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Mars Transit in Aries (5 February, 2019)

The planet Mars will transit in its own sign Aries on 5 February, 2019 (Tuesday) at 23:57. It will remain posited in the same sign till 15:20 on 22 March, 2019 (Friday). After this, it will transit from Aries to Taurus. The transit of Mars into Aries will have positive as well as negative impacts. Let us unveil what this transit holds for you.

Mars Transit in Aries

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is related to warriors, courage and energy. It is also known as a red planet. Mars rules two zodiac signs, Aries and Scorpio. It gets exalted in Capricorn, hence strongly marking its impact and debilitated in Cancer, and as a result its influence weakens. It also rules three constellations (Nakshatras) namely Mrigashira, Chitra, and Dhanishta.

If Mars is posited in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of a native, it creates Mangal Dosha in one’s birth chart. Mangal Dosha leads to problems or delay in getting married and also creates troubles in married life. A benefic Mars makes the native fearless, courageous, and energetic. A person independently works on his own, and delivers best performance in any sport. On the other hand, a malefic Mars leads to blood problems and restlessness.

The following predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign here. Moon Sign Calculator

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The planet Mars will transit into your first or Lagna house. In Vedic Astrology, the first house represents a person's behaviour, nature, attitude and physical attributes. The presence of Mars in your first house will make you enthusiastic and energetic. During the period of this transit, you will witness a remarkable improvement in your health status. However, you will be required to keep your anger in check. Because of the position of Mars, you will become short-tempered during this period. Do not let this anger spoil your relationships. You will be packed with energy and as a result, you will excel in sports and related activities. Mars will aspect your fourth house and seventh house, which is not a good sign. The fourth house is related to mother, prosperity and movable-immovable assets while the seventh house is related to married life and spouse. As a result of this transit, the health status of your mother might degrade and you will be required to take care of her. Also, your married life will be prone to troubles. You should not let the situation slip out of your hand. On the brighter side, you will get to spend some memorable time with your spouse. You will do well in your professional life, and be devoted towards achieving your goals. Your boss as well as other seniors will appreciate your hard work and reward you for the same.

Remedy: Distribute seven different types of grains among the poor and needy people.


The red planet Mars will transit into your twelfth house. The twelfth house represents Moksha or salvation, foreign trips. expenses, harms, etc. Your financial life will be majorly impacted. You will spend your money recklessly during this period. Some unexpected and unnecessary expenses will further blow up a hole in your budget. In such a case, adopt a frugal bent of mind and spend your money wisely. You should also try to save extra money for the future. Being a spendthrift will lead you to a financial crunch. You may set your foot on a foreign journey during the period of this transit. The journey will be related to your business or profession. Your siblings will climb the ladder of success. However, they will be required to make continuous efforts to continue their journey of success. Talking about your health, this transit does not look favourable for you. There are chances of deterioration in your health during this period. You will be required to prioritise your health if you do not want to suffer. Success in the matters of litigation is likely. You will dominate your opponents. If there is any existing issue between you and your siblings, you will get over it and reconcile. You are advised to be careful in business partnerships. The health of a maternal relative might degrade during this period.

Remedy: Donate jaggery in a red cloth.


Mars will transit into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. The eleventh house is regarded to be the house of gains. Thus, the transit of Mars in your eleventh house will strengthen your financial position and lead to gains. You will strike it rich during this period. Your income will be abundant and your money which was stuck somewhere will come back. If you have applied for a loan from a bank, it will get sanctioned. You will reap the sweet fruits of your previous efforts. It is predicted that you will achieve success in legal matters. You will witness a series of ups and downs in your love life. You should try to maintain transparency in your love relationship. The transit of Mars in Aries may adversely affect your children. They might face difficulties in their education. You will be required to guide them from time to time and understand them well. Also, they might fall ill during the period of the transit. Make sure to take care of their health. Seek medical advice as and when necessary. You will meet new people and establish connections with them. Meeting your old friends will remind you of all the good times that you had spent with them. Your health will be a critical factor during this period. You should, under no circumstances, be nonchalant about it. Take care and keep yourself in pink health.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to cows every day.

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Cancerians will get the golden opportunity to reach their career goals owing to the transit of Mars in their tenth house. The tenth house is also known as the Karma House. It represents a person's career and profession. It is predicted that your hard work and efforts will be appreciated at your workplace. Your seniors will shower praises upon you. Your colleagues will admire and look up to you as an example. This transit will pan out to be the time that you have been waiting for. It will give a new direction to your career. There are high chances of you bagging a promotion or getting a good hike in your current salary. You should not let success take a toll on you. Be polite to others while interacting with them. Maintaining cordial relationships with your colleagues will help you in the long run. Treat your juniors with respect. Do not offend anyone as it can end up blowing in your face. Those who are working in security or defence services will witness a steep rise in their career graph. You might get entangled in arguments and tiffs. You may also get irritated easily. You should spend time with your friends and family to keep your mind at peace. Also, this will help you to strengthen your personal relationships. You may also go on a trip with your loved ones. Your personal life will be a happy one. Your children will be happy and do good in their academics. Their success will make you proud of them. You will have an optimistic approach during this span of time.

Remedy: Wear a silver bangle in your hand.


Mars will transit into your ninth house. The ninth house represents a person's religion, teacher, fate, values, long journeys, etc. During the period of this transit, you may go on a long journey. This journey will either be a business related journey or a religious trip. In both the cases, it will pan out to be beneficial for you. You will adhere firmly to your values and beliefs. It is adviced to rely on your efforts rather than on luck. By doing this, you will be able to achieve positive results. You should remember that hard work is the key to success. Perseverance and constant efforts is what you need to make your dreams come true. Your financial conditions will improve with this transit. Your income will increase and you will achieve monetary gains. The blessings of mentors and teachers will help you to achieve what you aim for. Respect them and seek their blessings. On your family front, the life of your siblings will undergo a major change. The change may be positive or negative. You will feel energetic and determined. Working hard will give you the desired results.

Remedy: Donate blue colored blanket to any poor and needy person on Saturday.


The planet Mars will transit into your eighth house. The eighth house represents age, birth, death, unexpected events etc. in astrology. The transit of Mars in your eighth house may pose difficulties for you. Hence, you will be required to take every step with caution during the period of this transit. Your health might degrade, and you may have to suffer from blood-related problems. Also, you need to be careful while driving as there are chances of injuries. You should strictly follow the traffic rules and guidelines. You should not go on a journey, unless necessary. There are two sides of a coin.

Similarly, there are some positive aspects of this transit for you as well. You may receive unexpected monetary gains. This will improve your financial situation. Your relationship with your in-laws will improve, and they may gift you a unique present. Do not get disappointed if you do not get the expected results at your workplace. Work hard till you achieve what you aim for. Having a positive bent of mind will be favourable for you.

Remedy: Feed jaggery to cows everyday.


The people belonging to the Moon Sign Libra are known for maintaining the balance in their lives. You will try doing the same during the Mars transit in Aries. Mars will be posited in your seventh house during this transit. The seventh house represents marriage, spouse, partner and general relations with people etc. The transit will not be that favourable for your married life. There are chances of conflicts with your life partner. Also, if you do not take control over the situation, things can take a turn for the worse. There will face problems in your married life which do not seem to be easy to cope up with. You should try your best to find a solution to these problems in case you don't want things to become worst. Those who are unmarried may have to wait a little longer to tie the knot. The natives who are in a love relationship should make sure that they do not hurt their partner. Being angry can worsen the situation for you. Hence, you are recommended to keep your anger in check. Business partnerships will yield positive results. Gains in business are likely. Those who are in a job may bag a promotion. Relationships with people in your social life will improve, which will directly benefit you for good.

Remedy: Offer Kheer or sweetened rice pudding as a bhog in the temple of Lord Shiva on Friday.


Mars rules the zodiac sign Scorpio. It will move into your sixth house with this transit. The sixth house is regarded as the house of opponents, diseases, pain, suffering, legal issues, etc. This transit will turn out to be favourable for you in various aspects. During this period, your enemies will not be able to harm you in any way. They will fear you as you will overpower them. However, letting your guard down is not advisable. If you are entangled in any legal issue, you are likely to get the final decision in your favour. Chances of success in matters of litigation are quite high. On the other hand, you will be required to take care of your physical and mental well-being. Do not consume foods that affect you adversely. Keep your anger in check, failing which you will end up ruining your relationships with your near and dear ones. Be careful while driving and follow the traffic guidelines. Students will pass with flying colors in whatever examination they take, provided that they work hard for it. You may have to go the extra mile to achieve success in your business and job. You should cut unnecessary expenditures if you want to gain financial stability.

Remedy: Donate mustard oil to a needy person or in a temple on Saturday.


Mars will be posited in your fifth house, which represents progeny, higher education, romance, new opportunities and creativity. During the period of this transit, you will witness a change in the behaviour of your children. They may act aggressive and frustrated during this period. Treat them with care and affection and make them understand the difference between right and wrong. Students will find it hard to focus on their studies. They will be more inclined towards leisure and spend most of their time hanging out with friends and playing online games. You will be packed with energy and as a result, will have immense interest in sports. You may act as egoist in your romantic life, which will spoil your relationship. You should not let your ego sour your love bond. You will have numerous opportunities in your professional field. Exploit these opportunities to make the best out of them. Those who are into dance, music, and arts will do good. Coming to your health, you will be as fit as a fiddle.

Remedy: Doing Pranayama will be favourable for you.


The planet Mars is exalted in Capricorn. With this transit, Mars will move into your fourth house. In Vedic Astrology, the fourth house signifies mother, vehicles, property, etc. Purchasing vehicles during the period of this transit will turn out to be favourable for you. Also, you will be in the beneficial zone in matters related to property. You may buy new property as well. The health of your mother might degrade during this period and hence, must be taken care of. Also, your mother may develop temperamental problems. Try to deal with her in a polite manner. This transit will help your spouse to shape up their career. However, you may also have to deal with frequent tiffs with your spouse. You should try to understand your partner and cooperate with them to make your married life happy and blissful. You will perform well in your career and receive the desired result.

Remedy: Recite Shani Stotra.


The planet Mars will move in your third house with this transit. The third house represents valour, willpower, younger siblings, desires, etc. You will be packed with valour and courage. Your self-confidence will be on its epitome. You will be active and energetic. You may even go on a journey, which will be beneficial for you. Also, this period will pan out to be favourable for your younger siblings. They will be able to get over obstacles and achieve success in their respective fields. Deeds that you do patiently and wisely will yield the desired results. Do not perform any task in haste. Your colleagues and co-workers will cooperate with you at your workplace. This will help you to achieve your targets in your professional life. Bagging a new job or switching your job during this period will prove to be a good decision. The period of this transit seems to be favourable for students as well. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations might be able to achieve what they have aimed for by means of their hard work and tenacity.

Remedy: Feed chapati (roti) to dogs.


The planet Mars will transit into your second house. The second house is related to wealth, communication, elementary education, hidden talents, etc. There will be an increase in your income owing to the Mars transit in Aries. You will become financially stable during this period. You may also get involved in your family business. You will be able to reap the benefits of your hard work with your father’s support and blessings. He may also help you in taking major decisions. The health of your children might degrade during this period and must be taken care of. Their illness might act as a hurdle in their studies. Students need to work hard in order to get the desired results. The transit seems to be favourable for those who are pursuing higher education. Your family life will be happy and peaceful. In case any problem arises, nip it in the bud peacefully. Your spouse will not leave you, come what may. Take good care of your spouse’s health.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa on every Saturday.

We hope that all your queries related to the Mars transit in Aries are resolved with this article. Best wishes from AstroSage!

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