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Sun Transit in Virgo: 17 September, 2019

In the domain of Vedic astrology, the Sun is hailed as the king of all the nine planets. This explains why natives who are positively affected by the Sun attain political success. Lord Sun moves approximately 1 degree in a day’s time and takes residency in a new zodiac sign regularly. This transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is also known as Sankranti. Since the planet is the significator of aspects like one’s soul, father, stature, and government services, it’s transit has great eminence in the lives of natives. Due to its benefic impact, one gets blessed with high posts in government services. It is the ruling lord of Leo zodiac sign and remains exalted in Aries. The same planet remains debilitated in the zodiac sign of Libra. When Sun gets positively placed in one’s birth chart, then the individual gets access to all sorts of luxuries and comforts. The concerned native also gets treated like a king and earns respect, name and fame like a king only.

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Impact of Sun Transit

Astrology considers the planet Sun as the ruler of this entire universe. It is difficult to imagine the existence of human beings without the presence of Sun since its energy is the reason that keeps the other planets moving. According to Vedic astrology, the positive impacts of this benefactor of aspects like soul, father, stature and government services helps a person to lead a grandiose life. However, its negative influence can cause a decline in one’s stature, father’s health and increase his sufferings, and cause eye diseases to the native. Now, the same planet’s transit is taking place on Tuesday, 17th September 2019 at 12:43 in the noon. The zodiac sign Virgo will host this transit and it will remain posited in the same place until Friday, 18th September, 2019 at 00:04 am.

This transit will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us have a look at its respective impact on each and every zodiac sign.

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The planet Sun is the ruling lord of your fifth house, while during its transitory motion, the planet Sun will take nest in the sixth house of your zodiac sign. This house enlightens us about aspects like rivals, will power, survival skills, career, ailments, competitive exams, Bank loans, and maternal family members. This time period will bring forward positive results for you as many problems will get eliminated from your life. Success will be granted to you in judicial matters. However, your expenses will increase but you will remain influential at your workplace. You will perform well and your decisions will be appreciated by your senior officials. The position of your rivals will remain dormant and you will successfully outshine them. Courage and valor will increase and success will be granted in competitive exams. Your health would also improve. Gains will be obtained through government or higher authorities. You will also lead a blissful and happy life in this time period because of your child’s prosperity.

Remedy: Store water in a copper vessel near your bed and drink the same water in the morning.


The Sun is the ruling lord of your fourth house. However, it will remain posited in the fifth house of Taurus natives during its transitory motion. The same house also sheds light on aspects like progeny, education, love relations, intelligence, reasoning abilities, and our interests. As the Sun takes nest in this house, you may have to face certain difficulties. It will primarily hamper your decision-making abilities. The health of your children will also be a reason of your concern which is why you will adequately remain busy in taking care of them. However, they are likely to excel in their respective careers. You may face certain issues at work with regards to your senior officials. It is better to keep things cordial with them in order to avoid interruptions in your professional life. Remain careful as you may get involved in arguments with certain influential personalities of the society. Sun’s transit will also garner propitious results for your life partner on the economic front, and in the same vein, you will also obtain profits through him/her. It is advised to take necessary precautions while travelling as the journeys undertaken during this period will not curate favourable outcomes. Taurus natives should also try their best to postpone their upcoming journeys.

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hriday Srotam regularly.


The fourth house of Gemini natives will host the transit of Sun which is also the significator of luxuries and comforts in one’s life. Additionally, it provides information about one’s mother, expenses, various movable and immovable properties, and vehicle. This transit will create an atmosphere of unrest in your family life. Because of a difference of opinion with kin members, you will get involved in debates and arguments with them. Mental tensions will escalate and health issues will also crop up. Additionally, mother’s health may also remain unstable. Take the aid of medication or travel to rejuvenate your mind as lack of happiness in personal life is predicted. Troubles in journeys undertaken during this period are possible. There may be hurdles in attaining marital bliss but your spouse can obtain grand success and promotion at their workplace.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu.


Sun will move into the third house of the Cancer natives. The third house is the significator of our siblings and our relationships with them. It also provides information about hard work, interests, and long and short distance journeys. As a result, a favourable time period will be experienced by Cancer natives. You will remain more than ready to face challenges and successfully tackle them. During this period, your health will also remain stable and benefits can also be procured by travelling. You will take care of your siblings and also provide them with luxuries and comforts. You will attain your goals at work by performing your tasks with devotion and senior officials will also remain satisfied with your work. Your social circle will increase and influential people of the society will remain in your contact. Cancer natives will spend some quality time with friends and rivals will also fear them. As your stature in the society increases, professional success will also touch your feet and your behaviour towards your peers will remain amicable.

Remedy: It is advised to chant this mantra : “oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ’’/ “ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः’’


The planet Sun rules over this zodiac sign and it will transit in the second house of your zodiac sign during its transitory motion. The second house is the benefactor of one’s speech and communication abilities. It is also enlightens the natives about aspects like kin, savings, face, diet, and primary education. Sun’s transit in the second house is not considered auspicious which is why you are advised to remain cautious. Use your words carefully and speak in an amicable manner. Mental and physical tensions may escalate during this interval of time and you are likely to experience head pain, excessive heat and eye infection. On the familial front too, certain problems will crop up. Debates and arguments can take place between family members. In order to put an end to them, you need to play the role of mediator. Refrain yourself from getting involved in unnecessary debates with close family members and friends as much involvement on your part in such things can only deteriorate the situation and your relationships. Life partner’s health may also remain unstable which is why you should take good care of your spouse. Handle money related matters with care. Familial conflicts may also give birth to mental tensions. It would be beneficial to take the aid of entertainment and remain busy in order to escape such problems.

Remedy: Wrap a Moli or Kalawa six times around your hand.


The twelfth house of Virgo natives is ruled by the planet Sun and this transit will occur in your ascendant or first house, i.e., your own sign. This house is quite influential as it is responsible for the formation of one’s identity. It also helps us in inspecting our body, physical features, our image in the society, intellect, stature and health. Sun’s transit in a Moon Sign is often regarded as inauspicious. You may face an economic crisis during this time frame. On getting involved in any unlawful activity, the societal status of Virgo natives may decline. Issues like high fever, restlessness of the mind, excessive mental stress, indecisiveness may also be experienced. Precautionary measures with regard to health must be observed and vices like lethargy should be shed as it will prevent you from accomplishing your crucial tasks. You may also take a trip to fulfill or business or professional requirements and may have to stay away from your family for a while. Stress and ego are the two factors which will dominate your life and its repercussions will be visible on your health and conjugal life. Natives who reside in a foreign country and work there are most likely to obtain favourable results during this period.

Remedy: It is advised to chant Gayatri Mantra on a regular basis.


The panet Sun is the ruling lord of the eleventh house of Libra natives and during this transit, it will take nest in your twelfth house. This house is known as the house of expenditure and losses. As a result of this transit, natives born under the zodiac sign of Libra who have been trying for a long duration of time may win an opportunity to visit a foreign country. On the other hand, you should not take your health lightly as this transit may cause unrest in this respective sphere. Pressure at work may keep you away from your family members. You may also visit a picturesque place or a hill station. It is advised to remain cautious while travelling. You are also requested to keep a tab on your expenses as they are likely to remain on the higher side. Do not get involved in any activity which may put your societal image at stake. It is also important to remain careful of your enemies and dodge those close family members who are expecting some financial help from you. Maintain a healthy bond with your friends and resolve the differences immediately when they arise between you and them. Natives who work at Multinational Companies may gain good amount of profits during this time.

Remedy: Donate jaggery or gud, wheat and copper on Sundays.


For Scorpio natives, the planet Sun is the ruling lord of your tenth house. However, during this transit, it will remain posited in your eleventh house. This particular house is the representative of gains and profits in one’s birth chart and Sun’s residency is indicating the possibility of changes which are yet to take place in your life. The eleventh house also provides information about elder siblings, senior officials, ambitions and desires, and sources of income. This transit will bring forward positive results for you and profits may also be gained from multiple sources. There will be a tremendous hike in your current income and your expenses will be taken care of. You will outshine your rivals and they will not dare to face you. Interest will be clearly seen in activities like donation, religion and charity. With the help offered by senior officials, you will successfully move forward in life and look for opportunities to earn profits. You can achieve something great during this period. Respect your father and seek his blessings as he may inspire you to lay your hands on exceptional profit earning sources. The sailing of the ship of your love life may witness difficulties. Therefore, you should introspect your partner’s mood as their unhappy mood can give birth to dire consequences. You are likely to gain profits from the government sector. Any scheme which have been planned for a long time period will also provide fruitful results.

Remedy: Mix red sandalwood powder in water and take a bath with the same.

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The Sun is the ruling lord of your ninth house but the tenth house of your zodiac sign will host the transit of the planet. The tenth house is also known as ‘karma bhava” as it determines one’s profession. The Sun remains powerful in the tenth house because of which you will witness positive results in your professional life. You may also win opportunities to receive a promotion, income will increase, and your influence will be visible in the sphere of your work. You may also receive good returns from the government sector while the aspects of health and finance will also remain strong. Your societal stature will increase and you will come into contact with certain influential personalities. They will help you to strengthen your fortune in the upcoming time. You will be favoured by luck during this whole time. However, there can be some disturbance in your familial life. You may also get transferred to a place of your choice, which will help you touch great heights of success. You should try to maintain a healthy bond with your father, as he more you respect and care for him, the more you will prosper in your business or work.

Remedy: Feed wheat to a red cow with your both hands during a Sunday afternoon.


The eighth house of Capricorn natives is being ruled by the planet Sun. During this transit, it will take nest in your ninth house. This house is considered the house of luck and enlightens us about aspects like religious traditions, overseas journeys, pilgrimage, mentor and mentor like personalities, respect, and stature in society. First of all, the impact of this transit will be apparent in your father’s health as he will experience certain medical issues. Tasks which are on the verge of completion may get affected as a result of the effects of this planetary movement. On the contrary, certain other tasks may get fulfilled. Refrain yourself from getting involved in unlawful activities as you may get defamed for it. Handle economic matters with extreme care as you may procure losses otherwise. Do not lend any money to anyone during this time period. Health problems are also likely to crop up which is why you should take care of your health. Do not let mental tensions overpower you and take the aid of meditation to get rid of them. Ideological differences can also create conflicts between you and some of your elders. You will have to work rigorously to see the face of success at your workplace. There may be sudden journeys. Capricorn natives also have bright chances to get access to their paternal property.

Remedy: Respect your father and wake up early in the morning.


Sun will take nest in the eighth house of Aquarius natives. For these natives, this planet is the ruling lord of the seventh house. The eighth house is considered quite mysterious in the realm of Vedic astrology. It provides knowledge about the impending partnership opportunities, spirituality, hurdles and difficulties of life, unexpected gains and losses, and one’s in-laws. As a result of this transit, you may get involved in a controversy however, measures should be undertaken to end it. Conjugal life will also witness difficulties and differences can also creep in your relationship with either your spouse or your in-laws. Your rivals may remain active which is why it is advised to observe the necessary precautions. Health should also be taken care of. In case of any medical emergency, advice should swiftly be taken from the doctor. You can also have to face some unnecessary expenses. This will impact your economic state in a negative manner which is why you should devise a budget to balance out everything. Aquarius natives are also advised to maintain a healthy bond with their respective business partners.

Remedy: Offer water to the Sun in a Copper vessel on Sunday.


The Sun is the ruling lord of your sixth house. During its transitory motion, it will remain posited in your seventh house. This particular house determines long term relationships and also keeps an eye on your married life. Additionally, it provides information about one’s life partner, business partner, import and export business, and position occupied in the society. Due to this transit’s impact, you are likely to witness challenges in your married life. It is advised to let go of your ego as it is the primary reason of clashes in your married life. Your life partner and your child’s health may also suffer during this time period. Think twice before making any business related decision as this interval of time is also not propitious for the aspect of business. In your priority list, respecting and behaving amicably with your business partner should remain at the top. If you are a job holder, you may receive good news which will keep you contented. Pay attention towards your health if you take a trip as you are likely to suffer from stomach pain, indigestion, mental stress, and headache at this point of time.

Remedy: Wake up early in the morning before sunrise and water trees and plants with red coloured flowers.

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