Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius ( April 06, 2017 )

Treated as the Justice Planet in Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the decider of the fate of the wrong and right doings of the humans. Due to this, the retrogression motion of Saturn plays a major role in the kismet of the people of different zodiacs. The planet Saturn would go retrograde in Sagittarius on the 06th of April 2017 at 10:34 and will stay like that till the 25th of August, 17:19. Although, on the Wednesday, 21st of June, 2017 the planet would visit back the Scorpio sign, and will again come back in Sagittarius on the 25th of August, 2017.

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Know the effects of this transit in your respective zodiac.


Saturn would retrograde in the 9th house from your moon sign. This would affect your life adversely. You’ll have to face some difficulties and challenges in your professional life. You’ll feel discontentment at work. You’ll be mentally stressed and worked up at work. In this situation, you are advised to stay calm and keep a tab on your anger. Till the month of June, you’ll have a slow time in your career. Due to your planetary positions, after June, chances are that your income might experience a hike and will steep high. As soon as Saturn graces the 8th house from your moon sign again, it will test your patience. You’ll have a hard time focussing at work. In this period you are advised to keep your spirit strong and act maturely. Some minor bickerings are probable with siblings.

REMEDY: Feed chapatis to black cows.


Saturn would retrograde to the 8th house from your moon sign. This is bound to affect the wellbeing of your father. You are advised to take care of your family and friends. Keep a check on what you speak and to whom. Try to inculcate sweetness in your tone. Some minor issues might sour your relationship with your partner. Your fate is not that much in your favor, so take every step with caution. Take every challenge head on in this period. Your health is your primary concern and must be your top priority. Saturn would test your limits in this duration, so be ready for that. Don’t let anything bitter your mood or that of your spouse. Your spark must illuminate each other. As soon as Saturn moves back to the 7th house from your moon sign, you’ll get your golden period in life back.

REMEDY: Donate black clothes and shoes to the needy.


The planet saturn would retrograde in the 7th house from your moon sign. This would yield you average results. You’ll garner name and fame due to the philanthropic deeds that you do. However, if you are married, chances are that you’ll have to face some challenges. At the beginning of June, Saturn would move back to the 6th house from your moon sign. This period would give you desired results in legal matters.

REMEDY: Wear a black horseshoe ring in your middle finger.


Saturn would move to the 6th house from your moon sign. Due to which you might have to face some issues at the familial front. Chances of engaging in an argument or a debate with partner are high. You are advised to pay heed to these situations when they are at their lowest, so as to refrain them from evolving into something big. You might end up making a mountain out of a mole. In the month of June, Saturn would move back to the 5th house from your moon sign. Do not indulge in any bickerings with your partner. Do not let any misunderstanding breathe between the two of you. Students will have a hard time focussing on their studies. The little kids at home must be taken care of, healthwise.

REMEDY: Feed 7 types of pulses and cereals to birds.


Saturn would retrograde to the 5th house from your moon sign. Natives involved in any love relationship will get affirmative results, by getting married to the love of their life. However, they’ll have to wade through the obstacles in their way. Your lover will be in a great mood in this period. An income hike is probable. You’ll garner name and fame in the society and glory would follow suit. You might think about changing your vocation. As the planet transits in the 4th house from your moon sign, you’ll face some tension and stress in life. You’ll have to bear through all the pain of bickerings and squabbles at home.

REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp, beneath a Peepal tree.


Saturn would move to the 4th house from your moon sign. This elevates the chances of you changing your residence. Your behaviour might turn aggressive in this period. Keep calm and maintain your balance. In the month of June, Saturn would move back to the 3rd house from your moon sign. This might cause a dip in your mother’s health. She’ll get sick frequently and will have to abstain from eating junk. Some property related disputes are a probability. Due to too much work pressure, you’ll be tensed and won’t be able to spend time on oneself. You are advised to take your meals on time and maintain a proper 8 hours of sleep.

REMEDY: Offer vermillion to Lord Hanuman on Saturday.


Saturn would transit to the 3rd house from your moon sign. You’ll become more focussed and determined in this duration and will strive harder to achieve your goals. You’ll be able to achieve your goals in this time. However, your siblings might have to suffer from some physical ailment. A mental ailment or tension and stress is also predicted. Going on a trip or a journey is probable. In June, Saturn would move back to the 2nd house from your moon sign. Familial tiffs are possible in this period. Although, some benefits in property are highly likely.

REMEDY: Feed laddoos to monkeys and black dogs on Saturdays.


Saturn will transit to the 2nd house from your ascendant. This would affect your domestic life. You might have to participate in a tad bit of squabbles and arguments at home. Some bitterness might affect your love relationship. This year you’ll have to stay away from your family most of the times. Only your hard work is potent enough to give you maximum benefits. Your income would rise due to only that factor. A big accomplishment might come in your kitty. In June, Saturn would move to your ascendant house. This would give you some serious stress issues. You’ll be mentally agonised; some health issues might also come to bother you. Eat balanced diet and maintain a balance of rest and work. Indulge in Yoga and pranayam.

REMEDY: Serve the patients of leprosy.


Saturn would transit in your ascendant, which would not be a beneficial period for you. You’ll have to face multiple challenges in this duration. You might have to face mental agony and stress. Health would be a major concern; that’s why pay special care and attention towards it. Your siblings would prosper in this period; accumulation of wealth would be their motto. You’ll be proud of their achievements. With June, Saturn will move towards the 12th house from your moon sign. This sojourn will affect your married life implicitly. You’ll end up having a tiff with your partner over a small issue. Keep a check over what you speak and express. Your words have the power to change the relationship you have with them, so use them wisely. Understand them and make sure that they stay healthy and in shape.

REMEDY: Abstain from consumption of liquor and non vegetarian food.


Saturn is residing in your 12th house from moon sign. This would give you some petty losses. Chances are that you might get to dip your feet in foreign waters. Keep a check on your health; your well being might fluctuate. With the month of June, Saturn will move back to the 11th house from your moon sign. This would open numerous doors of options and prosperity for you. Your long awaited desires will finally see the light of the day and get fulfilled. You’ll get glory and fame in the society, due to your charitable nature.

REMEDY: On a Saturday, float 11 coconuts while chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

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Saturn would retrograde in the 11th house from your Moon sign. Due to this, your income would manifold and you’ll get new options to venture out and expand your business. However, with added extra efforts you’ll be able to squeeze in more returns. This period would pave a way for you to go and get all your dreams achieved. In June, the planet Saturn would move back to the 10th house from your Moon sign. This would increase your determination and focus at work. With good income, you must keep in mind to keep your expenses under check. Be street smart and shell out, only when necessary.

REMEDY: Donate mustard oil in a temple on Saturday.


Saturn will reside in the 10th house from your Moon sign, which indicates major expenditure on your part. You’ll be shelling out more than you earn in this duration. You are advised to pay heed to this situation and take active measures to rectify it. Mother’s health might dwindle in this duration. Take care of her health and well being. With the onset of June, Saturn will move to the 9th house from your moon sign. In this period, you might think of changing your vocation. Be patient and calm, and do every deed without thinking about the reward that you might get in return. Your success is guaranteed in his duration. Some natives might go to a foreign land for business trades.

REMEDY: Feed black dogs regularly.


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