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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

July, 2018


You are a proud and selfless person. You are just by nature that implies you like doing justice to others and be in company of those who are fair. You are more interested in social work. Besides your business, you are involved in social work. You are rational. You easily trust people due to which you have to face problems. This is not the right time to trust others. There may be times when you trust more on others and fall a prey to problems. Be confident and work independently. You can perform better when alone. You grow extremely ruthless and blunt in an agitated situation, which may trouble you. Keep calm and deal with people in a gentler manner. You are an opportunist. When an opportunity knocks at your door, you never let it go and make the most of it. You believe in love and therefore, not only maintain lovelier relations with your kins but also, others. This implies that you are amicable by nature. You will have to work hard and struggle but your financial condition may become better. During this month, your expenses may grow. Keep a tab on your expenditure. You may have to encounter health-related problems. Due to Saturn’s Sadesati, there may be health-related issues and helter skelter, besides work stress. You may have to face medical issues during Saturn’s Sadesati. There may also arise obstacles in the way of your business that may witness highs and lows during this period. Your hard work and tireless efforts may bring you benefits in this time. During this month, situations may bring you more stress.
Condition may stay the same as before even after a lot of labor. Since Mercury, Venus, and Dragon’s Head are transiting in Cancer, your business and luck may not do wonders. Your business may perform average and your destiny may not be very favorable for you. You may even miss on financial opportunities. You need to be optimistic even in such unfavorable circumstances. Circumstances to acquire immoveable property may, however, be favorable. If you are working, you may earn a better job or get lucrative job offers during this month. Act according to your wish and responsibly. This way you may not only succeed but also, stay radiant. If you are a student, you may become successful in studies. For those taking competitive exams, success rate may be higher in this time. If you have been failing to crack competition, this may be the time to excel. You may succeed in whatever you do in this month. Act according to time and situation. It is always prudent to act in accordance with the current situation and as time permits. Keep calm and continue to work. Success will not stay away from you, if you control your emotions and do not quit. Trust your instincts and control your emotions.
Mars is transiting in Capricorn moon sign in this time. This indicates that you may achieve success with toil and efforts. During this month, your family life may be stressful. There may be some complications in your married life. There are chances of you travelling abroad but with hindrances. Do not plan to travel anywhere in this month and be aware about your business.


During this month, conditions may become favorable from a financial point of view. You may do better off financially. Your financial situation may remain normal. Besides you conducting your business at the right time, you may get opportunities to make financial gains. Your hard work and efforts may result in big financial gains in future. You may not only fare well in household jobs but also, business outside. This is the time when you may balance your personal and professional life perfectly. It may be harmful for you to expand business plans during this period. Your financial problems may worsen, if you grow your business or start a new venture. Do not try to distribute any kind of business plans, as otherwise you may suffer from financial loss. In other words, keep control of your business and do not let it flow. Invest your time and energy in your core business. Since Mercury and Dragon’s Head are transiting in Cancer moon sign, both your business and financial condition may deteriorate. Your luck may favor you. It may, however, be beneficial for you to act according to time and situation. Try to act as per your ability. Beware of your relatives while doing business. Be very careful at the time of transacting money.


Your bad health may be your major concern in this month. It may give you unnecessary mental stress. There is possibility of fever, cough, and cold during this period. Middle-aged and old people may suffer from arthritis. Be careful and take the best care of your health. If you face any kind of health problem, visit the doctor and be treated. You may feel weak at times. It may, therefore, be necessary to take a healthy diet and lead a stress-free life. Practicing yoga or meditating may be beneficial for your health in this time. Avoid mental stress as well. Do not let your health affect your work.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may remain favorable during this month. Not only may your relations with your lover become lovelier but also you may be able to bring him or her in your life. Your future love life may also become favorable. You may succeed in making him or her your life-partner. If you are planning to propose your lover for marriage, it may be better to do so towards the latter half of July 2018. Your marital life may undergo stress during this period. There is possibility of a dispute with your life-partner that may ultimately create situation of separation. You may have to live separately due to lack of compatibility between you two. Try to improve your relations during this period and make them more harmonious. If you fail to maintain lovelier relations with your spouse, your in-laws may be stressed. Moreover, your travel plans to abroad may face obstacles. In fact, your relations with kins may also go through a bad phase. Your friends may not even prove helpful. During this month, try to keep healthier relations, not only with your lover but also, family. Seek your spouse support to undertake any task. It may be better to communicate less with your spouse in this time.

Family & Friends

You may avail better opportunities to make financial gains with your family’s support during this month. There may be wealth and prosperity in your family. Your kins may support you in your business. Your compatibility with your family members may even improve. There are fair chances of a marriage ceremony taking place in this month, besides Yajna. Your family may extend their full support to each other on a festivity or celebration. You may also earn your parents’ backing during this period. If you are planning to buy a new house or car, you may not only get your parents’ blessings but also, support in implementing your plans. Your parents may support you financially to fulfill your dreams. Maintain healthier relations with them and avoid getting into a tiff. You may see highs and lows in your business, which is why, compatibility with your kins at this time is crucial. If personal life is in jeopardy, your business may surely affect. Both your personal and professional life may improve with your hard work and efforts. Your family may develop a feeling of cooperation. You need to act as per time and situation. You can unite the family and emerge victorious in personal and professional life.


It may be beneficial for you to fast on Thursday and donate yellow-colored objects on the same day. Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama may also bring you more luck. When you fast, donate yellow-colored objects and worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday, you may get rid of all your physical ailments. You may also fare well in your business. If you practice this solution, trivial medical problems may not affect you. Your career may also grow.

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