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Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The third sign of the Chinese Astrology, the Tiger Chinese Zodiac radiates strength and stability. Endowed with authority and charm, the people born in the year of the Chinese Tiger are leaders with the ability to face every challenge head on!

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Chinese Animal Sign: Tiger

Chinese zodiac sign Tiger
  • Lucky Numbers: 1,3,4
  • Unlucky Numbers: 6,7,8
  • Lucky Colors: Orange, White, Blue, Gray
  • Unlucky Colors: Silver, Gold, Brown, and Black
  • Year of Birth: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

The third sign of the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger is the one who denotes strength and bravery. Those born in the year of the Chinese Tiger are endowed with an unmatchable competitive streak and a knack to succeed. Born with a silver spoon in mouth, they are confident hard workers, who know what they want and when. They have a natural air or authority surrounding them, which entitles them to get laurels in life. However, on the flip side, they are proud and arrogant and get their daily dose of entertainment from showing off to people.

They have a stubborn attitude and are hard on even themselves when it comes to judgement. The Chinese Tiger Zodiac people are highly competitive, due to which they work extremely hard in order to get success in life. They are someone on whom you can depend on for a lifetime. Facing every challenge head on comes naturally to them.

Traits of the People under Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Chinese Tiger zodiac people boasts off the qualities of a self-assured and benign being. It’s confident in its dealings and supremely patient. They love fiercely and loyally; true to their substance. They have a crisp and clear tone while talking to anyone. This makes for the fact that they are very sorted in their life. The Chinese Tigers are great leaders who when kept in the right situations, but as strong beings who can face the world despite any challenge or obstacle. They are inspirational when it comes to pep talking others and can almost make them do anything that they like.

The People born in the year of the Tiger are dogmatic. They see everything in clear light! There are no greys for them, only black and whites. Due to this they can’t easily be tricked into believing. They weigh their options correctly and narrow it down to what they trust in! A clever argument anyday won’t hamper their thought process. Having a sharp memory, the Tiger zodiac people retain every happening that influenced him in a way or other. THeir physical strength is brilliant and that is why they have the habit of working for longer hours!

The Tiger also has a need to wander off to beautiful places. They believe that everyday must be lived to the fullest! Adventures are something they cherish. Being a fierce competitor, the Chinese Tiger Sign people strive to work hard and attain his goals,no matter what comes in between. They have a charming attitude, that is bound to garner looks from all sides. Their presence let alone their looks, demand a second glance.

They possess a great sense of humour, which makes you a favourite amongst your group of friends. The people around you cherish your playful side, because you are not just funny, but you have a wit armoured casual jokes, which tickles everyone’s funny bones.

Being Family oriented, the Tiger has a compassionate and warm side to it as well.

However, there are times when the Tiger holds too much inside him that all the pent- up frustration bubbles up to make him sensitive and emotionally vulnerable.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

  • The Tigers are amazing decision makers. They weigh the pros and cons before making sure they can go for it.
  • Not easily influenced by others. The people born under the Chinese Tiger zodiac year are unlikely to be talked into doing things by others. They hear out people but always do their heart's desire.
  • They set goals in the view of achieving them. Rules value a lot to the people born under Chinese Zodiac Sign Tiger and abiding by them, they set out to do things according to their personal abilities.
  • The Tigers can endure almost anything thrown their way. They have a strength that's unmatchable with any of its kind. Being honest and motivated, they enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • People born in the year of the Tiger are active, with a strong body. They take things seriously and work on them from the beginning, so as to get them done at stipulated time.
  • Family oriented, the Chinese Tiger people are conservative and caring. They value traditions and relations.
  • Upright and unbending. They have a knack for believing in themselves completely. They don't disguise and be straightforward while dealing with people and things.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

  • The Tiger is stubborn, and no matter what sticks to its opinion. It is self-opinionated, and does what it thinks to be right. For a Chinese Tiger, the perspective of others does not matter at all. It has a deaf ear for advices and suggestions, and find its own thought process to be outstanding and just.
  • The egoist Tiger considers itself to be supreme and does not care about what people will think about the attitude that it possesses. It looks down upon other people as lowly creatures in respect to itself. This makes the Zodiac sign Tiger an inept member of the society.
  • The Tiger puts up a tough front and does not reveal its sentimental side to others. This causes an emotional outburst within itself, which leads to the development​of mood swings. Tiger often unleashes its frustration upon other people, because it knows no other way out. This disrupts the mental peace of the Tiger, and hurt others around it.
  • Because of the cold demeanour of the Tiger, people have hard time in approaching it, even if it is for a valid reason. For some, this makes the Tiger a fearful personality.
  • The orthodox mindset of Chinese Tigers often offends those around it. More often than not, the Tiger zodiac is criticized for having the trait.

Health Of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Being always fit and fine, the Chinese Tiger would enjoy good health. They like being active and indulging in sports, which keep them at a distance from diseases and lazing around. Colds, coughs, and minor fevers would not even bother them. It is advised that the Chinese Tiger people pay attention to their warm up exercises. Due to too much exertion, they are likely to strain a muscle or two. It’s important that you go for brisk walking or jog a bit, to stretch your muscles and prepare them for the hard work they have to undergo.

The people born in the year of the Tiger tend to work hard and seldom take time out for themselves, which creates mental issues for them. Meditating and taking time out for themselves is mandatory for them. Put your feet down and relax!

Career of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Being the designated leaders, the Tiger enjoys a position of authority. They strive for attention and get it in ample in their lifespan. They look out for opportunities and challenges, in which they can show their talent and capabilities. They like testing the waters before entering any arena, but after that, they make it a point to take it towards the game end. The titles mean a lot to the Chinese Tiger; they are someone who works hard for them and when they achieve it, they boast it everywhere they go! A Tiger achieves anything they want, but only if they balance their professional and personal life cautiously. They also struggle in their life, but rest assured, their later years in life are always pleasant!

The careers best suited for the Tiger are a writer, artist, pilot, any managerial post, a travel agent, or a musician. They are pretty flexible, which makes them adapt to things easily.

Relationships of the Chinese Tiger

The Chinese Tiger is often eyed as being moody and aggressive. But, on the contrary, the Chinese Tiger radiates warmth and passion when in love. They love fiercely and due to this they seldom keep in mind those people who value a little less to them. They are quick to form new relations, but are quicker in forgetting the old ones when the bond loosens. They are not the ones for second chances, as they value their time and trust deeply. The Tiger is often more than ever viewed as someone who always has numerous flawed and chaotic relationships in its kitty. They do not have the patience to endure lies and cheats.

The Tiger Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Tiger man

Being a hard worker, the Chinese Tiger Man values his work more than anything else. He takes pride in showing off his work hours instead of his relationships. The Male Tiger is rather protective and shy, and only removes his exterior when he feels comfortable in anyone’s company. No matter what, the Tiger can be precisely called an orthodox chauvinist. He likes to get his way in things and if that doesn’t happen, he would likely impose it on people. The Tiger Man likes to keep himself working at all times; even when he’s at home, he would keep himself occupied with some toils. Extremely patient, the Chinese Tiger Man would tick you off sometimes due to being extra casual about things.

Tiger woman

The woman born in the Chinese year of the Tiger tend to be shy and friendly. She values her goals and ambitions, for which she works very hard in life. She’s someone who enjoys working alone, independently and gleefully. Boredom seldom comes in the life of the Tiger. She loves beauty and open places, which accommodate her interests of a breezy space. She hates being confined to small places; reading comes naturally to her. You will often find the Tiger woman sitting with a good book, or enjoying her time with her good friends or her partner, but never in a crowd. She doesn’t boast off much, but keeps her vivacious personality to herself and presents it only to her lover. However, she takes her full time in doing so. Living a simple life is what she aims for. She appreciates beauty and charm and would often be seen in the misty dewed light of pastels.


The Chinese Tiger Zodiac people are most compatible with the people born in the year of Chinese Ox, Chinese Dragon, Chinese Snake.

The combinations that must be avoided are the Chinese Rat, Chinese Monkey, and the Chinese Rooster.

Types of Chinese Tiger

Metal Tiger – Years 1950 and 2010

The Tiger born in the metal element is sharp and extremely competitive. They have a keen eye and once they get determined to achieve something, they'll move the heavens and the earth to get it. They spare none when it comes to their goals and family. Pretty family oriented, the Metal Tiger is assertive in speech. They love peace, but won't take a minute to take the necessary action if and when needed. They are attention seekers, who can do anything to be the apple of everyone's eye! The Metal Tigers sometimes are adamant in nature over what they feel passionate about.

Water Tiger – Years 1902 and 1962

The Tiger born under the Water element sign are serene creatures. They love tranquility and living in peace. The Water Tiger has a highly curious outlook towards life. They get high on knowing things and learning about the new ones. They are endowed with a good memory and are often the ones at the fore of every queue. Their intuitive sense is brilliant; this makes them an excellent judge for weighing things in different situations. Being opinionated, the Chinese Water Tiger boasts off a persona of someone who minutely addresses the surroundings and after having a clear picture acts the way he/she pleases. The Water Tiger offer attains laurels and achievements in the artistic arena!

Wood Tiger – Years 1914 and 1974

Team players - the Chinese Tiger born in the Wood element are individuals with a sense of pride. They work well with others and are at their best when kept in shadow. They lack the need to be in front in order to achieve heights. However, they don't take commands and orders from anyone. The Tiger zodiac people make it a point to work on its own accord. Being emotional at heart, they are the first ones when it comes to helping the needy. They are compassionate lovers, who love to endow others with happiness and bliss. Many times, the people around them get greedy due to their too giving nature. Although, the Tiger people are known for its keen eye, so don't be in any sort of dilemma that they won't see through your act.

Fire Tiger – Years 1926 and 1986

Those born in the Fire element of the Year of the Chinese Tiger are strong and willful. They work according to their speech and make it a point to stay focused on attaining it. Optimistic and eccentric, the Chinese Tiger finds beauty in leading and making people look at the brighter side of things. They know what to speak and when to speak, so that the people listen and pay heed to the words uttered. They are abundantly blessed with talent; this gives them an upper hand in dealing with challenges thrown their way, efficiently!

Earth Tiger – Years 1938 and 1998

People born in the Chinese year of the Tiger under the element Earth, possess the qualities of being rooted to their values. They are alive with a spirit of ambition and drive. They weigh their situations carefully and take a decision only when they're sure they'll be able to handle the consequences. The Earth Chinese Tigers are focussed and aggressive when it comes to reaching their goals.

Famous Chinese Tiger Personalities

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Karl Marx
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Jim Carrey
  • Tom Cruise
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Robert Pattinson

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