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Venus Transit in Cancer - June 9, 2018

Venus is the Goddess of luxuries, comforts, perfection, great artistic abilities and love. As per Vedic Astrology, Venus rules two zodiac signs - Libra and Taurus. It is naturally a benefic planet. Person who is favoured by this planet, lives his/her life in comforts and often has an appealing personality. Also, the good position of Venus in a person’s Kundli, endows him/her with good relationships, marital harmony and prosperity.

On June 9, 2018, Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer at 02:54 AM and will remain progressive in this sign till 02:38 am of July 5, 2018 . With this transit, the natives of Cancer may experience certain emotional fluctuations in their relationship. It will bring out their protective and cautious nature that will help them in the long run. Along with Cancer, Venus transit will also have numerous effects on the natives of other Zodiac Signs. Read this article to know how this transit will influence their lives:

Venus Transit in Cancer

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Planet Venus will transit into your 4th house. During this transit, improvement in your domestic life is presaged. You might spend your wealth on your house or household activities. Your spouse might do well at work. Your career would steer in the next gear of advancement. You should maintain a balance between your personal and professional life, as both would demand a focussed approach of yours. Moreover, your mother might enjoy comforts. Your spouse or business partner would become a reason for your happiness.

REMEDY: Use oriental fragrance (sandalwood, jasmine, rose, etc.) perfume daily.


Venus will transit into your 3rd house. If you are in love, there would be a possibility of getting married with the person of your choice. However, the same would happen in some strange manner. During this transit period, you may meet someone during travel and the person might become your heartthrob. In this transit period, you would enjoy with your friends as well as your loved ones and you might go for a movie or some other mode of entertainment. You would help and support your siblings. Moreover, this transit would bring about short journeys for you. Your spouse would enjoy the comforts and your social status would get enhanced.

REMEDY: Worship Goddess Lakshmi.


Planet Venus will transit into your 2nd house. In this transit period, you might enjoy celebrations and commemorations in your family. Your speech would be soft and gentle, and the same could leave an impact on others. During this transit period, there might be gains through foreign land or people from remote places. Your gains or profit would proliferate, and you would be able to accumulate good amount of wealth. Moreover, the students would be happy with their results. In the course of this transit, you would work upon in maintaining a cordial relationship with your love partner. Apart from this, health of your spouse might get weak.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him curd.

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Venus will transit into your own sign. During this transit period, you would enjoy luxuries and comforts. Romance would be in the air, but you should avoid showing off, as it would leave a wrong impression on other’s minds. In this period of time, your seniors would extend their favours towards you. Moreover, after some disputes and tiffs your marital life would progress smoothly. Romance would be there in your married life and the period would be a quality one for love affairs. Your spouse, if working, might get promotion. In addition to this, students would perform well in their studies. Your love life would be pretty normal and your friends would extend their support towards you.

REMEDY: Take blessings of your mother and do something to make her feel happy.


Planet Venus will transit into your 12th house. During this transit period, you might experience an upswing in your expenditures. For those who would be on business or abroad trips, might experience luxurious outcomes. Moreover, you may go abroad for professional purposes and also for leisure trips. Your inclination towards sensual activities would increase and you might get involved in such things. So, you need to avoid excess of the same, as it could give you bad name or health issues. However, some unwanted issues or disputes might seek your attention. You need to take care of your health and also you need to maintain a balance between the inflow and outflow of money to avoid big financial crunches.

REMEDY: Feed cows and worship them.


Planet Venus will transit into your 11th house. This transit period would be progressive for you in terms of monetary gains and social activities. You would enjoy good monetary gains. Females in general would become a reason to help you in achieving your goals. Luck would favour you and your long awaited wishes might get fulfilled during this transit period. Your undertakings would not let you down and would be successful. Love matters would flourish, though some occasional issues might persist. You would enjoy social gatherings with your friends and relatives. If you are into any business, then this transit would yield big profits.

REMEDY: Worship little girls like Goddess and take their blessings on Fridays.

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Venus will transit into your 10th house. In this transit period, there might be some conflicts at your workplace, but you need to stay away from any controversy, else it might prove unfavourable for you. Your domestic life would be in chaos, and troubles through females are presaged. If you're in love with someone, keep it personal and don’t let others to get involved in it. Moreover, sudden ups and downs are probable. Apart from this, any unexpected good news might come to you. You would try your best to focus on your work and other important aspects of life.

REMEDY:Worship Maa Durga with utmost devotion and offer Kheer to her as oblation.


Planet Venus will transit into your 9th house. During this period you would experience mixed & blended results. Gains through foreign relations, spouse or business partner is presaged. Moreover, in this transit period long journeys might result in favourable results. Your love life would improve and you would enjoy romantic encounters. However, some conflicts are also presaged. Your social image would enhance and you would see yourself dipped in many social activities. You might indulge in some artistic activities too and in addition to it, long journeys would be on the cards.

REMEDY:Worship Lord Shiva with white sandalwood.


Planet Venus will transit into your 8th house. During this period, your health might decline a bit. Do not get much involved in sensual activities, as it will not only defame you, but also it would make you physically sick. Your chances of getting prone to venereal diseases are probable. In this transit period, any dispute might get stretched. You need to drive carefully as chances of any injuries are probable. You would enjoy secretly, and you would be able to repay your bank loans or past debts. In this transit period, sudden loss in wealth is probable. Moreover, do not get much indulged in gambling, betting or related activities as it may yield you losses on a bigger scale. If you are practicing spirituality, then this period is very significant for you.

REMEDY: Gift anything made of silver to your Mother on Friday.

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Planet Venus will transit into your 7th house. During this transit period, improvement in your marital life is presaged. Romance would be in full swings and you both would enjoy a quality time. However, some small tiffs are likely. You would try hard to make your love successful by marrying the person whom you love, in spite of some hurdles & oppositions. Moreover, you may get promoted at work. Also, you need to maintain a cordial relationship with the people of opposite sex. You need to try to understand your spouse and avoid arguments to enjoy complete marital bliss.

REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga with utmost devotion.


Planet Venus will transit into your 6th house. During this transit period, you need to work hard to get things done in your favour. Though after a lot of efforts, your undertakings and initiations would be successful. This transit would bring about an increase in your expenditures. Your tiffs and disputes with females are much likely during this period. You might face some property related issues. Moreover, you need to drive carefully as chances of vehicular accident are there. You would do very well in litigation field. If we generalise the things, then it can be deduced that you would emerge as a winner in disputes, quarrels or competitions.

REMEDY: Wear Sphatik Rosary on Friday after worshipping Goddess Durga.


Planet Venus will transit into your 5th house. During this period, your inclination would be towards improving your artistic abilities and to develop any of your hobbies. Eventually, you would be able to earn well through it. Moreover, your life might get stuck in love matters. This transit period would be very progressive and romantic for you. However, excess of everything is bad, hence you need to be in your limits. Apart from this, any new relationship might give you refreshing moments. If married, your spouse might receive some gains. Your children might face some health issues and your siblings would extend their favours towards you.

REMEDY: Donate Rice on Fridays.

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