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Sun Transit in Taurus (May 14, 2017)

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is designated as the King of the Nine Planets (Navagrahas) as it is the central force around which the planets revolve. In one’s horoscope, the Sun represents father and authority, hence it is also known as the father factor. On May 14, 2017, at 23:11, the Sun will transit from Aries to Taurus and remain in it, until it makes the next transit from Taurus to Gemini on June 15, 2017 at 05:46. Of course, this transit of Sun in Taurus will affect all 12 zodiac signs. To know the effects of this transit of the Sun into Taurus on the lives of people and their horoscopes, do not take your eyes off this article.

Sun Transit in Taurus

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The Sun will transit from your Moon Sign into the next Moon Sign, landing in your 2nd House, which may cause harshness in your speech. Control your words as they may result in tiffs. The transit would be good for the students and would lead to better results in the field of education. The people who are married need to pay attention to their partner’s health, otherwise it may deteriorate. It would be a comfortable time for children and monetary gains are expected to make their way into life.

Remedy: Wear a Copper Kada (Metal Wristband) in your right hand.


The Sun will transit in your Moon Sign, therefore producing significant effects on your Horoscope. Ego, aggression and arrogance would be a part of your behaviour. If you are married then this nature can also be acquired by your life partner, resulting in chaos in your married life. Thus, balance and coordination might be required to set things right. You would enjoy comforts and may perform well at work. Your spouse may get a promotion or hike at work, and monetary gains are likely to occur.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer her Red Flowers on Fridays.


The Sun will move into the 12th house from your Moon Sign, and you may get a chance of travelling and going on a foreign trip. You ought to be careful in matters where health is concerned. The health of your spouse may also get affected. You would gain an upper hand in cases where your opponents are considered. There might be an increase in your expenses, so spend money wisely. Legal matters may end in your favour. Siblings will experience a rise in their career. During the transit, you can also enjoy a trip to a forest or mountains.

Remedy: Distribute medicines to patients on Saturday.

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With the transit, the Sun will move into the 11th house from your Moon Sign, and this period may bring many opportunities of growth in your life. High monetary gains are on cards. Health of children might get affected, so pay attention to their health to avoid any problem. Ego may result in issues and arguments in your love life. The time may also prove fruitful to lay the foundation of your own work. Regarding your career, you would receive support and favour from your seniors.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion.


As the Sun makes an entrance into the 10th house from your Moon Sign, the transit would have significant impacts on your life. It might lay the cornerstone of a period during which you will focus on your work and get the desired fruits of your labour. You may find yourself getting a promotion or rise in professional status, but the health of your parents might deteriorate. It is implied that you may experience gains through Government. At workplace, favours from seniors are expected.

Remedy: Plant a Shwetark tree on Sunday and worship it daily.


Observing the transit of Sun in Taurus, it can be deduced that Sun would move into the 9th house. This may be a tough phase for your father as he may experience health issues. You may also suffer a troubled relationship with your father, issues with siblings and females. Foreign trips or long journeys are expected. You may plan to go abroad as monetary gains through foreigners or foreign collaboration are likely to rush into your life.

Remedy: Serve cows as much as possible.


As inferred from the Transit, the Sun would move into the 8th house from your Moon Sign, and might bring with it some uninvited guests like sudden losses, reduced income and troubles to elder siblings. The relationship with your seniors at workplace can worsen and you should not expect any kind of favour from them. However, you may experience some unexpected benefits during this period. Some unintended expenses and journeys may invade your life. If the economic situation weakens, you can borrow money from someone. You can serve as a helping hand to your in-laws, but a possibility of disputes with your life partner exists.

Remedy: Donate wheat on Sunday at any Lord Vishnu/Lord Sun Temple.


As the Sun transits from Aries into Taurus, it will barge into the 7th house from your Moon Sign, and would lead to a drastic increase in aggression. Your spouse may also become egoistic, and this behaviour exhibited by both of you might become a reason for chaos in your marital life, so try to control yourself and avoid problems with your life partner. At your career front, you may ascend to a higher position and your social prestige will rise.

Remedy: On Fridays, distribute candies to little girls.


With the Sun moving into the 6th house from your Moon Sign, your valour and strength would increase exponentially. Legal cases or disputes might end in your favour. The health of your spouse should be taken care of. You might have the whip hand over your opponents. Some unexpected expenses are distinctly possible. You need to work hard to achieve the desired goals.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun and offer him water in a copper vessel.


On account of the fact that the Sun will move into the 5th house from your Moon Sign, issues in your love life, arguments and ego clashes with your spouse are within the bounds of possibility. Sudden monetary gains are possible. There may be some hurdles in the field of education which you need to overcome. Children may be stubborn and aggressive. This period may prove to be beneficial for those who are trying to attain Siddhis.

Remedy: Everyday before 8 O’clock in the morning, chant Shri Surya mantra facing the East Direction.


As the Sun enters the 4th house from your Moon Sign, there might be a decline in your mother’s health condition. If you are married, this transit may bring a favourable period for your spouse as they may get recognition in their work field. They will advance towards their career and might get a professional elevation as well. You may feel lack of contentment at home and may entangle yourself in a tussle. In the office, you would be recognized as a serious and smart worker. Profit from business partnership is possible.

Remedy: Donate jaggery or wheat grains on Sunday.


Owing to the fact that the Sun moves into the 3rd house from your Moon Sign, you would be highly determined during this period and your personal relationships would undergo an upswing. You may, however, have some issues with your elder siblings. You would indulge yourself in religious activities and have a liberal approach to life. Short journeys are expected, and your father would get benefits at his workfront.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman with utmost devotion.

We at AstroSage, hope to enlighten you with the effects that this Transit may have on your life.

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