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Dog Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Dog occupies the seventh position in Chinese Zodiac cycle. As it's the universal truth that dogs are loyal and honest, the same qualities are seen in the Chinese dogs. They are faithful, genuine, friendly, humble and prudent by nature. Their sincerity and loyalty can't be measured in words because they will do everything it takes for the person who is most important to them.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Dog

Chinese zodiac sign Dog
  • Lucky Numbers : 3, 4, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers : 1, 6, 7
  • Lucky Colours : Red, Green and Purple
  • Unlucky Colours :Blue, White, Gold
  • Year of Birth : 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 2006, 2018

The dogs are not very well at imparting conversations and this sets them back while expressing their thoughts and feelings to others. This lack of quality makes other people think that they are stubborn people. Dogs are good natured by birth and that keeps them away from dishonest and criminal gains. All they want is a quiet life and a good family to cherish the desired life with, and therefore they never clutter their minds with the ugliness and evil around them. The flaws of the dogs are getting agitated easily and getting irritated. They are faithful, honest and sincere people who respect tradition, enjoy helping others and value honor. Dogs are the righteous ones who speak up against injustice without any hesitation. They are good at listening but not that good at socializing with others, thus they rarely shine within the company, but they are quite intelligent. Dogs are people on whom you can close your eyes and count on and in return they'll never let you truth tumble.

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Personality traits of Chinese Zodiac Dog

They are always prepared to aid the one in need without considering their own interests. But if they notice that their helping nature is taken for granted by janus-faced people they are taken aback by feeling degraded and agonized. If they encounter such things then they start criticizing sharply while giving comments on something and with their pessimistic point of view they start interfering in all matters. With these things they start thinking that the world is evil and also complicated. The dogs are the intelligent ones who hold their thoughts deep inside, and they don't share their thoughts freely. They emphasize more on their personal aspects. They are the self loving people who like to spend time on their own playing puzzles and brain teasers. They tend to live more of a careful and serious existence. They are the ones in charge of their own path. They never go beyond limits just to impress or please someone for little monetary gains, instead they prefer their freedom to spend their time in useful things.

Dogs perform well in the work given to them, hence they are highly regarded by their supervisors. They can face problems in their late thirties, and so they have to handle the situations serenely and calmly. Whereas, in love matters they are the fiercely loyal ones towards their companion.

Positive traits

  • The positive points of the Chinese dogs are that, they are simple, upright, straightforward, honest, modest, friendly and they make others feel safe and reliable.
  • They are the faithful ones who would rather suffer loss than bothering others. They will go all their way out to help their buddies. They have high moral values, they are justice lovers and are compassionate.
  • Dogs know the black from the white and they have all the courage to speak up for justice. They are never partial and always hold the scales even. They will never make concessions for the right things they know. Dogs will never cross their line of morals and violate things for their personal interest.
  • They are blessed with qualities of predicting, and judging ability, they also have highly accurate intuitions.
  • They are quick minded,clever, diligent, quick off the mark, dedicated,conscientious, loyal and ambitious. They have inbuilt leadership qualities, they are kindhearted and dedicated towards their loved ones.
  • There is hardly any chance for them to change their mind once fallen in love.

Negative traits

  • The dogs are short tempered and stubborn, but they like to display their bravery. Due to their lack of communicating skills, they go through great emotional ups and downs in their relations.
  • Once left in doubt, they tend to criticize others. They are much of theory oriented people and lack the action and judgment in real life.
  • They are argumentative at times, and are suspicious, picky and they also pretend to be blind.
  • Dogs are highly dependent on others in some cases and they suffer through imaginary fears. They also tend to be self reclusive and silent inexplicably.

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Health of the Chinese Dog

You can easily make out whether the dog people are sad or depressed by their appearance that their not feeling well. The overall health of dogs is good as they are the happy creatures all the time. They are active in sports and playing outdoor, this keeps them to withstand to illnesses like fever,cold and cough.

During their hectic work hours and frequent outings they have to ensure that they are getting plenty of rest along with proper exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. They are not the one running behind power and money, and hence they face less stressful conditions unlike others.

Career of the Chinese Dog

Dogs are the ones who have loyal personalities and thus they have to choose a career which serves their principle. They are worth employing because they work their best when shown trust. They are someone with strongly specialized mathematical skills, hence careers as craftsmen, engineers and other paths related to this can prove fruitful.

They are sorted, relaxed and tolerant people who are always ready to ease the problems and workload of others, these are the traits which make them popular and loving among their friends and at the workplace. Career choices are police officer, scientist, counselor, interior designer, priest, professor, politician, nurse, clerk and judge.

Relationships of the Chinese Dog

Dogs take their time while making friends because of their conservative and cautious nature, and then get a thorough knowledge of them. But once they become close friends, they will do everything to maintain their friendship and be faithful towards them. They never create troubles for others rather they would choose loss for themselves but would not betray their friends. They will never want to go against their will and do some immoral thing. Dogs are not the one's who will easily fall for someone but once if they do so they will be very faithful towards their partners and always try to be loyal to maintain their relationship. But, however they have emotional ups and downs in their relations.

The Dog Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Dog Man

The dog men are called as born old man because of their insouciance and lack of freshness. They have morose, austere, tense and even tormented look on their face, as if they are suffering from disappointment. They are never quite happy with their physical aspect. Their health is basically sound. He has his magnanimous actions and unselfishness always in line with the noble causes for which he fights. His primary concern is to establish justice in every man's life. If you need a person for undertaking your long term plans, then the dog male is the right person. The dog males are never sure of their feelings and are always in a puzzled state of mind in love matters. He always needs a considerable length of time to realize and make sure of his feelings.

Dog Woman

The male and female dogs resemble each other physically as well as psychologically unlike other Chinese zodiacs. What applies to the male may quite also apply to the female as well. The dog women like activities and hard work. They have nothing to envy the male apart from the sense of self sacrifice. They devote all their strength, time and health for humanity. She is the one who will selflessly work for you without expecting anything in return. When she recognizes there are differences between sexes, she refuses to accept inequality. The female dogs are well known for their hardworking, strong sense of duty and dedication. They are motivated, reliable, punctilious and perseverance in nature. They clearly show all the prerequisites for success in every field she chooses. The dog females approach love and marriage with great apprehension.


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Types of Chinese Dogs

Metal Dog - years 1910 and 1970

The metal dogs are conservative ones, who are desirable, cautious and they are ever ready to help others. The people born in years of metal dog are conservative, prudent and maintain good relationships with others. These are the ones who have high self-esteem and never ask for help from others, rather they like to rely on their own efforts. They go forward to help others despite facing troubles and never stop till they reach their goal. They are blessed with good life after their early years. The female metal dogs are smart, skillful,patient and responsible in their life and this leads them to prosperity.

Water Dog- years 1922 and 1982

The dogs of this element are brave enough to deal with their financial issues and are well-versed with it. They always like to be self-centered and are even seemingly selfish. Water dogs are generally benevolent and they like to live a smooth life. They have the vision of foresight and they absorbedly want to lay foundation of their future life. Dogs lead a normal youth life but with their hard work they make their middle age life better. They are the great minds who will get mature slow and steadily. Unlike the male dogs, the female dogs are good at housekeeping. They are easygoing, virtuous, contented, understanding and very responsible people.

Wood Dog - years 1934 and 1994

These wood dogs are sincere, reliable and patient. They are also considerate, understanding in nature and behave in a well mannered way to communicate with others. They hardly seek for help, but at instance if they seek help from others, they will pay it back to them no matter how long it takes. Wood dogs are born with a sense of justice which makes them quite sensitive towards the pros and cons of their career. They strongly protest against injustice and won't stop till the opponent apologizes. Wood dogs are persistent in their work, and finish their work once decided.

Fire Dog- years 1946 and 2006

Fire dogs are intelligent and at the same time they are sincere and hardworking individuals. They are straightforward, generous and faithful people and they don't haggle over money. They are called to be introverts and have casual relationships with others. Because of their weakness of a fluke mind they are seemed to be very dependent on others. The fire dogs know how to work hard and pursue their ideals to make their dreams come true. By being kind and gentle they can create a bright future for them. The female fire dogs are believed to be the good luck charm for their husbands and also they have good luck in making money.

Earth Dog- years 1958 and 2018

The earth dogs are communicative in nature and they tend to be serious and responsible in their work. They have to work hard to gain success in their life instead of just relying on their forefathers. Earth dogs are faithful, broadminded and considerate, they are well-disciplined and they abide by their principles. They are also chivalrous, grateful, brave and courageous enough to stand for what they do.

They are the ones who are self poised towards failure and success, and they never compromise their conscientious instinct to do things, this makes them set clear goals in life. They might be capricious sometimes but they'll never hurt someone arbitrarily. They equally respect other’s position as well.

Famous Chinese Dog Personalities

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