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Monkey Chinese Zodiac

The egotistical animal, Monkey ranks ninth in the Chinese Zodiac. Being playful, energetic, and flexible, they enjoy the position being given to them. Those born in the Chinese Zodiac Monkey are inventive and creative with a need for being always at the top.

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Chinese Animal Sign: Monkey

Chinese zodiac sign Monkey
  • Lucky Numbers : 1,8,7
  • Unlucky Numbers : 2,5,9
  • Lucky Colours : White, Gold, Blue
  • Unlucky Colours : Red, Black, Grey
  • Year of Birth : 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Those born in the year of the Chinese Monkey are intelligent and wise, which aids them in attaining a good career and substantial wealth. They are adaptive. Quick-witted, very flexible in dealings, and honest. They can be cunning but their honesty wins at the end of the day. Their love life is smooth, but with all the necessary spices. They have an impetuous nature, which makes them judgemental. The Monkeys have a great habit of living life in small events and moments. They enjoy each day, as it comes to them. For them, life is meant for living, and living to the fullest. They believe in being bold and cheery. Every moment however, could never be good, so every bad that comes to them becomes a lesson in their life.

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Traits of the People under Chinese Zodiac Monkey

A clever, yet kind animal- the Monkeys possess great intellect and skills. They are a champ at leading people. Generally, they get fame and name from a very young age due to their skills and tacts. Always cheery and jumpy, the monkeys like every place to be veritable. Sometimes they do go in these weird mood zones where they shut people out, but they come out of it pretty quick. They are good at saving and accumulation of wealth, which makes them never face a financial crunch in life. Patience is the only thing they lack in life that could become a hindrance in their success. They are also great at dressing up and showing off to people. This makes them attractive to the general mass.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

  • The Monkeys are a good listener as well as a speaker. They tend to think rationally and in a jiffy.
  • Intelligent and witty; The Monkey is pretty good at observing others and acting out they way he thinks is feasible for him. They are also a reliable friend.
  • Honesty is the best policy for the monkeys. They always have a cheery smile on their faces which marks their transparency. They are lively and life life full to the brim with happiness.
  • Monkeys pay a lot of attention to what is being said and done in their surroundings. They have a keen eye for detail and make fantastic use of it.
  • The Chinese Monkey is a very sociable animal. He likes to be with everyone that comes in close contact with him. Plus on top of that they are pretty tolerable.
  • They're enthusiastic and self-assured. They know who they are and what impact they will have on the person sitting right in front of them.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

  • The Monkeys are careless. They sometimes tend to do reckless stuff which gives them the attribute of being mischievous and naughty.
  • Being restless comes naturally to them. They often are conceited and superficial.
  • They enjoy the attention that they get and often become too involved with it. This might come off as them being self centered.
  • The Chinese Monkey is a jealous lover. Even the most mundane of things could tick him off. What looks naive and simple to you won't look the same to him.
  • Monkeys are naturally suspicious of their environment. They seldom trust people and when they do they are cautious of even the slightest of things.
  • Cunning and arrogant are two things that the Chinese Monkey is famous for. They are smart, but with just a hint of evil, they can turn into a cunning person who's able to design and come up with the most devious of plans.
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Health Of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The health of the Monkey is always fluctuating, due to which they need to pay extra attention to their well being. With heavy workload comes potential diseases and issues. Balancing between work and taking power naps must be their mantra to stay in shape. They are big foodies, due to which they never watch their portions and often end up overeating. Those who consume alcohol would have to keep a watch on intake, as overdose of anything could turn out to be lethal. Avoid developing any bad habits in this period. Try to exercise as frequently as you can. Their immunity has the chances of becoming weak over a period of time, so keep a watch on that as well.

Career of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The Monkeys have a tendency to hop around and not stick to a single space. When deciding their career, they would be required to not jump around and be adamant over a particular path. This would help them find the correct path and walk on it. They have an observant nature; plus a knack for challenging jobs. They would be excellent at jobs that give them the thrill and rush required for them to function. Jobs like lawyer, professional sports player, or stockbrokers are suitable for them. Besides this, they are also super flexible which gives them an edge over all the other zodiac signs. Opting the field of a writer, actor, or a journalist would give more room for their creative and innovative side. Industries related to construction and real estate would also benefit the Monkeys in long term.

Relationships of the Chinese Monkey

The Monkey looks for finding the perfect partner who could give them that peace of mind and solace that they've been searching everywhere. Their relationships are mostly guided by their emotions. They let their soft side drive their world and experience whatever comes their way. Due to this, after a breakup the Chinese Monkey doesn't regret anything; they are more than happy to keep everything as a token of memory. Extremely moody, the Monkeys experiences a lot of sudden mood swings. There could be times when Monkeys hate talking to others due to their extreme temperament. However, it all comes down to Monkey being the easiest people to get along with.

Monkey Man

The Chinese Monkey man is an active personality. He likes to live life to the fullest, no matter what! When in love, he has extremely high expectations. He's always on the lookout for something better, something that satiates his thirst for a love partner. More often the Monkey man is likely to deceive the partner that he's in relationship with in search for someone better. They are considered self-centred and shallow. They sometimes live in a conceited world wherein they lack discipline and lie in order to accommodate their mistakes.

On the flip side, they are the type of personalities that you easily fall in love with. They are humorous and funny, who'll tickle your funny bone with just the right words. He is a quick learner due to his perfect observational skills. He's a radical thinker who opposes any bias whatsoever. Often you'll find this man supporting homosexuals and the minorities of the world. He's the one with a progressive mind, who's not afraid to act out the way he wants. The Chinese Monkey man respects the elderly and would be the first to be generous when needed and not!

Monkey Woman

The Monkey Woman is packed up with zeal and energy, when it comes to relationships and love making. One thing that it certain about her is that she doesn't like monotony in her relationships. As long as her relationship has a lively spark and is dynamic, she will be happy and contented. But, the moment things repeat themselves again and again in the relationship, she tends to lose interest. Such is her hatred for boredom that she might even choose to end the relationship and start a new one.

The Monkey Woman thinks beyond the social norms and does not hold back herself for the sake of others. She has the ability to see through people and their intentions, and it is not easy to fool her.


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Types of Chinese Monkey

Metal Monkeys– Year 1980

Being most intelligent of the lot, the Metal Monkey is ambitious and determined. He's a achiever and likes to get things that he has set his eyes upon. However, he tends to lose his temper quickly when things go haywire. He's the one who could take up any manipulative way or cunning method to attain what he's sought after. He's the trendsetter when it comes to looks. They like to be the best in whatever they do. In the most literal of senses, the Metal monkey is a gold prospector!

Water Monkeys– Years 1992 Born under the water element, the water monkeys are a creative and innovative batch. They are eccentric personalities who are emotional and have a certain grace about them they are pleasant people to be around. He prefers to be more social than his other fellows. He's the talkative one in every conversation and loves maintaining an air of mystery and secrecy around him. He values himself way too much, so every service that he gives is chargeable. Wood Monkeys– 1944 and 2004

Born under the wood element in the year of the Chinese Monkey, they tend to be a cheerful persona. They have the tendency to brighten every room or life they enter. They enjoy being with their friends and love to be in the company of friends. Going out is their best hobby. Being an extrovert in nature, they are the most flexible of all the monkeys. Despite this he's cautious about mingling with people that might harm his reputation in public. He's diplomatic and approaches every situation with a practical and rational outlook. This inspired him to fetch the best solutions for the problems.

Fire Monkeys– Year 1956

The most charming monkey from all the elements. The people born under the year of the Chinese Monkey under the fire element are blessed with a charming sense. They are energetic, with a pragmatic approach, they will do anything to project themselves younger than their original age. Having a knack for authority and dominance, the fire monkey doesn't accept anyone's help until and unless he knows for sure that he'll be the one leading them. He has a very sharp mind that analyses everything quickly and with precision.

Earth Monkeys– Years 1968

The people born under the Earthy element in the Chinese Monkey Year are generally the most honest of the lot. They are great orators who have the skill to charm even a wooden log! They put great effort in polishing their tactics and spend a huge amount of time in looking good for the masses. The Earth monkey might sometimes rub off as an arrogant person, but he never takes his mind off his personal gains. Once he has set his eye on a target, he would do anything to get it in his hands. Moments have a gift of manipulating and negotiating, till the time they get the ball in their court. Any amount the monkey invests in anything, he always makes sure to get it back with due interest.

Famous Chinese Monkey Personalities

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