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Rahu Transit in Cancer (August 18, 2017)

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets of mysterious nature, who are mathematical points in Vedic Astrology. Known by the name Northern Node, i.e. Rahu and Southern Node, i.e. Ketu, both the planets do not own any houses of their own in the zodiac. They have been elevated to the position of a planet amongst the Navgraha, and are considered at par with the rest of the seven planets, namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

Venus Transit in Cancer

The planet Rahu would be transiting into the watery sign, Cancer on August 18, 2017 at 00:37 a.m. The planet would remain there till March 07, 2019 at 02:48 a.m.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

Planet Rahu imbues us with unending desires and passions. It's related to the materialistic world and creates a sense of longing in us for an affluent life.

Unpredictable events in a person's life are also due to this planet's influence. It's also responsible for bringing in chronic physical and mental ailments in our life. Mental instability is also one of the ill-effect of this planet.

A strong Rahu takes a person towards political heights and makes them passionate and obsessive towards reaching their goal. They'll be single-mindedly determined to attain their lifelong goal and reach for the stars. Natives with a strong Rahu are out of the box thinkers with a revolutionary spirit.

A weak Rahu in one's natal chart harbingers penury and struggle. The person would have to be really particular about their health, as Rahu plays a pivotal role in imparting chronic ailments and mental disorders. Anxiety disorders and insecurity could also be faced. Rahu also brings about sudden separation from spouse, due to marital discord or casualty.

Ketu, on the other hand, is the 'moksha - karaka' planet, who initiates us into spiritual awakening and upliftment. It induces the feeling of detachment in our conscience, resulting in us feeling detached from the material world. Sudden natural calamities are also influenced by this planet, which sometimes could result in loss of property as well.

A strong Ketu in one's birth chart gives enlightenment and a higher spiritual understanding. A native with a powerful Ketu would fend for the ultimate liberation from this mortal world. the person would have psychic abilities, will be intuitive and could go for secret services, due to the strong mental ability to deduce and observe things.

A weak Ketu in one's chart gives mysterious diseases and detaches you from personal relationships. Marital disharmony would prevail in your life. A loss of reputation is also probable.

The transit of this shadowy planet is bound to affect all the zodiac signs in a major way, find out how?

The below mentioned predictions are based on your Moon sign. To calculate your Moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator


Rahu will move into the fourth house from your moon sign. You may stay away from your home or family members. The health of your mother might get affected. You would experience mental stress and lack of happiness within. You might feel discontented due to lack of harmony in domestic life. In career, you would apply tricks or shortcuts that might not give you favorable results. Strife or tiffs are likely at home. There might be a change in place of your current residence.

Ketu will transit into the tenth house from your moon sign. This could create some issues at your workplace. You may feel detachment at work and may think about changing your current workplace. Domestic harmony would get affected. Stay vigilant for any controversy, and do not meddle with it. Remain focussed on your work to enjoy your life.

Remedy:Donate blankets to the needy on Saturday.

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Rahu will move into the third house from your moon sign. Your determination would increase and you would become more courageous. You would initiate several short distance journeys and the same would beget good results in your favor. Your siblings may go abroad and it is possible that they may have to suffer from some unexpected issues. Your spouse might receive some good news and their status would increase.

Ketu will transit into the ninth house from your moon sign. You might pay a visit to pilgrimage. There might be some health issues with your father or your relationship with him might suffer during this period. Any long journey related to religion or spirituality might take place.

Remedy:Keep a black marble in your pocket.

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Rahu will move into the second house from your moon sign. This period would bring many big changes in your life. You may stay away from your family due to business exigencies or other related activities. There might be issues in your family. The health of your spouse might get affected. You would be able to convince others with your manipulative speech or talks. Fear from theft might give you sleepless nights. Eyesight might become weak. Take guard against having stale or junk food as the possibility of food poisoning are there.

Ketu will transit into the eighth house from your moon sign. Your inclination towards occultism, astrology, and spirituality might increase in great extent. Drive carefully, as the probability of facing medical assistance are high. You might suffer through perineal diseases. Stay away from firearms, insects, and weapons.

Remedy: Recite Shri Rama Raksha Stotra.

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Rahu will move into your own sign . Hence, its impact would be higher upon you. It might affect your decision-making ability and you would feel mentally distressed. Issues with friends and people who are dear to you are likely. You would like to dominate others and might try and coax them into believing your bluffs. On the other hand, it might give you rise in life.

Ketu will transit into the seventh house from your moon sign. The health of your spouse might get affected. They may suffer from inflammation or fever-related issues. There might be an increase in aggression in their behavior. Misunderstandings and quarrels in your marital life would sour the taste of your marital bond. Career would be on a good path and you would be able to perform well.

Remedy: Chant Durga Mantra daily: Aum Dum Durgaye Namah !

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Rahu will move into the twelfth house from your moon sign. You might go abroad during this period. Traveling towards a distant place is possible in this duration. You should stay away from unethical deeds as there is a slight possibility of facing legal charges during this time span. You would give your best and put your whole potential in your work that would yield you lucrative benefits. Your expenses would increase too.

Ketu will transit into the sixth house from your moon sign. You need to work hard in life to get success in your undertakings. If you are preparing for any competitive exams, you might have to face some setbacks, but if you stay determined to achieve and crack them, success would come your way! Health issues to maternal relatives are possible. Your spouse may get affected with insomnia or eye related issues.

Remedy: Donate sesame seeds on Wednesday evening.

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Rahu will move into the eleventh house from your moon sign. This would beget huge gains in your life. You would receive ample of opportunities to grow further in life. Your ideas would yield great returns. Your determination would be high. Your undertakings would meet with success. Your opponents would not dare to face you during this period, as you'll outshine them. Your social circle would increase highly and you would enjoy social gatherings with friends and relatives.

Ketu will transit into the fifth house from your moon sign. This would create troubles in your love life. Either you may get separated from your partner or there might be heated arguments, that would result in detachment. If married, your children might suffer from health issues. Students would lack concentration in studies. Your inclination in tantra, mantra and related activities would increase.

Remedy: Put a black hued flag in a Bhairava Temple on Sunday.

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Rahu will move into the tenth house from your moon sign. You would apply tricks and shortcuts to enjoy your work and sometimes it would come in your favor, while, sometimes it may let you fend for yourself. There might be a change in place of work. Your routine would remain hectic and busy and thus, you won't be able to give time to your family and friends. Do not depend much on trickeries and do hard work.

Ketu will transit into the fourth house from your moon sign. There might be strife in your domestic life. You need to take care of your mother’s health as she may suffer through health issues. Your father might also suffer a bit with health complications. You might feel detached from the materialistic world sometimes and suffer through mental stress.

Remedy: Feed stray dogs regularly.

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Rahu will move into the ninth house from your moon sign. During this period, you would enjoy various long journeys and the same would bring many good results in its kitty for you. You might get to take a dip in a holy river. Some unexpected good incidents might take place in your life that would bring happiness to your face. Your love life would improve and you would enjoy a good time with your partner.

Ketu will transit into the third house from your moon sign. This could give you a zeal to face your challenges. On the other hand, it might bring health issues or slight sufferings to your siblings, especially brothers. Health of parents might give you mental stress. Your own efforts would bring gains and growth in your life. You’ll take one too many short distance journeys in this period.

Remedy:On a Saturday, donate a blue cloth before 12:00 P.M.

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Rahu will move into the eighth house from your moon sign. There might be wealth losses and health issues to you. Sudden issues might derail your happiness for some time. You might befall sick with some disease that'll be difficult to diagnose. Hence, a double opinion of medical practitioner would be required. You are advised to drive carefully. The health of father might remain low. Some benefits through in-laws might ring in. Sudden ups and downs in your personal life are likely. You may receive unexpected inheritance or gains.

Ketu will transit into the second house from your moon sign. This would create troubles and strife in your family. Your speech might gain bitterness and would affect your relationships adversely. Drive carefully in this period, as you might have to consult a doctor for some serious ailment.

Remedy: Donate multi colored blankets to the needy.

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Rahu will move into the seventh house from your moon sign. There might be some tiffs in your marital life. Any misunderstanding might develop between you both. Your spouse would behave hypocritically. If unmarried, you may think about marrying the person of your choice and would leave no stone unturned to make it happen. You might receive elevation in professional status. Business would yield good results. Promotion is likely in the job.

Ketu will transit into your own sign . People around you might not understand you as well as you think. You'll be a mystery for them to try and comprehend during this period. Your health might remain weak hence, you are advised to take care of it. Your inclination towards spiritual activities might increase a bit.

Remedy:Perform Rahu-Ketu Shanti Anushthanam.

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Rahu will move into the sixth house from your Moon sign. You would be able to overcome all your challenges and come out as a winner. You would dominate over your opponents. You will enjoy riches, however; you might befall sick and suffer through secret diseases. Litigation might come in your favor. Your maternal uncle might go abroad. You would love to face challenges and with hard work, you would be able to achieve something big or crack a competitive examination. In career, you would perform very well.

Ketu will transit into the twelfth house from your moon sign. Your expenses might increase on secret and mysterious things, for which you won’t be accounted. Your interest in spiritualism would increase. There might be sleep loss. You may suffer from eye diseases. Issues in love life or separation are likely. The possibility of hospitalization, injury, and wounds is alarmingly high in this duration. Stay wary of firearms and drive carefully.

Remedy: Pay homage to Goddess Mahakali and lord Bhairav.

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Rahu will move into the fifth house from your moon sign. Your children might become moody and naughty. Pregnant women will have to take care of themselves during this period. Your inclination towards shortcuts, tricks etc. would increase. Your earnings would increase excessively. Despite that, you would try your level best to find out new avenues of income and growth.

Ketu will transit into the eleventh house from your moon sign. It will give you interest in learning new languages, occultism and spirituals activities. The health of your children might get affected. There might be troubles in love matters; you may get separated from your partner or there might be some heated arguments. Hence, you should take every step with good care.

Remedy: Donate seven cereals and feed birds.

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We at AstroSage, hope that this tumultuous time of Rahu Transit in Cancer fares well for you!

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