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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

May, 2018


You will be a type of person who will spare no effort in making your dreams come true. No matter how many obstructions lie on your path, you will possess the ability to overcome them. However, delay in getting the results might upset you. It is predicted that you will have a foggy mind due to which it would not be easy for you to make decisions during this month. It will be good for you if you manage your time well and take decisions on time. You will be a hard worker, whose way of performing work is highly commendable. But due to too much of workload, you might not be able to do your work the way you have been doing it all your life. Do not let your hectic work schedule affect your lifestyle​ and your health​. Short trips would be fruitful​ and you will gain money due to them. At your home front, the conditions might not be as good as you want them to be. There would be lack of harmony at your home front. You will be more inclined towards performing religious deeds and will develop an interest in cultural activities like dance and singing. It is predicted that short trips and journeys will beget you fruitful results. There might be rebellion from your own blood relatives and you have to take care that you do not entangle yourself in any kind of controversial matter. There would be some issues related to property, which you should be careful of. If there is an existing matter of property or any other legal case, it is likely that the results will be in your favour. The conditions seem to be favourable for your promotion. You will garner praise and glory at your work front and will earn respect for your efforts. The tasks done by you will be brought to fruition and you will get the results for the same. You might buy house, property, or vehicle during this month. The students who are preparing for competitive exams will be in the beneficial zone during this period as a little push will help them to achieve what they want. The ones who are studying for their academics will be able to score well in the examinations that they take. You will overpower your enemies and they will stand no chance against you. Some of them will bend their knee in front of you to be in your good books. Your foes will try to defame you in every possible way. Thus, you need to be very careful if you do not want your image to be tainted. Any journey that you have been planning to undertake should be taken during the second half of the month in order to maximise gains. There will be frequent rise and falls in the status of your health. However, your luck will favour you and you will manage to strive through tough situations. You will be able to develop connections with people who will help you in your professional life. There are good chances of financial gains and if you are planning to make a deal in financial terms with someone, it is likely to bring you profits. Signing new contracts or taking up new projects will prove to be conducive for your growth. It is advised that you should perform your work with enthusiasm and confidence, as it will increase the chances of getting success in your endeavors.


Monetary gains will fall in your lap during this month, but will tag along some financial problems with them. You should try to combat any adverse situation before it takes the form of a severe problem. If you have lent your money to someone, you will be able to get it back, but only after repeated efforts. Investment of money should be done only after careful monitoring of the situations and the prevailing market trends. During the second half of the month, the situations will take a turn for your betterment. Your financial conditions will improve and you will unlock more ways to achieve success. Only tenacity and hard work will be the factors that will ensure your success in the field of your career. Financial gains will brighten up your mood every now and then. The transit of the red planet Mars and the planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will help you to get the desired results if you perform your tasks with diligence. Your meticulous efforts will give a new direction to your career and will help you to carve out the right path for yourself. Advice from experts and your elders will help you all through your career. You should be serious about your work and should not fall the prey to lethargy and laziness. Keep yourself motivated for your work and do not admit defeat even if you have to face some adverse situations. Having trust in yourself will be your driving force that will not let you down.


Problems related to your skin like eczema, boils, allergies, pimples, etc. might trouble you during this period. You should maintain personal hygiene and avoid the consumption of oily foods in order to keep your skin healthy. Physical pain, muscular spasms, etc might also be the cause of your worries during this span of this month. You should consult a doctor without any delay if a health issue arises.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be a golden opportunity to communicate your feelings to the one you love. It is expected that if you propose someone in this month, the answer will be in your favor and your love will be reciprocated. Those who want to see their bond of love metamorphosing into the sacred bond of marriage can have the chance to take a step ahead in their love life. Exchange of gifts between you and your partner will keep both of you elated. If you take the advice of your partner in work-related matters, it will be beneficial for you. If you want to do something new in your life, you will get the support and motivation from your partner. It is recommended that you do not share any kind of secret with your partner that might create a rift in your relationship. The natives who are married might have to be a bit careful regarding their married life during this phase. Minor issues will keep cropping up every now and then. Also, sometimes they will take the form of tiffs and you might get embroiled in heated arguments with your partner. If the relationship between husband and wife is disrupted, it is bound to negatively affect the other spheres of your life too. Therefore, you are suggested that you sort out the matters before they slip out of your hand. The transit of the planet Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces is not a good indication for your married life. Thus, you should take care that you do not do anything that might affect your marital harmony. Do not use abusive or disrespectful words, otherwise, you will have to repent it later.

Family & Friends

If there is a persisting problem at your home, you will be able to get rid of it during the month of May. There are chances of internal conflicts among the family members, which are likely to spoil the calm atmosphere of the family. Maintaining a friendly relationship with everyone in the family will be good for you. If you are planning to invest in a family business, you should think about it well before letting your money be at stake. Such decisions and actions would pan out to be favorable for you if they are taken during the latter half of the month. Do not lay your cards on the table as there are chances that someone might make use of your own secrets against you. If you want to share your secrets with someone, do it with the pros whom you trust, otherwise, you might have to face betrayal. Do not trust someone just because they are your relatives or friends. Take into account the kind of individual that they are before you let them know about your delicate truths. Respect your parents and do not ever think that they mean any harm to you. There might be some situations when you will have a bittersweet relationship with them, but you should remember that they are your parents and should be loved and treated with respect by you. Your bonding with them will be good in the second half of the month. Make sure that you do not hurt them, otherwise, the conditions in the family will not be peaceful and you will regret doing it. Your children will be cooperative and will live happily during the span of this month. Their activities and their accomplishments will keep you satisfied. Their performance in their examinations will be praiseworthy and will make you a proud parent. Your respect in the society will increase and you will be a social person. Your hard work and efforts would be recognized and appreciated at your work front.


Observing a fast and donating yellow colored objects on Thursday will pan out to be beneficial for you. Venerate Lord Vishnu and serve the poor and the needy. Feed cows as this will open the gateways to success for you.

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