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Horoscope 2016 Yearly Prediction

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Horoscope for 2016 is here to help you make a perfect plan for the New Year. Now, you can make actual resolutions because you know what is coming up.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे - राशिफल 2016

Aries Horoscope 2016

Aries horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Arians Year 2016 will shower mixed results on the natives of this sign. Stress is possible to come in domestic life; however, professional life seems bestowing abundant success on you. Don’t start flying Arians, as this success will come after its share of some delay. Moving on to businessmen, it is advised not to make huge investments. As per the horoscope for 2016, control on habit of spending money unnecessarily is important this year. Nothing interesting is foreseen in your love life. Sex life will also lose its intimacy and pleasure. Don’t pay attention to useless arguments. You are always triggered for tiffs and all, but it never leads to anything positive. Keep distance from share market. Goodness will enter your life after August, but caution is needed throughout the year.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Dhaiya is present.
  • Negative aspect: Health
  • Positive aspect: Income & extreme luck
  • Lucky no: 1 & 9
  • Warning: Don’t avoid health issues. Be careful from fraud, theft, and accidents at workfront.
  • Remedy: Wear 7 faced Rudraksha
  • Colors to be avoided: Blue & black
  • Direction: West
  • Eatables: Cabbage and milk products.

Taurus Horoscope 2016

Taurus horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Taureans Taureans will have a blossoming time during this year. Everything goes smooth if bond with spouse remains pure and affectionate. According to the predictions of horoscopes 2016, this year will keep your married life blissful and you will cherish joyous moments with your sweetheart. Service class people might face some difficulties. Profits will follow businessmen not immediately, but steadily. Love life will flourish, providing you happiness of all sorts. Achieving anything becomes easy as long as internal bliss is there. However, your focus might deviate owing to your sexual desires. This might give birth to illegal affairs. You are smart enough to understand the consequences of such things; hence, stay away from them. Last but not the least, finances look fabulous this year. You will make good amount of money. 2016 has a lot to offer you financially.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Neither Dhaiya nor Shani Sade Sati is present.
  • Negative aspect: Lack of happiness, health issues to mother, laziness and selfishness.
  • Positive aspect: Your humble attitude, patience and powerful luck.
  • Lucky no: 6 & 10
  • Warning: Do not get too ambitious. Take issues related to mother’s health seriously.
  • Remedy: Wear a diamond ring after making it auspicious and sacred through mantras in your ring finger on Shukla Paksha Friday in the morning. Please Lord Bhairo to overcome malefic effects of Rahu.
  • Color to be avoided: Red
  • Direction: East
  • Eatables: Pumpkin, cauliflower, peas, almond. Avoid intake of starch, excessive sweets and junk food. Stay away from alcohol and other such things as well.

Gemini Horoscope 2016

Gemini horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Geminis Major part of this year looks favoring you, predicts the astrology of 2016. Love and concern will keep you and your spouse close; thus, keeping things harmonious. On the other hand, bond of your spouse with your relatives might remain sweet & sour. Your body is your temple; therefore, make sure you remain very serious toward it. Healthy diet and exercise should be there in your daily regime. Keep your expenses in control, as incoming of money looks a bit disturb. To remain free from every financial crisis, stay at bay from taking debts. According to Vedic Astrology, 2016 will bring profits for businessmen. To make money, they can take the help of illegal path. However, this needs to be avoided. Matters of love look promising, as romance will fill your life with warmth. Other than normal issues, nothing troublesome is foreseen for you.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Both are absent
  • Negative aspect: Instability
  • Positive aspect: Intellect
  • Lucky Number: 7 & 11
  • Warning: Don’t get disappointed
  • Remediey: Worship Lord Ganesha
  • Colors to be avoided: Red, blood red, orange, silver
  • Direction: West
  • Eatables: Carrot, spinach and juicy fruits. Avoid consuming alcohol.

Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancer horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of CanceriansCancerians will enjoy a wonderful year in terms of personal life. However, your rapport with family members will not remain that good. As per the predictions of 2016, you should be cautious regarding your health, else any major disease might attack you. Be careful regarding your finances. Trusting anybody blindly might lead to losses for financial aspect. It would be good to keep your eyes and ears open, as somebody might plan strategy against you. This year is excellent for job change; hence, increase your efforts if planning to switch. Workload of some Cancerians might increase, which will lead to increase in salary too. Some Cancerians might fall in love with someone belonging to other caste. However, this connection looks strong. It is suggested to control your sexual desires this year. To keep your sexual life passionate, this has to be kept in mind.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Neither of the two is present
  • Negative aspect: You get disappointed quickly.
  • Positive aspect: You are kind and humane
  • Lucky no: 7 & 12
  • Warning: Avoid going near deep water
  • Remedy: Wear pearl. Worshiping Lord Shiva’s family will prove beneficial.
  • Colors to be avoided: Green, blue & black
  • Direction: South-West
  • Eatables: Liquid edibles, sweets & ice-cream

Leo Horoscope 2016

Leo horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Lions Lions will have a rewarding time in 2016. Each and every aspect of your life will go on the right track. As per 2016 forecast, you will have cordial bond with your spouse and others who are close to you. Looking at your health, weight looks like going up. To keep it in control and your body disease free, stop eating heavy food. Staying away from alcohol will add wonders to your health. If we talk about your financial life, this year looks quite good for it as well. Your wealth will increase and so will your bank balance. Whether you own a business or employed in any firm, profits are assured. Name, fame, and appreciation will enter your professional life. As per horoscope of 2016, graph of love life looks going upwards. Unmarried lions might tie nuptial bond this year. Throwing light on your sexual life reveals fulfilment of your physical desires. You will enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

  • Saturn Sade Sati/ Dhaiya: This year you will experience the effectS of Saturn Dhaiya.
  • Negative traits: Arrogance, attachment to false appreciation, spendthrift
  • Positive traits: Good health, self-respect, determined
  • Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9
  • Warning: Don’t misuse powers and follow the rules made by government.
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Saturn for avoiding the sufferings of Saturn Dhaiya.
  • Colors to be avoided: White, black and green
  • Direction: West
  • Eatables: Avoid oily and fatty things.

Virgo Horoscope 2016

Virgo horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of VirgoniansUnfortunately, you will not enjoy as much bonding as you wish with your spouse. Tiffs are very much possible with family members too. Seems every aspect of your life will give you troubles, as health also looks like getting affected. 2016 horoscope foretells that your health is in your hands; the more seriously you take it, the better it will be. Losses related to finances are quite possible. Positioning of Jupiter in twelfth house is expected to bring troubles for you. Till August, don’t keep your expectations high. You will experience betterment only after this month. However, you will not face major issues, if you are into job. Discussing possibilities about your love life reveals things going great and smooth. It would be really good if you keep control on your thoughts.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: None of the two is present
  • Negative aspect: You are too social
  • Positive aspect: You are very intelligent and efficient in doing analysis.
  • Lucky no: 10 & 2
  • Warning: Avoid criticising people unnecessarily
  • Remedy: Wearing a Pearl will help in better decision making. Keep a small piece of Silver in your wallet. Worship goddess Saraswati.
  • Color to be avoided: Red & Orange
  • Direction: West
  • Eatables: Ice creams and milk should be consumed in limits. You can consume almonds and fat producing products like meat.

Libra Horoscope 2016

Libra horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of LibransLibrans who have joint family might face lack of harmony among family members. On the other hand, Librans with nuclear families will enjoy pleasant familial life. As per the astrology predictions of 2016, you need to keep your trust maintained on your spouse. 2016 might lead to end of family life for some natives of this sign. Looking at the chemistry between you and your children, some troubles are possible from the side of your children. Professional life of service people looks better; however, businessmen might face difficulties in their business. A close gaze into your future reveals things going more extreme after August 11. Unexpected expenses might pop up. These expenses might be heavy, be careful in advance. Be alert while giving or taking money, as problems are possible otherwise. It would be good not to kill your time in love and romance. Have understanding between you and your partner and nothing more is required. To enjoy physical pleasure, don’t put your health on stake.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: You will be in your last phase of Shani Sade Sati.
  • Negative aspect : Indecisiveness, over generosity, fond of costly things.
  • Positive aspect: You take your decisions patiently even during tough situations. You are honest and idealistic. You take decisions with justice and fairness.
  • Lucky no: 11 & 3
  • Warning: Extreme aggressiveness must be avoided. Learn to calm yourself down.
  • Remedy: Start wearing Amethyst and Beryl
  • Color to be avoided: Limit use of white and red colors.
  • Direction: Do not start journey of any of your important work from east.
  • Eatables: Keep control on consumption of fats and sweets. You must avoid eating starch. Keep yourself away from drugs and alcohol.

Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Scorpio horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of ScorpionsThis is the year when Scorpions need to coordinate with their spouse in every aspect of life, foretells the predictions of horoscopes in 2016. Personal life will go through continuous ups & downs. Behavior of your children might stress you sometimes. It is suggested to gain control on laziness and keep yourself active. Acting less interested and wasting time in fun & joy might negatively affect your endeavors. Keep your money secure and try to save as much as possible till August. Investment should be done after this month only. Talking about love life, be calm and don’t let doubts and misunderstandings come in between your bond. Till August, be careful in your love life. Married life will give you pleasures of every kind and you will enjoy physical intimacy. However, it would be good to have control on it and don’t get into it frequently.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: You are currently in middle of your Shani Sade Sati phase. This is also called second phase of Shani Sade Sati.
  • Negative aspect : Jealousy, feeling of revenge, arbitrary & cunningness
  • Positive aspect: You might find interest in opening hidden secrets. You might have many secrets with you. You are emotional and sensitive.
  • Lucky no: 4 & 12
  • Warning: Treat your life-partner well. Your life-partner’s quality of life is going to be directly proportional to your quality of life.
  • Remedy: Try to utilize your energy in social works.
  • Colors to be avoided: Black
  • Direction: East
  • Eatables: Take utmost care about your diet. Do not eat stale food, as you might have to pay a huge cost due to your negligence. Do not consume too much of spicy food.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Sagittarius horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of SagittariansSagittarians might get into arguments with family members at times. Tiffs are possible with siblings as well. Germs and contaminated things might lead to diseases this year. According to the 2016 horoscope predictions, this year is favorable for natives who are into job. Progress will improve further after August. It is suggested to keep your temper in control before August. To avoid arguments and keep things smooth with everyone, this behavior is very important. Coming to your financial life, things look fine, but you need to protect yourself from fraud and betrayals. Destiny cards of businessmen predict an unfavorable year. Be very cautious about your activities and decisions, else you might have to go to jail. To avoid such adverse situations, stay away from illegal things and matters. Last but not the least, give your best efforts in every sphere of your life this year.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: You are currently passing through Saturn Sade Sati which is in rising phase.
  • Negative aspect: Lack of emotional attachment
  • Positive aspect: Optimistic & independent
  • Lucky no: 3
  • Warning: Boss is always right. Avoid any confront situation with your boss otherwise it can impact your career.
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva. Offer rice to running water. Keep your mother happy.
  • Colors to be avoided: White
  • Direction: North-east
  • Eatables: Too much liquid, especially cold drinks, tea and coffee can create health problems. Sweet can be taken moderately.

Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Capricorn horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Capricorns Personal life might not give you that much peace and bliss you expect. Conflicts are possible with family members and spouse, affecting your family atmosphere. Stars of this year demand control on your speech. Follow this advice or prepare yourself for the consequences, predicts horoscopes predictions for 2016. Indigestion, headache, and mental stress will affect your health life. Financial life will witness extreme profits, if there is no Dasha of Ketu. Huge benefits will reach you via your job; thereby, fetching prestige and honor for you. Some of you will get new and better job. Similar profits and results are predicted for businessmen as well. For them, this year is quite fortunate. You might also get governmental deals or agreements. 2016 is fabulous for your love life as well. To summarize it all, this year is one of the best years for you.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: None is present.
  • Negative aspect: Low self confidence
  • Positive aspect: Intellectual
  • Lucky no: 6
  • Warning: Listening to elders and seniors is the key to success this year. If that doesn’t happen it can hurt both health and mental peace.
  • Remedy: Visiting your religious place regularly and offering something will help immensely. Worship lord Krishna and he will take care of all your troubles.
  • Colors to be avoided: Yellow & orange
  • Direction: North
  • Eatables: Avoid too much salt. Hot fried, spicy and oily products must be avoided. Bitter, Pungent and Astringent taste is good for you this year as per Ayurveda.

Aquarius Horoscope 2016

Aquarius horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of Aquarians Domestic aspect looks as usual. Though minor issues are possible, but positioning of Jupiter in seventh house will not let situation go out of hands. As per the horoscope for 2016, some Aquarians might think about cutting familial ties this year. Genitals and brain are expected to give you some health issue. 2016 will keep your financial life fabulous. Not only finances will give you reasons to enjoy, but friends will also prove to be of much worth. Well, it doesn’t mean getting carried away by sentiments and harming yourself out of friendship and bonds. Aquarians who are into jobs will feel this year pampering them with name, fame, prestige, and progress. Be it your seniors or colleagues, everybody will notice that skilful employee in you, showering you with appreciation. Don’t lose your heart, if you are a businessman, as 2016 is rewarding for you as well. Last but not the least; love life will also go in the right way.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: None of the two is present.
  • Negative aspect: Can’t stand interference
  • Positive aspect: Leadership attitude & confidence
  • Lucky no: 3
  • Warning: Be rational and avoid being perceived as illogical personal with too much tantrum. Overthinking may hurt your prospects.
  • Remedy: Offer rice and white cloths to your religious place. Wear yellow sapphire.
  • Colors to be avoided: Green & white
  • Direction: North-east
  • Eatables: Keep a balanced and regular diet. Eat on time.

Pisces Horoscope 2016

Pisces horoscope 2016 astrology will predict the future of PisceansThis year for you Pisceans, might not be a bed of roses. Familial conditions don’t look that promising. Careful behavior and wise actions are a must to keep troubles away from your path. Any mistake done by you might lead to major consequences; hence, be very careful about everything. Intestine, liver, and kidney might become a reason of concern. Astrology 2016 predicts that financial aspects look normal. Problems are foreseen in the initial stages of job; however, immense success will follow you later. Progress in job will become a driving force for fetching luck and welfare for your life. Pisceans who are into business, will taste huge success after August. You might associate with new business partners as well. Love life will pick up the right direction after August. Don’t expect lovey-dovey moments before it.

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Both are absent
  • Negative aspect: Indecisive
  • Positive aspect: Tolerance power
  • Lucky no: 5
  • Warning: Control your ego. You may be superior to others in many ways but do not allow it to show. Confusion may create big trouble for you. Use your wife as advisor whenever needed. Intoxicants may create problems.
  • Remedy: Worship lord Ganesha. Meditation is must this year. Wearing a good diamond will help.
  • Colors to be avoided: Smoky and black
  • Direction: South-East
  • Eatables: Drinks, cigarettes and all other form of intoxicants must be avoided. Eat healthy food.

We hope that you will make the best use of these horoscope 2016 predictions. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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