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Sheep Chinese Zodiac / Goat Chinese Zodiac

The Sheep Zodiac Sign is the eighth sign of the Chinese Astrology. It is also known as the Goat Zodiac Sign or Ram Zodiac Sign. Being a docile animal, it is likable and friendly. The Sheep Zodiac Sign has a quality of bringing peace and harmony in its own life and in the life of others. It has an aura of serenity surrounding it, which it radiates to its surroundings.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Sheep

Chinese zodiac sign Sheep
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, and 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 6, 7, and 8
  • Lucky Colors: Green, Red, and Purple
  • Unlucky Colors: Gold, Brown, and Black
  • Year of Birth: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

The Chinese Zodiac Sheep is a nurturer. It loves to take care of those who are near and dear to it. The Ram people are friendly, and love to have people around them. They enjoy going on trips and holidays with their family and friends. The Goat Chinese Zodiac is known to have a gentle nature, and as a result, the people belonging to the Goat Zodiac Sign are happy to help those in need. With their affectionate and polite behaviour, the Sheep people never fail to win hearts. They know the value of people in their lives, and do not hurt them. The Sheep people have a tendency to motivate others, but lack confidence in themselves. They tend to see the pros and cons of a matter before acting. Thus, the Sheep considers taking more time rather than making a wrong decision.

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Traits of the Chinese Sheep

The Sheep is the animal of the Chinese Zodiac, which is calm and docile. It loves peace and harmony in its life, and tries its best to avoid landing into situations that can make its life chaotic. Even if the Chinese Zodiac Sheep has to face such problems, it tries to cope up with it in a systematic way, so as to suffer the minimum damage. It likes things the way they are, and do not generally indulge in risky adventures. The people born in the Chinese Year of the Goat/Sheep do not act on impulse, and make sure to see both the sides of the coin before making a decision. Due to this, they have hard time in decision making. They are friendly and polite, and have a way with their words. The noble touch that they possess in their behaviour make them likable, and help them to garner respect and praise. The people born under the Chinese Zodiac Goat have a lot of friends. Developing friendship might take a while, as they choose their friends after taking some time to know them and opening up to them. The Goat zodiac people lack confidence in themselves and as a result, they may get influenced by the people who it feels to be superior to itself.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Sheep

  • A Chinese Zodiac Sheep is a gentle creature, who not only understands others well, but also care for their well-being. With a heart of gold, the people born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep have a nature to sympathise with others.
  • The Chinese Sheep is a hard worker. No matter how hard is the work, a sheep keeps trying and does not accept defeat without a reason.
  • The people born under the Chinese Zodiac Goat are close-fisted and no not indulge in spending money unnecessarily. This makes them save a lump sum amount of money and secure their future.
  • The Ram is polite and well mannered, and leaves no chance to polish it's etiquettes. With the attitude and suavities of the nobles, the people born in the Chinese Zodiac Ram tend to win the heart of those they come across.
  • The Sheep is an admirer of art and beauty. It has a different perspective which makes its opinion stand out of the crowd.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Sheep

  • The Sheep lacks confidence in itself. When it comes to making decisions, the Sheep is always found in two minds. It has wavering thoughts and more often than not, it is found to be in a muddle.
  • The Chinese Zodiac Sign Goat also represents the cowardly side of the Goat, where it runs away from the battlefield if it sees no chance of victory.
  • The Sheep is a pessimist, and has a tendency to see the darker side of things. It fails to look at the positive characteristics of something, and this tendency harms it in the long run.
  • The people born in the Year of Ram are moody, and it is not easy to deal with their mood swings.
  • The Chinese Zodiac Goat can be easily manipulated and influenced. It has a tendency to fall in trap of words set by others.
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Health Of the Chinese Sheep

The people born in the Chinese Zodiac Sheep/Goat/Ram are known for having mental peace. This is a positive point for them, and helps to keep their mental health in a good state. As far as physical health is considered, a healthy diet and regular exercise word keep the Sheep as fit as the fiddle. A healthy lifestyle coupled with adequate sleep would help the people with the Chinese Zodiac Sheep in leading a happy and healthy life. They are advised not to exert too much of themselves, especially during physically laborious tasks.

Career of the Chinese Sheep

A Sheep is a peaceful creature, and adaptive in nature as well. No matter what kind of a job it has to do, it blends well in the environment, and do it with all their heart. If the job is task oriented, the people under the Chinese Zodiac Goat are bound to do it in an orderly way. Their methods and work efficiency are the highlights of their nature, and by means of these qualities the Goat tgarner praise and glory. Support from friends and family further pushes them to work hard and achieve their goals in the best possible way.

With their heart full of compassion and understanding, they might be the perfect choice for being a manager, caretaker, etc. The people of the Goat Chinese Zodiac might also seek for career in Arts and Culture, as they will be a good actor, singer, dancer, etc. They should abstain from doing risky jobs, especially those which involve financial investments.

Relationships of the Chinese Sheep

The basic nature of the Chinese Zodiac Sheep is its tendency to get along with the other people. With their caring and helping behaviour, they make friends easily. It is often seen that the friend circle of a Sheep keeps expanding day by day. People trust them easily, and they too do not hesitate to return the favour. However, it takes time on their part in case of love matters. Love relationships start in the form of friendship in most of the cases. The Sheep cares about the bond with their partner, and does not let it weaken due to any reason. They try to overcome the obstacles with all their might, but when they know that all their efforts would be wasted, they take the backseat and choose to go with the flow.

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The Sheep Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Sheep Man

The Sheep Man is a faithful lover, who tries his best to find the way to his partner's heart. He is romantic, and does not hesitate to show this side of him in his relationships. His etiquettes and manners add to his charm, and lure the ladies. However, this does not let him deviate from his loyal behaviour. The men born in the Chinese Year are disciplined and do not rely on words to convey their love. They are responsible life partners one can rely upon, come what may! They not only love their partner, but also respect them. They have a playful side, which they keep hidden. The Chinese Sheep Man is calm and does not indulge in any activity that might disrupt his peaceful life.

Sheep Woman

The women born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep are bestowed with a charming body and an alluring face. They have a number of admirers, who always try to win their hearts. More than their physical appearance, it is their kindness that makes people fall for them. However, she is quite shy to start a relationship and takes her own sweet time to analyze things before making a choice. She blessed with a frugal bent of mind, and does not put a pressure on the pocket of her beloved. With her elegance and grace, she tackles the problems that she might encounter in her love life. She is flattered by the words of her lover, but cannot take criticism by him. One of the hardest things for her to do is hurt the feelings of others. She is a loyal partner, who keeps her promises and always lend her support to her partner.


The People born in the Year of Sheep have their respective best and worst matches, which are given below:

Best Compatible with Chinese Rabbit, Chinese Pig, and Chinese Horse
Least Compatible with Chinese Ox, Chinese Tiger, and Chinese Dog

Types of Chinese Sheep

Wood Sheep – Years 1955 and 2015

The people born in the year of the Wood Sheep are gentle and kind in nature. They understand the feelings of others and are calm in nature. The are polite with other people, but show a sense of insecurity for their loved ones.

Fire Sheep – Years 1907 and 1967

The Fire Sheep is honest and opinionated. It is a fighter who does not give up easily. The Fire Sheep might be rebellious and reckless when it comes to achieving their goals, which they have set their eyes upon.

Earth Sheep – Years 1919 and 1979

They are deep thinkers, who are more inclined to gain knowledge and wisdom more than anything else. They are straightforward and do not give a second thought before speaking. They always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Metal Sheep – Years 1931 and 1991

The Chinese Zodiac Sheep born under the Metal element have a tendency to maintain order in their life. They are shown to be stubborn at times. They are ambitious and adhere to their moral and ethical values. For them, justice prevails over anything else.

Water Sheep – Years 1943 and 2003

The Water Sheep is popular and tends to have many friends. They are compassionate and stay by their friends’ side, come what may. They are peaceful and hardly face opposition due to their friendly and kind nature.

Famous Chinese Sheep Personalities

  • Bill Gates
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Julia Roberts
  • Michelangelo
  • Mark Twain
  • Thomas Alva Edison
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bruce Willis
  • Matthew Steven LeBlanc
  • Amy Lee
  • Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Barbara Walters

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