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Sun Transit In Aquarius (13 February 2023)

Sun Transit In Aquarius 2023: The father planet Sun will transit into the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 13th February 2023, at 9:21 am. The Sun will be in conjunction with Saturn which is already placed in Aquarius. The planet Venus will also be placed in the zodiac sign of Aquarius as well. The planet Venus will be in its last degrees and Saturn and the Sun will be in their nearest degrees. The major effects of this conjunction between the Sun and Saturn will be obtained, and it will disperse its effects on all the zodiac signs. The father planet Sun will remain in the zodiac sign of Aquarius until 6:13 am on 15th March 2023. Then the Sun will transit into the zodiac sign of Pisces. This is considered to be an important transit as it happens every year in the month of February. The transit of the Sun in the Saturn-ruled zodiac sign of Aquarius is considered important. The Sun transit in Aquarius will have a different effect on all the 12 zodiac signs of the zodiac cycle. If you want to discover how this transit will affect your zodiac sign, then do read this article till the very end. The father planet Sun is known as the king of all the nine planets. We all know that our planet Earth rotates around the Sun, and the Sun provides us with radiance and energy for all of our lives. This vital life force runs in our bodies, and our lives run with this energy. This is the reason our lives go on, and why the planet Sun is considered the one who takes care of this whole world.

Sun Transit In Aquarius

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The planet Sun is known as the soul of this world and is considered the factor of father and health in one’s horoscope. The Sun is also the one that symbolizes power, state, and dominance. Due to the exalted effects of the father planet Sun, a person gets adorned with excellent qualities in politics and excellent leadership skills. The Sun is a planet that exudes fire, and Aquarius is a zodiac sign whose element is Air. The Sun transit in Aquarius is considered to be a good time to commence new works. It is also an indication of success in life, and if you want success in your future then this is the right time to lay the foundation and is the starting point of it all. If you nudge and use your intelligence in the right direction, then the Sun transit in Aquarius will bring you good results. The person will be able to have a personality that will be developed integratedly and will also provide you with prosperity by nudging your outlooks towards the right direction.

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Sun Transit In Aquarius & Sun-Saturn Conjunction

The planet Sun is considered to be the father of Saturn, and is a planet whose nature is fiery. On the other hand, Saturn is a planet that is the benefactor of cold winds. So, considering this, the conjunction of these two planets which will happen in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, cannot be said to be that good. The father planet Sun is the factor of self-confidence, and on the other hand, Saturn governs natives to be in discipline. So, it simply means that if you stay away from ego in your life and will work in discipline, then the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn will provide you good results. The house in which the conjunction of Sun and Saturn will be formed in your zodiac sign will test you in all those tasks related to that house. However, you must stay prepared from your end, and must work in discipline and towards the right direction. Having a disciplined attitude will provide you benefits. However, as Saturn will be in its own ruling zodiac sign, so it will not give that inauspicious effects, and Sun is the father, so he also will not give negative results in the zodiac sign of his son. So there is no possibility that this conjunction will affect you negatively in any way, and you do not need to panic at all. If you have done anything wrong in the past, then you might regret it during this time, and you must repent for that. With this conjunction, a feeling of self-reproach will also be developed. You will have to find a way to get out of the situation as well.

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For the natives of the Aries, Sun is the ruling lord of the fifth house. Due to this Sun transit in Aquarius, the father planet will transit in your eleventh house. The transit of the Sun into your eleventh house is the time for the fulfillment of your wishes. In your life, many types of arrangements will come and your hidden talents that are held inside of you will come in front of the people. You will come across promotion in your career, and your work will start to get appreciated and acknowledged. But you will also have to steer clear of having over-confidence, as the conjunction of Sun and Saturn will take place, and if you move forward with this attitude of having confidence turned into over-confidence then you might have to face issues. Your professional relationships with your seniors might turn sour with this attitude. As a consequence, you might have to bear loss, and financial challenges might present themselves as well. However, with this transit, you will come across financial strength and chances of financial gain will also be created. This time will also be for your rise in society, and there will be chances for you to gain from the share market. Doing pilgrimage and traveling will give you peace of mind, and with that, you will also find joy. Health-wise, you must stay vigilant as your health might be sensitive during this time. Your social circle will expand and you will get the chance to meet new people. You might also join an institution. The Sun transit in Aquarius all-in-all will be favorable for the natives of Aries.

Remedy: Every Sunday you must feed jaggery to a bull, and must offer water and gum mixed in a copper pot to the Sun.


For the Taurus natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of the fourth house; and with the present transit into the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the Sun will transit in your tenth house. The transit of the Sun in your tenth house will be quite significant regarding your work. As when Sun goes into the tenth house, it becomes stronger, and in your life, it will give you a strong position. During this period, you will get the chance to achieve great heights in your career. There will be an increase in your honor and respect, and in your career, you will become a leader. Good chances for your promotion will also be created during this time. Your jurisdiction will increase in your workspace. You will also get a chance to lead a team, and those natives who are working in the government sector will come across even greater opportunities. From a financial viewpoint, this situation will be good, and will improve your financial conditions. You will get several chances for financial gain, and if you judiciously utilize them to further improve your financial conditions, then chances will be created continuously for you to earn a good income in the future. During this time, you must stay away from getting into any sort of ego, if you do, then you might have to face its consequences. For familial life, this transit will provide normal results, and chances will be there for family-related expenses. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Saturn in your tenth house, you will concentrate harder on your work, and will make sure that it's proper and clear. With this, you will work on a better scale; however your relationship will be tense with your father, but you must take care of him, and stay away from any type of quarrel. If he faces any sort of health issues, then make sure he gets proper medical assistance.

Remedy: You must respect your father and father-like people and avoid speaking ill of the government.


For the zodiac sign of Gemini, the Sun transit in Aquarius will take place in their ninth house. The Sun is the ruling lord of your third house. This time is for hard work and benefits; it simply means the harder you work the better results you will attain. Your position will be strengthened in society, and you will get huge amounts of respect. Your curiosity will rise towards religious and spiritual work and you will go on pilgrimage as well. Chances of long-distance travel will also be there. You will remain busy while traveling with your siblings, relatives, and friends. The health of your father might degrade and you might get into a situation of a quarrel with him. For career this period will be normal, and you might get transferred somewhere. However, you must avoid starting any new work during this time and you will come across a good mentor. Your health will be good in this period; you will feel good both physically and mentally. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Saturn, your earnings will increase and so will your mental stress. Your siblings might come across health issues; luck will be on your side, but do not rely on that completely. Work hard from your side, and only then will you be able to perform better in various areas of life, and as a result get good results.

Remedy: On Sunday, do Rudrabhishek as it will be beneficial for you during this transit. With this, offer wheat to Shivling as well.

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For Cancer natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of their second house, and with this transit it will come into your eighth house. As a consequence of this transit, you should take special care of your items, and your belongings. There are chances that during this period you might lose your time or it might get stolen. From a financial standpoint, this period will be normal. However, you must avoid doing any type of investments as the conjunction of Saturn and Sun will happen in your eighth house, and with that, if you rush toward more investments, then you might face losses in them. It might happen that some natives who were to receive ancestral property might not get it and might face hindrances in that matter. However, this might be for a short period of time and later you will get success in that, but at present, you might feel upset about it. Your mental stress might increase, and you must be careful regarding your health. Your relations with your in-laws might face tension as well. During this time, avoid getting into a quarrel with anyone and try to converse with people gently. During this period of transit, futile traveling might take place, so try to avoid these types of travel as much as possible, so you don’t face any problems because of that. If these natives are related to research or research-related fields then you will get great results and as a result, your name will shine. If you want to do a fellowship and want to go overseas for that, then chances will be created for you to do that, during this transit.

Remedy: You must offer water to the Sun everyday, and must recite Shri Suryashtakam.


The Sun is the ruling lord of the first house for natives who were born under the sign of Leo. With the Sun transit in Aquarius, Sun will enter into your seventh house. This transit is going to be very important for you as the Sun is the ruling lord of your zodiac sign. This transit which is going to be in your seventh house might increase tension in your marital life. There will be chances that tension may build between you and your partner. If you are not able to handle this situation properly, then it is possible that the dispute between you both might increase. This rise in quarrels and disputes between you and your partner might take you to court as well. As the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn is taking place in your seventh house. However, you are intelligent and know how to get out of this situation, so be careful and considerate. If you have a business, then this time will give you progress in your venture, but on the other hand, you might get into some legal matters regarding that. You might also get a notice regarding the non-payment of the tax or you might have to be accountable due to your work, which could be against the law. You should avoid engaging in any kind of tension with your business partner and your customers. In the future, you will get the chance to get out of these challenges, and make your work better. Your societal position might get affected, but this time will be normal from a financial viewpoint. Familial life will be good, but take care of your life partner’s health during this time. Don’t put your trust in people without knowing them prior, and be alert toward your friends. As you might get betrayed by one of your friends. During this time, you might complain of a backache. The natives who are working in jobs will have chances of promotion after a long time of hard work.

Remedy: Everyday recite Aditya Hriday Stotra and with this, you will get benefits if you also recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.

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For the Virgo natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of your twelfth house, and with this transit will come into your sixth house. The transit of the father planet Sun in the sixth house is considered to give favorable outcomes. There are chances that you will get good results in your job during this period. Your opposers might disturb you, as the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn will be formed. However, these two planets are known to create Shatru Hanta Yoga in the sixth house, and defeat your opponents. But the conjunction of these two planets is not considered to be that favorable, and at the start of this transit you might face problems due to the increased activity of your opponents. You might see an incredible increase in your expenses, and you might get unstable. Long-distance travel can be expected due to your business, and you might have to travel overseas as well. In love relationships, this transit might bring variations, and you must take special care of your health during this time. At the start of this transit, health-related problems might disturb you. Health issues might be related to your stomach and large intestine, and left eye. In the middle of this transit, you will gradually get out of these issues. So, in order to attain good outcomes, you must be patient and keep trying with hope. At the end of this transit you will get good financial results and chances of financial gain will be there as well. For students, this transit will be favorable.

Remedy: You will benefit from reciting the Gayatri Mantra a set number of times each day beginning on a Sunday morning.


For the natives of Libra, the Sun is the ruling lord of their eleventh house, and with this transit will come into your fifth house. From the start of the Sun transit in Aquarius, your financial conditions will improve for the better and chances will be created for you to receive financial gains. Ways in which you can earn will increase; and with the conjunction of Sun and Saturn, which will happen in the house of intellect, due to its effect, it will give you a chance of self-introspection. You will try to find that whatever mistakes were committed by you in the past, have you truly gotten out of them. If not, then this time you will get the chance to learn from them and move forward with keeping them in mind. Don’t commit any previously committed mistakes in your love relationships, and love your partner will all the love and affection. Your successful love story will be created by this. Students will get normal results in their studies, as they will face a lack of concentration and as a result might not be able to completely focus on their studies. During this time, take good care of your health, as health-issues such as acidity, indigestion, digestive system, gastric, and liver issues might disturb you. Having a balanced and nutritious diet will keep you healthy. A situation of job change might occur, and if you want to change your job then this period will be helpful for you to do that.

Remedy: You must practice Yoga and Suryanamaskar, and avoid having excess salt.


The father planet Sun is the ruling lord of the tenth house for the natives of Scorpio, and with this transit, it will come into your fourth house. This transit of the Sun in the fourth house cannot be said to be that favorable as Saturn will also be placed in the same house. During this time, tension and a situation of quarrel might rise in the family. Lack of harmony and increased jealousy might be seen among family members. Your parent's health might get affected, and you must take care of their health. With this Sun transit in Aquarius, your family-related expenses might rise as well. You will feel a need to create emotional balance in your family life, and you will have to try your best to do that. This period might keep you strangled in family-related matters and due to that your work might face fluctuations. You must try your best to create a barrier between your personal and professional life. Health-wise, you might come across mental disturbance, a lung infection, knee discomfort, a headache, or a body ache. Those natives who are suffering from Blood Pressure must take special care during this period. Practicing Yoga and taking care will be beneficial for you. Interact with your mother in a loving manner, and if she comes across any health issues, consult a doctor immediately.

Remedy: For progress and success in your family life and career, plant a white star tree, and irrigate it accordingly.

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For the natives of Sagittarius, the father planet Sun is the lord of the ninth house i.e, Dharma Trikon. With this transit it will come into your third house. The transit of the Sun in the third house is considered to give favorable results, and the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn will take place in this house. Saturn is also known to have favorable impacts in the third house. However, the results of this conjunction might provide your siblings with some health-related issues. In the workspace, you will get support from your co-workers, but some of them will be seen pulling your leg. Short-distance travel might become a reason for your distress, and might affect your health. Your relations with your relatives might face tension. With this Sun transit in Aquarius, there will be chances for you to gain from the government sector. Your financial condition will get stronger and you’ll get successful in business ventures and will progress further with your hard work. You will meet new people and will get benefits in business from them. Working natives must treat their co-workers well, while maintaining harmony; so that they do not go against you and that you are able to progress in your field. Monetary benefits will come your way, and you will gain financial gain from the sale of a property. It will get completed during this period as well. This time will be favorable for you to set novel routines regarding your health. You will get success while working towards this path. Your love relations will come across with fervor and you’ll make new mates as well.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to recite Shri Ramraksha Stotra daily.


This transit will take place in your second house from your zodiac sign. The Sun is the eighth lord of your zodiac sign; that is, it is the ruling lord of your eighth house. This Sun transit in Aquarius, is going to take place in your second house, and will give you benefits in your financial area. You will get to have delicious and good food. There will be an increase in finances and jewelry, and some problems in the family might arise because of the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn. During this time, these natives must stay far away from any kind of debate and should talk with care and restraint. As you might see, an increase in bitterness and shrillness in your speech, and it might badly affect your relations. Good food will be available to you but you must avoid overeating, or else you will face problems. With this Sun transit in Aquarius, you might come across dental pain, and epiphora in your right eye. You must make efforts in order to bring positive changes in your way of life which will greatly benefit you. You will suddenly attain secret monetary gains and will come across an inheritance of a property. Taking care of your partner’s health must take precedence as this transit will not be favorable for their health. This time will be favorable for investing in a business, and while making your investment make sure that you know and are well aware of the areas in which you are investing your money. Earlier investments done this way will give you benefits. You will see an increment in your job and it will also give you profits.

Remedy: Reciting daily Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra or of Shri Surya Ashtakam will provide you benefits.


For the natives of Aquarius, the father planet Sun is the ruling lord of their seventh house. This transit is going to occur in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and its special effects will be upon your health and the way that you think. Try to adopt a good lifestyle while keeping in mind your health as the conjunction of Sun and Saturn will also take place. You must be disciplined and attentive towards your health, and avoid an attitude of indifference, or else this time might cause you health issues. Health issues like fever, headache, body ache, and faintness might come up. This transit might create fluctuations in the marital life, but the support of your partners towards the relationship will make it stronger, and the bond between you both will become strengthened. From a business viewpoint, this will be a good time. Your business will progress and you will gain maximum profits. Your mental stress will increase, but with that a feeling within you will also rise, that you will have to get out of this, and gradually all the challenges will become easier. Being egotistical might harm you, so you must stay even-minded during this time. The key to having success in both your work field and your relationship will be staying grounded. This time will be favorable for you socially and during the last days of this transit your immunity will be strengthened as well.

Remedy: Wearing a Sun pendant around your neck will provide you with great benefits. One must wear it before 8:00 am on Sunday.


This Sun transit in Aquarius, is going to take place in your twelfth house, and the father planet Sun is the ruling lord of your sixth house. This time your expenses might increase, and their rise might make you tense. In the beginning you might not be able to find a way around but this time will also provide you with a chance to travel overseas. Travel and plans of going overseas will be successful. Your financial condition might get burdened by your uncontrolled and unplanned expenses, you make sure you control them by any means necessary. This Sun transit in Aquarius will provide you with a good time in your business. You will get benefits from your overseas contacts, through which your business will progress. You will be busy traveling because of your work, and you will be very busy. You might come across health problems, and your mental stress might increase because of unnecessary worries, during this time. You have to be careful with your opponents, and you must practice meditation, as it will give you benefits. Your mental health will become better and with that the health of your physical body will improve as well. You must leave unnecessary worries and walk on a path of spirituality and take the divine’s shelter. You will get success by focusing on your work.

Remedy: Fill water in a copper vessel on Saturday night and keep it near your pillow. On Sunday morning, give that same water to a plant with red flowers, and doing this will give you benefits.

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