Eclipse 2020: Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse Dates

Eclipse 2020 will explain all the dates for Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse date. Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon regarded by both Science and Astrology, where the planetary movements impact the nature as well as the lives of natives respectively. On this page, you will get detailed information about the occurence of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and the regions where it will be visible. There are various mythological and scientific significance of Eclipse, and remedies to get rid of malefic effects and doshas. Read this article and find out the date of the eclipse in 2020. Read more about Eclipse 2020 sightings.

Eclipse 2020

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे : ग्रहण 2020

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Eclipse 2020: What is an Eclipse?

Through the update of Eclipse 2020 we are explaining An eclipse can be described as an astronomical event where celestial object gets temporarily hidden, covered or obscured by another passing celestial body. Two types of eclipses occur, which are popularly termed as Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets posited between Sun and Earth and creates a shadow on the Earth by preventing Sun rays falling on it. On the other hand, the phenomenon of Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth gets posited between Sun and Moon, blocking the Sun’s rays from falling on the Moon’s surface. Let’s know the occurrence of these two eclipses in the year 2020 and their visibility duration.

Solar Eclipse 2020

Date Type Duration Visibility Sutak Period
21 June Annular Solar Eclipse From 09:15:58 to 15:04:01 India, Southeast Europe, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Africa and North America and major parts of South America Will be observed
14-15 December Full Solar Eclipse From 19:03:55 to 00:23:03 Southern part of Africa, most of South America, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, and Antarctica Will not be observed

There are three types of Solar Eclipse visible, which are described below:

  • Full Solar Eclipse: When the Sun is entirely covered or hidden by the Moon.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse: When the Sun is partially covered or hidden by the Moon.
  • Annular Solar Eclipse: Where the Moon covers the middle part of the Sun, creating disc around the boundary.

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Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Type Duration Visibility Sutak Period
10-11* January Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 22:37 to 02:42 India, Europe, Africa, Asia and parts of Australia Will not be observed
5-6* June Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 23:16 to 02:34 India, Europe, as well as some parts of Africa, Asia and Australia Will not be observed
5 July Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 08:38 to 11:21 America, Southwest Europe and some parts of Africa. Will not be observed
30 November Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 13:04 to 17:22 Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and parts of the Americas. Will not be observed

Note: Timings given for both the tables are as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

*Note: Although these Penumbral Lunar Eclipses will be visible in India, however, their Sutak Period will not be observed because Vedic Astrology does not recognise them as a valid Eclipse.

  • Full Lunar Eclipse: When the Moon is entirely covered or hidden by the Earth.
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse: When the Moon is partially covered or hidden by the Earth.
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: Where the Moon passes through the Earth’s Penumbra and creates a fragmented image due to Sun’s rays.

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Eclipse in Vedic Astrology

Eclipse 2020 explains, that Hindu Vedic Astrology reveals that a person’s traits, deeds, Karma and thoughts can be identified with the help of planetary positions, transits and Nakshatras in their kundli or birth chart. The Sun and Moon are one of the significant Navagrahas or Nine Planets in Astrology, which provides life and sustainability to the nature, and causes the Solar & Lunar Eclipses. Planets Rahu and Ketu, which are known as shadow planets, overpower the Sun and Moon respectively and form the eclipse. It is believed that these eclipses garner malefic results, and hence, astrologers suggest to avoid carrying out any auspicious work in the specific duration. Various astrological remedies are carried out and mantras are chanted to nullify the negative effects.

Mantras To Be Chanted During Eclipse

Several mantras can be chanted to pacify the malefic effects of an eclipse. Following are some of them:

“तमोमय महाभीम सोमसूर्यविमर्दन। हेमताराप्रदानेन मम शान्तिप्रदो भव॥१॥”
“tamomaya mahābhīma somasūryavimardana। hematārāpradānena mama śāntiprado bhava॥1॥”

“विधुन्तुद नमस्तुभ्यं सिंहिकानन्दनाच्युत। दानेनानेन नागस्य रक्ष मां वेधजाद्भयात्॥२॥”
“vidhuntuda namastubhyaṃ siṃhikānandanācyuta। dānenānena nāgasya rakṣa māṃ vedhajādbhayāt॥2॥”
  • Mantra To Chant During Solar Eclipse

"ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्न: सूर्य: प्रचोदयात"
"oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tanna: sūrya: pracodayāta"
  • Mantra To Chant During Lunar Eclipse

“ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्”
“oṃ kṣīraputrāya vidmahe amṛta tatvāya dhīmahi tanno candraḥ pracodayāt”

Eclipse 2020: Dosha Formed By Eclipse

In astrology, when one of the planets from Rahu or Ketu seems to be posited with Sun or Moon in the kundli, Grahan Dosha or Eclipse Dosha forms as per Eclipse 2020. This is regarded as an inauspicious astrological event. Let’s understand with an example. The second house represents finances, and with the formation of Grahan Dosha in this house, the native will struggle with financial troubles throughout the life. Professional and business life remains disturbed, and there seems to be a frequent change in job.

Eclipse 2020: Rituals To Eliminate Grahan Dosha

Vedic Astrology provides solutions for every crisis. If you are undergoing the malefic effects of Grahan Dosha, accurate remedies must be performed after consulting an astrologer on the day of Solar or Lunar Eclipse. Following are some of them as per Eclipse 2020:

  1. Serve your Guru, and chant the Guru Mantra.
  2. If you are suffering from Grahan Dosha due to the Sun, then offer water to it. Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra Path, avoid consuming salt and donate red-coloured clothes to a young girl.
  3. If you are suffering from Grahan Dosha due to the Moon, then donate white-coloured clothes to a young girl. Feed a Kheer with added Kesar or Saffron to a young girl on Monday.
  4. Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.
  5. Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman to pacify Rahu and Ketu.

Eclipse 2020: Eclipse in Mythology

As mentioned in Eclipse 2020 update, a popular mythological tale is associated with the formation of eclipse. It is believed that the phenomena of Solar and Lunar Eclipse occurs due to Rahu and Ketu. As per the scriptures, Amrit or Nectar was the result of the process of sea-churning by the Gods and Demons. Devtas tried to stop the Asuras from fleeing away with the Nectar, but failed miserably. Out of desperation, they approached Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Mohini to woo the Demons. With her skills, she took the Nectar away and distributed it amongst the Gods.

One of the demons named Svarbhanu understood Lord Vishnu’s trick and sat in the line, hereby consuming the nectar of life. Being revealed by Lord Surya (Sun) and Lord Chandra (Moon), Lord Vishnu tried to kill him with his Sudarshan Chakra, hereby separating his head and torso. However now an immortal, Svarbhanu didn’t die, and his head was named as Rahu, whereas his torso is known as Ketu.

Hence, Rahu and Ketu got distinguished as shadow planets, and to this day, are said to curse the Sun and Moon out of hatred.

Eclipse 2020: Sutak Period During Eclipse

Eclipse 2020 explains that an inauspicious time period before and after the Solar and Lunar Eclipse is known as the Sutak period. Hindu beliefs state that any new task or project initiated in this duration garners negative results. In this period, several activities are prohibited to be carried out, as it is believed that the atmosphere of the Earth becomes contaminated.

Eclipse 2020: Duration of Sutak Period

24 hours in a day is divided into 8 Pahars or Phases, with 3 hours distributed under each Pahar . During a Solar Eclipse, the Sutak duration begins 4 Pahars before the main event, i.e. 12 hours before the eclipse. Similarly during the Lunar Eclipse, the Sutak period begins 3 Pahars before the eclipse, i.e. 9 hours.

Eclipse 2020: The Do's and Don’ts During Sutak Period

  • Do not consume any type of food item during the eclipse. However, the rule doesn't apply on kids, sick natives and elderly people.
  • It is considered inauspicious to start a new task during the Sutak period.
  • Avoid using a knife or scissors.
  • Do not touch the idols of Gods and Goddesses during this period.
  • Combing hair, brushing teeth, excreting or getting indulged in sensual activities are considered prohibited during the Sutak period.
  • Put Tulsi leaves in your food items before the eclipse begins.

Eclipse 2020: Precautions For Women Who Are Pregnant

Eclipse 2020 update advise that pregnant women are advised not to stitch, use a knife or scissors during the Sutak Period as well as Eclipse. They must avoid going out or looking directly at the celestial phenomenon, as it can make their unborn child mentally or physically challenged. Chances of miscarriage also increases.

Hope that you liked this article about Eclipses 2020. We wish you all the best.

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