Annaprashan Muhurat 2020

Annaprashan Dates in 2020 – The Annaprashan Sanskar is the seventh of the sixteen Hindu Sanskars that the Shastras define. Since traditions dictate that every essential task should occur at an auspicious time, therefore, the calculation of shubh muhurat for Annaprashan in 2020 is crucial. With this article, you can find not only the complete list of Annaprashan Dates in 2020 but also learn other essential trivia about this ceremony. Given below is the list of Annaprashan Muhurat 2020. You can choose the most appropriate time to organize the Sanskar for your baby.

Annaprashan Muhurat 2020

हिंदी में पढ़ें - अन्नप्राशन मुहूर्त 2020

Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 – Detailed List

Annaprashan Dates In 2020 January
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
2 January 2020 Thursday Pausha S. Saptami Purva Bhadrapada From 07:14 to 12:44
8 January 2020 Wednesday Pausha S. Trayodashi Rohini From 07:15 to 13:56
27 January 2020 Monday Magha S. Tritiya Shatabhisha From 07:12 to 14:37
29 January 2020 Wednesday Magha S. Chaturthi Purva Bhadrapada From 12:13 to 14:29
30 January 2020 Thursday Magha S. Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada From 07:11 to 13:20
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 February
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
7 February 2020 Friday Magha S. Trayodashi Punarvasu From 07:06 to 13:53
26 February 2020 Wednesday Phalgun S. Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:50 to 14:53
28 February 2020 Friday Phalgun S. Panchami Ashwini From 06:48 to 14:45
5 March 2020 Thursday Phalgun S. Dashami Ardra From 11:26 to 13:19
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 March
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
26 March 2020 Thursday Chaitra S. Dwitiya Revati From 06:18 to 15:20
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 April
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
3 April 2020 Friday Chaitra S. Dashami Pushya From 06:09 to 13:58
6 April 2020 Monday Chaitra S. Trayodashi Purva Phalguni From 12:16 to 14:36
8 April 2020 Wednesday Chaitra S. Purnima Hasta From 06:03 to 08:05
30 April 2020 Thursday Vaisakha S. Saptami Pushya From 05:41 to 14:39
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 May
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
25 May 2020 Monday Jyeshtha S. Tritiya Mrigashira From 05:26 to 05:54
27 May 2020 Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Panchami Punarvasu From 05:25 to 15:49
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 June
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
1 June 2020 Monday Jyeshtha S. Dashami Hasta From 05:24 to 13:16
5 June 2020 Friday Jyeshtha S. Purnima Anuradha From 13:56 to 15:14
22 June 2020 Monday Ashadha S. Pratipada Ardra From 13:31 to 16:27
24 June 2020 Wednesday Ashadha S. Tritiya Pushya From 05:25 to 10:14
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 July
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
27 July 2020 Monday Shravan S. Saptami Chitra From 05:40 to 07:10
29 July 2020 Wednesday Shravan S. Dashami Vishakha From 08:33 to 15:34
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 August
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
03 August 2020 Monday Shravan S. Purnima Uttara Ashadha From 09:26 to 16:00
21 August 2020 Friday Bhadrapada S. Tritiya Uttara Phalguni From 05:54 to 14:00
27 August 2020 Thursday Bhadrapada S. Navami Jyeshta From 12:37 to 14:26
28 August 2020 Friday Bhadrapada S. Dashami Mool From 05:57 to 08:39
31 August 2020 Monday Bhadrapada S. Trayodashi Shravan From 05:59 to 08:49
Annaprashan Dates In 2020 September
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
2 September 2020 Wednesday Bhadrapada S. Purnima Shatabhisha From 06:00 to 10:52
18 September 2020 Friday Ashwin S. Pratipada Uttara Phalguni From 12:51 to 15:03
Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 October
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
19 October 2020 Monday Ashwin S. Tritiya Anuradha From 06:26 to 06:49
21 October 2020 Wednesday Ashwin S. Panchami Mool From 06:27 to 06:57
23 October 2020 Friday Ashwin S. Saptami Uttara Ashadha From 06:29 to 06:57
26 October 2020 Monday Ashwin S. Dashami Shatabhisha From 06:29 to 09:00
29 October 2020 Thursday Ashwin S. Trayodashi Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:31 to 14:04
Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 November
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
16 November 2020 Monday Karthik S. Pratipada Anuradha From 07:07 to 12:54
19 November 2020 Thursday Karthik S. Panchami Purva Ashadha From 09:38 to 12:42
27 November 2020 Friday Karthik S. Dwadashi Ashwini From 08:28 to 13:38
30 November 2020 Monday Karthik Purnima Rohini From 06:56 to 13:26
Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 December
Date Day Month & Tithi Nakshatra Annaprashan Muhurat Duration
17 December 2020 Thursday Margashirsha S. Tritiya Uttara Ashadha From 07:08 to 13:44
24 December 2020 Thursday Margashirsha S. Dashami Ashwini From 07:11 to 13:17

Annaprashan Muhurat 2020

The ancient Hindu Shastras define the 16 sanskar that initiate the most critical steps of human life, beginning even before their birth, and ending posthumously. Of these, the Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 is the seventh that falls after a baby is born. This ceremony celebrates the first time a newborn eats food (anna). As per the tradition, this is the very first time one can feed any solid food to the infant. Until now, for six months after birth, one can only drink their mother’s milk. During this, under the auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat 2020, one feeds rice grains to the child, after a havan or Yagya. Thus, the calculation of the Annaprashan Dates In 2020 is significant for parents of little ones.

Annaprashan Dates In 2020: What To Do During Annaprashan Sanskar

On the chosen Annaprashan Tithi 2020, one should clean the entire house and purify it. The parents should take a bath and wear new clothes, and the baby also has to be wearing unused garments. Now, sit for the puja and begin by lighting the lamp (diya). The entire family, especially the elders, should sit along with the infant and parents during the havan. While the priest sits to the North, the parents, along with their baby, will occupy the place to the West. Afterwards, first, the priest makes the newborn eat kheer (sweet dish made of rice and milk). It is necessary that a married woman cook this dish. After the priest, all the elders will feed the kheer to the baby, turn by turn and bless the child and the new parents. During the feeding, on the auspicious Annaprashan Dates In 2020, the parents chant the following mantra:

शिवौ ते स्तां व्रीहीयवावबलासावदोमधौ।
एतौ यक्ष्मं वि बाधेते एतौ मुंचतौ अंहस:।।

śivau te stāṃ vrīhīyavāvabalāsāvadomadhau।
etau yakṣmaṃ vi bādhete etau muṃcatau aṃhasa:।।

Afterwards, many people play a certain game where the infant is supposed to pick up an item from several placed in front of them. The object they pick, supposedly, indicates their area of interest for the future. The things kept in the silver plate include:

  1. Books: implies Learning
  2. Jewels: means Wealth
  3. Pen: signifies Wisdom
  4. Clay: indicates Property
  5. Food Items: means Love For Food

Annaprashan Muhurat 2020: Calculating Annaprashan Muhurat

The Annaprashan Tithi 2020, baby's first feeding, or first rice-eating ceremony can fall anytime from six months after birth till their first birthday. However, many scriptures suggest that the Annaprashan Dates in 2020 that you choose should be even months for a boy and odd for a girl. This means that if your newborn is a girl, then her Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 should fall on the seventh, ninth, or eleventh month after her birth. Whereas for a boy, it should be on the sixth, eighth, tenth, etc. month after his birth. Other names for this ceremony include:

  • Choroonu in Kerala
  • Mukhe Bhaat or Onnoprashon in Bengal
  • Bhaat Khulai in the Garhwal hills
  • Pasni in Nepal

While calculating the Annaprashan Muhurat 2020, one needs to keep in mind the following few things:

  • The tithis Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Saptami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, and Purnima (second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth days, and full moon) are favourable choices for Annaprashan Dates In 2020.
  • One can easily calculate the Annaprashan Tithi 2020 during the Shukla Paksha in any month.
  • Similarly, the beneficial days for Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Additionally, one needs to keep in mind while calculating the shubh muhurat for Annaprashan in 2020 that the Moon should not be in the fourth or eighth house from the infant’s birth sign.
  • The Annaprashan Dates In 2020 should occur in the following nakshatras: Ashwini, Rohini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Shravan, Dhanishta, Shatabhishak, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati. However, keep in mind that no malefic planets are influencing them, during the Annaprashan Muhurat 2020.
  • Moreover, the Annaprashan Tithi 2020 should not occur under the nakshatra in which the baby was born.

The calculation of a muhurat is a complex process that is more mathematics than anything else. An expert astrologer needs to keep in mind, several factors from the panchang as well as the baby's kundali to decide upon one favourable time. One should be very careful while choosing the Annaprashan Dates in 2020 as the auspicious ceremony should occur at the right time. Shastras emphasize the importance of a shubh muhurat for Annaprashan in 2020 because they claim that when a task is done at a good time, it yields beneficial results. On the other hand, if there are any miscalculations in the Annaprashan Muhurat 2020, then there can be adverse effects of the ceremony, as it yields inauspicious results.

We Hope That This Article On Annaprashan Dates In 2020 Was Helpful To You! Thank You For Being A Part Of AstroSage!

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