Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

April, 2017


This month the transit will be in your first house, which make your attempts profitable. You will get continuous support from your siblings. The transit of Dragon’s head in the ninth house, might affect your father’s health in bad way. You might visit religious places and take a holy dip there. Healthwise, it is advised that you and your children should be careful. The transit of Dragon’s tail in the third house will increase your courage and bravery. Tension in your married life is likely in this period. The transit of Jupiter in the tenth house shows that you might get a promotion. You get support of your seniors at workplace. Family life will bloom and flourish. Your financial status will improve. The transit of Sun and Venus in the fourth house will lead to a change in house. You are likely to acquire a big and luxurious house. Land and property related transactions will benefit you a lot. Your relation with your mother will be good and she will support you in all your decisions. The transit of Mars and Mercury in the fifth house indicate that your children in progress and grow. They might get a new job. Your relationship with your partner will grow stronger.


People involved in real estate business will earn high profits. Your financial troubles seem to end this month. Some old debts will be cleared. People from the service sector will see a positive working atmosphere being built. Your seniors will support you and a possible promotion will make things better financially. However, make a thoughtful decision while investing in long term schemes at the share market. Spontaneous proposals at work will be highly profitable. You will travelling a lot to make financial profits. You will conquer to business rivals and make good profits out of it. People serving in the government sector, banking, finance, art, theatre, export-import will be benefitted financially.


This month will have a mixed effect on your health. The transit of Jupiter in the tenth house will make you energetic and will make you work really hard. However, the transit of Saturn in the first house will make you irritable and restless. This restlessness will not allow you to enjoy the luxuries and comforts you own. Problems like pain in bones, Pitta disturbance might appear. If you know how to maintain a fine balance between your work and yourself, then you will not face any problem. You are likely to head to a holiday destination for recreational purpose. You will exercise and try yoga and mediation as recreational means. This will work wonders on you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This time period is really wonderful for married couples. You can expect complete support and love from your life partner. However, your spouse should be careful in terms his/her health. It looks like your love life will begin with meeting a new friend. You will be able to spend quality time with your partner. You are likely to befriend someone on foreign locale. You are likely to make the final plunge and convert your relationship into a marital bond. However you will have to wait until the end of the month to get married with your family’s permission. This month also brings along the possibility of changing friendship into love. You will exchange gifts with your loved and might go on a trip to a nearby place with them.

Family & Friends

This will bring excitement and happiness for your family life. Venus is posited in the fourth house, which shows that you might buy a new house. This time is also very auspicious to buy a new vehicle. Your relations with your friends and siblings will improve. You meet meet highly placed and influential people this month. The transit of Jupiter in the tenth house indicates that highly placed people will support and mentor you. There are chances that you will either be promoted or which will make your loved ones immensely happy. Your will receive immense love and support from your mother. However, your father should extra careful in terms of his health. Time is really promising for couples who wish have a baby. Your friends and siblings will support you and your relationship with become more soulful.


Keep a yellow handkerchief in your pocket.

Lucky Days

3, 12, 21

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