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Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac is the very first zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang, the Chinese Astrology is an offspring of Astronomy and calendars with specific reference to the harmony of water, earth, and heaven.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Rat

Chinese zodiac sign Ox/Cow
  • Lucky Numbers: 2,3
  • Unlucky Numbers: 5,9
  • Lucky Colors: Golden, Green, and Blue
  • Unlucky Colors: Brown and Yellow
  • Year of Birth: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

The First sign of the Chinese Astrology is the Rat. Based on the Chinese Yin and Yang theory, the Chinese Rat finds its place in the fore. Every Animal of the 12 Animal Zodiac Signs has its pair with another one, symbolizing either Yin or Yang; this theory plays the primary role in deciding the order in which the zodiac will be.

Traits of the Chinese Rat

The first sign, the Chinese Rat zodiac represents wisdom and quick wit. The people of this Chinese animal sign are intelligent and have a gift of the gab. They’re practical and have a sense of ambition and stubbornness. They’re also good at socializing and economizing things.

The Rat zodiac people has a way with their words and is good at manipulating people. However, their timidness never escapes their substance. They’re greedy for power and authority and love to gossip. They always tend to achieve great things in life due to their devious ways! People born under the Chinese Rat Zodiac Sign can be creators, innovators, and visionary people who have a knack to know and create. They’ve their specific way of dealing with things and this is the reason they have a virtue of thinking hard and fast. Their acute observation always wins the battle.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Rat

  • Self-controlling, restrained and hard working: The Chinese Rat takes pride in being a hard working chap. They’re optimists and see the world through their rose tinted glasses.
  • Quite insightful, adaptive and great at socializing
  • Flexible in their approach: The Chinese Rat zodiac people are versatile and have no difficulty in adding new things to their itinerary.
  • Brilliant intellectuality: Having a knack for learning new things, the Chinese Rat can retain lots of things in their mind due to their outstanding memorizing power.
  • Introvert: The Rat zodiac sign people prefer their own company more than anything else.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Rat Zodiac

  • Gullible: The Chinese Rat zodiac people possess the need to know everything. They sometimes indulge in vain talks and quite often are labeled as gullible.
  • Timid, and lack courage: The Chinese Rat lacks the courage to take decisions and are overtly cautious while dealing with things. They tend to get through things by being an introvert and consumed only in self.
  • Manipulative and cunning, and top of it are secretive.
  • Seeker of Opportunities: The Chinese Rat has a reputation of grabbing hold of the opportunities by their neck without thinking of its repercussions.
  • Shortsighted: They tend to look at the smaller picture of everything, instead of the bigger picture.
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Health Of the Chinese Rat

The Chinese Rats, due to their intelligence are always one step ahead of illnesses. They’re full of energy and vigor and live life like it’s supposed to be lived. Due to their active routine, they stay fit for the most of their life. Eating a balanced and healthy diet make it up for any deficiency that they might have in their body. However, only stress and exertion could trigger mental issues in the people with Rat zodiac. Skin diseases and respiratory issues might hamper their work schedule in later life, so take care!

Career of the Chinese Rat

The Chinese Rat is best suited for Administrative jobs. The creative field would also lure them, taking them towards music, writing and anchoring fields. Due to their judgment prowess, they can also try judiciary jobs.

The sharp intellect of the Chinese Rats helps them to come forward in the race of the herd and to the forefront. They are serious and work diligently, which makes their work ethic something that everyone must copy from. They have a way with words, which keeps them away from trouble.

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Relationships of the People with Chinese Rat Zodiac

The Rats love to socialize and befriend new people. This helps them in the long run. Their charming personality lures people in and attracts positive relationships towards them. While in a love relationship, the Rats tend to break up way too easily. They’re a little cold, due to which this comes naturally to them. They hit it off with someone quickly and then forget about it way more quickly. They have commitment issues but are way too scared to address it.

The Rat Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Rat man

The Rat man is a narcissist, who loves to keep himself thinking that he is the best. His charming attitude knows no bounds and he takes pride in that. He finds pleasure in fine dining and drinks. It will be hard for a Rat man to settle for someone, but when he does, he will be utterly smitten!

Rat woman

A graceful panache follows the Rat woman wherever she goes. She carries a trail of stares of envy wherever she goes due to her beauty. She falls in love quite frequently, but with time she tends to settle for just one. Being passionate and jealous, she becomes a lethal combination in love. She is smart and witty with a strong opinionated sense.

In relationships, she's a great friend, a mother and a spouse. She puts great value on how she portrays herself. Despite this, she won't sacrifice her morals or beliefs for this. The Chinese Ox female like pastels and sober colors more than the outrageous ones. The woman would also require her counterpart to commit to her and provide her with a sense of stability and safety.


The Chinese Zodiac sign Rat is compatible with: Ox, Dragon, and Rabbit. Whereas, it might face difficulties if matched with Horse or rooster.

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Types of Chinese Rat

Wood Rats (1924, 1984)

The people born under the Rat sign which comes in the wood element, face a dismal childhood, which gets better with time. They are nurtured properly and are taken good care of! The Chinese Man lives a life full of luxury and leisure. They might get in trouble with their family sometimes, but their love affair would keep them happy.

Water Ox – Years 1913 and 1973

The Chinese Woman is talented and spirited. She takes pleasure in being the support system for all the people she holds dear. Her work life is stupendous due to her being a diligent worker.

They are strong willed and hold their self-esteem at the utmost priority. They live a harmonious life with their family and are never short on anything. They have strong moral values and hold them close as their life principles.

Fire Rats (1936, 1996)

The people born under the Fire element of the Chinese zodiac Rat are the bravest of them all. They are courageous to face all the challenges head on and face them with valor. Strict to themselves, the Fire Rat gets easily along with people. They have a witty mouth with a huge amount of sass, which could sometimes offend people. They often keep themselves reserved but say things that they feel passionate about in the open, loud and clear. They work hard and meticulously to achieve their goals. They are passionate when in love, and tend to go overboard with their partner sometimes.

Earth Rats (1948, 2008)

The people born under the Earthy element of the Chinese Zodiac Rat, are very modest and stay close to their roots. They are bound to be in touch with their roots throughout their life and work diligently hard in order to attain bigger things in life. They are honest in their dealings and maintain an air of transparency in it. Due to being an earthy element, the Chinese Rat has a strong self-esteem and become friends with new people easily.

Metal Rats (1960, 2020)

The Jealous type of the Rats, the Metal Rats have anger and temperamental issues. Being closest to their guardians and parents, the Chinese Metal Rats always get their way out from troubles. They are good anchors as they have a strong speaking prowess. They are also sensitive and often get way too emotional. They like to bask in all the attentions and persuade others multiple time to get noticed by the crowd. They are money minded and always look at things in a profitable manner. However, they lack at accumulating wealth.

Water Rats (1912, 1972)

The people born under the Water element of the Chinese Zodiac sign Rat are the Water Rats. They are shrewd and cunning. They tend to always get ahead due to their words and verses. They enjoy a peaceful existence in old age and enjoy their time leisurely. The females of the Water Rat are chatty, and often have a slip of the tongue moment. They get in trouble due to this quite a few times. They are great at balancing situations and paving their way out of troubles. They always make it a habit of staying with the crowd and practicing clever methods, which could make them lose friends sometimes.

Famous Chinese Rat Personalities

  • William Shakespeare
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Eminem
  • Katy Perry
  • Mozart

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