chant the Beej Mantra associated with Mercury regularly.

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