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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

January, 2019


During this month, there is a good possibility of being distracted, due to which there can be a bad effect on your area of work and any kind of work-related plans may be hampered. You may have to face some or the other kind of problems in executing tasks using your self-confidence.

However, refrain from doing any kind of work in a haste. Execute a task by being stable and serious. This would prevent any kind of issues in your business. You might be prone to loss by doing a work in a hurry and by being nervous. Try executing a task successfully via your concentration skills. There may be difficulties in gaining economic benefits.

There is a possibility of a bad relationship with your relatives. Therefore, you should try to be cautious with relatives when it comes to gaining wealth because Dragon’s Tail is communicating in Capricorn zodiac, which can cause such problems. If you’re doing a job, then the second half of this month shows excellent signs of getting a higher position at the workplace. You might get a good position due to your strength and courage and you’ll be successful in the area of work as well.

Avoid planning the purchase of a vehicle, house etc. because you might have to face loss. If not necessary, refrain from purchasing a vehicle or house because Jupiter is communicating in the Scorpio zodiac, which introduces hurdles in the process of vehicle/house acquisition. There is a possibility of interruption in access to the support from people. However, it would be possible to succeed if you plan the task of gaining economic benefits. You are likely to get good opportunities for succeeding as a politician. You should try to work while looking at the time and situation. Conditions pertaining to both, the child as well as opposition are likely to remain favourable. You are not likely to suffer from any serious health condition and the conditions pertaining to your marital life are expected to remain favourable. You will also reap maximum benefits from your business.

If you do business, then you can expect that business activities will be favourable for you during this month. You should try to pursue a business according to a well-thought-out strategy. Fortune will accompany you. You will be successful in the field of work but there is a need to work with complete self-confidence which will ensure utmost economic benefit.

During this month, the dates viz: 2, 3, 11, 12 and 20, 21 are not suitable for you. Therefore, do not give importance to this time and work according to your situation and circumstances. Refrain from entering into an argument with someone. Stay focused on your work and business, which will enable you to achieve success.


Economic conditions are likely to remain commendable during this month because you might be able to receive opportunities for gaining economic benefits. A point that needs to be kept in mind is that in such a situation, you shouldn’t be in a situation wherein you have to seek the support of your relatives. However, you should maintain a proper communication with them so that the situations remain good in the future because not having good relations with your relatives might make you fall prey to fraudsters in your business.

It will be good for you to be careful about monetary transactions and to make regular attempts to increase the inflow of money. You should not try to build a relationship with an unknown person or else you may have to suffer loss. You will get good opportunities of reaping economic benefits during the second half of this month. Therefore, put in your best efforts which will ensure a regular and impressive income along with a good support on saving money.


There are chances that you may have to suffer from an abdomen-related or heart-related disease. You may suffer from diabetes or stones etc. or may have to face problems related to food and beverages. Therefore, be cautious about eating and drinking habits and be conscious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions regarding love relations are likely to remain by your side. You’ll be enjoying a good relationship with your lover in this month. If you love someone and are not able to open up to him/her about the same, then you’ll get an opportunity to go ahead with the same in this month.

By maintaining mutual harmony with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you might receive brilliant support in your area of work. Conditions will be quite favourable at a later point of time. Whichever expectations you have from your partner would get completed during this month. Situations regarding your marital life are likely to remain a bit stressful.

Due to mutual differences between husband and wife, a situation of fear of fear or distrust may arise due to which there may be a scenario wherein the mutual relation between husband and wife may get worse. Therefore, you should try to maintain a warm relationship with your spouse because Mercury along with Saturn is communicating with Sagittarius zodiac, which is not good for the relation with the spouse. There might be creation of a stressful situation in connection with mutual relations with the romantic partner. Try to maintain mutual synergy with each other so that you achieve success in your business and an overseas travel.

Family & Friends

During this month, the family conditions are likely to remain unfavourable. There is a possibility of deteriorating mutual coordination pertaining to work because you’ll be exposed to a lot of stress and hardships during this time period. This would lead to a possibility wherein the family balance would get affected negatively. The absence of mutual harmony might be the biggest reason behind such a situation.

The entry of a new person into the family might also spoil the family's overall environment. There might be discontent within the entire family. Relations with parents, siblings etc. are likely to remain normal during this month. There may be a possibility of arguments due to some or the other kind of unnecessary things.

Therefore, you need to be cautious and it is important to take care about the things that would ensure harmony within the family. Conditions will be favourable on the children's side. You might remain happy with the activities of your children. You may have to sacrifice something for your family benefit. Some responsibilities may also crop up. During this month, there is likely to be an increase in the family’s wealth and only them there would be a progress in family welfare. It is good for you to do this.


You should observe a fast and do prayers on every Thursday. Also, donate yellow coloured items on every Thursday. In addition to this, on every Thursday, feed cow with gram and jaggery. Render support and serve a Brahmin on every Thursday, so that you receive Jupiter’s grace throughout this month and stay contented with all the worldly pleasures.

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