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Mars Transit in Aquarius (4 May 2020)

The Mars transit in Aquarius will take place on Monday, 4 May 2020 at 19:59 hours, as the red planet moves out of its exalted sign Capricorn, to enter the water-sign. Saturn is the Lord of Aquarius and an enemy of Mars. The planet will continue to hold this position until 18 June 2020, after which it will enter the last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces.

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Mars Transit in Aquarius

Since Mars is a fiery planet and Aquarius is a water sign; therefore, due to the mixture of these two elements will create steam and the transit will bring an increase in hot winds in the environment. Let us now take a look at how this planetary movement will influence the zodiac signs.

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Mars, the Lord of Aries, will enter the eleventh house of the sign. The planet is also the Lord of your eighth house. This Mars transit in Aquarius will be quite favourable and will open many new doors of opportunities for Arians. The red planet will help you realize several of your economic plans, which will strengthen your financial front. At this time, you will gain a significant profit through your investments. Strong yogas of gains through a property are also forming, which will help your domain of authority to grow.

You will be favoured by your senior officials at your workplace, as a result of which, you will enjoy numerous exclusive amenities. On the flip side, the negative influence of this transit will bring several challenges in the love life of Aries natives. A difference in your ideologies or thoughts can cause increased disputes between you and your beloved. Although, this transit duration will be normal for your children; however, there are possibilities of a decline in their health.

On the other hand, student natives of the sign will receive excellent results during the transit. Moving on, you will be successful in saving money in this duration, as all your efforts now will bring you profits, regardless of the field. Moreover, you will prevail over your enemies at this time. We can go so far in saying that any task you take in hand right now will be accomplished in a way, better than the best.

Remedy: Chant the given Mars Mantra regularly: “ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः/oṃ aṃ aṃgārakāya namaḥ”


The Mars Transit in Aquarius will cause the red planet to get posited in the tenth house of Taurus natives. This will be a time for you to add several feathers to your cap, in terms of your professional life. Mars is the Lord of your seventh and twelfth houses. Therefore, the present placement of the planet will make you shine out at your office. Consequently, there will be an increase in your responsibilities, authority, as well as salary. Taurus natives will dominate their workplace.

Due to this, some of your colleagues can scheme against you, to tarnish your image. Therefore, you will need to avoid all obstacles while maintaining your pride and confidence. The influence of this transit will make work your priority and you will focus less on resting and relaxation. Hence, there are possibilities of some health issues erupting and you may feel tired.

There are also indications of ups and downs in your family life, as you will remain worried about the health of the members of your household. This is not a favourable duration in terms of your love life either. Therefore, you should try to reduce the number of meetings between you and your beloved to avoid any major arguments. You will pay attention to your fitness at this time, and some of you can even join the gym as a result.

Remedy: In order to receive the favourable blessings of Mars, you should recite the Sunderkand Paath in front of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.


The Mars transit will take place through the ninth house of Gemini natives. The red planet is the Lord of your sixth and eleventh houses. As a consequence of this planetary movement, you may face some challenges in your workplace. Many of you can even get a transfer order at this time.

This duration can negatively influence your relationship with your father. There are also possibilities of a decline in his health. However, on a more positive note, the Mars transit in Aquarius will bring you financial profits in general, which will strengthen your economic front. Your efforts in the direction of increasing your income will grow. Most Gemini natives will remain on the lookout for new opportunities now.

Many of you can come across some options of long-distance trips that you will undertake in the future with some special plans on your mind. Due to the influence of this transit, your siblings can face some problems. However, on the other hand, it will increase your decision-making ability as well as will power. As a result, you will have a higher chance of succeeding in your endeavours.

On the flip side, predictions for your family life do not state this Mars transit to be favourable. Your mother’s health can decline, and her behaviour can turn harsh. This planetary movement will let Gemini natives reach success only after tedious and hard work. Therefore, you need to brace yourself. On a more positive note, this time will remain hard for your opponents as you continue to prevail over them.

Remedy: Worship Mangal Dev or the planet Mars duly on Tuesday.


Cancer natives will host the transit of Mars through their eighth house. The red planet is the Lord of your fifth house, that is its Trikon Bhav, and the tenth house, which is its Kendra Bhav. Hence, it is a Yoga Karaka planet for Cancerians. Therefore, this Mars transit in Aquarius will be quite significant for the natives.

The placement of the planet in your eighth house can create some health issues for you. Irregular blood pressure, accidents, injuries, etc. are indicated; thus, you need to remain very careful while driving. On a positive note, Cancer natives will try to find ways of acquiring wealth through secret or mystical modes and may even succeed in them, partially.

Moving on, predictions for your family life indicate that peace will prevail. However, your siblings can face some challenging situations at this time. An auspicious time will finally come for you at your workplace, but only after you have faced some challenges.

Married natives need to mind their words during a conversation; otherwise, your relations with your in-laws can deteriorate. This transit may also influence your spouse’s health, as a result of which, you will remain mentally troubled. However, you need to not let these worries overtake you and instead focus on taking care of your partner.

Remedy: You should recite oṃ aṃ aṃgārakāya namaḥ on Tuesday.

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Mars is a Yoga Karaka planet for Leo natives because it is the Lord of your fourth house (Kendra/Central Bhav) and ninth house (Trikon Bhav). During this Mars transit in Aquarius, the red planet will be posited in your seventh house, which is not a favourable position for it.

As a result of this planetary movement, there are indications of stress and disputes in your marital life. Additionally, your relationship will not be able to return to normal, for quite some time. You will also witness a change in your spouse’s behaviour. They may remain annoyed and angry over something, as a result of which, mountains will be made out of molehills.

The positive aspect of this transit will be for the business personnel born as Leos, as they will incur optimum profits in their trade. Your father will also make progress in his life, and the same can be said for you, in your professional life. As a matter of fact, employed natives of the sign can look forward to some form of promotion at their office.

In addition to this, your fitness will continue improving, and you will finally be freed of all health-related problems. Partial monetary benefits are also on the cards for many Leos, during this transit. You can also expect profits through property-related matters. However, your spouse and your mother can remain at loggerheads over something at this time, which will cause a stressful situation in the family.

Remedy: Light a Diya (lamp) of Jasmine (Chameli) oil on Tuesday and recite the Sunderkand.


The Lord of their third and eighth houses, Mars, is not a favourable planet for Virgo natives. During its transit through the zodiac sign, Aquarius, it will get posited in your sixth house, as a result of which, you will succeed in your efforts. However, your health will remain on the weaker side. Blood-related problems are on the cards for many.

The positive side of this transit will be — profits on the financial front for you. As a result, you will do all you can to repay a loan or debt you may have taken. The good news is that you will succeed in your efforts to do so. Moreover, you will prevail over your opponents throughout this duration. If there is any pending court case, it may be decided in your favour. Despite that, you need to avoid getting involved in the matters of others that do not concern you.

Working professionals can look forward to favourable results during this Mars transit. Your position at your office will strengthen further. Throughout this time, you should consume abundant amounts of liquid as well as cold items, to keep the Pitta nature of your body, calm. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to avoid getting sick.

Remedy: You should recite the Ram Raksha Strotam and Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays.


The zodiac sign of Venus, Libra, will host the transit of Mars through their fifth house. The red planet is the Lord of your second and seventh houses and is, therefore, a Karaka planet for you. However, its placement in their fifth house is not favourable for Libra natives. Consequently, you need to remain careful throughout this duration.

Specific changes in your current profession are possible, and some of you can even make efforts towards getting a new job, after resigning from your current one. As a result of this transit, your marital life will remain favourable. On the flip side, your children can face some physical problems. This is not a beneficial duration for student natives of the sign either, because this placement of Mars will break your concentration and create obstacles in your studies.

Moving on, predictions for the love affairs of Libra natives are not positive either. However, in certain situations, this transit can create possibilities of love marriage. Physical problems are on the cards for many Librans, yet, on the flip side, you can look forward to favourable results in terms of your finances. There are possibilities for your salary increasing right now.

As for the business personnel of the sign, your mind and insight will be sharp at this time, as you successfully crack all your deals. As long as you can control your expenses, you will remain happy on the financial front as well.

Remedy: To attain the favourable results during this Mars transit, try to eat as much jaggery as you can.


Mars is the Lord of the zodiac sign Scorpio, and hence, this Mars transit in Aquarius will be quite essential for the natives. The red planet is also the Lord of your sixth house, and during this planetary movement, will get posited in your fourth house, which is not a favourable position for it.

As a result, tensions and disputes may prevail within your family. The members of a household will remain angry and upset with each other, which will increase the arguments between them. Your mother’s health can also decline at this time. There will be a fierceness to her behaviour, which will mentally trouble you.

On the flip side, the influence of this transit can bring some happiness through debate, especially some property-related dispute can be decided in your favour. In addition to this, there are also indications of you succeeding in acquiring a new movable or immovable property.

Despite that, this Mars transit in Aquarius can create situations of disputes and stress in your marital life. Therefore, you need to stay as far from arguments as possible. Moving on, this transitory motion will create better situations for Scorpios in the workplace, and you will improve your work ethics and abilities. Moreover, there are also indications of a partial monetary profit for many of you, which, however, you will end up spending soon afterwards. Because of this, your financial status will remain as it is.

Remedy: To attain the positive influence of Mars, chant the following Beej Mantra associated with the planet: “ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः/oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ”

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Mars is the Lord of the fifth and twelfth houses of Sagittarius. Moreover, the red planet is also friends with the Lord of your sign, Jupiter, and will be entering your third house during its movement through the zodiac cycle. This is a favourable position; therefore, this Mars transit in Aquarius will fill you with energy.

As a result, you will succeed in various fields through your work efficiency and technical abilities. Astounding results in your studies are also on the cards for many. Your love life will flourish, and single Sagittarians can also come across someone special now.

The positive influence of this planetary movement will help you get rid of mental tensions, you will once again believe in yourself, and thus, will want to accomplish all your tasks yourself. This will bring up the pace of your working due to which you will complete all your projects before time. You will prevail over your opponents at this time and may even bring them losses.

Athletes of this sign can look forward to positive outcomes during this transit as your skills and abilities improve. Journeys are on the cards for many. Although, these excursions will make you tired, however, they will also bring you monetary profits. This will also be a favourable duration for you, in terms of your workplace.

Remedy: You should specifically worship the idol or the image of Gaumata on Thursday.


The red planet has Lordship over the fourth house of comforts and the eleventh house of income for Capricorn natives. During this Mars transit in Aquarius, it will get posited in their second house, which will open up doors for your financial progress. As a result, you will attain economic success with lesser efforts and your social status will also rise.

However, the negative aspect of this transit will be in your family life. Tensions will persist through your household. You will also witness some bitterness and anger in your speech, which can create problems for you down the road. Despite that, this duration will be favourable for you in terms of property, and you will profit from the same. Coming to the student natives of this sign, this is not a promising time for them as you face obstacles in your studies.

Healthwise too, your immune system will remain weak, due to which you can easily catch a disease. Thus, avoid eating too oily or spicy food and try to maintain peace at home. Your elder siblings can provide you with some financial help at this time which will improve your relations with them. Your spouse's health deteriorating is on the cards. Therefore, take care of them and consult a doctor timely.

Remedy: Hoist a red flag on your terrace on Tuesday.


The Mars transit in Aquarius will cause the planet to be posited in your ascendant, due to which, this celestial movement will specifically influence your sign. The red planet is the Lord of your third and tenth houses.

Due to this transit, you will witness a change in your behaviour. Your nature can turn irate and stubborn. Moreover, you need to remain cautious while driving, if you are doing it at all. However, there are very less chances for this to take place. Due to the influence of this transit, you will receive the complete support of your siblings, and you will also be filled with confidence.

Profits in your workplace are also indicated. You will accomplish all your tasks energetically and swiftly, before time, and will be praised for your efforts. On the flip side, this transitory motion can bring some tensions and unrest in your family life. There are possibilities of a decline in the health of the elder members of the family, especially your mother.

The seventh aspect of Mars on your house of marriage can cause bitter words to be exchanged between you and your spouse. The anger will cause ego clashes amongst you, which will negatively affect your marital life. Predictions also indicate weak health and illness for Aquarius natives. Thus, avoid any carelessness in terms of your wellbeing.

Remedy: To avoid the malefic influence of the planet Mars, make an oblation to Mangal Dev from a Copper utensil.


Mars has Lordship over the second and ninth houses of Pisces natives, and during this transit, it will get posited in your twelfth house. This planetary movement will bring you profits through foreign sources. The Mars transit in Aquarius will bring abundant benefits for Pisces natives, on overseas land.

Some challenges in your marital life are indicated, which you need to face resolutely because there are possibilities of disputes between you two. Your spouse’s behaviour right now can astound you because it will be entirely unexpected of them. This celestial motion will not be favourable for your siblings, therefore, pay attention to and take care of them.

Although there will be an increase in your salary, however, your expenses can rise too. Yet, you need not worry about your opponents, for they will not be able to harm even a whisker on your head. Many of you can plan on investing your hard-earned money now. You are advised caution in terms of your wellbeing, as eye-related problems, insomnia, etc. are probable.

Remedy: You should recite “oṃ kujāya namaḥ” on Tuesdays .

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