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Sun Transit in Virgo (September 17, 2017)

Vedic Astrology accords Planet Sun with the status of the life force and “Atma Karak”. Sun represents the father and bestows us with glory and prosperity. A fiery planet, Sun governs our independent streak and rules the heart and eye in our body. The luminary lords over the 5th sign of the zodiac, Leo and guides us towards enlightenment. It indicates our soul and the strength and life force residing in us. The Sun symbolises command and authority, and the prowess to lead.

Sun Transit in Virgo

A strong Sun in one’s natal chart denotes an egotistical attitude with an arrogant and dominant behaviour. The native will be ruthless and cruel in his/ her dealings and will have an administrative quality.

A weak Sun in one’s chart gives eye related issues and management problems. The native will have a hard time dealing with things that will need him/ her at the fore.

Planet Sun will transit into the zodiac sign Virgo on September 17, 2017 at 00:55 a.m. The planet would remain posited there till October 17, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.

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Sun will move into the 6th house from your moon sign. This would be a positive period for you. Your opponents would become weak and they will not dare face your aura and wrath. You’ll be able to outshine them in this period. Children would taste success in competitive exams. You would perform well at work in this duration. Your decisions will prove to be commendable. Your health would improve in this period. There might be gains through government or higher authorities. You would enjoy a blissful and happy life in this duration.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra: Aum Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah.

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Sun will move into the 5th house from your moon sign. Some confusions might hamper your decision-making skills during this period. The health of your children might get affected. You might face some issues with seniors at work or eminent people of society. Health issues are likely in this period. Your spouse might receive good results at career front and achieve something that has been their long awaited wish. You are advised to be careful while travelling. You might feel a sudden decline in your happy spirit. Some monetary gains are likely in this period.

Remedy: Donate red cloth on Sunday at any Lord Vishnu temple.

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Sun will move into the 4th house from your moon sign. There might be mental stress and health would remain low for most of the part. The health of your mother might get affected. You would have a difference of opinion at home and this could result in tiffs in domestic life. Some issues related to property are possible; so keep your eyes and ears wide open. Lack of happiness in personal life is predicted. Troubles in journeys undertaken in this period are possible. There might be issues in attaining marital bliss in this duration. Your spouse might gain position at work.

Remedy: Donate wheat grains on Sunday.

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Sun will move into the third house from your moon sign. This period indicates strong health and excellent immunity. You’ll be able to recover from any past illness if any. You would enjoy comforts of life and there will be an increase in your courage and determination. You’ll likely get favours from seniors. You may receive gains through government, higher officials or eminent people of the society. Short distance journey would be fruitful and yield benefits. You might cash in wealth gains through siblings and friends. You would dominate over your opponents in his period. Your name & fame would increase. People would kowtow to your glory. An income hike or promotion is on the cards for you, so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled. Your behaviour towards others would improve and it will make you popular among others.

Remedy: Chant this Mantra: - Aum Ghrini Suryaya Namah!!

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Sun will move into the 2nd house from your moon sign. During this period your speech might become harsh, due to which you’ll harm the feelings of people around you. There is a high probability of eye issues and headache hampering your well being. Issues in the family are possible. You might have to face wealth loss too but, the inflow of income would be there. Your relationship with your friends and relatives might get bitter in this period. Mental stress would increase in this timespan. Your dominant attitude will be at an all-time high, as you’ll try to overpower everyone at home. Your family will keep an understanding viewpoint towards you. The health of spouse might get affected.

Remedy: Distribute medicines to the poor on Sundays.

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Planet Sun will move into your own sign . There might be wealth losses during this period. A slight decline in name & fame is possible. Health would be troublesome and you will have to suffer through various issues especially headache, fever, the thickness of blood, minor eye issues, and an upset stomach will likely disturb you, provided if your chart is also confirming such possibilities. There might be a delay in major undertakings. You might feel lethargic in your daily routine. Travelling is on the cards for you, as you’ll get that opportunity several times in this duration. You might have to stay away from family. There might be mental distress and ego that could affect your life. Apart from that, some gains through foreign lands are also possible during this time.

Remedy:Donate jaggery on Sundays.

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Sun will transit into the 12th house from your moon sign. During this period you might travel abroad, due to which you might have to stay away from your family. Places close to nature would lure you and you’ll be inclined to travel to the forests, the mountains and the seas. Your health might face a steep decline in this period. There might be excessive expenditure. Fever, headache and upset stomach might trouble you. Apart from that eye diseases might also trouble you. You should stay away from unfair or illicit activities as it might result in defamation in the society. Troubles with friends or enemies might raise and hamper you peace of mind.

Remedy:Recite Shri Harivansh Puran daily.

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Sun will move into the 11th house from your moon sign. This period indicates several gains in your life. Income would manifold; due to which you’ll be able to overcome all your inhibitions. You’ll outshine your opponents. Your inclination towards sacred and religious deeds would increase and you’ll make time for performing them. Seniors would be favourable towards you and you would strive to achieve big things in life. Your wishes might get fulfilled. You would receive benefits through your father during this transit period.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun with vermillion infused water in a copper vessel, with red flowers in it.

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The planet of luminescence, Sun will move into the 10th house from your moon sign. You’ll gain in authority and position at work. Some benefits through government and seniors are foreseen for you in this period. You would enjoy good health and wealth; abundance will bless your life. You would befriend new people in this duration; relationship with these eminent people would establish and you would receive several gains with their support in the long run. You’ll taste success in almost every undertaking. Your name & fame would manifold.

Remedy: Offer water to God Sun every day in a copper vessel.

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Planet Sun will move into the 9th house from your moon sign. During this period you might have to face a decline in your social image. Sudden ups & downs are likely. There might be few wealth losses that could give you some worries. The relationship that you share with your father might get bitter and his health might also dwindle. Your own health would require keen attention; minor issues might trouble you. You might stay mentally stressed in this period. Some issues with mentors and elders are probable. You need to work meticulously in this period, as you’ll have to struggle hard in achieving things.

Remedy: Donate copper vessel on Sundays.

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Sun would move into the 8th house from your moon sign. There is a possibility of facing trivial issues due to your own karmas. You would reap whatever you sow earlier in this duration. There might be some quarrels with your enemies. Health might be weak and the probability of stomach related ailments like piles and indigestion are likely. If you have done any wrong act in past, chances of punishment, penalties, or facing any legal charges through government or authorities are possible. Your spouse might suffer a bit. There might be some unintentional expenditure. Chances of defamation are there hence, you should keep a watch on your actions.

Remedy: Offer jaggery to Ox, on Sundays.

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The planet Sun will transit into the 7th house from your moon sign. This indicates conflicts and tiffs in your marital life. Your spouse will become egotistical in this period and there might be a power struggle between the both of you. This will be potent enough to sour your relationship. Your spouse and children might have to suffer from ill health. There might be some issues in your business. If in a partnership business, there might be issues with your partner. If in a job, you can expect some good news. Journeys undertaken in this duration might turn out to be troublesome. You are advised to take care of your well-being in this period to avoid upset stomach, headache, mental agony, etc.

Remedy: Donate Copper on Sundays.

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At AstroSage, we hope that the transit of Sun in Virgo turns out to be an auspicious one for you!

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