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Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The fifth sign of the Chinese Astrology, the Dragon is basically a mythical creature being raised as a lucky mascot amongst the Chinese people. Considering themselves the descendants of the Dragon, the Chinese like to call it the ambitious and brave sign.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Dragon

Chinese zodiac sign Dragon
  • Lucky Numbers: 1,6,7
  • Unlucky Numbers: 3,8
  • Lucky Colors: Gray white, Gold, Silver
  • Unlucky Colors: Blue, Green
  • Years of birth: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Amongst the Chinese Zodiac, only one slot has been given to a mythical animal. The Dragon radiates auspiciousness in the words of the Chinese, and is often looked upon as the noblest of all. They tend to achieve success on their own due to being self reliant. The Dragons are driven and charming; they've a knack to face challenges thrown at them with full confidence and strength. They are passionate and have a virtue of doing things in grand fashion. The more they exert themselves in work, the more likely they are to feel drained at the end of the day.

Quite a loyal and trustworthy friend, the dragon believes in helping others by going out of their way, but seldom they will be the ones asking for help. The Chinese Dragon Zodiac people have a persona that's colorful and at the same time mysterious, making the people of this sign all the more charming. The Dragons like working alone. They are the ones who'll go out for walks and strolls alone, but also achieve huge goals on their own.

Traits of the People under Chinese Zodiac Dragon

The people born under the sign of the Chinese Dragon Zodiac embody the traits of a solitary and grand being. They're fantastic at whatever they do and it gets apparent when they come into the zone to show it off. The Dragon knows no grays, it likes to live in the black region or the white, but never in the middle. They get their hands on success pretty easily when they work for it alone. Dragons have an enlightened outlook of the world and are prone to have strong sense of moral justice. They do not like Janus-faced people and that is the reason they avoid such people. They have major trust issues. Despite this they stay strong and survive through all the hardships of life. The Dragon likes to feel important and at the centre of things. He knows his worth and would never settle for any less. They crave for power and autonomy.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Dragon

  • Dragons are full of life. They control their life and live it with full power. Their strength knows no bounds. No matter what time, the Dragon knows how to enjoy and in what limit.
  • Dragons fear none. They are strong and fearless; yet at the same time they are adaptive. They try to carve out a perfect world, even out of nothingness.
  • They have a tendency to act out whatever they feel, without any malice in their hearts. Being frank, honest, and transparency is what they expect and what they deserve for giving the same in the first place.
  • They are solitary workers. The Dragons like to work alone and stay separate from the crowd. They are dependant on solely themselves; hate when others act on their behalf.
  • Born to be a leader, the Chinese Dragon people are talented and creative. They likes to go about things on their own and finish them in their own sweet time.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Dragon

  • Dragons are arrogant creatures, who love to bask in their own pride. They are not well mannered, and take no time in uttering disrespectful words for someone.
  • They are strict and like to maintain order. The methods they adopt are often harsh, and might be too much to bear for some people.
  • The people belonging to the Chinese Zodiac Dragon are impatient. They just cannot wait for things to take their time, but rush for immediate results. More often than not​, the immediate action ends blowing up in their face.
  • Dragons are overconfident, and make hasty decisions​. They believe themselves to be superior to everyone​ else, and fail to estimate​ the strength of their enemies.
  • They look for shortcuts to achieve success, and might indulge in unhealthy competition in the race to beat others.

Health Of the Chinese Zodiac Dragon

The health of the Dragon stays in its pink throughout their life. However, minor ailments might struck them, which are not be scared of. They have a packed schedule that leaves them no room for leisure activities or for living a peaceful life. This makes them exert themselves too much and for no reason whatsoever. They stress quite a lot and worry more than that because they are risk takers. Their impulse guides their path and drives them to all new adventures. Mild exercises or yoga is beneficial for a Dragon. Meditation could also aid them in attaining a peaceful slumber. Stomach related diseases might trouble them in the long run, so consider taking a light diet. Dragons are adventure freaks. They like travelling and taking risks, but being cautious while doing all this is advised.

Career of the Chinese Zodiac Dragon

A staunch believer of hard work is the key to success, the Dragons work hard in order to get a good pay at the end of the day. This sometimes turns to their obsession and they exhaust themselves to the extremity. They are quick spenders who like to splurge on things, but this doesn’t give them a reason to face any kind of financial crunch as they are often the one’s who always have a backup plan. Their perseverance knows no bounds and they will strive hard till the very end. All they need to do in life in maintain a balance between work and leisure. They need to understand the importance of power naps and relaxation.

Jobs that give this mythical creature the power to rule and be the leader, are the ones preferred by this animal. They are expressive when it comes to their creativity, so vocation like, manager, architect, lawyer, analyst, inventor, politician, economist, artist, or a fashion designer. Any job that leaves room for creativity and expression is the best suitable for them.

Relationships of the Chinese Dragon

The adamant and stubborn side of the Dragons rule their personal relations. They are quick on their feet and often find their way through dilemmas and chaos on their own. They prioritize their relationships, due to which they seldom find any time for themselves. The lack of solitude makes Chinese Zodiac Dragon people ache for the clarity one must have in life. They often exert them way too much in relations and friendships, but after a little while when they’ve had time for themselves and have introspected and weighed, they get back on track and become the committed and loyal friend that they’ve always been.

The Dragon Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Dragon man

The attention seeker is what we call call the Chinese Dragon to be. He likes to bask in all the admiration and attention of the people around him. He’s more suited as the authority figure, because he literally treats himself like one. An ace at behavioural etiquettes, the Dragon man believes that he’s the best at everything. He likes to look good and smell good in order to charm others. However, he lives in a conceited world, where he himself is the king, due to which he gets accustomed to getting more than what he gives. With a mountain sized ego, the Chinese Dragon male finds it difficult to get a female counterpart. Being athletically gifted, the Dragon man gets the attention of all who cross paths with him. Although he’s a pleasant man, but crossing ways with him in a wrong would make you regret it for your whole life. They don’t let go of grudges that easily and the one’s who remember every wrong that has ever been done to them.

Dragon woman

Self reliant and independent, the Chinese Dragon woman is ever so pretty, but oh not so the damsel in distress. She embodies the spirit of fire and blood when in love. She is fierce and she is strong. Having one too many admirers behind her, she doesn't mind the attention. The fact that she lives on her own hump says a lot about her. Dragon woman knows her worth and would not settle for any less. Even when she does find a man worthy enough to woo her heart, the Dragon woman would put him up on a pedestal due to all her high aspirations. This might make it a bit difficult for the man to deal with. Her strong heart and balanced mind makes it easier for her to deal with heartbreaks as well. However, she constantly requires the attention of people around her. She likes to keep herself illuminated in the white light and dislikes anyone who's dishonest or immoral. Being an enchantress, she enthralls everyone with her looks. This gives her an edge over all the other women of the Chinese Zodiac. Having a blessed body with an enigmatic soul makes her the beauty with the brains in the Chinese signs.


Below mentioned are the compatible signs and the signs that must be avoided while looking for a match with Chinese Zodiac Signs

Best Compatible with Chinese Rat, Chinese Tiger, and Chinese Dragon
Least Compatible with Chinese Ox, Chinese Sheep, and Chinese Dog

Types of Chinese Dragon

Metal Dragons – Years 1940 and 2000

The strongest sign of em’ all, the Chinese Dragon of the Metal element drives drives its strength from the mythical creature. They love when they are challenged and questioned, cause that is what keeps them going. Dragons believe in residing in good company. They befriend only those who make them challenge their beliefs and notions. They are strong , fierce, and ready for a showdown all the time. The Metal Tigers possess the quality of a good leaders. They are quick and witty thinkers who are charming enough to make people follow their ideals.

Water Dragons – Years 1952 and 2012

The Dragons born in the Water element get the tranquility and clarity that water represents. The fire of the dragon gets calmed down with the water and bestows the person with a clear mind and precise thought process. They pay heed to what others have to say and learn from the different perspectives of the people. They are intelligent enough to not want to be right always. They research everything and then make up their mind as to what’s wrong and what’s right. Due to their accommodating nature and judgement power they easily get the comfort of good company.

Wood Dragons – 1904 and 1964

The people born in the wood element of the Chinese Dragon possess a bright artistic side. They are creative and enjoy innovating new things and notions. They come up with the most bright ideas and are coping enough to accommodate the opinions of others. They gel along with others like a pea in a pod, but their dragon streak always dominates them, making them authoritative. Wood Dragons are domineering forces that walk alongside of people, but will always be a little brighter and a little more powerful!

Fire Dragons – 1916 and 1976

The Dragon in its truest element, the Fire is a sign that’s always ready to snap. Fire Dragons react instantly and with raging emotions. They are a ball of pent up emotions ready to blow up your minds. They often take wrong decisions in their rage and anger, which they later on regret in life. The Dragons have a knack for putting themselves first in order to achieve whatever they want. They get angry in an instant and then calm down in a second, that easy. Their impulses govern their actions.

Earth Dragons – Years 1928 and 1988

The Earth Dragons are the rational thinkers. They are rooted to their true forms and are practical thinkers. Their decision making prowess is impeccable which gives them an upper hand at dealing with people. They are the life of the party as they befriend all; this quality gets them admired by all. The Earth Dragons are level - headed beings.

Famous Chinese Dragon Personalities

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