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Pig Chinese Zodiac

Pig Chinese zodiac, is the last zodiac sign in Chinese Horoscope cycle. The people born under this zodiac sign symbolize diligence, compassion and generosity. They are mild and carefree in nature. They are happy, easygoing, honest, sincere and brave people. They are also lazy at times. They are lucky people blessed with good fortune and wealth.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Pig

Chinese zodiac sign Pig
  • Lucky Numbers : 2, 5, 8
  • Unlucky Numbers : 1, 7, 3, 9
  • Lucky Colours : Brown, Yellow, Gray and Gold.
  • Unlucky Colours : Red, blue and green
  • Year of Birth : 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

The pigs are the generous people who will never refuse to help or give support to someone but on the contrary they are the ones who rarely accept or seek for help. They are so kind-hearted in nature that they can be easily tricked by anyone. They have great power of focus, which gives them the strength to set their goals and accomplish them at any cost. They can devote all their energy in achieving their target.

They are someone who will stay calm and patient even while they are facing problems in their life, and deal with things carefully and in a proper way. They take all the responsibility on them till they complete the work assigned to them.

Traits of the Chinese Pig

The normal pigs which we relate to are thought to be lazy, smelly and clumsy. While, research says that they are pretty clever and clean, this shows us that, all that we see and hear are not always true. As they set a high importance on friendship, they are full of friends. They are warm-hearted, honest and humble people. They dislike quarrelling and are bountiful to let of things.

Even though they are thought to be materialistic people but they are not stingy and like to share whatever they have in their reach. The Chinese pigs, who play a role of a supervisor in a company or so, like to always show off themselves as the leaders and lead the rest. They prefer to be frank than being euphemistic.

People born in the years if the Pig are pure and simple, thus they are welcomed by everyone. They never like to keep grudges towards anyone and just let go offs the situations. The pig people are large-minded and don’t pile up past misdeeds of others in their heads. They tend to easily forgive them and move on. They just don’t like to stay clanged onto the past for too long, and tries to be in the present always. This strength of the pigs is always admired and respected by others. Pigs are caring, pure, chivalrous and obliging. They are the people who will never let you down once you have faith in them. They want everything to be in the right place; hence they even thrive for making things work in the right way.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Pig

  • They are philanthropic people and are also compassionate and generous towards others. They never think of betraying their near and dear ones only for the sake of their sole interest. They tend to take good care of their friends, hence are widely popular among them.
  • They are frank, kind-hearted, open and aboveboard in nature. They are the resolved ones with strong sense of justice and never get bothered by small and petty things.
  • They are contented and optimistic people and don’t prefer to compete with others just for the sake of competition. They are innocent, lovable and highly romantic.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Pig

  • They are naive people with stubborn, easy to anger and over-relying traits. They are also materialistic and self-indulgent.
  • They are dependent on others at times and they try to take a detour when they face difficulty. They are indolent and impatient with poor operating capability and like to leave everything on god once they feel that things are not going according to them.
  • They lack in communication and coordination. Pigs are infirm, emotional and don’t have a keen eye, hence get cheated. They are also self-tolerant, short-tempered and impulsive. Whereas, the females are somewhat suspicious in nature.

Health of the Chinese Pig

Pigs are blessed with good health throughout their life, but only if they take necessary precautions to maintain their health. They are the party animals, they love to attend parties, dinners, and social gatherings, and despite attending all these events, they should have to control excess eating, drinking and smoking. If they don’t keep an eye on this, then that may create serious problems for their health. So they have to be conscious on their consumption. In order to maintain a healthy life they have to keep their diet balanced as well as they have to indulge themselves in practicing different forms of exercises to stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Pigs very well know how to be stress free even while encountering troubles. Sleeping is their best way to get de-stressed and relaxed.

Career of the Chinese Pig

Pigs are fortunate enough to handle their work smoothly. In time of difficulty, they tend to receive help from others. They are responsible people, hence are never afraid to try things they are interested in, they are creative and imaginative. They should be keen on building up their interpersonal skills to increase their network which could help them in achieving success in their career. Their promising career fields include entertainment, hospitality, retail and transportation. Their leadership qualities inbuilt in them, hence, they will do well in positions where they can charge and lead others. Pigs can also succeed in industries as they have the talent to listen to what others say and resolve them in a proper way.

The best suited occupations for the people born under the sign of Chinese Pig are entertainers, caterers, doctors, veterinarians, interior decorators, industrialists,

Relationships of the Chinese Pig

The Chinese pigs are the people who are good at socializing; hence others don’t need to try hard to connect with them. Integrity and sincerity are their traits, which make them popular friends. They are the people with a clear mind and never create concerns for others. They are also sincere and loyal in with their friends and never think of betraying them unless they are left with no choice. Pigs usually try to take the position of a leader during the interactions they have. They tend to eliminate all the awkward gaps that make it hard to have a free conversation, thus satisfying the counterpart as well to speak freely. While they are in the phase of listening they try to have an insight of the others as well.

The Pig Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Pig man

There is hardly anyone among the Chinese zodiac, who is more lovable creatures than the pig male. He possesses nearly every important trait like being kind, generous, friendly, loyal, affectionate, honest, tender, modest, patient and conscientious. Male pigs are the charmers, filled with delicacy and poetry. They have the quality of pleasing anyone effortlessly. With their childlike naturalness, innocence and eternal freshness they always seem to be young without the consideration of their increasing age. They are someone who can effortlessly seduce and manipulate anyone. They appear to be more of a feminine soul than masculine. Pig man is the one who can foresee a women’s reaction, perceive their desires and perfectly understand their needs, this makes him even more appealing. They are strongly connected with their mothers and take love seriously because they have enormous capacity to love.

Pig woman

Pig women are the one who indisputably rank among the most charming women in the world. She always has a youthful, cheerful smile on her face every time you meet her. She can easily please anyone with her attractive, sweet, innocent and touching nature. As she has these childlike features, signs of ageing can hardly bother her. They are emotionally unstable and thus have personality fluctuation issues now and then. They have this sixth sense and intuition kind of thing in them which is insuperable and with this power of insight they are able to easily spot someone if they are lying, so it turns out to be difficult to lie in front of them because they can catch the person immediately. Pig women are those who will never go out looking or seeking for love, they will in fact prefer waiting till the time comes. Love is their prime requirement, and you can’t find more intensely sentimental and deeply romantic people than the female pigs.


Best compatible with Chinese Tiger, Chinese Goat and Chinese Rabbit
Least compatible with Chinese Monkey and Chinese Snake

Types of Chinese Pig

Metal pig - years 1911 and 1971

The metal pigs are opposite in nature unlike the name metal, they are gentle, kind-hearted, helpful and broad-minded individuals. They are broad-minded, amicable and always willing to help others. They are punctual and open-minded. They hardly take favours, but if taken then they repay it as much as they can even for the little favour they got. Metal pigs have the leadership abilities but they can’t withstand with because of their indolent nature. With their frank attitude they feel free to express their feelings and emotions but at the same time they also tend to neglect others feelings.

Water pig - years 1923 and 1983

They have the sense of seriousness and responsibility in them and they prefer to go in their own way rather than taking others opinion. Water pigs are subjective in life; they are modest as well as earnest. They are born smart, adaptable and a little stubborn. Their emotions can easily be controlled by others and hence because of their dual personality they tend to take decision in seconds without considering it good or bad. They are very serious when it comes to love relationships.

Wood pig - years 1935 and 1995

The pigs under wood years are simple, good-natured, lovely, easy-going, generous, brave but irritable and honest; they are endurable but also impetuous sometimes. Once the wood pigs take up some work in hand they make sure to finish it apart from all the problems coming in their way. Wood pigs are the ones who need sincerity and longevity in terms of love to maintain a smooth and steady relation. They can enjoy their life with peace and happiness if they initiate to communicate with their loved ones. They are persistent people and they sincerely love their partners, hence, there is no indulgence of extramarital affairs for the wood pigs.

Fire pig - years 1947 and 2007

They are cooperative and dependent people. They have great ambitions in them and are bestowed with good luck and wealth. Although they are impatient people they are persistent in achieving their goals. Both the male and the female fire pigs are vigorous by nature. The fire pigs are the perfect partners, in terms of love but don’t have a smooth love life and have to face problems in most cases. With their ambitious nature they always plan to start up a business but as they are too dependent they have to look for options requiring cooperation.

Earth pig - years 1959 and 2019

These ones are very good at socializing and maintaining interpersonal relations, and are thus popular among their friends. They also have a strong sense of sticking to the time. They handle every work given to them in a responsible manner. However, they even face accidental injuries due to their over vigorous nature. Luck favours them more in their middle age than in their early age. They should use the experience of others for reference to achieve a successful career. Earth pigs are blessed with excellent luck in wealth for their entire life. They are conservative when it comes to love and hence they are unromantic.

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