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Jupiter Transit 2019

Jupiter Transit 2019

Jupiter planet is considered as a symbol of “Justice and Devotion” and has carved a benefic importance within the realm of astrology. Also known as Guru or Brihaspati, Jupiter transit in various zodiac signs is considered to be highly advantageous as well as significant. It benefits on various aspects like religion, education, children, devotion etc. and is seen as a leading factor or Karak for these categories. It rules the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiacs and shows signs of exaltation in Cancer sign and debilitation in Capricorn.

In case it shows domination over your Kundli, direct effects can be seen and felt on your domestic, love and professional life. It exerts an inclination towards religious beliefs and activities and professes a wide variety of positive changes in regard with success, health, financial conditions, marriage and childbirth. Now let’s talk about Jupiter Transit 2019.

Jupiter will transit on 28th March 2019, Thursday around 19:42 in Sagittarius. It will retrograde from 10th April and be directed back in Scorpio on 24th April, Wednesday around 02:41 in the morning. On 5th November, Tuesday around 00:03, it will move back into Sagittarius. Of course this transit will affect every zodiac sign in one way or another. Let’s move ahead and read the predictions regarding this transit:

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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे - गुरु गोचर 2019


Guru or Jupiter planet governs your ninth and tenth house and will easily transit into the ninth house. This activity will leadingly affect your professional life, making you a successful person. During this time, you will experience massive improvement in your social status. You will work well and with passion. Your family life will be a bliss, and you might welcome a new member in the family, i.e a baby. Looking on your financial aspects, it seems that this transit might prove to be a big advantage for Ariens. Income will rise, you will feel a slight inclination towards spiritual and religious circles. You might travel to a holy place alone or with family, as suited. Jupiter transit 2019 will be beneficial for your father as well. During this time, he might become a leading figure within the society and earn widespread respect. Long and happy trips might be just around the corner for you to plan and execute.

Remedy: Go ahead with the auspicious activity of Lord Shiva’s Rudra Abhishek.

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For Taureans, Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh house, and will transit in the eighth house. According to predictions for Jupiter transit 2019, you might encounter some severe effects of this transit resulting in health related issues such as constipation, indigestion etc. Apart from that, you might receive some bad news. This transit will bring forth several occasions when you have to travel for certain reasons out of no choice. As it will definitely affect your bank balance, be careful with the transactions and credits. Do not trust anyone and avoid investing in share/stock market, as any loss might majorly pull you down. On professional front, people working or managing a business don’t have something great to look forward for, although the working environment will be normal. On a negative side, you won’t be able to achieve what you aimed for even after intensive hard work. Nevertheless, don’t sit back and focus your energy and passion into that task. Some good things are bound to happen off late than never! You will undergo a spiritual transformation during this transition period and might travel a holy place.

Remedy: Donate Pure Desi Ghee every Thursday.

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For Geminis, Jupiter rules their seventh and tenth house, and will transit in the seventh house accordingly. As per Vedic astrology, the seventh house represents marriage life and Jupiter transiting in this section can prove to be highly beneficial. As a result, you will spend some quality time with your beloved partner and resolve all your concerns, worries and arguments. Jupiter transit in 2019 will create substantial situations benefitting your finances and bank balance. Investing in any business, project, partnership, share market or risky matters after considering the pros and cons will prove to be a success. Within this duration, you will eat your heart out and experience every luxury coming in your way. You will think logically and take well-evaluated steps, leading to a bright future. You will speak softly and kindly.

Remedy: LIght up a diya in the house using Camphor.

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The lord of justice Jupiter is the king of the sixth and ninth house for Cancerians and will transit in the sixth house itself. Vedic astrology denotes Jupiter in the sixth house a unlucky movement, as the house signifies diseases and injuries. As per the predictions, this transit might prove to be both physically and mentally stressful, in which case you must be patient enough to walk through the difficult times. Your competitors and enemies will have the upper hand during this period, due to which you must stay alert regarding your surroundings and people around you. You might go through a difficult phase on a personal level. Do not doubt on any person or raise any finger. Instead talk out your issues and doubts and resolve properly by communicating with each other. You can opt for bank loans during this period. Transit of Jupiter predicts an advantageous outcome for students preparing for competitive exams. Study hard and concentrate on the best features in order to attain quality results. There are heavy chances of you grabbing the dream job with constant efforts.

Remedy: Worship banana tree every thursday.


Jupiter planet rules your fifth and eighth house significantly and will accordingly transit in the fifth house. Jupiter sitting in your fifth house indicates prosperity. During this time period, you will expand your contacts, who will benefit you in one way or another. You will be involved in various kinds of humanitarian and welfare activities. There are chances of you teaming together with some NGOs or charitable trusts and carrying out philanthropic activities for the betterment of the society. Jupiter transit will bring both materialistic and spiritual richness in your life. Your constant efforts to grow your professional career will pay great results during this time. You might welcome a beautiful and healthy new-born baby within the family. Your knowledge on various categories including religion, philosophy etc. will improve. You might purchase a new vehicle or property during this time period.

Remedy: Chant Brihaspati Beej Mantra: ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:

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The lord of spirituality Jupiter widely rules your fourth and seventh house, and will make a transit in the fourth house itself. Vedic astrology narrates fourth house as a dedicated place for mother/father’s love. Although Jupiter positioning in the fourth house isn’t indicating a good sign and concludes several disturbances on personal front. Also, you might struggle with fights and arguments with family, friends and your partner. Best would be to stay calm and composed. There are chances of your relatives or closed ones betraying your trust or hurting your emotions in one way or another. Stay alert in such case. You will feel slightly inclined towards philosophical and spiritual deeds, and believe in living your life with utmost precision and peace. Despite being a family man/woman, you will largely stay disconnected from the materialistic luxuries of life to a certain extent. You will be satisfied with whatever you have on your hands.

Remedy: Donate sugar to a Brahmin and feed some chapatis or rotis to a cow.


Dominating your third and sixth house, Jupiter will make a transit in your third house respectively. Third house signifies hard work, constant efforts and determination. As per Jupiter transit 2019, Guru planet resting in your third house might not prove to be beneficial. You might change your residence during this time period and shift to another place due to work commitment. You will be super lazy and procrastinate every task, which must be, at any cost, avoided. You might plan short personal/professional trips. For business entrepreneurs and working class people, this will be a challenging time. They will encounter several speed breakers limiting your growth, in which case patience is the key. You will surely gain spiritual knowledge and enhance your conscience. Remedy: Donate Haldi or Turmeric and Chana Daal or Chickpea Lentil and feed chapatis to a cow.


Ruling the second and fifth house, Jupiter will transit in your second house respectively. As second house denotes wealth, transit of Jupiter into this house will bring lots of luck and power. You will come across great monetary deals and add to your finances. Your family will wholeheartedly support you and your decisions throughout this time. There are chances of auspicious activities being carried out within your house. You will bond with your family members during this time and enjoy to the fullest. This transit will prove to be the best time for married couples. You might plan a trip with your partner, make memories and reignite romance. Your competitors and enemies wouldn’t be able to harm you in any manner. You will be the source of dominance all over.

Remedy: Chant Brihaspati Beej Mantra: ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:

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Jupiter or the God of Wisdom rules your zodiac sign as well as your fourth house, and will transit in the first house. As a result, this period will highly favour your academic, married and love life. Luck will be on your side most of the times. Although, you might encounter some financial conflicts and lose out on some money and source of income. Take necessary precautions and don’t let these losses overtake your spirit. You might not be able to cope up with the stress and end up arguing or fighting with someone. Keep your head straight and at peace. Jupiter transit will allow sagittarians to express their views freely and experience emotional liberty. As per Jupiter transit 2019 predictions, you will be able to chase your objectives you have aimed for years. Avoid making hasty decisions and evaluate every step.

Remedy: Get Yellow Sapphire carved into a gold ring and wear it on your index finger.

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Guru or Jupiter is the monarch of your twelfth and third house, and will make a transit in the twelfth house. As per vedic astrology, this house signifies expenditures and losses. This time period will offer you mixed results. There are chances of you travelling on a long journey, be it personal or professional. You might spend much on religious and spiritual causes and will stay highly influenced with all of it till the end of transit. Materialistic luxuries will not attract you, instead you will stay excited to learn the divine secrets of life. People travelling abroad might invest in any property. Your intimacy with your loved one will highly improve.

Remedy: Apply Kesar TIlak on your forehead and keep a yellow-coloured handkerchief in your pocket.


Being the ruler of eleventh and second house, jupiter will transit in your eleventh house itself. Its positioning in the eleventh house signifies high profit and great health. You will witness major improvement in your health. Every step you’ll take will ensure great success for you in the upcoming times, allowing you to touch the sky. Good news, great money and astounding opportunities will come in your way during this period. You will majorly stay happy, content and at peace, which will get reflected in your personal life. You will spend some precious moments with your beloved, but avoid feeding them your thoughts and perceptions. Sit back and listen to your partner in order to strengthen your communication.

Remedy: Pour water early in the morning on Peepal Tree without touching the sacred tree.


Brihaspati or Jupiter planet is the ultimate king of tenth house and transits in the tenth house itself. Tenth house mostly signifies your Karma, and transit of Jupiter in this house is a good sign. You might change your house during this period, as a result of your job or business. If your mother has been experiencing bad health from quite some time, she will encounter some relief from long, aggravating pain. You have to take care of your health, as there are chances of you struggling with similar issues. You will be financially secure, although you will have to keep an eye on monetary transactions, expenditures, payments etc. Jupiter transit will bring happiness within the family and allow you to maintain a strong bond with them.

Remedy: Establish a Brihaspati Yantra within your household premises and worship it daily.

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