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Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese zodiac, is the seventh zodiac sign in Chinese Horoscope cycle. The people born under this zodiac sign symbolise flexibility, stubbornness and at the same time they are patient as well as arrogant at times. They are clever, active, fashionable, straightforward and loyal towards their friends and partners.

  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 7
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6
  • Lucky Colours: Brown, yellow and purple
  • Unlucky Colours: White, blue and gold
  • Year of Birth: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

According to the Chinese zodiac, Horse is believed to be among the most important creatures for mankind to befriend in the world.

The Chinese Horses are extremely animated and energetic. They love to be surrounded by people and be the centre of attention. They can be usually spotted on different occasions, events and parties. Horses are masters of repartee, with their sense of humour. They are more cunning than intelligent and that’s the reason for their low self esteem.

They are quite capable of resolving conflicts between others as well as their own, they are always there to provide a shoulder to their friends in time of need.

Traits of the Chinese Horse

Chinese zodiac sign Horse

While they are easy going and get along really well with others but at the same time they are not very good at keeping secrets hidden. The strong points for the person under the sign of the Horse zodiac are that they are open minded and filled with positivity at the beginning of their work, but as they start facing obstacles they easily tend to give away their interest by the end. Horses like to struggle in their life to achieve success for which they even tend to stay away from their family and work. With their struggle they can achieve success at their early age but start encountering problems in their middle age.

The Horses have an outgoing nature and are always in search of a good time. They always tend to keep the people around them happy with their wit and humour. They always tend to gasp new ideas and subjects with ease with their extreme intelligence. They are multi-tasking people and are always chase the next opportunity. The people belonging to this sign are honest and friendly but also throw away tantrums on others when the situations don’t go in the way they want it to go.

A Horse is among the quickest animals to learn independence, as a foul tries to stand up immediately after birth and learns to walk in the same manner people belonging to this zodiac rise above their obstacles and reach out to success. They are usually believed to have superior manners and always pay attention to their appearance more like in styling and dressing. As a similar trait to Horse they don’t like suppression on them and also don’t like to accept favours from others.

Their rhetorical talent and persuasion makes them leaders by nature. They are blessed to have an insight of what other people are thinking. They are highly diligent, creative and are quick learners, with this personality they make up to be excellent business people. They are always in search of appraisals and admirations which keep them satisfied and boost them up to work better than before. They are always filled up with good spirit, and this helps them in their crucial times to overcome the toughest situations and bring out something new from it.

With their hard work they can easily earn money but it’s hard for them to keep it constant because of their impulsive nature. They are highly optimistic people and this quality of them never allows them to give away or lose faith in achieving success. They are familiar with the amount of talent in them and this is what that makes them more enthusiastic towards solving their problems efficiently and achieving their goals.

Positive Traits of the Chinese Horse

  • The Chinese Horses have gratifying personalities, like they are tender-hearted, easy-going and upstanding. And this is the personality that makes them seek attention from others and enjoy the limelight, love and affection.
  • People with Chinese Zodiac Horse always thrive for freedom and endurance to achieve something different from the rest of the crowd and this quality makes them more power packed and helps them to raise above all the barriers in their life. And their positive attitude towards life always gives them brighter paths to choose.
  • They are always joyful, optimistic and are well-spoken in nature, this is what that makes them wanted by others. The Horse zodiac people are highly romantic and passionate towards their partners.
  • They are known to make associations with many people and this allows them to make friends easily. They lay a lot of prominence towards friendship and always take a stand for right things and defend against injustice.
  • They always try to initiate new things and never adjust or compromise on their comforts. Once they determine something, they won’t let it go till they achieve it.
  • Being an enthusiastic person they like inviting and accepting new things. They are multi-talented.
  • Horse Chinese Zodiac people are never dressed up untidy. They pay keen attention on their appearance and dressing. They also have a constant craze for fashion and styling.
  • Chinese Horses love to be independent, and like to take their decision on their own. They act instantly, and they even have an insight of other’s thoughts.

Negative Traits of the Chinese Horse

  • The negative traits of this zodiac are that, they like to spend money easily without thinking of the back and forth necessities, and this leads them to face difficulties financially. If they want to spend more on their comforts they have to keep their income stable.
  • Their easy going and frank attitude never lets them hide any secrets to themselves and tend to disclose all the secrets. Perseverance and endurance are the qualities which they lack because of their constant change in thinking and their way of approach.
  • The Chinese Horses like to lead their life in gusto. They tend to quickly lose their temper and are easily annoyed on pointless things.
  • They are highly subjective and unpredictable people. They have an imperceptive attitude towards other’s advice and their suggestions. They are also reluctant to be compelled.
  • They are people who are more of concerned about their reputation and have an excessive pride of their appearance, qualities and abilities.
  • People born under Chinese Zodiac Horse always lack in managing their finances, because of their lavishly spending behaviour for which they try to increase their income sources but can never get a hold on their expenditures.
  • With all the above traits, they are also very aggressive, arrogant and impulsive in nature. They will never accept their mistake and they hardly care about what others might think or feel, and this stubborn attitude makes them to hurt others.

Health Of the Chinese Horse

Horses are the ones who have a positive approach in their life, this spirit keeps them healthy always and also as they are the energetic and athletic people, they tend to stay fit. If you ever want to observe their freedom of joy, just try to leave them in open spaces and see them embracing their free space. But on the contrary if you try to keep Chinese Horse in one place like trapping or restricting them, and also overloading them with work responsibilities may create too much pressure on them making them ill.

Career of the Chinese Horse

Horses are the people who like to socialize and associate with new people, hence they have good interaction skills, so they can make their career related to this. They are the ones who cannot resist domination because they like to be on the upper hand and lead others as they have leadership qualities in them. They can do jobs which need managing skills. As they are outgoing people, they can choose jobs that need to travel.

The best suited occupations for the people born under the sign of Chinese Horse are publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, tour operator, librarian, artist, architect, adventurer, entertainer and pilot.

Relationships of the Chinese Horse

The people of the Chinese zodiac Horse are easy-going and outspoken; hence, they are always admired. They are amiable and socializing people. They try to get all the attention needed and like to be gathered by people. They can comfort one in need, lend a shoulder to them and make them friends on the go. They positive aura makes people attracted towards them.

As it’s famously said, first impression is the last impression; the Chinese Horses are always known to have that first impression impact on everyone. With their witty talent they can easily make out what you are thinking and could probably say it before you do to leave you with an expression of surprise. With their humour and good communication skills they can make one feel comfortable with ease. They don’t tend to mingle up well with people they dislike, and it’s hard to start a conversation between them.

The Horse Man and Woman in Love Relationships

Horse man

The male Chinese Horse is distinctively manly, with prominent muscular features. He is frank and open-minded in manner and is quick with his movements. If a Horse man wants to lead a healthy life, he has to take necessary precautions on permanent basis or else he may face health consequences in his life. He is always known to be the restless and wandering Horse. The Horse man has to opt staying away from his birthplace, and travel to other less known places to have a better career. He enjoys his freedom to the fullest and does not like to be restricted. He is enthusiastic, hot-blooded and full of positive spirit, and these are his hallmarks. He is a dreamer by his nature but never loses his touch in reality. He is an active, athletic individual, hence, there is no room for laziness in his dictionary. He is a strong hearted person and his courage is equal to that of a tiger. Once he decides to take up a task, he finishes it with all his determination. The Chinese Horse man is strongly attracted to glamorous women. He is said to be fickle in love at times but not like the common way. If he has insecurities and dissatisfaction in a relationship he can turn to be unfaithful. He likes to impose his authority on every near and dear one regardless of their age.

Horse woman

The female Horses are beautiful and attractive in appearance. They have natural charm in them. The Horse women express their demeanour in a great way through their self-confidence and with ease. They are overactive in nature and show vigorous gestures. They are graced with a solid sense of rhythm and movement. They have an expressive face which they tend to faithfully translate every emotion of theirs. The female Horses are women with strong personality and character unlike other females, who know their strengths and no one, can dare to discourage them. They have an outstanding intellect through which they can take rapid though accurate decisions. With her strong demeanour and aggressive feminism she is no less than a tigress. She can face obstacles in her love life due to lack of warmth and sensitivity towards the opposite sex.


Best Compatible with Chinese tiger, Chinese sheep and Chinese dog
Least Compatible with Chinese rat, Chinese ox, Chinese rabbit and Chinese Horse

Types of Chinese Horse

There are five elements associated with the Chinese zodiac Horse which depict their strength and personality.

Fire Horse - years 1906 and 1966

In the Chinese zodiac Horse, the element of fire shows the qualities of intelligence, their passion and sense of fashion. They are energetic people, and have a burning flame inside them which always keeps them agitated. They love change, and change is always more interesting for them. You can never tie up or restrict a fire Horse. The fire Horses are very emotional and hence they need to learn the art of self-control to hold on to their emotions at times. They usually never accept opinions by others and their elders but if they try to do so they can achieve success in their life.

Earth Horse - years 1918 and 1978

The element of earth holds for optimism. Their strong ability to take decisions and execute helps them to achieve their goals, no matter how long it may take. They have the power of different perspectives which helps them in decision making. They are gentle, honest, down-to- earth and at the same time funny. They are blessed by the God of Fortune in all walks of their life. Water Horses always try to lend a helping hand to their friends and also try to win the recognition from their boss.

Metal Horse - years 1930 and 1990

The Horse zodiac people coming under metal element have an easygoing and frank attitude. They are the ones who are always ready to lend support to the needful. They are kind hearted and straightforward people. They never come under someone’s influence and also do not accept criticism by others.

They love appreciations and hence even work hard and get appreciated by their boss; their chances of promotion are also high. The metal Horses are the people with full of free spirit and the thing of which they are scared of, is the word commitment. They cannot sustain on one thing, job or partner, hence, they are better friends than partners. They always look up for new opportunities and change.

Water Horse - years 1942 and 2002

The people of water element of Horse zodiac are short-tempered and have mood swings, they are arrogant at times, but are very cooperative and considerate towards their companions. They are fun loving people and hence are entertaining to be around. The always have problems in making up their minds and end up creating confusion for oneself as well as others. They like to flow in their free space and do not like interference or blocking. They have a flexible business oriented mind through which they promote their social status and image. The opposite sexes of water Horse always try helping out each other in their entire life.

Wood Horse - years 1954 and 2014

The people under the wood element of the Horse zodiac are born with the qualities of leadership and decision making. They are rich in imagination and have strong, penetrating opinions. Wood Horses have the inherent quality of interacting well with people, and this is the trait which enables them to have more successful relations at personal and professional level. The wood Horses like living free and unrestrained life and they don’t like to be controlled by others. They have the quality of insightful observations through which they impress other people

Famous Chinese Horse Personalities

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