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Sun transit in Leo – 17 August 2019

The ruler over the nine planets, Sun is worshipped as a deity in Hinduism. He is considered to be the father of the world as we know it, because the existence of life on Earth would not be possible without him. According to astrology scriptures, the Sun is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign Leo. The positive effects of this planet on a native’s birth chart result in the person receiving success, promotion, and respect in life, as well as they have a good relationship with their father.

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Impact of This Sun Transit

As per Vedic astrology, the Sun is said to be the significator of one’s soul, relationship with father, ancestors, respect, state honor, eyes, and politics, etc. in a native’s birth chart. Its positive effects help a person achieve high ranks in various fields, as well as aids them in gaining respect, both socially and politically. On the other hand, negative impact of this luminary planet in a native’s kundli results in the person getting afflicted with eye diseases, pitra dosh, and his/her father faces problems. This is why astrologers always suggest performing remedies to make the planet positive in one’s birth chart when a native faces adverse conditions due to its malefic state in kundli. The effects of a Sun transit on any natives depends solely upon the house of the birth chart or the zodiac sign, in which the planet will be transiting and the impact is different for each of the 12 houses.

Sun Transit in Leo

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Transit Period

Now, the luminary planet Sun, also hailed as the King of the Navagraha, will be making its transit on Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 12:47 PM in the afternoon in the zodiac sign Leo. It will remain posited in the same until Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 12:43 PM. Since Sun is the lord of the sign Leo, therefore natives born under the sign of the lion have a good possibility of achieving gains during this transit period. Let us find out the effects of this Sun transit in Leo on all 12 zodiac signs with these predictions for them.

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As the luminary planet makes its transit through the zodiac sign Leo, it will remain posited in the fifth house in the birth chart of Aries natives. This planetary movement can be the cause of promotion at workplace for many natives. Additionally, those who are looking for a job can especially get success in their endeavours. Your colleagues will support you completely and you will be successful in achieving your goals in this time period. On the other hand, natives associated with business will see an increase in their trade and profits. However, the Sun’s negative effects can bring certain changes in your behaviour that can fill you with unnecessary anger and obstinacy. Aries natives in love will have a normal love life but they should pay attention that a situation of dispute must not arise between their partner and them. Married natives can face some problems but you both can easily face any situation with your mutual understanding. During this transit period, there is a good chance of natives getting profits on government level. Overall, this transit will prove to be favorable for natives born under the sign of the ram.

Remedy: For special benefits, see the rising Sun with your naked eyes and offer water to Sun God.


This transit of the Sun in the fourth house of the Taurus natives will prove to be moderately favorable for them. Its negative influence can affect your family life, leading to an environment of unrest in the household and disputes and arguments between the members. However, an improvement in your mother’s health will bring you peace. As for your professional life, this planetary movement especially assures beneficial results at work for natives born under the sign of the bull. Some of you can look forward to a promotion in your job and your boss may also praise your work. In the same vein, your married life will be normal as well and your spouse may also gain a good promotion in their workplace, which will make you very happy.

Remedy: Worship a coconut and red fruits on Sunday to escape the negative effects of the Sun God.


As the Sun makes its transit in the third house of your birth chart, Gemini natives will experience an increase in their working abilities as well as find themselves capable of facing any adverse situation that may arise. However, you will need to work harder in order to achieve special success during this transit period. In this duration, where on the one hand there will be an increase in your courage and might, on the other, you will become even more determined. There is a possibility of going on a short trip in this duration, which will prove to be favorable for you in many aspects. As for your family life, there may arise a situation of disputes between you and your siblings over ancestral property, which will create an environment of unrest within the household. In order to maintain peace and harmony in the family, avoid situations where arguments may occur. Coming to your married life, Gemini natives will find their spouse supporting them in every field and aspect.

Remedy: Donate a red cloth on Sunday for special benefits.

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As the Sun makes its transit in your second house, Cancer natives will especially experience a change in their behaviour. As a result of this planetary movement, there will be an increase in your anger and ego will become a part of your nature as well. Therefore, you need to remain patient, keep your words and speech under restraint, and make sure that you do not use bitter or rude words while conversing. Married natives may notice a decline in their spouse’s health, therefore, you need to take special care of their health. Coming to your family life, you may face some ideological differences with a family member, which will result in this transit period causing a stressful family life. On the flip side, this transit will beneficial for you economically as you may get monetary gains through an unknown source. Moreover, you will also be successful in saving money in this duration. Cancer natives associated with government job may especially gain the support of their senior officials, and there is also a possibility of your transfer occurring to a place of your choice. Overall, this transit will offer normal results to the natives born under the sign of the crab.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva for attainment of special benefits and offer Khas attar (perfume) to him.


Since the luminary planet will be transiting in your sign, therefore, the Sun will remain posited in the first house, i.e., ascendant house of your birth chart. This transit will prove to be especially favorable for Leo natives. Beginning with their social life, there will be an increase in your respect, socially, and you will be the centre of attraction due to your charismatic personality. Your health will remain stable during this transit period and you will find yourself quite energetic. There will be a special improvement in your personality in this duration. While there will be a surge of zeal and enthusiasm inside you during this time, however, you still need to keep your words and speech under restraint because any rude or bitter words that you may utter can hurt one of your near and dear ones. Therefore, minding your tongue is of extreme importance for Leo natives. Married natives can go out on a romantic dinner with their spouse and enjoy their conjugal life together.

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun daily from a copper vessel for attainment of beneficial results.


As Sun makes its transit in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign, some Virgo natives may see their wish of a foreign trip getting fulfilled. Additionally, a job change may also be on the horizon for some during this planetary movement. However, it is advised that you think it through before taking a final decision. You may also plan to go on a trip to a hill station in this duration. Financially, an increase in your expenses is possible and for that reason, you must spend on the things that are necessary, as not saving money now can give rise to the possibility of a financial crunch in the future. You will prevail over your enemies during this transit period, and any ongoing court or legal case will be decided in your favor. However, on a personal level, you need to keep your cool, control your anger, and stay away from situations that may lead to fights and disputes. On the whole, this transit will prove to be moderately beneficial for the natives born under the sign of the maiden.

Remedy: Virgo natives will achieve good results by chanting the mantra “ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे भास्कराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्यः प्रचोदयात्!!/oṃ ādityāya vidmahe bhāskarāya dhīmahi tanno sūryaḥ pracodayāt”.

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The Sun’s transit in your eleventh house will prove to be especially beneficial for Libra natives. People working in government jobs can be helpful for you in attaining special gains and you can establish a good relationship with them. Therefore, you should spend your time in mingling with people. During this transit period, your respect in society will increase and you will get in touch with more and more people. However, this duration will be a bit worrisome concerning love matters of Libra natives as there is a possibility of situation of dispute and argument with your partner. Hence, it is advised that you attempt not to let such a situation arise at all. Coming to your family life, you may remain stressed about the health of your children therefore, take special care of them. On the flip side, your seniors at work will support you completely and your work will be praised in your office. The spouses of married natives can get a promotion at work or may find a new job if they have been looking.

Remedy: Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra to evade the malefic effects of the Sun.


As the Sun makes its transit in your tenth house, Scorpio natives can look forward to great benefits in the workplace. Some natives born under the sign of the scorpion can even get promoted during this time. You will enjoy your tasks in this duration and consequently, your performance will also be praised at work. However, an increase in work can create troubles for you in your personal life, like your family members can taunt and complaint about how you do not have time for them. This transit period can bring a decline in your mother’s health, therefore take special care of her. Your married life, however, will be quite normal. Hence, on the whole, this Sun transit will be minimally beneficial for Scorpio natives.

Remedy: Chant this mantra to bring in happiness and gains in your life: “ॐ ग्रिणिः सूर्याय नमः / oṃ griṇiḥ sūryāya namaḥ”.


As the Sun moves into your ninth house, it brings great benefits for Sagittarius natives socially. With this planetary movement, your image will improve in the society and your honor will increase as well. Some of you may also get the chance to get acquainted with some influential people of the society. This transit period can bring an increase in your interest towards religious functions and ceremonies, and you will spend more time in religious tasks like charity, etc. Some Sagittarius natives may have to undertake a long journey, which will prove to be beneficial for your future. However, this transit can be rather challenging for your family life as a decline in your father’s health can be the cause of your mental stress and a situation of dispute with your siblings can also arise. On the flip side, luck will be in your favor at your workplace. Overall, the transit of Sun will be moderately beneficial for natives born under the sign of the archer.

Remedy: Wearing a good quality Ruby gemstone on Sunday can bring in good results for Sagittarius natives.

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Capricorn natives need to take special care of their health as the Sun makes its transit in their eighth house, since there is a probability of decline in it. You also need to be careful because you can get into an accident during this time period. Financially, where on the one hand economic gain is on the cards, so is the monetary loss on the other. Therefore, be cautious about your wealth and spending habits, and keep a tab on your expenditure. Married natives need to remain wary, as one of the old secrets that they have been trying to keep hidden from their partners since long time, may finally come to the forefront. You need to be careful when dealing with such situations and try not to get involved in things that can besmirch your image. On the whole, this Sun transit will be normal for natives born under the sign of the Sea-Goat (Capricorn).

Remedy: Donate wheat on Sundays to escape the negative effects of the Sun transit.


The Sun’s transit in the seventh house of Aquarius natives can create some issues in their marital life. A fight may occur between you and your spouse during this time. Avoid such scenarios that may lead to arguments. To maintain the peace and happiness between you two, try to resolve any problem with much love. Healthwise, a decline might stress you a bit, so adopt a healthy routine consisting of good eating habits. Coming to your professional life, this transit will be rather beneficial for you in this aspect, as promotion as well as an increase in your salary is a possibility. Aquarius natives who have been thinking about changing their jobs for a long time will find this planetary movement of the Sun to be in their favor. On the other hand, those who are associated with business can rejoice as their business partnership is expected to yield favorable results. Overall, this transit will be rather beneficial for natives born under the sign of the water bearer.

Remedy: Donating jaggery to Brahmins can help you evade the malefic effects of Lord Sun.


The Sun, during its transit through the zodiac signs, will move into the sixth house of your sign. You will rule over your enemies thanks to this transit but its negative effects will be visible on your marital life. Your spouse might act aggressively in this period. Increase in expenses is likely, therefore you need to keep a tab on how much you spend. While you will attain financial gains, you can find yourself struggling with an economic crunch if you do not act smartly now. Any pending legal cases may get decided in your favour. This time will be favorable for student natives born under the sign Pisces, especially those preparing for competitive exams may come through with flying colours. Healthwise, this transit period can also become the cause of physical pain for you and minor issues like fever and headache might also add to your health problems. Therefore, on the whole, this movement of the luminary planet Sun will prove to be normal in terms of benefits.

Remedy: Feed Wheat and Jaggery to an Ox on Sunday for desired results.

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