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Pearl Gemstone - Moti Ratna

Pearl Gemstone � Moti Ratna

In Astrology, Pearl is considered as a benefic stone which can be worn by anybody whose Moon is at a weaker position. Pearl Gemstone is basically formed as a result of irritation caused in the soft body of a mollusk. This sea animal, demulcents the stuck sand, sustains the irritation forming multiple layers of nacre until the Pearl is formed. This is the reason why Pearls are contemplated as the gems of nurturing and nourishment, as their genesis itself is a result of self-nurturing. That's why it's no surprise that Pearls possess a centuries-long reputation as far as the healing properties are concerned, and especially in traditional Asian medical systems. Thus, Pearls have many metaphysical properties akin to crystals. The prominence of the Pearl as a phenomenal wellness tool has even spread to the staunch health addicts. Though, Pearls are popular as a jewellery item as well and one can find Pearl necklace or Pearl ring sparkling across the jeweller's market, it holds a big position in astrology. If we talk about the varieties of Pearls then there are two basic varieties of cultured Pearls namely- Freshwater Pearls and Saltwater Pearls. Though, Pearls are available in different colors like Pink Pearl, Black Pearl, etc. and Black Pearl Necklace are very popular among jewellery enthusiasts, we'll be talking here in overall terms over the Pearl stone.


In every culture and society, Pearl holds a significant place as an item of jewellery. Pearl has got its name from a French word 'Perle' and in Hindi it is popularly known as Moti Ratna. This beguiling gemstone has always been adored by the women who prefer to wear it in the form of pendants and bracelets and elegant Pearl rings. Moti stone ring is an exceptional remedy and thus the primary benefits includes-

  • Pearl rings enhance the stability of mind and induces optimistic thinking by eliminating the negativities caused by planet Moon.
  • It stimulates the healthy relationships especially between husband and wife. Apart from this, it also sparks love, care and trust in a relationship.
  • Pearl stones serves as the quintessence of female energy as they are highly beneficial for women to cure various diseases.
  • It also escalates self confidence and prosperity in the life of the wearer.
  • It raises up your muscular strength and shields you from the evil spirits.
  • It also increases the memory power of a person and also infuses creativity & love for music and arts.


If we talk about the disadvantages of wearing Pearl Gemstone, then it can be envisaged as-

  • If a person's Moon position is strong enough and still, if the person wears the Pearl ring such that the gemstone touches the skin, then it might prove malefic for the person.
  • Oftenly, Pearl is used in the jewellery items and embellishments, so if these jewellery items are possessed, so a notion should be kept in mind that the gemstone should not touch the skin if the latter's Moon position is already strong.


According to the Vedic Astrology, Pearl represents the planet Moon , and if the moon is posited in a benefic house in your horoscope , then you must wear a Pearl. And as far as the carat of Pearl gemstone is concerned, then a stone between 6-8 carat in a silver ring would prove germane to the situation.


In accordance with the astrological point of view, the planet Moon is represented by Pearl. If in a birth chart or birth horoscope Moon seems to be advantageous then only Pearl should be worn. A Pearl is said to be extremely useful in keeping the mind relaxed and worry free. By wearing a Pearl, one can expect to have cordial relations with the loved ones and may also witness the enhanced self-confidence. A Pearl also helps in controlling the diseases which includes, but not limited to, blood pressure and bladder. However, before wearing a pearl it's vital to beseech the advice of an experienced astrologer. As there could be a possibility of Moon occupying a malefic position in a horoscope, if that is so, the Pearl may prove to be troublesome. As in case, a malefic Moon is capable of causing diseases like dementia coil. Therefore, it is pretty much necessary to know the position of Moon in the horoscope before wearing a Pearl.

Moon has a significant connection to the lives of young children, because the starting or the initial life of a newborn in a lunar horoscope depends on the auspicious and inauspicious effects of Moon. If you wish to know your Moon Sign, you can check it with our Moon Sign Calculator.


The chemical composition of Pearl gemstone comprises of 82-86% calcium Carbonate, 10-14% conchiolin and 2-4% of water (CaCO3 and H2O). The refractive index of a Pearl stone ranges between 1.530-1.685. The hardness of the gemstone on the Mohs scale ranges between 3.5-4 and its specific gravity is 2.65-2.85.


Pearl, the gemstone for Moon, can be worn in a ring made of silver in your little finger. The ring should be immersed in unboiled milk or Ganga water before it is worn. Offer Shiva- Parvati flowers, rice and fragrance of incense sticks while chanting mantra for Chandra(Moon)- Om Sram Srim Sraum Sah Chandramase Namah-108 times to energize the ring. After performing the rituals, it may be worn either on a Monday or a full moon day or during Hasta, Rohini and Shravana Nakshatras.

(Note: We strongly recommend our users to consult with an expert astrologer before wearing any stone. However, you can always use our service for this.)


  • The best and the premier Pearl is round and smooth with distinctive gloss and shine, but besides that, there are other shapes of Pearl that also exists.
  • Planet Moon is primarily a symbol of love and beauty and Pearl is one of the oldest gemstones and was reckoned as the most valuable one. When you rub the Pearl lightly across your upper front teeth, the real Pearl feels rough while the imitated Pearl gives a smooth feeling.
  • Real Pearl Gemstone possess perfectly round, globular shape and size, while the imitated Pearls are of any random shape and size.
  • Real Moti Stone are comparatively more heavier, than the imitated ones. If the surface of the gemstone is examined with a loupe, then it can be determined that the Real Pearl has an unusual fine grained pattern, and on the contrary the artificial ones appears uneven and lumpy.


Unlike the various gemstones that are excavated from the earth, a living organism produces a Pearl and, in fact, their very existence is an aberration of mother nature. A Pearl stone is formed when a parasite or a piece of shell, becomes inadvertently wedged in an oyster's soft inner body, making it to emanate a crystalline substance called the nacre, which builds up around the parasite in the form of layers until a Pearl is formed. Cultured Pearls are also formed through the same process, but the only difference is that the parasite is lodged in the oyster rather than making it to happen naturally. Till the starting of the 20th century, the only way of procuring Real Pearl was through the help of divers, who risk their lives at a depth of up to 100ft to recoup the Pearl oysters. It has always been a perilous activity and the one who dives deep into the sea possesses a slender chance of success as a ton of oysters would give up only three or four desired quality Pearls. Freshwater molluscs dwelling in the shallow rivers and streams were comparatively easier to collect, but these Pearl beds were often chartered for garnering by royalty.


We at AstroSage cater you with a Genuine Gemstone Certification when you purchase any of the gemstones through our website. This certification will be 100% authentic and will substantiate that the gem you have shopped for is 100% original and no imitation is made to make it accessible to you. Our gemstones undergo various quality and standard inspections, so as to ensure its quality and resilience because it is the element that brings our customers back, not the product. These are processed in well equipped labs so that it can be given the desired shapes and sizes to mould into gold or silver or any other metal as per the requirement. Stress is laid on to safeguard the standard and quality of the gemstone so as to satiate the customers because quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

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