Did Rahu Mahadasha In Virat Kohli’s Kundli Make Him The ‘King’?

Rahu Mahadasha: Is It A Bane Or A Boon?

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‘Rahu Mahadasha’ grants Virat Kohli, the famous Indian cricketer, the status of being one of the most dependable players the team has seen in years after the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Many headlines and videos on the internet explain how ‘Rahu’, the notorious planet, known for its elusive traits has made Virat Kohli, the ‘King’ of cricket. But how is this possible? Isn’t the Rahu Mahadasha known to make people lose direction in life? Haven’t we been told for years that during Rahu’s time period one may get carried away by different forms of addictions like drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc., and become blinded by worldly pleasures that one may lose the sense of time and religion?

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Isn’t this period mostly supposed to be categorized by huge financial losses due to which one may have to settle for a lowly job? Health issues like weakness, asthma, urinary ailments, mental illnesses, etc, strong disagreements with family members, children, and even partners and a fear of possible cheating by friends, and even destruction to one’s family? These are some of the thoughts that often cloud our brains when talking or thinking of Rahu and its Mahadasha. But that isn’t the whole truth. Rahu is supposed to bring good luck, name fame, and all worldly pleasures when placed in the 3rd, 6th and the 11th houses in a person’s horoscope. 

Horoscope Analysis- Virat Kohli: The ‘King’ Of Cricket

Read Rahu Mahadasha Here!

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s understand this with the help of Virat Kohli’s horoscope:

The above horoscope has Sagittarius sign in the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant, Jupiter is placed in the 6th house of competition. This shows that he will get things in his life after a lot of struggle. But is he really struggling? No, his career sped really fast after 2011 statistically. That’s because if we take a closer look at his horoscope his Rahu is placed in the Aquarius zodiac sign in the 3rd house in Shatabhisha nakshatra. 

Saturn sitting in the Lagna is aspecting the 3rd house with its 3rd aspect. It is noteworthy that Rahu is a friend of Saturn and is placed in his house and is also aspected by it, this makes Rahu in his horoscope really strong and positive. The 3rd house is also known to be the house of fame. Rahu aspects the 9th house, the house of luck and the 9th house lord, Sun is placed in the 11th house forming the famed Budhaditya Yoga in conjunction with Mercury in the 11th house of fulfillment of desires. Therefore, all these aspects make the Rahu extremely strong for Virat Kohli. 

His Rahu Mahadasha started in 2012, and Virat Kohli was awarded the ICC ‘Player of the year’ the same year and has never looked back thereafter. Many of you may argue that the ‘Sun’ is debilitated, but the point is that the Sun is considered to be deeply debilitated only till the first 10 degrees in Libra. After that it gives normal results and Virat Kohli’s Sun is placed at 12 degrees. Rahu Mahadasha lasts for 18 years and these years would be a glorious time period for Virat Kohli. 

However, if Rahu is placed negatively in an individual’s horoscope or is in conjunction with planets like Moon, Sun, Mars, etc then it can become malefic in nature and give negative results for which it is usually known. While Rahu’s energy is not inherently negative, it can give extremely negative results at certain positions. Rahu is often said to have been placed in our horoscope as per an individual’s past life karmas, much like Saturn and merely is a reflection of our own deeds. Making donations, helping the poor and indulging in spiritual and religious activities can ward off the negative results of Rahu in many ways. 

How Rahu Mahadasha Played A Spoilt Sport For Yester Year’s Superstar- Rajesh Khanna

Read Rahu Mahadasha Here!

We will take another example of a celebrity to explain how Rahu can turn malefic and turn your life upside down from riches to rags in the blink of an eye. Let's take a look at the horoscope of the first superstar of Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna rose to the heights of fame right from his 1st Film and was labeled a ‘superstar’ in no time. But his downfall was as quick as was his rise to fame. This was due to the presence of a malefic ‘Rahu’ in his horoscope. Let us take a look at his horoscope to understand in detail:

The horoscope has Gemini as ascendant, the ascendant lord Mercury is placed in the 7th house along with the 5th house lord Venus and the 3rd house lord Sun. It definitely made him good looking and very popular amongst the opposite gender. His link ups with multiple bollywood actresses are a reason for this conjunction but we must focus on Rahu for now. Rahu is placed in the 3rd house, much like that of Virat Kohli but in Khanna’s horoscope, Rahu is placed in the inimical sign Leo with another enemy planet Moon being conjunct with it. Rahu and Moon, two enemies being placed together, formed the ‘Grahan Yoga’.

As we can see Mars is the 6th lord of competition for him and is placed in own house in Scorpio. Rajesh Khanna won the All India Talent Hunt competition in 1965 when he was running in the Mahadasha of Mars with Moon Antardasha. He was offered his first film when Rahu Mahadasha started in 1966 and reached the peak of his career by 1969 with hits like ‘Aradhana’ under his belt. Here we must understand that Rahu being placed in the 3rd house is good for name, fame and being internationally recognized in any field but because Rahu is placed in an enemy sign and in conjunction with Moon, it gave him a great but short lived rise in his career from 1966-1975. 

When Ketu Antardasha started along with Rahu Mahadasha, his career tanked and produced a string of flop films eventually losing his ‘Superstardom’. He did make a comeback after this point and gave some multi starrer hits, and even tried his hand at politics in the 90’s but could never recreate the ‘magic’ again. Due to the presence of this malefic Rahu, Rajesh Khanna also lost wealth, money and reputation due to his alcohol addiction, and his arrogance and egoistic nature which was again given to him by this same Rahu and ultimately lost direction in life being absorbed in the darkness of addictions.

This article by AstroSage is a way of explaining to our readers the good and bad impacts of Rahu and how it can affect different people differently when it is positively placed and even when it is under a malefic influence. Rahu or any planet is never good or bad only depending upon its nature and checking astrological aspects is very important to conclude the impacts of a planet correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. How long does Rahu Mahadasha last?

Ans. Shani Mahadasha lasts for 18 years.

Ques2. Which God to worship in Rahu Mahadasha?

Ans. One should worship Lord Mars during Rahu Mahadasha.

Ques3. What are the bad effects of Rahu Mahadasha?

Ans. Rahu Mahadasha could make the natives lose direction, get involved in gambling, drug or alcohol addiction, suffer health issues and lose money and wealth.

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