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Venus Transit in Capricorn (27 February 2022)

Read the importance of Venus Transit in Capricorn (27 February 2022) for all zodiac signs and know how impactful this planetary movement will prove for them. Venus is the symbol of romance, vitality, beauty and love. Venus rules over all the worldly pleasures in one’s life and governs the changes related to marriage, alliances, relations and sensuality.

Venus Transit in Capricorn

All the fine and luxurious things in life are ruled by the planet Venus. It governs the fifth day of the week, which is Friday. Venus is the planet that helps us present a good and more attractive side of ourselves to the external world. In Vedic astrology, Venus is known as the second most favourable planet after Jupiter. It is believed to be always noble and kind to the human beings in the universe. The position of Venus in our birth chart determines the quality of a relationship. A strong Venus will bestow the natives with material comforts, luxury and finer things of life, whereas having already placed it creates trouble in marriage and securing wealth.

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The professions ruled by Venus include the textile industry, ready-made garments, food, restaurant, hotels, tour and travel, Music, theatre, poetry, literature, film industry, costume, astrology, photography and other creative work. Married life pleasures and luxuries are also judged from the placement of the penis in the horoscope. Venus is also firmly placed in the chart of an individual. They suffer from lack of physical appearance, social behaviour and tendency for failure in love for married life. The body part is ruled by the nose, eyes, chin, throat, sexual organs, kidney, bladder etc. Venus rules over the southeast direction, is the lord of the second and seventh house in the Kaal Purush Kundali and rules over Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Venus is known to be exalted in Pisces and debilitated in the Virgo zodiac sign.

Venus Transit in Capricorn: Timing

Venus would be transiting in the sign of Capricorn on 27th February 2022, on Sunday at 09:53 AM in the morning. It would be in conjunction with Saturn. The sign of Capricorn is friendly to Venus, and since Venus is in the benefic house and Capricorn, it will be happy in general. The Venus transit with friendly signs brings happiness and financial fortune to certain signs. However, the impact of this Venus transit varies for the natives of each sign, Venus signifies leisure, romance, beauty, luxury, art, literature, creative inclination and poetic sense. This transit is friendly and may bring happiness and financial fortune to some zodiac signs. However, the effect of this transit may vary for natives of each sign. Venus mainly signifies leisure, romance, beauty, luxuries and arts; hence the Venus transit will affect the natives in the mentioned areas of their life.

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Learn what the impact of Venus Transit in Capricorn is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:


For Aries' moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the second and seventh house and is transiting in the 10th house of career, name and fame. During this transit, you will attain all the favourable results in your professional life. Working professionals will achieve the desired growth on the professional front, and your hard work and dedication would bring you fruitful results in the workplace. Your seniors would recognise the sincerity and effort you put into your work. Financially, you will get the desired growth, and you will also attract gains through your efforts, and you will get multiple opportunities to accumulate wealth, property during this time. Material comforts will be at your disposal, and you will have a lavish lifestyle.

Relationship-wise, you will be spending time with your near and dear ones during this transit, and if during this period you are searching for a perfect partner, that search will come to an end. Apart from this, the positive aspect of Venus in the fourth house will bring happiness and prosperity to the family when you will have gains in terms of property, and you can also buy a vehicle during this time period. It is advised to connect with the inner self in order to know more about yourself. Healthwise, you may have to face some minor health issues, and you may face problems related to the digestive system or piles; hence it is advised to take precautions beforehand and maintain a healthy diet and exercise in your routine.

Remedy: Offer raw rice to Goddess Parvathi on Friday.


For Taurus' moon sign, Venus is the lord of the first and sixth house and is transiting in the ninth house of spirituality, luck and international journeys. Hearing this transit, you will progress in your career, and hard work will determine your success. Palak will be in your favour during this period. Promotions are due in the professional sphere. During this period, you may also start new avenues which will ease success and will bring in new opportunities during this time. You will be inclined towards religious activities and charity, which will offer you inner peace. Financially, this period will be good for you, and you will be able to make good investments or a plan of making good investments will earn you good profits in the future.

Personally, you will get the desired support from your friends and family, which shall bring happiness and joy to you during this period. You might have romantic encounters in life during this time you may also fall for someone special. During this period, you may also plan long-term journeys and get your dreams fulfilled. Healthwise, you need to take good care of your health and make sure that you go on for routine checkups so that you don’t land into something serious.

Remedy: Read stories of Parshuram to enhance the benefic result of Venus.


For the Gemini moon sign, Venus is the lord of the 12th and fifth house and is transiting in the eighth house of longevity, sudden loss/gain, occult and inheritance. During this transit, you will get mixed results as there might be some ego clashes in the family during this time or will the elders of the family; hence you are advised to keep a check on what is in anger. You should also be very careful about your married life or your relationship as there are chances of conflict and misunderstanding with your spouse/partner during this period. There is a need to work harder to achieve success and convert your dreams into reality.

Financially, during this period you will have sudden gains in your finances still it is advised to keep a watch on your expenses. You may sell your Movable assets, and you will learn A lot from the same. Career-wise you will grow in your profession, and you will overcome all your enemies and face competition and will also win it. There is a good chance that you will live a lavish and materialistic life during this period. Healthwise it may not be a very good period; hence you are advised to take very good care of yourself, especially while driving a vehicle. It is also advised not to indulge yourself in any conflict or argument and try to perform your best as it may not be a very good period healthwise.

Remedy: Offer Sweets to little girls or widowed women.

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For the cancer moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the fourth and 11th house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. During this transit, you will find challenges in achieving your goals and targets in the workspace. Financially this transit in the seventh house will give you fruitful results in terms of income and financial growth, and you are likely to receive a good bonus incentive or an appraisal at the workplace. This transit will also open financial gains, while a partnership during this transit will activate the significance of the spouse.

Your spouse would play an important role in contributing to helping you financially. You will have mental satisfaction and security due to this. Married couples will spend precious time together, and there will be fun, intimacy and romance on the cards of the married couple and natives in love. Healthwise, you need to pay attention as there are chances that you might suffer in the coming months; hence it is advised to keep health your topmost priority and take good care of your health.

Remedy: Respect your spouse/partner.


For the Leo moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the third and tenth house and is transiting in the sixth house of enemies, debt, diseases. Professionally, you might have to face some arguments or disputes with your colleagues with your seniors and may also have to bear losses and expenditure as Venus aspects the 12th house. There is also a constant need to stay careful and vigilant as your friends may betray you during this period of time.

Married people are advised to settle all kinds of issues and look for mending the relationship. Students during this transit will not be able to concentrate properly, which might affect the overall performance. Healthwise, this phase demands you to keep control of your diet and avoid any kind of street or junk food, and you are suggested to exercise regularly that will make you fit and healthy.

Remedy: Chant Beej mantra of Venus 108 times daily.


For the Virgo moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the second and ninth house and is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance and children. This transit will give you mixed results as in the professional front you will see a favourable period, and you may find new opportunities which can be in the form of promotion or new job opportunity.

In personal life you would experience a blissful time in your love life or in your married life which will bring satisfaction in your relationship on the domestic front and you will remain with you with positive vibes. The positive growth in your professional and personal life will fill you with mental satisfaction and contentment. Healthwise, during this period, you need to keep a check on your food habit as you might have to suffer related to your digestive system, teeth or Jaw and may have to take medical treatment for the same.

Remedy: Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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For the Libra moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the first and eighth house and is transiting in the fourth house of happiness and prosperity. During this period, family relations to domestic life will improve, and you would like to be closer to the family, but the chances are that the natives may have to stay away from home. During this transit, there are also chances that you may purchase a new house or vehicle, and during this period, your parents will be very happy and loving towards you.

Professionally you are likely to get good growth in your career, and your work and efforts would help you reach new heights in your organisation. On the business front, you would experience an increase in progress. If you are planning to go on a professional or a personal trip, a journey is going to give you fruitful results and overall, it will be a good time for you. Healthwise increased responsibility, professionally and personally, may cause some mental stress and worry; however, you should maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations.

Remedy: Wear Diamond in Ring finger.


For the Scorpio moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the 12th and seventh house and is transiting in the third house of courage, valour and short trips. During this transit, you will be courageous, and this will boost your communication power. Your improvement in communication will help you get good results in your professional career. It will enhance your skills and talents which can be utilised for both at the office.

You would become more practical and put your efforts in the best manner, and this can help you bring changes in your career. Financially the period is going to be beneficial for you as you are going to get good financial gains because of the investments you have made in the past. Healthwise, your health will remain in good shape during this period, and you will indulge yourself in a daily routine of exercise to meet all your fitness goals.

Remedy: Take a bath with curd every Friday.


For the Sagittarius moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the sixth and 11th house and is transiting in the second house of wealth accumulation, family and speech. During this transit, there will be financial stability, and your health will improve. There are chances of an exposure ceremony taking place in the family. The interaction and communication skills will be the best, and this will allow the natives to leave a strong question on the people around them. Married life will be full of happiness and consciousness.

Students are expected to perform well and will impress the teachers also. Healthwise, there are chances of some minor health issues, and therefore you should do routine checkups during this phase. In this period, Venus is also expecting the eighth house. This will bring some sudden changes to your food habits, and you might also face challenges in your health; therefore, a healthy diet and paying attention to health is recommended at this time. This will help you enjoy the transit of Venus in the form of financial stability with happiness and contentment.

Remedy: Visit Lakshmi Vishnu temple and offer your prayers every Friday.

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For the Capricorn moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the fifth and 10th house and is transiting in the ascendant house of self, personality and character. This transit period will be very auspicious and advantageous for the natives as this period will deliver fruitful results to the natives. Venus will have a direct aspect on the seventh house of marriage and partnership.

Fortune and luck are on their way to making your life prosper, and you will enjoy a good and happy married life during this phase. Healthwise if you have been suffering from any ailment for a long time, you are likely to recover from the same as Venus will improve your health it will make you more disciplined towards your health.

Remedy: Take a bath with curd or milk every Friday.


For Aquarius' moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the fourth and ninth house and is transiting in the 12th house of expenses, salvation, hospitalisation and secretive behaviour. Venus, during this time, is going to bless your domestic and married life with perfect pleasure. At this period, you are likely to feel a boost in romance as a spark will increase between you and your partner. Financially you will be very cautious as you may have to bear a lot of expense during this time—an impulsive decision at the monitory front mainly due to the financial crisis. Therefore, You need to control your expenditure strictly and avoid any kind of cash crunch.

The aspect of Venus on the sixth house during transit would like you to need to make you spend on the medical bills due to short illness hence it is suggested to maintain a healthy diet regime take special care of your health to avoid any such situation.

Remedy: Donate sweets to small girls on Fridays.


For Pisces moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the third and eighth house and is transiting in the 11th house of gains and desire. This transit will bring. Favourable results for you as your work at the office would be appreciated in your likely to receive your bones in recognition for your decision. From the 11th house, this will shower its radiance by aspecting the fifth house which will help you attract money and attention from the seniors in professional life, and you would also like you to get good growth in your career, and you may also get a responsibility of a higher role as well.

Love relationships are going to blossom, and they will give you good vibes during this period. Your relationship is likely to bring new charm and excitement between you and your partner. During this transit, you can spend your money on helping the needy and the poor. Healthwise, you will be in good health, and you will feel mentally and physically fit during this period of time. It is advised to pay full attention to your diet and exercise regularly.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi for strengthening Venus.

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