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Rooster Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac Rooster represents the tenth year of the Chinese Astrology, next to the year of Monkey and prior to the year of Dog. The Rooster is a dynamic animal, and so are the people who are born under the Chinese Zodiac Rooster.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Rooster

Chinese zodiac sign Rooster
  • Lucky Numbers : 5, 7, and 8
  • Unlucky Numbers : 1, 3, and 9
  • Lucky Colors: Gold, Brown, Brownish Yellow, and Yellow
  • Unlucky Colors: White and Green
  • Year of Birth: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

The Chinese Zodiac Rooster is known for being stable and looks for achieving balance in its life. The Rooster is persistent and does not back out. When it comes to achieving its goals, the Chinese Zodiac Rooster people never fail to give their best shot. Because of the hard work that the Rooster does, it develops a feeling of superiority over others. This superiority complex makes it hard for people to get along with a Rooster. The talkative Rooster tends to be good at expressing what it wants and is a likable orator. The Rooster can be cocky at times, for which it is criticized by others. The Rooster Zodiac Sign is social and has a lot of friends. Its friend circle keeps expanding due to its warm behavior and ability to understand the condition of others. Its interactive nature makes it easier for the Rooster Zodiac Sign people to develop a relationship with others.

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Traits of the Chinese Rooster

The Rooster is its own role model. It follows its own instinct and prefers to go ahead with its gut feeling rather than depending on other people. While freedom gives it the ability to soar high in the sky, boundings and instructions suffocate its spirit and do not let it move forward. Whatever accomplishment the Rooster has, are all due to its own hard work and the Rooster is self-made. It works even better when positive results are evident, though it lacks the patience to wait for the results and always seem to be in haste. The Rooster loves to get lost in its own thoughts and has a tendency to overthink about unnecessary things. The Rooster is bossy and does not like to take instructions from others. It has a habit of being preachy, and roam around giving free and unwanted advice. The Chinese Zodiac Rooster is a lover of attention and involves himself in things that help it to be in limelight.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Rooster

  • The Chinese Zodiac Rooster is known to have an independent spirit. It acts out of its own free will and does not depend on other people's opinion and support.
  • With its confidence that knows no bounds, the Rooster can accomplish the goals that it aims for. It has trust in itself and its abilities that push him further in the positive direction.
  • The Rooster is quick witted. In a blink of an eye, a Rooster is able to deduce things and find solutions. The gray matter of a Rooster helps it to stand out in the crowd.
  • The people born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster are capable enough to tackle their own problems themselves. They try to use all their stamina to overcome the hurdles in their life, rather than waiting for other people to lend a helping hand.
  • The Rooster is honest and does not shy away from speaking the truth. It is rare for a Rooster to use fabricated fibs for its own advantage.
  • The Chinese Zodiac Rooster is ambitious and works hard in order to achieve its goals. Even if it has to face a hard time, it takes no time to bounce back and continue with its efforts to lay its hands on what it aims for.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Rooster

  • The Rooster is impatient and has a hard time in waiting for the results. It tries to rush things so as to get results in a short span of time.
  • The Chinese Zodiac Rooster thinks that it is always right, and shoos away the pieces of advice given to it.
  • The people born under the Chinese Year of the Rooster tend to point out flaws in others. They are critics, who leave no chance to pour scorn on others.
  • The Rooster​ can be selfish at times because it considers itself to be its supreme priority. This might disappoint the people who hold it dear to their hearts.
  • The Rooster is boasty and never fails to pat itself on its back for its achievements. It brags about its accomplishments, and make others feel inferior to itself.
  • The Rooster’s honesty might sometimes cross the line, and turn out to be arrogance. Giving advice and suggestions to others can surpass the limit of being a help and end up being bossy.
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Health Of the Chinese Rooster

Generally, the Roosters are blessed with a good health. They are active and indulge in activities that help to keep their body fit. A healthy lifestyle further adds to their fitness. The people born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster should be particular about their diet to keep themselves as fit as the fiddle. You should particularly pay attention to your health during the change of seasons.

The Chinese Zodiac Rooster has an active immune system that helps it to combat diseases and keep the Rooster healthy. Even if the Rooster falls the victim to a disease, its body tries its best to fight the illness, and the resilience of the Rooster helps it to get back in shape easily.

Career of the Chinese Rooster

The Chinese Zodiac Rooster has the ability to work on its own. It is a hard worker and would give its best in any career it gets into. However, the Rooster might have a hard time in working with others as a team as it is an independent worker. Careers which are best for it include teacher, athlete, doctor, etc.

With their dominating behavior, Rooster people can become good managers, bosses, and can lay their hands on other higher posts. However, they should avoid being overconfident, as it can entangle them in problems.

Relationships of the Chinese Rooster

The Rooster is a loyal and trustworthy partner. It is sensitive in case of love relationships. People born under the Chinese Zodiac Rooster put all their mind so as to decide if they want a person to be their partner or not. Once they make a choice, they try to give their best to keep their bond strong. No matter how much time passes, the feelings and passion of the Rooster are unwavering. However, the Rooster hate lies and blame games. If their partner indulges in doing so, they would try their best to make them leave the habit of fabricating lies. If they see the matter going out of control, they might develop negative feelings about it which might adversely affect their relationships.

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The Rooster Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Rooster Man

The Rooster Man likes to live in his own fantasy world, where things would go as he pleases. He tries to dominate his partner, and get things done according to his way. He thinks that he is the most intelligent, and his decisions can never be wrong. He does not like it if someone tries to burst off his bubble. However, he is a man of words and does not break his promises. Once he finds a perfect match for himself, he gives his best in the relationship. He needs a woman who can understand him well and adjust according to him. He gets jealous easily, and chooses to show his anger by means of actions rather by communication.

Rooster Woman

The Rooster Woman is adventurous and likes to keep the fire of passion in her love life. She leaves no stone unturned to fill her relationship with colors. Her charm and wit make her irresistible, and as a result, she has a number of admirers drooling over her. She can go to any extent to please her lover and abides by his side no matter what happens. She considers her loved ones as her priority and can fight the world for her family's​ sake, even if it means to hurt others in the process. She hates lies, and cannot tolerate them in their relationship. She has a powerful personality and can bring her partner down on her knees.


The People born in the Year of Rooster get along well with some Chinese Zodiac Signs, but fail to have a chemistry with others. Their compatibility is given below:

Best Compatible with Chinese Ox and Chinese Snake
Least Compatible with Chinese Rat, Chinese Horse, Chinese Rooster, Chinese Rabbit, and Chinese Dog

Types of Chinese Rooster

Wood Rooster Years 1945 and 2005

The people born in the Wood Rooster Years are very faithful and reliable. They love to go with the flow and deal with problems as they come. They indulge in extravagance and spend money recklessly.

Fire Rooster – Years 1957 and 2017

The Fire Roosters are punctual and know the importance of time and money. They have an economic approach and save a lot of money. They are proud of their achievements, which is evident from the way they talk.

Earth Rooster – Years 1909 and 1969

The people belonging​ to the year of Earth Roosters are adventurous and have an urge to discover new things and travel to new places. They have a remarkable work efficiency coupled with an intelligent mind.

Metal Rooster – Years 1921 and 1981

The Metal Rooster is the most practical of all the Roosters. They pay a lot of importance to values and morals, and have a strong willpower to overcome difficulties on their own. They are calm and do not get discouraged easily.

Water Rooster – Years 1943 and 2003

The Water Rooster is dual-natured. It can be calm at times while being aggressive at other times. People born in the Chinese Year of Water Rooster have a way with their words and excel in the field of communication.

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