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Mercury Transit In Pisces

Mercury Transit In Pisces: Mercury, the prince of our zodiac system, is moving to the Pisces sign and getting transit in Pisces on 16th March 2023 at 6:13 hours IST. So before moving forward and knowing the impact of this transit first let us know about the some qualities of planet Mercury.

Mercury Transit in Pisces

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Mercury is the smallest and fastest moving planet after the Moon. It is also very sensitive like the Moon. Mercury has the lordship of Gemini and Virgo signs. It controls our intelligence, learning ability, speech, reflexes and communication & gadgets. Mercury is a Karaka of commerce and banking, education, communication writing, books, humor and all modes of media. According to Parasara's description "Mercury is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings.“

Pisces is the natural twelfth house of the zodiac system. Its ruler is Jupiter, so this sign has the mixed qualities of Jupiter as well as twelfth house and Pisces is a watery sign, it represents the deepest darkest ocean water unlike the other watery zodiac signs. It represents peace, purity, isolation and places out of reach for a normal person. But it's a debilitated sign for Mercury the main reason of Mercury is getting debilitated in the Pisces sign is because Mercury is all about practicality, criticism, interests, hobbies and childishness and on other hand pisces sign and jupiter is all about hope, optimism, belief system, maturity and letting go of desire therefore Mercury get debilitated in this sign.

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But for being particular about the native if we have to see the position of the Mercury in his or her natal chart. The effect of the transit will be determined by Mercury's position in the natal chart and the native's Dasha running.

Now, let’s move ahead and see what impacts will be there of the Mercury Transit in Pisces sign on all twelve zodiac signs.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of this transit on your life.

Mercury Transit In Pisces: Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Let us now analyze the impact of the Mercury Transit in Pisces on each zodiac sign, as well as viable solutions:


For the Aries natives, Mercury rules the third house and sixth house and is going to transit in your twelfth house which represents foreign land, Isolation houses, Hospitals, expenditure and foreign companies like MNCs. So, dear Aries natives, during Mercury Transit in Pisces you are advised to have a deep thinking before you speak anything as you may get into trouble because of it or even face criticism. You might behave aggressive and impulsive during this time due to nervous breakdown or problems with the nervous system, you could also face issues with your sleeping pattern.

Therefore, you are advised to have extra care, do exercise, Yoga and meditation to calm down and have control over your senses and release the problem from your body which you are unconsciously holding. From the twelfth house it is aspecting the sixth house with its own exaltation sign of Virgo. So, it shows that with your willpower and efforts you will be able to take care of your health. You will even cherish a good relationship with your maternal uncle and can receive love and affection from them. People who are in the service sector will have a good time.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesh and offer him Durva.


Mercury rules the second and fifth houses for the Taurus natives and this transit is taking place in the eleventh house. Eleventh house signifies financial gains, desire, elder siblings and Paternal Uncle. Dear Taurus natives, this debilitation of Mercury being second lord in the eleventh house is not good for your finances because both your finances houses are getting affected due to Mercury Transit in Pisces so have control over your expenses, keep your savings safe and don't make any new investments. You might also face criticism for your speech in your social circle, so be conscious while you communicate with someone, these words could also bring you financial losses or trouble. Your relationship with your paternal uncle, or elder sibling might also suffer, they could feel disrespected and get offended by your words.

And on the positive side, its aspect on fifth house on its exaltation sign will be a favorable time for Taurus students especially those you are pursuing any language course, or mathematics, accounting dealing with numbers. Taurus single natives may also get into a relationship with someone in a friend circle. And the married Taurus native who are trying for childbirth can be blessed during this time. You will get all the blessings related to the fifth house now it's in your hand to grab that.

Remedy- Keep a green handkerchief in your pocket or wallet.


For Gemini natives the planet Mercury is your Lagna and fourth house lord and now it's transiting in your tenth house of profession and workplace. So, dear Gemini native it's your Lagna lord getting depleted in the tenth house thus firstly it's you who need to keep your attitude right, take care of your health, don't get extra possessive and indulge in work that you ignore yourself, your family and domestic life happiness due to it. You are advised to stay motivated and stay positive because this is the time when you could feel low about your personality. You might feel sad about who you are, about your actions and get critical about yourself for not putting efforts towards your work and getting desirable results in professional life.

But on the positive side, the Mercury aspect on the fourth house it’s exaltation sign will get you support from your family, especially your mother. She will stand by you and support you. Along with this, your domestic life and family atmosphere will be pleasant; rest is in your hand because they look up to you and your sad attitude can also disharten them. So, dear Gemini natives, you are advised to stay positive, motivated, happy and enjoy life during Mercury Transit in Pisces.

Remedy- Install Budh Yantra within the house and workplace.

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For the Cancer natives, Mercury has the lordship of the twelfth and third house and is now making transit in the ninth house, the house of, Dharma, Father, long distance travel, pilgrimage and luck. Dear Cancer natives, the transit of twelth house lord in the ninth house will make you travel a long distance journey or pilgrimage but because it is also getting depleted those journeys might be troublesome and not fruitful. Your father could also face some health issues, losses and difficulties in life. But yes because it is a third lord as well, it is the right time to analyze your action efforts done in the past that are bringing you problems according to Mercury Transit in Pisces.

On the positive side, with the blessing of this aspect on the third house, you will feel courageous and confident, and support your younger sibling. But at the same time they might face some difficulties and need your support in life. So you are advised to support your younger siblings, cousins and friends in need and be very careful while communicating, be alert and proactive in actions.

Remedy- Gift something green to your father.


Mercury rules both the financial house second and eleventh for Leo natives. And now Mercury is transiting in your eighth house. The house of longevity, sudden happenings and secrecy. And the placement of Mercury is not considered auspicious and especially for Leo natives. Mercury is the planet that controls your finances and it's going to the eighth house so this transit might not be favorable for you in financial terms, you might regret the investment done in the past. Business people and people working in share market or trading are advised not to take any financial risk during Mercury Transit in Pisces. You could also suffer from throat related problems and speaking issues. Some miss understanding with in-laws could also occur.

On the positive side, Mercury's aspect on the exaltation sign and second house will bless you with intellectual and intelligent communication skills and support of your family. However, it might not be able to positively impact your savings, and how much impact it could have depends on the Dasha you are running through. So, Leo natives, you are just advised to be conscious and alert of your finances and while making financial transactions as there are very high chances of being cheated.

Remedy - Respect transgenders and give them green color clothes if possible.

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Dear Virgos, your tenth & ascendant lord Mercury is going to transit and getting depleted in the seventh house of life partner and business partnership. So, this time period could be a bit tough for you in all aspects of life, during Mercury Transit in Pisces your health, professional life and married life all could suffer. Virgo people who are in business partnership during this time you have to act very wisely because due to the debilitated position of tenth lord in seventh house your business could suffer as well as due to that your partnership could also suffer and if you don't act mature it has the potential to give you long term losses.

Same is the case with your married life you might face clashes with your partner as well, so dear Virgo natives in this case communication is the key to resolve all your problems, be its problem in work life or in married life. From the seventh house, it is aspecting your Lagna; its exaltation sign will bless you with wisdom to cope up and solve problems.

Remedy- Wear Emerald of 5-6 cts. Set it in either a silver or gold ring and wear it on Wednesday. This will bring auspicious results for the Virgo natives.


For Libra natives Mercury has the lordship of the twelfth and ninth houses and is transiting in the sixth house of enemies, health, competition and maternal uncle. First of all, you need to be conscious about the health of your father, they might face some health issues during Mercury Transit in Pisces so, get all his health checkup done. You might also get into conflict with your father, mentor or Guru. This is the time when you are more prone to build enemies due to your communication.

Along with that, this is the time when your debt, over spending nature and credit card can haunt you. Your relation with your maternal uncle might be problematic and they might suffer due to some problem in life. There are chances of too much traveling during this time. You might even face some alligation and questions might be raised on your character so you are advised to keep your morale high. Even the aspect of Mercury on the twelfth house might not prove fruitful, you could only end up spending more money and raising your expenses.

Remedy- Feed green fodder to the cows daily.


For Scorpio natives, Mercury rules your eleventh and eighth house and is transiting in the fifth house which represents your education, love relations, children and it is also the speculation house. So, due to this transit you could have a deep desire to invest money in speculation or share market to have sudden gains to be more productive. But the result of this investment mostly depends on the Dasha of the native as from the fifth house Mercury is aspecting the eleventh house its exaltation sign Virgo but it itself is getting debilitated. Hence, it might not be a favorable time to invest in joint assets with your partner.

Scorpio love birds might face issues, misunderstanding and clashes in their relationship. This transit and debilitation of Mercury in the fifth house is going to be tuff for Scorpio students. They might lack concentration and even the issues related to their paperwork, certificates and registration could occur so the students who are getting enrolled for anything important during Mercury Transit in Pisces, need to be extra conscious with their paperwork and documents.

Dear Scorpio native, during this time you need to be concerned about your children and their well being. They might face some health issues or behavior issues or emotional problems and might not be able to communicate their problem so you should be present there to understand and console them. On the positive side, the mercury aspect on the eleventh house will make you popular in your social circle and even Scorpio professionals will be able to add new influential contacts in their list.

Remedy- Donating books to the needy children and students will prove beneficial.

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Dear Sagittarius natives, Mercury is the lord of the seventh and tenth houses and now transiting in your fourth house and the fourth house represents your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle and property. So, during Mercury Transit in Pisces the atmosphere of your home could be disturbed, and home electronics items could get damaged.

Married natives might also be stuck in a tug of war between their mother and wife so you are advised to prioritize both and maintain the balance. Your mother could face some health issues during this time and you might face lack of communication with your mother. And talking about your professional life, Mercury aspect on its exaltation sign shows that its in your hand that with your efforts you will be able to make good use of this time, but still due to Mercury debilitation you could feel a bit insecure about your job and profile, however on the outskirts things will be good for you.

Remedy- Light an oil lamp and worship the Tulsi plant every day.


For the Capricorn natives, Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house and transiting in the third house and the third house represents your siblings, hobbies, short distance travel, communication skills. And now Mercury, the natural Karka of communication is getting depleted in the third house so, this could be a very negative situation for the native.

In terms of communication, you might face problems in delivering your ideas to others and your words could be misinterpreted. Especially people who are in the professional sector where communication is the key like teachers, mentors, Dharma Guru, media person or even righter could face many problems, like damage of their communication gadgets like their mobile, laptop, desktop or camera during Mercury Transit in Pisces. On the personal front, your relationship with your siblings could be a bit tense. You might have frequent fights and misunderstandings during this period. On the positive side Mercury aspect on ninth house its exaltation sign will bless you with the support of your father, Guru and mentor.

Remed- Gift something to your younger sibling or cousin.


For the Aquarius natives, the Mercury holds the lordship of the fifth and eighth houses and transiting in the second house of the family, savings and speech. Mercury is the Karka for speech and transiting the same but getting debilitated, so Aquarius natives might encounter difficulties owing to their speech, and their words could be misinterpreted, resulting in misunderstandings with close family members.

Even your savings could deteriorate due to bad investment decisions or involving speculation. There are also possibilities of sudden expenditures which might bring a financial setback. During the Mercury Transit in Pisces, you also need to be conscious of your health during this time as you could face some allergies or throat related problems. Aquarius students might lack confidence and face problems but students who are in the research field and pursuing PHd will be benefited with this transit. On the other hand, its aspect on the eighth house will bless you with the support of your in-laws.

Remedy - Water the Tulsi plant daily and even consume 1 leaf daily.


For Pisces natives Mercury is the ruling lord of the fourth and seventh house and now is in transit in your Lagna. In general, Mercury in the first house makes a person extremely intelligent, business-minded and a clever personality which is needed in the business world and Mercury getting debilitated will make you more cunning in personality but it might not prove much fruitful because if you are involve in business partnership you have to act very wisely keeping the cleverness aside, as it will could negatively impact your partnership.

Married natives need to be conscious as they might be stuck between the tug of war of their mother and life partner. The married natives might face some tensions in their married life but because Mercury is aspecting its own sign will give you wisdom to control the damage. Single native will get many proposals but they need to be wise in their choice and decision they make.

Remedy- Recite the Beej Mantra of planet Mercury daily.

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