Sun Transit In Taurus (May 14th, 2024)

Sun Transit In Taurus: The planet Sun for energy and administration is set to transit in Taurus on 14 May 2024 at 17:41 hrs.

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Sun Transit In Taurus: Sun Planet In Astrology

A strong Sun may provide all the essential satisfaction in life, good health, and a strong mind. A strong Sun may provide the natives with all positive results with high success in attaining extreme success and this may guide the natives with sound decision-making concerning their progress. Natives with a strong Sun in their horoscope may make them good and shine well in administration, leadership skills, etc. The natives may be flourishing extremely in practices such as spirituality and meditation.

On the other hand, if the Sun combines with a bad association of planets like Rahu/Ketu and Mars, there might be struggles and obstacles for the natives that the natives could face.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact ofSun Transit In Tauruson your life.

Zodiac Wise Prediction


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, for Aries natives, the Sun, as the lord of the fifth house, occupies the second house. As a result, favorable outcomes can be expected in terms of financial gain, enhanced professional reputation, and the reinforcement of ethical values within the family.

In terms of career advancement, diligent effort may lead to substantial income growth and commendation from higher-ups. Similarly, in business endeavors, there's potential for significant profit accumulation, often attributed to fortunate circumstances. Financially, there's an opportunity to amass savings, possibly directed toward children's needs.

In relationships, there's a likelihood of deepening trust with your life partner and fostering greater honesty. Health-wise, minor issues like eye irritation may arise, but major health concerns are unlikely to manifest.

Remedy- Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” daily 41 times.

Aries Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Taurus natives find the Sun positioned in their first house, governed by the fourth house lord. Typically, this period may not offer significant opportunities for personal advancement and success. There might be a heightened inclination towards property acquisition and investment activities.

In terms of career, moderate progress and success may be attained, although challenges in relationships with superiors could arise. Financially, gains may be limited, and income levels may not be notably high, with savings potential remaining moderate.

Relationship dynamics may encounter hurdles and disagreements stemming from misunderstandings. Health-wise, individuals may experience issues such as headaches and throat-related discomfort.

Remedy- Perform Yagya-Havan for planet Mercury on Wednesday.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, for Gemini natives, the Sun, as the lord of the third house, positions itself in the twelfth house. This alignment suggests potential challenges in personal development stemming from insufficient self-initiative, potentially leading to loss of possessions.

Career-wise, dissatisfaction may prompt job changes, accompanied by feelings of disappointment. Financially, inadequate planning could result in increased expenses and monetary losses due to neglect.

Relationship dynamics may suffer from diminished happiness due to misunderstandings with partners. Health-wise, there may be a susceptibility to throat infections due to weakened immunity during this period.

Remedy- Perform yagya-havan for planet Saturn on Saturday.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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For individuals born under the sign of Cancer, the Sun rules the second house and is positioned in the eleventh house. As a result, you could experience a heightened sense of satisfaction and enjoy favorable returns. In terms of your career, you may find yourself gaining the trust of your superiors and earning recognition and acclaim.

If you're engaged in business endeavors, this transit could lead to increased profits and overall satisfaction. Additionally, your relationships may benefit from the unwavering support of your life partner, while your health could remain robust thanks to strengthened immune levels.

Remedy- Chant “Om Chandraya Namaha” daily 11 times.

Cancer Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Leo natives find the Sun, their first house lord, positioned in the tenth house. As a result, they may forge valuable friendships and partnerships, while also receiving wise support from their social circle.

Career-wise, exceptional success may be within reach through dedicated efforts. Financially, there's potential for increased savings and financial stability. Relationships with life partners can deepen, fostering the reinforcement of moral values. Health-wise, robust fitness may be attributed to strong willpower and enthusiasm.

Remedy- Chant “Om Bhaskaraya Namah” 41 times.

Leo Horoscope 2024

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During this Sun Transit In Taurus, for Virgo natives, the Sun, as the twelfth house lord, resides in the ninth house. Consequently, there may be a need for extra attention to health matters and increased awareness. Minor discomfort in the legs, possibly due to stress, might arise.

Career-wise, there could be opportunities for job changes leading to better prospects and satisfaction. Financially, there may be heightened commitments, prompting considerations for loans to meet needs.

Relationship adjustments might be necessary for maintaining satisfaction and harmony with partners, requiring patience. Additionally, moderate health and a lack of enthusiasm could stem from compromised immune levels, warranting further attention.

Remedy- Perform Yagya-Havan for planet Mercury on Wednesday.

Virgo Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Libra natives find the Sun as the lord of the eleventh house, positioned in the eighth house. As a result, there could be an increased inclination towards acquiring wealth through inheritance. However, challenges may arise in smoothly conducting work-related tasks, leading to some struggles on the career front.

Financial losses may occur due to inadvertence and neglect. Relationship dynamics might sour with life partners due to a lack of harmony. Additionally, health issues like throat pain and infections may manifest due to weakened immunity.

Remedy- Chant “Om Bhargavaya Namah” daily 11 times.

Libra Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Scorpio natives will find the Sun positioned in their seventh house, ruled by the tenth house lord. Career-wise, positive outcomes, and increased prosperity are likely. Those engaged in business ventures can anticipate success in their endeavors.

Financially, there's a potential for fortunate circumstances leading to savings. In matters of relationships, there's an inclination towards sincerity and affection with one's life partner. Health-wise, maintaining good health is facilitated by enthusiasm and vitality.

Remedy- Chant “Om Bhaumaya Namah” daily 11 times.

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Sagittarius natives find the Sun positioned in the sixth house, governed by the ninth house lord. Consequently, they may experience moderate progress, potentially encountering debts along the way.

Career-wise, there's a likelihood of moderate satisfaction and the prospect of job changes. In the realm of business, heightened competition from rivals may be a challenge. Financially, there may be moderate savings but increased expenses.

Relationships could be strained due to misunderstandings and misperceptions, leading to unwelcome arguments. Health-wise, there may be a susceptibility to throat-related infections during this period.

Remedy- Perform Yagya-Havan for Lord Shiva on Thursdays.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


During this transit, Capricorn natives find the Sun positioned in the fifth house, which is ruled by the eighth house lord. This configuration suggests the need for patience in attaining benefits to avoid potential losses. In terms of career advancement, recognition may not be as forthcoming as desired.

In business endeavors, profits may be moderate, though investments in the share market could yield favorable returns. Financial gains might not be as abundant as hoped, with saving efforts facing challenges. Relationships may encounter emotional turbulence with partners, while health issues could manifest, particularly related to throat ailments.

Remedy- Perform Yagya-Havan for Lord Hanuman on Saturdays.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


For Aquarius natives, the Sun occupies the fourth house, ruling the seventh house. As a result, there could be a decrease in comfort and a sense of dissatisfaction experienced. Career-wise, there may be heightened work pressure during this transition, while on the business front, there's a risk of facing reputational and positional setbacks.

Financially, there might be unforeseen expenditures related to family health issues. In relationships, a tendency to keep a low profile may lead to conflicts. Health-wise, there may be notable throat discomfort stemming from weakened immunity.

Remedy- Chant “Om Vayuputhraya Namaha” daily.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


During this Sun Transit In Taurus, Pisces natives experience the Sun positioned as the sixth house lord in the third house. This placement suggests a potential for success stemming from ongoing efforts. Career-wise, opportunities for advancement and new job prospects may arise, while financial gains through inheritance or unforeseen sources are likely.

In business endeavors, profits may increase due to skillful management and intelligence applied to operations. Relationships with life partners are expected to be particularly strong during this period. Additionally, robust health marked by strong immunity and energy levels contributes to overall well-being.

Remedy- Give donations to old-aged Brahman on Thursday.

Pisces Horoscope 2024

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